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Kyanite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about kyanite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Welcome! The magical world of the kyanite stone awaits you. If you’re already familiar with kyanite, you’ll know that it’s an extraordinarily unique and powerful stone with a wide array of benefits and applications. If you’ve never heard of kyanite before, we highly recommend that you read on to unleash the delights of kyanite qualities. With unmatched healing properties, high frequencies, and chakra-opening capabilities, it’s not the precious gem you want to miss out on. Let’s take the ultimate look at the complex and transformative stone that is kyanite.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Kyanite Meaning
    • What is Kyanite?
      • Kyanite Spiritual Meaning
      • Kyanite Pronunciation
    • What Makes Kyanite Blue?
    • Where is Kyanite Found?
      • Kyanite in Connecticut
      • Kyanite in Brazil
    • Can You Put Kyanite in Water?
  • Kyanite Properties 
    • Kyanite Metaphysical Properties 
      • Kyanite Chakra
    • Kyanite Healing Properties
    • Kyanite Spiritual Properties
  • Kyanite Benefits
    • Kyanite Health Benefits
    • Kyanite for Meditation
    • Sleeping with Blue Kyanite
    • Kyanite Side Effects
  • Kyanite vs Other Stones
    • Kyanite and Ruby
    • Kyanite vs Sapphire
    • Black Tourmaline vs Black Kyanite
  • Types of Kyanite
    • Raw Kyanite
      • Raw Green Kyanite
      • Raw Blue Kyanite
    • Tumbled Kyanite
      • Tumbled Green Kyanite
      • Tumbled Black Kyanite
    • Ruby Kyanite 
      • Ruby Kyanite Properties
      • Ruby Kyanite Metaphysical Properties
      • Ruby Kyanite Healing Properties
    • Natural Kyanite
    • Himalayan Kyanite
  • Kyanite Jewellery
    • Kyanite Pendant
      • Black Kyanite Pendant
    • Kyanite Ring
      • Black Kyanite Ring
      • Blue Kyanite Ring
      • Green Kyanite Ring
      • Raw Kyanite Ring
    • Kyanite Beads
      • Blue Kyanite Beads
      • Black Kyanite Beads
      • Green Kyanite Beads
    • Kyanite Necklace
      • Black Kyanite Necklace
      • Raw Kyanite Necklace
    • Kyanite Bracelet
      • Blue Kyanite Bracelet
      • Kyanite Bracelet Benefits
    • Kyanite Cabochon
    • Kyanite Earrings
  • Kyanite Uses
    • Kyanite Blade
      • Black Kyanite Blade
    • Kyanite Powder
  • Kyanite Colors
    • Blue Kyanite
      • Blue Kyanite Meaning
      • Blue Kyanite Benefits
      • Blue Kyanite Properties
      • Blue Kyanite Healing Properties
      • Blue Kyanite Metaphysical Properties
      • Blue Kyanite Jewelry
    • Kashmir Blue Kyanite
    • Dark Blue Kyanite
    • Polished Blue Kyanite
    • Black Kyanite
      • Black Kyanite Meaning
      • Black Kyanite Benefits
      • Black Kyanite Properties
      • Black Kyanite Healing Properties
      • Black Kyanite Metaphysical Properties
    • Green Kyanite
      • Green Kyanite Meaning
      • Green Kyanite Properties
      • Green Kyanite Healing Properties
      • Green Kyanite Metaphysical Properties
      • Green Kyanite Chakra
      • Green Kyanite Jewelry
    • Orange Kyanite
      • Orange Kyanite Meaning
      • Orange Kyanite Properties
      • Orange Kyanite Metaphysical Properties
      • Orange Kyanite Healing Properties
      • Orange Kyanite Jewelry
    • Indigo Kyanite
    • Ocean Kyanite
      • Ocean Kyanite Meaning
    • Red Kyanite
    • Purple Kyanite
    • Rainbow Kyanite
    • Pink Kyanite
    • White Kyanite
    • Gold Kyanite
    • Blue Green Kyanite
      • Blue Green Kyanite Metaphysical Properties
    • Aqua Kyanite
    • Yellow Kyanite
  • How to Use Kyanite
    • How to Clean Raw Kyanite
    • How to Polish Kyanite
  • Kyanite for Sale
    • Kyanite Price
      • Green Kyanite for Sale
      • Blue Kyanite for Sale
      • Black Kyanite for Sale
    • Where to Get Kyanite
      • Blue Kyanite on Etsy
      • Black Kyanite on Amazon

