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Apatite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about apatite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Apatite is a gorgeous gemstone that contains a group of phosphate minerals and it is said to possess mystical healing properties. Apatite is available in various intriguing colors and, according to crystal healers, they each have different effects which work towards enhancing different aspects of our lives.

For example, blue apatite is said to possess powers that may help you ‌achieve your goals. It can dispel confusion and negativity from your mind and boost your intellect, which in turn, can enhance knowledge and personal growth.  

There is more to this beautiful gemstone. In this article, let us explore more interesting apatite facts‌.

  • Apatite Meaning
    • What is Apatite
      • Apatite Pronunciation
      • Apatite Metaphysical Meaning
      • What does Apatite Look Like
    • Where is Apatite Found
      • Apatite in South Africa
      • Indian Ocean Apatite
    • Apatite Benefits
    • Apatite Chakra
  • Apatite Properties
    • Apatite Healing Properties
    • Apatite Metaphysical Properties
  • Apatite Types
    • Raw Apatite
    • Cat's Eye Apatite
    • Natural Apatite
  • Apatite Color
    • Blue Apatite
      • Blue Apatite Properties
    • Green Apatite
      • Green Apatite Properties
    • Yellow Apatite
  • Apatite Uses
    • Apatite Beads
    • Blue Apatite Sphere
  • Apatite Jewelry
    • Apatite Earrings
    • Apatite Ring
      • Paraiba Apatite Ring
    • Apatite Pendant
    • Apatite Bracelet
  • How to Cleanse Blue Apatite
  • Apatite Stone Price
    • Green Apatite Value
    • Yellow Apatite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Apatite Meaning

What is Apatite?

The name of the stone is derived from a Greek word, which means 'to deceive'. This is because this gemstone very closely resembles several other minerals, which often confuses people. Apatite mineral is available in different colors and each of them has varied properties. They look exquisite and are found in different shades of blue and green.

Apatite Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of this gemstone should be “ae – puh – tait”.

Apatite Metaphysical Meaning

According to crystal healers, the apatite crystal comes with a very high vibrational energy. So it may effectively promote confidence and motivation. It has the power to stimulate your intellect and drive away negative thoughts and energies from your life.

Green apatite is highly coveted and recommended by metaphysical experts and crystal healers. It is used to heal, open up, and activate the heart chakra. It is believed to help create a balance between wisdom (mind) and emotion (heart). It also helps people overcome difficulties in their lives that might come in the way of achieving their goals. The stone is also widely known for offering clarity and helping nurture your desire to learn.

What does Apatite Look Like?

Apatite mineral looks rich and stunning. It is mainly found in shades of green and blue, though they can vary as much as the different shades of the color spectrum.

The green apatite stone is meant for manifestation. According to crystal healers, it is the perfect stone for people who have good ambitions in life that they want to achieve. It can help to change your mindset and encourage you to follow the right path in life. According to renowned astrologers, it has many metaphysical properties which makes it unique and popular among the masses.

The green apatite is known for promoting motivation, productivity, and other qualities that will help you ‌become successful in life. It keeps away negative thoughts from your mind and helps you focus or concentrate on your work. It can positively impact your creativity and give you the required push to generate new ideas for your projects, campaigns, and other related work.

Blue apatite is not only beautiful, but according to crystal healers, it can have distinct positive impacts on your life. Firstly, the stone can help you improve communication. The stone opens your heart to new experiences and helps in the release of negative emotions like anger and sadness.

The blue apatite is also known for increasing manifestation and self-expression. The stone has some great capabilities in both physical and spiritual realms. It can be used for inspiration, motivation, and creativity. It awakens your mind and helps you release any negative feelings ‌you might hold on to for a long time. This would provide the right amount of space in your mind for love, joy, and other positive feelings.

Where is Apatite Found?

