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Sunstone: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

many pieces of smooth polished orange stones top close up view

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about sunstone, including its meaning, benefits, properties and uses. Let's dive in!


Held by the light of the sun, sunstone is a dynamic, wholesome and exciting stone that has something different to offer every individual that it comes into contact with. We’ve got the low down — stay with us!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Sunstone Meaning
    • What is Sunstone
    • What is Sunstone Good for?
    • Who Can Wear Sunstone?
    • Which Hand to Wear Sunstone On
    • Is Sunstone a Natural Stone?
  • Benefits of Wearing Sunstone
  • Where is Sunstone Found
    • Oregon Sunstone
    • Tanzanian Sunstone
    • Indian Sunstone
  • Sunstone Properties
    • Sunstone Healing Properties
    • Sunstone Chakra
      • Sunstone Sacral Chakra
    • Sunstone Metaphysical Properties
  • Sunstone Color
    • Blue Sunstone
      • Blue Sunstone Meaning
    • Black Sunstone
      • Black Sunstone Meaning
    • Golden Sunstone
    • Pink Sunstone
    • Orange Sunstone
    • Red Sunstone
      • Red Sunstone Meaning
    • Rainbow Sunstone
      • Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Meaning
        • Rainbow Sunstone Metaphysical Properties
        • Rainbow Sunstone Benefits
    • Yellow Sunstone
      • Yellow Sunstone Meaning
    • Brown Sunstone
    • Purple Sunstone
  • Sunstone vs Moonstone
  • Types of Sunstone
    • Raw Sunstone
    • Confetti Sunstone
    • Tumbled Sunstone
    • Rose Quartz Sunstone
    • Natural Sunstone
  • Sunstone Uses
    • Viking Sunstone
      • How to Use a Viking Sunstone
    • Sunstone Sphere
    • Sunstone Compass
    • Sunstone Pendulum
    • Sunstone Pyramid
  • Sunstone Jewelry
    • Sunstone Bracelet
      • Sunstone Bracelet Meaning
    • Sunstone Ring
      • Oregon Sunstone Ring
      • Sunstone Engagement Ring Meaning
    • Sunstone Beads
      • Oregon Sunstone Beads
    • Sunstone Cabochon
    • Sunstone Pendant
      • Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Pendant
    • Sunstone Necklace
  • How to Use Sun Stone
    • How to Charge Sunstone
    • How to Clean Sunstone
    • How to Polish Sunstones
  • Sunstones for Sale
    • How Much is Sunstone Worth?
    • Where to Buy a Sunstone

Sunstone Meaning

one piece of light orange semi oval smooth stone on a dark gray surface

What is Sunstone?

Sunstone rock is of the feldspar group, and is classed as a plagioclase. In some circles, it goes by the name of ‘heliolite’, and occasionally ‘aventurescent feldspar’. 

Sunstone crystal is a stone of golds, oranges and reds, all in different quantities, which are determined by the levels of inclusions present at the time of formation. 

As far as sunstone crystal meaning goes, this is a relatively young crystal that has been on the human radar for only a few hundred years. The Vikings were the earliest known users of sunstone, but we’ll dive into their uses and beliefs a little later on in this piece. 

What is Sunstone Good for?

The sunstone hardness rating sits at 6.5 on the Mohs scale. For a mineral, this is neither soft nor super durable, placing it somewhere in the middle. 

This makes sunstone gemstone a fantastic rock for multiple uses. It is hard enough to make long lasting jewelry, for energetic healing work and for the fashioning of bowls and ornaments for use in the home. 

Sunstone is full of life, and is a great light-bringer even to those who are not familiar with crystal energy nor the benefits it can offer. 

Who Can Wear Sunstone?

There is no single sunstone zodiac to which these stones are associated. There are some, however, who say that sunstone works to amplify the sensuality of all Virgos, while simultaneously being able to pacify the intestate of an Aries who is super possessive. 

Which Hand to Wear Sunstone On

Sunstone is best worn on one’s giving hand. For most people, this is the right hand, but those who make more frequent use of their left may find sunstone sits a little better on this one instead. 

Whether you’re wearing a sunstone bracelet or ring, these stones should always be on your dominant giving side in order to receive the full range of blessings. 

Is Sunstone a Natural Stone?