Kyanite Meaning

Let’s start with the basics. Kyanite is an aluminosilicate mineral, and its magnetic name stems from the Greek term “cyan”, which means “dark blue”. Despite its name, the kyanite mineral can be found in a number of colors and has a range of values and benefits.

As you’ll see in the kyanite pictures in this guide, kyanite can range from aqua blue to rainbow-like in pigment. In general, it tends to be a very grounding and clarifying force, and it can aid in opening the third eye chakra. 

What is Kyanite?

What a loaded question! Kyanite is a rich and powerful gemstone with a wide range of applications and forms. It can be retrieved from sedimentary rock and aluminum-abundant metamorphic pegmatites, and it most often forms long ridges of dark blue crystals.

It is unique in its anisotropism, which means that its hardness can vary based on its crystallographic direction and it can be somewhat flexible. That seems fitting for a gemstone known for its variety of advantages.

Kyanite Spiritual Meaning

At its core, kyanite creates balance. If you’re looking for alignment, better communication, and deepened consciousness, this crystal is for you. It is regarded spiritually as a channel for positive energy, allowing those in its presence to release past experiences and awaken to the present and future.

While kyanite can assist in the alignment of all chakras, it is especially beneficial for the root and throat chakras. Its positive effects will likely resonate best with Libra (the kyanite zodiac), Taurus, and Aries placements. However, you don’t require these placements in order to profit from the powers of kyanite.

Kyanite Pronunciation

We bet that you already want to tell your friends about this precious stone, so first things first, let’s make sure you’re saying it right. Kyanite is pronounced kai-uh-nite, with an emphasis on the “kai”. Doesn’t that just slip right off the tongue?

What Makes Kyanite Blue?

blue color

The blue kyanite gemstone is known for its deep, ethereal color and texture. It almost appears as a tiny, frozen piece of the most secret parts of the ocean. Yet, its mystical hue is a result of iron and titanium in metamorphic rocks.

In fact, kyanite itself is an indication of metamorphism in the Earth, making it the perfect symbol for great change. Through metamorphism, the combination of iron and titanium in a high-pressure silicate results in the beautiful blue kyanite pigment.

Where is Kyanite Found?

Now, you’re likely sitting in front of your computer wondering how to find kyanite. Before you run through your local park searching for the majestic kyanite crystal (don’t worry, we’ve had the same idea), let’s get up to speed on where to find it.

Kyanite is located most frequently in pelite rocks (fine-grained sedimentary rocks), and more specifically in their schist, pegmatite, and gneiss veins. There are also formations of kyanite in quartz veins. Regions including Myanmar, Kenya, Tibet, Brazil, Cambodia, Nepal, Russia, and Switzerland produce kyanite, but specific areas in the United States are also home to the gemstone. Nepal and Tibet are ideal areas from which to source kyanite as these regions are highly regarded for the legitimacy and quality of their crystals.

Kyanite in Connecticut

You might be pleased to know that you can, indeed, find kyanite in Connecticut, USA. Kyanite deposits have been located in Ratlum Mountain in Canton, Redding, Ridgefield, Newtown, Brookfield, and a number of mountains and secret spots in Easton, Fairfield County, Hortford County, and Litchfield County.

Kyanite in Brazil

Brazil is a bountiful location for titanium black kyanite. Generally, kyanite will be sourced from rural areas in Brazil including Ribeirão da Folha district, Capelinha, Minas Gerais. If you intend on purchasing Brazilian kyanite, you can find the gemstone on Etsy and certain other online stores.

Can You Put Kyanite in Water?

While waiting for a full moon, cleansing crystals using salt and water is a simple alternative for purification purposes. Bodies of water are both effective in dispelling negative energy from your crystals and in opening and cleansing the chakras.