Apatite is a rare gem and some of its excellent specimens have been found in different regions in Brazil, Russia, Columbia, Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and also some parts of the US. Major sources of apatite are found in Myanmar, Brazil, and Mexico. 

Apatite in South Africa

Some other sources where apatite is found in abundance include different places in Canada, India, Czech Republic, South Africa, Norway, Spain, and Sri Lanka, among others. Depending on the location of apatite, they come in slightly different colors - for instance, the shade of apatite found in South Africa differs slightly from apatite in Canada.

Indian Ocean Apatite

Indian Ocean apatite is hailed as the stone of manifestation, which can help the wearer transform ideas into reality and attain their goals.

Apatite Benefits


Apatite is widely hailed by healers and metaphysicians for its myriad of benefits.

It is said to cleanse your aura and help you ‌overcome the feeling of being burdened. Sometimes, you may feel there is too much to do for you, and things get piled on. This can lead to frustration and you may ultimately end up losing your hope. In such situations, the apatite can offer a lot of help.

It has healing properties that may help you tackle burnout issues and avoid intense mental exhaustion. It helps to restore that peaceful balance in your mind and body. The stone possesses high vibrational energy, which helps bring positive effects to the mind and body. If you have any past trauma or pain, keeping apatite around can help you feel much better again.

Our mental health deeply impacts our overall health, so it's very important to have full control over our emotions. Anger and irritation can lead to rage, and you will end up having destructive feelings. It will pull you back and might also affect your physical wellbeing.

Wearing or keeping apatite nearby may help you gain control over those negative emotions, and you will be able to treat them naturally. Apart from this, the apatite rock may also help in controlling your blood pressure, and can effectively deal with anger issues.

As mentioned earlier, apatite is said to possess a very high vibrational energy, and it is used for staying motivated and setting intentions. These are the must-have qualities that can bring about a lot of difference when it comes to your fitness journey. We all want that perfect body and good health, but with dieting and exercising, people often lack motivation.

According to crystal experts, if you wear this stone, you will be able to see the difference and feel positive about clinging to a good habit. The stone also has hunger-suppressing qualities. It may reduce your appetite and increase your metabolism, which will help you get to that right weight and stay fit.

If you are into exercising and playing sports daily, then apatite is something that you should definitely keep on you. Even a small slice or piece of apatite may offer assistance when it comes to motivating you to stay healthy. It aids in weight loss and promotes healthy eating habits.

Also, exercises like squats and crunches can cause sore muscles. And when it happens, grab your heating pad and the stone to get some quick relief. To get the best results, put the stone directly over the concerned area and you may see how it washes away your sore muscles.

The apatite also helps with different types of physical healing. It helps to strengthen your bones and also lubricates your joints. Along with this, it may also help with your dental problems, in healing bones, and marrows. Try the stone for a few days and you will not require visiting a chiropractor. The natural benefits are truly eye-catching.

If you have a 9-to-5 desk job, eye issues are quite common. This type of job can cause problems like watery eyes, dizziness, and general discomfort, including immense irritation. Watching the screen for prolonged hours can affect your eyes instantly and create a great deal of stress.

If you have to work for long hours in front of the computer, the healing properties of this gemstone may help to reduce the strain caused by the harmful blue light of the device. It can stimulate your eyesight and speed up the recovery process so that you do not undergo long-term damage.

Apart from these, apatite also has several metaphysical benefits. According to astrologers, it can predict your future and access your past. It can help in trapping energy and opening up people’s minds and vision. It takes them toward the things that people are focused on. This is a stone of communication, and it also helps in connecting with spiritual guides.

Apatite helps with achieving deeper states of meditation. To get the true reflection of yourself, you should try keeping it with yourself during your meditation to get the required inner clarity and peace. It helps you to feel like one with your higher self. It can be used with other gemstones to get the results that you have always desired.

The stone also helps in expanding awareness which helps you to accept your past life. It works in enhancing your spiritual energy and helps to communicate with your spiritual self to increase the level of your self-awareness.