Yes, sunstone mineral is an entirely natural crystal that forms beneath the surface of the Earth without the influence of human beings. Real sunstone is mined and usually polished before sale, with exceptions. 

There is a growing problem within the crystal industry of counterfeit sunstone being made and sold in different parts of the world. Be vigilant when making a purchase and always look into the integrity of the retailer or store that you are about to give your money to. 

Benefits of Wearing Sunstone

There is great benefit to be gained from sunstone power, no matter who it is that is using the stone. Sunstone good luck, success and abundance are said to be three major attributes that all who work with these crystals are able to tap into. 

Sunstone stone effects include the offering of the sunlight into the cellular body of each individual, which helps create the experience of a less intense life here on Earth. Joy, peace and purpose are all benefits that come from a life containing increased light. 

Where is Sunstone Found?

Oregon Sunstone

Sunstone is found in various parts of the United States, but some of the best quality specimens have been excavated in the Oregon region, specifically. Wondering where to find sunstones in Oregon? You can dig for them yourself if you know where to look. 

The Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area is in the Spectrum Mine and is a zone where absolutely anyone can come spend the day digging for Oregon sunstone. Finders keepers, so long as mining personnel are present at the time of excavation. 

These rocks are technically Native American sun stone and have been a part of this land for longer than most people can comprehend. Sunstone was often used in conjunction with turquoise, onyx and other native crystals that had both physical and metaphysical benefits to offer the finders. 

Tanzanian Sunstone

Sunstone from Tanzania is more rare, and usually far more brilliant in color. This has made it a collector’s item for mineral enthusiasts around the world, and it’s likely that the prices of these stones will be well above what you’d pay for other versions. 

Tanzanian sunstone is rarely used in the making of jewelry, though some people seek out cabochon cuts of this crystal for the purpose of having it made into a special piece to keep for life. 

A wide variety of gemstones are currently mined in the Tanzanian region, including topaz, rubies, garnet and diamonds. This is the only known location for African sunstone as the mining industry currently stands. 

Indian Sunstone

Sunstone from India is, in our opinion, the most interesting sunstone to look at aesthetically. It is thought that sunstone from this part of the world contains hematite inclusions, rather than the regular copper inclusions. 

heart shaped orange stone placed on a hand's fingertips

The result is a coarser aventurescent sparkle, something not really seen in other sunstone formations. What’s more, Indian sunstone is affordable and shipped around the world in massive quantities. It’s not difficult to get your hands on a piece and nor is it expensive. 

Sunstone Properties

Sunstone Healing Properties

As mentioned, sunstone has both physical and metaphysical healing properties. 

A big part of sunstone protection is the stone’s ability to help the body heal from a myriad of different conditions. You see, it sends light to wherever it is most needed in the body, so it matters not if you’re dealing with everything from period cramps to rheumatism or even fevers. 

Light goes where it needs to, and it can’t help but heal. The key when working with sunstone for healing is simply your intention and where you direct that light so that you can optimize the results. 

It helps to be very clear and direct about what it is you want these stones to work on. To do this, simply hold your sunstone in the palm of your hand and use your mind’s eye to deliver a message of intent to the stone itself. There are no right or wrong words; your feelings are sufficient. 

Sunstone Chakra

Sunstone Sacral Chakra

The golds and oranges housed within each sunstone are in perfect resonance to the sacral chakra. This is also known as the second, or orange, chakra, and is situated just above the pelvic bone at the front of the pelvis. 

A polished sunstone is best for the purpose of chakra work, as it is more comfortable to place on the body itself. Sunstone will open up, balance and get your sacral chakra in perfect working flow so that the one above it, the solar plexus (or yellow chakra), can start to enjoy the same dynamic and your goals in life can begin to manifest more easily. 

Sunstone Metaphysical Properties

Sunstone is happy, happy, happy. There are no exceptions to this, and these stones will not rest until their users are vibrating at the very same frequency as they do. Your good nature, natural intuition and most real-self will be prompted to flow through in profound ways. 

Some appreciate sunstone for its inclination towards good fortune, and this is accurate in that these crystals are likely to amplify good luck and the attraction of prosperity. More than this, your usual stress levels will be pulled back quite drastically, giving space for better feeling experiences to enter into your life. 