However, kyanite should not be placed in water as the practice will lead to the gemstone’s degradation and it will lose its luster. As a result, your spiritual practice can be negatively impacted. Luckily, kyanite requires no cleansing as it doesn’t gather negative energy. 

Kyanite Properties

kyanite stone

Now you’re all caught up on what kyanite is and where it’s found. Let’s dive deeper into the many properties of the healing kyanite crystal.

Kyanite Metaphysical Properties 

Kyanite has, and shares, high vibrations and ousts negative energy. So, it’s no wonder that the stone helps with human blockages, whether those blockages are within chakras, or are connection-related.

Third eye awakening goes hand-in-hand with this gemstone due to its enabling of higher thinking, logic, and self-awareness. Kyanite also has calming properties, so it’s ideal for those with anxiety or high amounts of stress. Emotional outbursts and panic attacks can be reduced with kyanite at your side.

Lastly, kyanite improves dream recall, allowing for profound spiritual messages that appear during one’s slumber. With all of the above in mind, kyanite allows us to garner a deeper self-understanding and ability to communicate our vision with grace, and as a result, aids us in finding our purpose and taking charge of our lives.

Kyanite Chakra

Due to its effect on the throat chakra and its ability to enhance self-expression, kyanite is ideal for singers and interpersonal interactions. It improves the voice and communication abilities alike. While kyanite blasts positive energy into the throat chakra, it is also particularly beneficial for root chakra protection. It invokes a sense of being grounded and helps form a strong foundation for life.

Kyanite Healing Properties

Was that your doctor that just called? Nope, it was just kyanite. The stone is an incredibly powerful immune booster. It supports deep sleep and nutritious consumption.

Known for relieving pain, it is believed that kyanite can speed up your recovery process and ease difficult periods of revival. Kyanite can also assist with low blood pressure and help to get rid of infections. And that’s not where it ends! By improving mental stamina and encouraging the formation of neural pathways, it makes for a healthy brain.

Kyanite Spiritual Properties

On top of all its mental and physical benefits, kyanite is a spiritual miracle worker. It lifts psychic abilities, improving telepathic ability, awareness of subtle bodies, and past life exploration. It can even aid in astral projection and spirit guide connection. By opening up the third eye, kyanite can create strong intuition and direct you toward your truth.

Kyanite Benefits

Oh, boy! If you’re looking for a gemstone with a plethora of benefits, you came to the right place. Kyanite advances physical and mental strength and boosts clarity. Consequentially, it is ideal for improved health and deep meditation.

Kyanite Health Benefits

Pain relief, fast physical recovery, and physical trauma recovery are all wonderful health benefits of kyanite that have been reported. If you’re struggling with a painful infection or suffer from chronic pain, kyanite may help rid your body of the pain’s source and dull the pain itself.

As it improves cognitive ability, your mental toughness in withstanding physical pain will likewise strengthen. Kyanite has a similar effect on physical trauma recovery, which can be dealt with both physically and mentally. It may also enhance clarity of purpose and truth, which are key factors in trauma recovery.

Kyanite for Meditation

a woman meditating using a singing bowl

Thanks to its spiritually stimulating properties, kyanite makes for deep meditation and connection with spiritual realms. Meditating with kyanite will assist in letting go of the past, understanding purpose and aspirations, and getting through emotional and creative blocks. It also comes in handy for past life meditations, allowing greater spiritual depth.

Sleeping with Blue Kyanite

Zzzzz… oops, sorry about that. I was just laying in bed with kyanite on my chest. Yes, that’s right! Kyanite has huge sleeping benefits. It dispels anxiety and allows for deep sleep, and as a result, makes accessing your dreams much easier once you wake up.

In addition, by cleansing the throat chakra, kyanite can reduce snoring, meaning sleep will be easier for both you and whoever is lucky enough to sleep at your side.

Kyanite Side Effects

While kyanite is a healer and has mainly positive effects, certain users have difficult reactions to the gemstone. Kyanite operates on a high frequency and can be overwhelmingly powerful.