You can get the benefits of this beautiful stone by keeping it near your body or wearing it as an ornament. You can also place it on your work desk or the place where you spend the most time in your day to get the maximum of its positive effects.

Apatite Chakra

The stone helps you to stay active and eliminate blockages in all the chakras. The stone helps you to create the right balance in your life and to sort the right meaning for data and impressions. It helps to maintain the right energy flow inside the body.

The stone may also help control the throat chakra and balance the health of other chakras. It helps in expressing what we think and feel. It helps to improve our communication capabilities and stimulates our beliefs and emotions. It helps to enable the natural release of our emotions and promotes free expressions.

Apatite Properties


The apatite gemstone comes with several healing properties, which include both physical and metaphysical realms. 

Apatite is a great choice for people who want to lose weight and get fit. It is believed to suppress hunger and increase your metabolic rate. It also keeps you motivated to follow the right lifestyle, which includes dieting and exercising required for weight loss. Wearing the stone is believed to help keep various ailments at bay and strengthen bones. It may also prevent muscle inflammation caused by excessive workouts.  

Apatite Healing Properties

It is believed that apatite crystals may benefit your overall health in various ways and help you ‌stay fit. It is believed to encourage the formation of new cells and increase calcium absorption. It also provides the motivation to follow your diet and exercise regime to stay fit. It aids in weight loss and also helps in increasing your metabolism. The gemstone may also have soothing benefits for reducing headaches and works great for soothing eye strains and other issues associated with the lack of eye movements.

Crystal and reiki experts say that apatite can be effective in helping you balance your mental and physical wellbeing. The healing properties work effectively and it promotes positive emotions that make you feel happy and content. It gives you the confidence to tackle everything coming your way, especially when you work for other people.

Apatite Metaphysical Properties

Apatite is extensively used for its wide range of magical metaphysical properties.

Emotional benefits: Apart from increasing motivation, the gemstone may help build up your energy reserves. Apatite is said to reduce the effects of negative emotions, like anger and rage, and also decrease exhaustion caused by extreme emotion. It may also help to raise your spirits and encourage a positive outlook. It also increases hopefulness.

Color effects: The rough apatite stones are available in different colors and each of them comes with different healing benefits for your mind and body. However, the common properties include instilling positivity and helping us to become better people. The blue apatite enhances our throat chakra, whereas the yellow apatite activates the solar plexus chakra. It helps to eliminate negative and stagnant energies and may also be effective in reducing depression. It is said to help you improve concentration and digestion and treat different types of diseases so you can stay healthy. The stone helps in neutralizing your emotions and helps in the release of anger.

You can consult an astrologer to see which kind of apatite is going to be suitable as per your birth date and life circumstances. Different colors of the stone impact people differently and are said to exhibit maximum results when worn in combination with other stones. It is essential to consult the experts first if you want the gemstone to work in your favor astrologically.

Apatite Types

Raw Apatite

There are different types of apatite available in the market and crystal healers can suggest the right ones based on your needs. There are raw blue apatite and also raw yellow apatite, which look bewitching and are highly valuable. 

Cat's Eye Apatite

cat's eye apatite

You can also invest in the cat’s eye apatite, which is believed to possess various healing benefits. 

Natural Apatite

Natural apatite, like natural blue apatite, has a beautiful appearance and also possesses physical healing properties that can soothe your mind and body. There is also a primary apatite group, which includes fluorapatite, chlorapatite, and hydroxylapatite. They are also sub-divided into different groups, which come with a unique appearance and varied benefits.

Apatite Color

Blue Apatite

The apatite gemstone value varies with its appearance, color, and overall texture, and blue apatite is extremely sought-after. 

Blue Apatite Properties

The properties of the rough blue apatite include healing different physical conditions and improving your mental wellbeing. It is believed to help keep all the negative emotions away and motivate you to reach your goals.