Sunstone is independent, original and particularly wonderful for anyone who struggles with creating boundaries. Negative energy is dispelled and replaced with the highest forms of light, as well as the essence of the sun. 

many pieces of round orange stones different sizes two large spheres

Sunstone Color

Blue Sunstone

Blue sunstone usually goes by the market name “goldstone”. It is a manmade gem that is in no way related to natural, earth-derived sunstone of yellow, orange and gold hues. 

Blue sunstone looks like the midnight sky, with a navy blue facade specked with glitter top to bottom. 

Blue Sunstone Meaning

It is said that these stones are crystals of confidence and ambition. They will work to increase one’s motivation and drive so that changes take place in the workspace, or the private space of the user in question. 

It is a positive, uplifting stone that simply does not tolerate a negative attitude toward anything. It is also said to promote vitality in the user, which is one of few things it has in common with actual sunstone. 

Black Sunstone

Sometime very recently, an unusual and never before seen crystal emerged in Southern India. It was quickly classified as some form of sunstone, despite a very dark black hue with absolutely no presence of gold, orange or yellow. 

Research is still being conducted surrounding the exact crystalline nature of these stones and how they could possible have come to be. They have significant inclusions of both quartz, graphinite, and aventurine, which is a very complex and unheard of combination. 

Black Sunstone Meaning

Like all black stones, black sunstone will clear out any negative energy that is lingering around you and your aura. It will replace it with high levels of light and positivity. 

Black sunstone is concerned with originality and independence. In the market, it retails at considerably high prices due to the fact that it is currently not found anywhere outside of India. 

Wear black sunstone if you are in need of both the utmost light, and the utmost protection. 

Golden Sunstone

Golden sunstone is merely a term that will be thrown around frequently by retailers who are describing the sunstone that they have on offer. It’s a term of endearment, so to speak, and is usually used for stones that have higher percentages of gold inclusions, causing them to shine when held up to the light. 

Pink Sunstone

It’s not uncommon for certain sunstone rock to appear more pink than others. This depends entirely on what minerals were present at the time of formation, and which ones stuck more than others. 

Pink sunstone is merely regular sunstone with higher percentages of salmon-pink hued inclusions. It would be just as common to find pure orange sunstone (which we will discuss next), totally void of any pink or other colors. 

Orange Sunstone

There are some forms of sunstone that have no other present inclusions and appear to be totally orange throughout. These are common finds in Oregon, and are sometimes confused with other plain orange stones such as citrine or carnelian. 

Red Sunstone

As with orange sunstone, sunstone can occur entirely in red ray energy, too. 

one piece oval light orange stone white background

These stones are easily confused with rubies, and exhibit nothing that one would generally associate with the sunstone body, visually. 

Red Sunstone Meaning

Red sunstone may offer more significant work with the root chakra, an energy center where regular sunstone doesn’t really venture to. Stones of red ray energy have a natural magnetism to the first charka, which is also defined by the color red. 

From here, grounding work is tended to and an individual can enjoy lasting connection to the Earthly plane upon which they move. 

Rainbow Sunstone

Also known as rainbow lattice, rainbow sunstone is a rare combination stone that holds a very complex crystalline structure that is incredibly satisfying to the human eye. 

These stones are filled with inclusions, aventurescence and adularescence, all tied together with a rarely seen lattice formation that looks like the work of a highly skilled embroiderer. 

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Meaning

Rainbow lattice is thought to be not of this world. There are many who speculate that extraterrestrial influence must have been involved in the formation of these stones beneath our Earth, as their moving lines and refraction of light are unseen phenomenons in the world of crystals and minerals. 

Rainbow Sunstone Metaphysical Properties

Rainbow lattice is a stone of leadership and stands for the notion of stepping into one’s power, once and for all. Freedom, expansion and heightened consciousness are all traits that will be delivered to your psyche, without you having to lift a finger. 

You’ll find your mental clarity is well beyond anything you’ve ever experienced prior to working with these stones. 

Rainbow Sunstone Benefits

The biggest benefit that users of rainbow sunstone report is an increased desire to offer blessings and service onto others. There is a willingness that is difficult to put into words, but these acts of service become integral and unavoidable, and one holds the broader perspective that performing them can only bring more of the same into their life. 

Yellow Sunstone

Sunstone that forms with a more potent yellow mineral inclusion will have a more distinct yellow body, and thus be referred to as yellow sunstone in retail. 