Sensitive users of kyanite might experience its benefits in unsettlingly large quantities, ironically increasing anxiety and restlessness. Healing can also be a long-winded and scary process, and by consequence, kyanite can increase the emotional response to healing.

However, these side effects generally target highly sensitive people or people who have experienced copious amounts of trauma and pain, and you might experience no side effects at all. If kyanite isn’t right for you, you might also want to avoid moldavite and malachite.

Kyanite vs Other Stones

Whether you’re deciding between stones or you’re noticing the similarities between kyanite and your favorite stone, comparing and contrasting is a great way to better understand the world of precious gems. Let’s jump in!

Kyanite and Ruby

Kyanite and ruby are united in their ability to boost cognitive function and creativity. They are both connection enhancers, but work in different ways. While kyanite opens the throat chakra and allows for clearer communication, ruby stimulates the heart chakra and improves loyalty and compassion. These two stones work wonderfully side by side and can make for profound positive change when used together.

Kyanite vs Sapphire

blue crystals

Blue kyanite and sapphire appear very similar in color and maybe confused based on their exteriors. They are also both comprised of iron and titanium. However, they have incredibly unique structures and properties.

While kyanite forms in layers and is softer than sapphire, the latter is a form of corundum. Kyanite is a champion of positive energy and spiritual and mental growth, sapphire is a love stone, which prevents paranoia and disloyalty.

Lastly, kyanite aids in recovery and immunity, while sapphire strengthens eyesight and works as an antidote for asthma and heart disease. Both stones are powerful in their prevention and improvement of insomnia.

Black Tourmaline vs Black Kyanite

set of stone and crystals

Black tourmaline and black kyanite can also appear uncannily similar. Both black tourmaline and black kyanite have strong effects on the root chakra and can boost self-confidence. In addition, black tourmaline has the kyanite-like ability to dispel negative energy. However, it does so by absorbing negative energy rather than overriding it with positivity. 

Types of Kyanite

In all likelihood, the first kyanite stone you laid your eyes on was a mystical blue color. Yet, as per usual, there is so much more than what meets the surface. Kyanite comes in a range of forms and colors, and we don’t plan on merely scratching the surface.

Raw Kyanite 

Raw kyanite is incredibly rare and found mainly in sedimentary rocks. It generally forms a collection of long, bladed crystals and appears blotchy in color. Your best bet of finding raw kyanite genuine in quality would be by importing it from Nepal or Tibet.

Raw Green Kyanite

Raw green kyanite is an up-and-coming favorite for crystal lovers. It is incredibly difficult to source and is incredibly beneficial to all of your chakras. It catalyzes mental strength and allows that strength to spread through the body and heart. Raw green kyanite is believed to be a confidence booster and promoter of success and truth. 

Raw Blue Kyanite

Raw blue kyanite is a bringer of peace and positive energy. You won’t even need to cleanse it because it refuses to absorb any negative energy. This stone will lift you to a higher consciousness and promote tranquility. If you aspire to have a strengthened third eye chakra, or if you have Aries, Taurus, or Libra placements, this stone is for you.

Tumbled Kyanite

Tumbled kyanite is small, round, and polished. The tumbling process is used to make kyanite polished and durable. At its core, tumbled kyanite is made up of the same compounds and properties. They work well for jewelry-making and souvenirs, but you would be better off meditating or sleeping with raw kyanite. 

Tumbled Green Kyanite

tumbled green kyanite on a hand

Tumbled green kyanite is hard to find, and it can be used for souvenirs and jewelry. It’s ideal for those wanting to avoid rough kyanite, as it has a smooth outward texture. Its color is rich and beautiful, and its polish encourages the green kyanite’s natural shine and ethereal appearance. 

Tumbled Black Kyanite

The tumbled black kyanite mineral appears charcoal-like and somewhat shiny. The resulting polished black kyanite is hardened by the tumbling process, making it more durable, but on the other hand, its long sprays of crystal are glossed over and diminished.

