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Buddstone: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about buddstone, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Only found in South Africa, this precious green stone calms you and makes you emotionally mature. Soothing to the eyes as well as the mind and body, this stone works wonders when meditated with.

Want to know more about this mysterious buddstone crystal? Look no further. Continue reading for a detailed guide on buddstone and its healing and metaphysical properties. In this article, we will discuss:

  • Buddstone Meaning
    • What is Buddstone Good for?
    • Is Buddstone a Jade?
      • Buddstone Chakra
        •  What Chakra is Buddstone?
      • Buddstone Spiritual Meaning
      • Buddstone Benefits
    • Buddstone Properties
      • Buddstone Healing Properties
      • Buddstone Metaphysical Properties
    • Buddstone Types
      • Tumbled Buddstone
    • Buddstone Uses
      • Buddstone Sphere
    • How to Cleanse Buddstone
    • Conclusion

    Buddstone Meaning

    Buddstone is a form of chert, which is a sedimentary rock. It gets its green color from fuchsite, epidote, and chlorite. Although it is sometimes confused as verdite, the color of verdite differs from that of buddstone, as verdite is pure green and buddstone is mottled green. On the Mohs scale, verdite is at 3-4 and the buddstone at 6.5-7, making buddstone more durable. Buddstone has a silky texture and opaque transparency. 

    The buddstone is associated with Taurus and Virgo zodiac signs. 

    A buddstone crystal has to be charged under the moon because charging it under the sunlight may fade its color. 

    What is Buddstone Good for?

    Buddstone is useful both physically and emotionally. Using buddstone may heal a person emotionally. It also makes them spiritually aware and connected to the universe as well as themselves. 

    The healing and metaphysical properties of buddstone are mentioned further on in the article. 

    Is Buddstone a Jade?

    Though often the buddstone is referred to as ‘African jade’ or ‘jade of Africa’, it is only remotely related to the jade. The buddstone is frequently associated with serpentine and verdite. The buddstone’s connection to jade comes from its association with serpentine. Serpentine is a common crystal, whereas the verdite form is found only in Zimbabwe and South Africa in the Barberton area. 

    Buddstone Chakra

    Buddstone helps open the ‘anahata’ or the heart chakra. It connects the upper and the lower chakras and brings overall well-being. 

    What Chakra is Buddstone?

    The buddstone is associated with opening the heart chakra. Emotional hurt and negativity block our heart chakra and affect us emotionally and physically. Opening the heart chakra makes an individual open to love, forgiveness, and empathy. It teaches us compassion and enhances our emotional development, stamina, and patience. 

    Buddstone Spiritual Meaning

    Buddstone is said to be a spiritual stone. Meditating with buddstone helps one open their minds to receive messages from their ancestors. The buddstone works in sync with the heart chakra and thus enhances its magical powers. It helps diffuse the disharmony in your relationships and makes you compassionate. 

    The heart chakra creates a connection with other chakras and inspires the movement of kundalini energy. It is also known as the source of our creativity, spirituality, and divine feminine energy.

    Buddstone Benefits


    Using a buddstone has many physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. It helps us to become emotionally mature and handle life’s hurdles with grace. Meditating with the buddstone stimulates and heals the heart chakra. It is a calming stone for nerves in times of stress and anxiety. Buddstone opens you to the opportunity of love by making you more loving and accepting. 

    Buddstone promotes peace within the mind and body and also externally. Placing the buddstone under your pillow may help you release suppressed emotions in the form of dreams. 

    Buddstone Properties

    Buddstone is known to have some amazing healing and metaphysical properties. Its association with the heart chakra enhances its properties to a whole different level and is truly beneficial. These properties are discussed below.

    Buddstone Healing Properties

    Buddstone helps with physical healing too, along with spiritual and metaphysical. The following are its properties:

    • The buddstone enhances stamina and patience in a person and helps them work efficiently.
    • Using buddstone is believed to make you self-sufficient and competent on your own. 
    • Meditating with the buddstone may help increase the energy flow in the body.
    • The buddstone is said to heal the heart and the diseases and problems of the circulatory system.
    • According to crystal healers, buddstone helps elders with Alzheimer's with its calming and soothing energies. 
    • Buddstone may also relieve migraines, headaches, and menstruation pain.
    • Buddstone is believed to help with the symptoms of diabetes and vertigo. 

    Buddstone Metaphysical Properties

    The metaphysical properties of buddstone include:

    • The buddstone opens us to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and helps us understand better how to use their wisdom today.
    • It helps us understand our cultural norms, beliefs, and habits.
    • It encourages us to select our beliefs with great passion and make sure they serve our greater good. 
    • The buddstone activates the kundalini spirit and helps it rise to the heart chakra.
    • The buddstone is attuned to the earth and keeps us grounded.
    • While meditating with the buddstone, one feels safe as it surrounds you with calming and soothing energy.
    • As the buddstone works with the heart chakra, it learns our flaws and helps us fix them.
    • The heart chakra also makes us emotionally stable and mature to handle the obstacles in our lives with grace and dignity. 
    • Being emotionally stable with the help of the buddstone also helps us focus on greater things and accomplish them.
    • Using a buddstone crystal makes us more focused and organized to achieve our goals.
    • The buddstone guides us through a direct path to success by helping oversee obstacles and providing a clear view of our destination.
    • The buddstone opens our eyes to see different people and perceive them accordingly, to handle them, and have better communication for mutual benefit. 
    • Meditating with the buddstone instills stability and trust in ourselves and others.
    • The buddstone vibrates to number 2: the vibration of emotion, diplomacy, and balance. 

    Buddstone Types

    There are fewer types of buddstones compared to other crystals. They are found in forms of cabochons, tumbled, and sphere forms. The easiest available in the market is the tumbled stone.

    Tumbled Buddstone

    Buddstones are available for purchase mainly in their tumbled forms. This makes it easy to carry these small tumbled buddstones wherever you go. These tumbled buddstones help channel messages of the healings and gain ancient wisdom from your past lives.

    Buddstone Uses

    Buddstone Sphere

    buddstone sphere

    Along with tumbled buddstones, buddstone spheres are a great way to benefit from their properties. They make a great addition to the furniture and keep the energy positive. They come in many sizes, from big crystal balls to small marble sizes. 

    How to Cleanse Buddstone?

    Cleansing a buddstone crystal is necessary, as it might affect its healing and metaphysical properties. A crystal should be cleansed as often as it is used. To cleanse a buddstone crystal, wash it with mild soap and rinse it under cold running water. Dry it with a soft, dust-free cloth. 


    Having a buddstone with you may help in many endeavors of the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. It opens the heart chakra and may help with the betterment of the circulatory system. Crystal healers consider buddstone a valuable tool for resolving complicated problems. 

    Buddstone hearts, bracelets, and tumbled stones are available on Etsy. A 1” tumbled piece of buddstone sells for $2 USD to $4 USD. Some bigger tumbled buddstones can range from $10 USD to $15 USD, depending on their quality.

    If you want to stimulate your heart and achieve emotional stability, buddstone is the stone for you.

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