Yellow Sunstone Meaning

Yellow sunstone holds all of the same properties and benefits as regular sunstone. For some, it is more desirable aesthetically, and is frequency sought out for the purpose of custom made jewelry. 

Brown Sunstone

Brown sunstone is not part of the sunstone family, but is more directly related to regular goldstone. Like black sunstone, brown goldstone is also a manmade crystal and also looks like a starry night’s sky, only brown in hue as opposed to black. 

Purple Sunstone

Purple sunstone is not a natural crystal and is not formed by the Earth. This is a manmade stone that is usually made using glass and glitter, and essentially holds no actual healing properties or frequencies that are of any benefit to walking, talking human beings. 

Be weary of any retailer or brand who tries to tell you otherwise!

Sunstone vs Moonstone

Sunstone and moonstone are beautiful oppositions. The one holds the essence of the sun, while the other offers the soul of the moon. 

Sunstone is more affiliated with the divine masculine, while moonstone puts us in contact with the divine feminine. Visually, the two could not be more opposite in look and feel. 

Types of Sunstone

Raw Sunstone

When sunstone is first excavated from the crystal mines, it is in its most raw and unrefined form. From here, it will either be tumbled, polished or cut down into smaller sized pieces that can be used in the making of healing tools, jewelry or household ornaments. 

Raw sunstone is wonderful to display in the home, if you can get hold of a piece. 

Confetti Sunstone

perfect sphere smooth polished light orange stone white backgroundSome earlier forms of sunstone looked more like glass containing glitter, as opposed to solid rock. These were sometimes referred to as heliolite by the Greeks, as they were described as having a “confetti” type interior that looked like the floor of a children’s party after streamers and decorations had come tumbling down. 

Tumbled Sunstone

Take a piece of large sunstone, place it in a tumbling machine, and voila — tumbled sunstone for healing work!

Tumbling is the process of removing all sharp edges from a raw piece of crystal by simply rolling it around until the rough points are worn away. The result is more rounded and polished looking stones that are considered better for energetic work on the physical body. 

Rose Quartz Sunstone

Rose quartz and sunstone have never formed together beneath the surface of the Earth, however there are many enthusiasts who claim that, when paired up, rose quartz and sunstone form a perfect working relationship that unites the heart chakra with the two below it.

This may be a very subjective experience, but there is no harm in trying it out if you think that it could be of benefit to you to have more flow between these three energy hubs.  

Natural Sunstone

When a retailer described a piece of sunstone as “natural”, they are merely placing emphasis on the fact that their product is 100% pure, and not manmade. 

This is not to say that retailers who leave the world “natural” out of their product descriptions are necessarily selling inauthentic stones. It’s merely left to their personal discretion.

Sunstone Uses

Viking Sunstone

As mentioned, the earliest known users of sunstone in history would have been that of the Vikings. There have been many specimens found within preserved objects that indicate that the Vikings were using these stones for a number of different purposes. 

How to Use a Viking Sunstone

Viking sunstone navigation was the predominant use, and it is likely that this civilization had found a way of using sunstone to get highly accurate compass readings even on days when no sun was present. 

Back then, finding one’s way around when the sun was not out was a tricky task. They would have needed the aid of highly intelligent stones and resources in order to get from A to B. 

Sunstone Sphere

A sunstone sphere is formed when sunstone is tumbled to the point of forming a perfect ball shape. 

From here, a sunstone crystal ball can be placed in any space for display purposes, and then used for energetic and healing work as needed. These are wonderful attributes to any home or office. 

Sunstone Compass

These are no long found in the contemporary market, and the Vikings were the last group to have fashioned sunstone compasses for the purpose of navigation. 

Relics remain, but most live in museums or with collectors who have obtained them from private sources.

Sunstone Pendulum

Sunstone is a pendulum friendly stone, and can be used for the purpose of answering basic yes or no questions, or indicating the direction of energy flow. 

Sunstone pendulums work best when suspended from copper metals, due to the high levels of copper present within the stone’s themselves. 

Sunstone Pyramid

Sunstone pyramids are best used by placing them underneath the bed of a user, for the purpose of deep subconscious work as one slumbers. 

A sunstone pyramid is a powerful director of energy, and will work toward attracting all potential properties toward you as quickly as possible. 