Ruby Kyanite 

Ruby and kyanite are an ideal combination based on their metaphysical and healing properties. They are an undoubtedly complementary pair of stones. When merged, they present as splatters of red and pink in a sea of kyanite blue. The combination was only recently discovered in India, and it is incredibly rare and valuable. Ruby, fuchsite, and kyanite can also all merge together in a similar way. The ruby fuchsite kyanite meaning is spiritual and physical protection.

Ruby Kyanite Properties

If you manage to get your hands on ruby kyanite, expect your root, throat, and third eye chakras to become deeply connected and stimulated. Your sleep may improve and your dream recall may be much easier and more profound.

Ruby Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

Ruby kyanite promotes higher vibrations and mental-physical health. It boosts awareness and aids in manifestation. It encourages focus and the realization of goals, so you might find yourself procrastinating much less in its presence and fighting to make your desires a reality.

Ruby Kyanite Healing Properties

The mental-physical state becomes far more connected and healthy with ruby kyanite. It raises mental stability and happiness, while spurring the formation of healthy habits. Mental health can improve drastically when meditating with ruby kyanite.

Natural Kyanite

So you’re trying to distinguish between natural and inorganic kyanite. The stone’s unique anisotropism is a simple yet effective way to decipher whether your stone is natural or inauthentic. The flexibility in kyanite hardness is one of the things that makes the stone so special. In addition, a natural kyanite stone will appear blotchy in color, almost like an ocean wave or a sandy shore.

Himalayan Kyanite

Himalayan kyanite is hard on the inside and its cleavage moves in one direction, which makes it so sought-after. It includes some of the most authentic, clear kyanite from Nepal and Tibet, but it can also be found in India and Pakistan.

Kyanite Jewelry

a woman sitting on a stairwell

It’s a healer. It’s a chakra cleaner. But, let’s not forget that it’s also an aesthetic treat. Kyanite jewelry is beautiful, and keeping it on you at all times in the form of a ring or necklace will undoubtedly bring you nothing but positive energy throughout the day. Let us take you through some kyanite jewelry and where to get it.

Kyanite Pendant

Kyanite pendants can come in both raw and tumbled kyanite forms. You’ll find it easy to tell the difference because the tumbled faceted kyanite pendants will be much smoother and possibly oval-shaped. You can purchase kyanite pendants on Etsy and Amazon.

Carrying one of these pendants around your neck all day will keep the negative energy away and ensure that your communication is clear, honest, and confident.

Black Kyanite Pendant

Black kyanite pendants are rarer and tend to be raw rather than tumbled. They appear similar to a ruffled skirt due to their long, gentle sprays. You can purchase black kyanite pendants online and in retail stores.

Kyanite Ring

Pendants are a wonderful kyanite purchase because they remain close to your throat chakra. However, everyone else will have the pleasure of looking at your beautiful stone except for you! If you want to stare longingly at the majestic kyanite stone all day long, a kyanite ring is perfect for you. You can buy them on Etsy, Amazon, and other e-commerce stores.

Black Kyanite Ring

Black kyanite rings are hard to find, but my oh my, you’ll be carrying around some especially positive energy on your finger if you manage to find one. You can rest your hand on your lower abdomen while you’re on your lunch break to connect the black kyanite to your root chakra – isn’t that just handy?

You can find black kyanite rings on Amazon and second-hand online stores. Because they’re so rare, you might have to buy them second-hand. But don’t worry, they don’t carry any negative energy with them.

Blue Kyanite Ring

Blue kyanite rings are sought after by many for their color, texture, and cleavage. If you can’t go another day without one, you can buy them on Etsy. Chances are, you won’t regret it!

Green Kyanite Ring

Green kyanite rings have a stunning lime-green color and are best un-tumbled, both aesthetically and spiritually. You can buy them on Etsy and other online stores. Keep it on all day to maintain mind-body connectedness.

Raw Kyanite Ring

Raw kyanite rings feel unique and organic and will keep you connected to your purpose and goals throughout the day. Pair a raw kyanite ring with a raw kyanite pendant to boost productivity, mental agility, and self-confidence all day long. You can purchase raw kyanite rings at retail stores and crystal shops.