It is associated with the throat chakra, which means keeping the stone near you will help to improve your communication. It is also associated with water energy, which promotes stillness, strength, and purification. It encourages you to work for the betterment of others.

Green Apatite

green apatite

The green apatite gemstone is considered a dual-action stone.

Green Apatite Properties

Green apatite crystals can positively use your own powers, which may help you achieve your goals. It may also empower you to steer clear of confusion and reduce negativity. It is also said to stimulate and expand your knowledge and intellect. Green apatite may help channel your personal growth for the collective good of the masses.

Yellow Apatite

The yellow or golden apatite is one of the purest crystals that create vibrations, which helps improve mental clarity. It also helps in strengthening your will and gives you the required inspiration and hope to pursue your passion. It improves the feeling of self-worth and self-confidence within yourself.

Apart from these, apatite quartz of other stunning shades is also available, like neon apatite, red apatite, golden apatite, purple apatite, brown apatite, blue-green apatite, teal apatite, pink apatite, and others.

Apatite Uses

If you look at the pictures of apatite, you would understand that they look like natural minerals found in the ground. These, in raw form, have several industrial uses, which include making fertilizers. They are also used in pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and the silk textile industry. 

Apatite Beads

Apatite beads are extensively used for crafting jewelry items. These are also used by those who meditate to extract the manifesting properties of this gemstone.

Blue Apatite Sphere

Blue apatite crystal spheres are a coveted possession for those who practice crystal gazing and clairvoyance.

Apatite Jewelry

You can make different kinds of ornaments using apatite gem. Apatite jewelry can be a fantastic addition to your outfit and also allow you to reap its various benefits.  

Apatite Earrings

You can opt for green apatite or neon apatite earrings; either looks stunning and magical.

Apatite Ring

There are also blue and neon apatite rings available that are trendy and classic. 

Paraiba Apatite Ring

The paraiba apatite found in Brazil is one of the finest choices for making rings. The vibrant aqua shade of paraiba apatite can easily uplift a simple outfit.

Apatite Pendant

Apatite pendants look exquisite and work well with the throat chakra by instilling the powers of effective communication and public speaking.

Apatite Bracelet

Wearing an apatite bracelet is one of the best ways to adorn this stunning gemstone and keep it in close contact with your body. 

How to Cleanse Blue Apatite

Blue apatite can be cleansed following some simple steps: 

  • Submerge the stone for a few hours in a bowl of water and then clean it under a stream of gently running water for a few minutes. 
  • You can also use sage as a cleansing tool. It will not only help to cleanse the stone, but also purify the surrounding space. 
  • Keeping the gemstone directly under the moonlight can also help heal and purify it. The ritual helps in retrieving the healing powers of apatite and releasing imbalances created in the energy field of the gemstone. 
  • Make sure to never use hot water or saltwater, since these can damage the stone and impair it.

Apatite Stone Price

The price of apatite varies with its color and purity. Also, it depends on the type of stone you opt for, whether you are buying the raw mineral or its crystals for adorning jewelry items. Apatite price also depends on its source. Apatite hardness can also determine the overall valuation of the gemstone.

Green Apatite Value

Naturally, green apatite or cat's eye apatite is usually considered to be of very high value. However, blue Brazilian apatite crystals are the most expensive variants.

Yellow Apatite for Sale

Yellow transparent apatite stone is ‌very rare and considered beneficial for enhancing our learning capabilities. You can buy this rare yellow apatite gem from reputed local dealers and popular online platforms like Amazon and Etsy. 


Apatite is a powerful magical gemstone that comes with ethereal aesthetic values, too. But you need to make sure that you get your hands on genuine stone and wear it on the recommendation of a crystal expert to soak in its mystical benefits. 

Not every gem is ideal for everyone; it depends on various factors, including your aims, life goals, and personality. You can also wear this stone after consulting an astrologer, as apatite is believed to boost overall improvements and the quality of life. 

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