Sunstone Jewelry

Sunstone Bracelet

Sunstone Bracelet Meaning

All crystal bracelets are best for the purpose of healing the physical body. Bracelets sit on the wrists, where they have direct access into the human bloodstream. From here, they can deliver healing energy throughout the rest of the physical body. 

Sunstone Ring

A sunstone ring is great for those who want very gentle, gradual contact with these stones, and perhaps a deepening of their meditative states. 

Wearing a sunstone ring is your ticket to increased luck, prosperity and good fortune. Any crystals worn on the hands are likely to attract more wealth into one’s direct experience. 

Oregon Sunstone Ring

many pieces of smooth polished orange stones top close up view

The sunstone that is mined in Oregon is being shipped around the world for the purpose of crystal ring making. More and more people are seeking out this unique shade of sunstone, due to its pale luster and very non-obnoxious look and feel. 

Sunstone Engagement Ring Meaning

These rings are popping up in engagement ceremonies worldwide, with some people genuinely preferring them to diamonds. A sunstone engagement ring usually has a very pale peach hue that is quite breathtaking to look at. 

Since these rings are usually set in precious metals, they will retail at much higher prices compared to crystal costume jewelry. 

Sunstone Beads

Sunstone beads are the most affordable way to get involved in crystal jewelry, as they are sold in bulk and can be used to DIY any of your favorite pieces. 

Sunstone beads are made from the offcuts of sunstone from around the world that would otherwise have been thrown away. 

Oregon Sunstone Beads

Oregon is a big distributor of sunstone beads, as is India. Here, off cut sunstone is found in abundance, so manufacturers can cut all different bead styles with ease. 

If you go mining for sunstone while in Oregon, there are local bead makers throughout the region who will gladly fashion your find into beads that you can then use to make jewelry. 

Sunstone Cabochon

Also known as faceted sunstone, sunstone cabochons are more high end cuts of these gemstones, usually used in the making of engagement rings and collectable jewelry. 

A sunstone cabochon is seen by many as an investment stone, one that will then have to be taken to a professional jeweler who can set it into an accessory of their choosing. 

Sunstone Pendant

Some major brands have taken to making pendants out of different crystals, and Pandora charms sunstone is one of the more notable figures. 

These charms or pendants will deliver the properties of the stone, while still looking incredibly fashionable at the same time. 

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Pendant

A rainbow lattice sunstone pendant will set you back a pretty penny, but it is something that people tend to keep forever. This is a common 21st birthday gift for crystal lovers, as well as a memorable stone for the purpose of commitment or engagement. 

Sunstone Necklace

A sunstone necklace sits close to the heart, and will deliver the same light-bringing properties to this region as it does the rest of the aura. 

This is a great way of amplifying light to the heart, particularly for individuals who have prior history with cardiac disease or other heart-related conditions.

How to Use Sun Stone

How to Charge Sunstone

Sunstone likes a charge every so often, as its energy can become weakened after long periods of use. To charge sunstone, simply leave it out under the light of the sun for a few hours, allowing it to absorb as much of this frequency as it can before commencing with work. 

How to Clean Sunstone

If your sunstone has a dirt build up, or has started to oxidize in any way, simply use warm water and soap to clean it off. You might want to use an old toothbrush to dig in to those hard to reach crevices. 

How to Polish Sunstones

We recommend using cerium oxyde or tin oxyde for the purpose of polishing sunstone. Other oxides won’t work as well with these particular stones. 

Always use a soft piece of felt when polishing crystals; nothing too abrasive or fiber-rich. 

Sunstones for Sale

How Much is Sunstone Worth?

A sunstone gemstone price depends on the quality and origin of the stone. At present, 100g of sunstone retails for roughly $10, with more rare forms selling for upward of $400 in some cases. 

Egg shaped and sized sunstone that has been specially crafted may sell for around $80. 

Where to Buy a Sunstone

How to get a sun stone? Start shopping online — today! The best place to buy sunstone is via the Internet, as you’ll be able to sift through thousands of different stones before settling on one that truly calls you. 

Ebay, Etsy and Amazon are great e-commerce platforms for the purpose of stone shopping! Specialized retailers and crystal brands will also always have some form of sunstone in stock — it’s a popular crystal worldwide!


We hope you have enjoyed this guide to sunstone!

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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