Kyanite Beads

What says unblock your creativity like kyanite beads? Make yourself something special to hold close to your heart (and throat chakra). Kyanite beads are usually blue or green and work wonderfully for necklaces and bracelets. 

Blue Kyanite Beads

Blue kyanite beads are dazzling and promote a sense of tranquility. They’re great to carry with you during periods of stress and anxiety. Next time you have a nerve-wracking job interview or first date, style yourself with a blue kyanite bracelet. 

Black Kyanite Beads

Black kyanite beads appear simple, but there’s much more to them than what meets the eye. They will lift your spirits and keep your mind sharp throughout your day. Carry them in your pocket or make an elegant necklace with black kyanite beads, and chances are, you’ll maintain focus and confidence.

Green Kyanite Beads

Green kyanite beads are magnetic. You just can’t help but become joyous in their presence. They look best in large quantities, so wear a whole bunch of green kyanite beads when you leave the house. That way, you’ll look majestic while the beads work their magic to make you feel majestic.

Kyanite Necklace

Kyanite necklaces are arguably the best way to wear this healing stone. By keeping kyanite on your chest, you allow positive energy to radiate into your heart and throat chakra with ease. You’ll speed up physical recovery and feel extra confident, too!

Black Kyanite Necklace

Is she the most enigmatic, illustrious woman in the room? She’s probably just wearing black kyanite. Black kyanite necklaces are elegant and mysterious, all the while keeping you grounded and opening your third eye chakra. 

Raw Kyanite Necklace

We always recommend raw kyanite over tumbled kyanite. The kyanite feels and looks more organic and authentic when raw, and wearing a piece of raw kyanite around your neck will work wonders on your mental and spiritual states. Imagine going through your day and focusing on what’s important to you while your raw kyanite necklace discretely works its magic on your mood and mental strength.

Kyanite Bracelet

Who doesn’t love making friendship bracelets? Try beading a few with the people most important to you. A kyanite bracelet will open up communication paths and lead to more honest conversations between close friends.

Blue Kyanite Bracelet

Blue kyanite bracelets are bound to leave you feeling self-assured, clear-headed and calm when you don them. Sleep with a blue kyanite bracelet on your arm to ensure a deep, comfortable slumber.

Kyanite Bracelet Benefits

Firstly, expect your psychic abilities to improve when wearing a kyanite bracelet. If it gets to be too much, just take it off and try again later. Third eye awakening can be intimidating at times, but it will ultimately lead you to a path of enlightenment and truth. You will also find yourself filled with positive energy when wearing a kyanite bracelet. These accessories can help soothe pain, fight infections, and keep you grounded and relaxed.

Kyanite Cabochon

So you’re thinking about adding a kyanite cabochon to your shelf? Do it! These polished treats will instantly relax and invigorate you every time they catch your eye. Keep one on your bedside table or by your bathroom mirror, or better yet, by both! That way, you’ll be guaranteed a restful sleep and a positive mindset going into your day.

Kyanite Earrings

Oh, to have kyanite whispering positive affirmations in our ears all day. Wearing kyanite earrings is a game changer for mental stamina and focus. Your psychic intuition will also be raised, allowing you to focus on your core values and goals and move away from any negative, distracting energy.

You can find a number of different kinds of kyanite earrings, from kyanite stud earrings to long, dangling earrings.

kyanite earrings

Kyanite Uses

Wait! You didn’t think kyanite benefits ended at the metaphysical, did you? Kyanite has so many applications and is so adaptable that it’s almost impossible to fit all of its uses into one article. This magical stone really is the gift that keeps on giving. You’re probably wondering, what is kyanite used for? Let’s answer that question.

Kyanite Blade

Due to its long, straight ridges, kyanite blades are relatively easy to access. Use a kyanite blade to trim your plants and leave them by the plant roots to stimulate growth and prosperity.

Black Kyanite Blade

Black kyanite blades make great companions for grounding and protection. If you’re in the process of third eye awakening or want to raise your psychic ability, meditate with a black large kyanite crystal blade for a spiritually progressive and positive experience.

Kyanite Powder

Kyanite produces a translucent, white powder that can be used in ceramics and refractory material. Because it’s heat-resistant and doesn’t conduct electricity, it is often used for the linings of high-temperature furnaces and mechanical wear. What can’t kyanite do?

Kyanite Colors

Kyanite is a truly diverse and special stone that comes in a range of natural colors. While blue kyanite is more common and more sought after, it can also form red, white, black, orange, and green crystals! And the list just goes on.

set of stones in different colours

Blue Kyanite

When you think of kyanite, you’re probably imagining it in a beautiful sea-blue color. That’s because blue kyanite is known across the globe for its magnetism, beauty, and spiritual capabilities. It is undoubtedly the most popular kyanite color, which makes perfect sense, as it has an unmatched tone and exquisiteness. 

Blue Kyanite Meaning

Blue kyanite is a must-have for stone lovers. It symbolizes tranquility, communication and mind-body connectedness. Blue kyanite is a bringer of focus and assurance. 

Blue Kyanite Benefits

As we touched on before, blue kyanite is a healing stone. It promotes physical health, mental strength, and high vibrations. It opens the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. It can even help calm its owners, allowing them restful sleep and anxiety-free days.

Blue Kyanite Properties

Blue kyanite has powerful calming properties. It’s a tranquility a positivity infuser. On top of that, it assists in getting through blockages, both emotional and mental. It’s incredibly strong in its force and can be used as a tool in life-transformation and deep spiritual awakening.

Blue Kyanite Healing Properties

Struggling with asthma? Heart disease? Physical pain? Blue kyanite has got your back. The stone offers a special kyanite relief from physical and emotional pain. It is especially unique and transformative in its knack for creating a healthy lifestyle and abundance, and it can even speed up recovery from physical trauma. 

Blue Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

Blue kyanite is a spiritual Houdini. It awakens the senses and opens the mind. Anyone in its presence will feel their psychic abilities lifted and become astronomically more awakened to the spiritual world, spirit guides, and subtle bodies.

Blue Kyanite Jewellery

Jewelry is one of the most effective means of incorporating blue kyanite into your life. Wearing it on your body at all hours will allow its many positive effects to make their way into your body and mind. Pendants and necklaces are ideal, as they locate themselves close to your throat chakra and broaden your communication abilities.

Kashmir Blue Kyanite

Kashmir blue kyanite could easily be confused with blue sapphire for its rich, regal aesthetic. It is calming and grounding and undeniably beautiful.

Dark Blue Kyanite

You’ll feel like you swam to the depths of the ocean and retrieved a secret treasure when you hold dark blue kyanite in your hand. Its effects are far from minuscule as it opens your eyes to things unknown and draws your attention to what is most significant to you. 

Polished Blue Kyanite

Not only is polished blue kyanite a perfect charm for jewelry, but the polish will protect and preserve the meaningful blue kyanite within so it can protect you for longer without wearing away.

Black Kyanite

There’s just something about black kyanite. It’s mystic and captivating. It knows something you don’t know, but it wants to teach you. Black kyanite holds a mirror to you and reminds you to value and cherish yourself.

Black Kyanite Meaning

Black kyanite symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and self-assurance. It’s the ideal stone for Libra, Taurus, and Aries placements, but just about anyone can benefit from its charms.

Black Kyanite Benefits

Black kyanite will support your growth and spiritual awakening. You might find yourself procrastinating less when in the company of black kyanite, and your physical wellbeing will improve immensely. 

Black Kyanite Properties

Black kyanite’s communication and spiritual properties encourage deeper conversations and alignment with physical and spiritual truth.

Black Kyanite Healing Properties

Black kyanie healing powers are not to be underestimated. Trauma recovery is greatly assisted by black kyanite, which lends a helping hand during painful times. It also directs your attention to healthy decisions, allowing you to choose the food and substances that nourish you.

black kyanite

Black Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

Black kyanite rids your body and surroundings of negative energy. If you wear a black kyanite pendant, for example, you might find that negative people will steer clear of you and your day will be free of distractions. The kyanite crystal size is indicative of its metaphysical properties, too. The larger your kyanite, the stronger its impact.

Green Kyanite

We can’t help but believe that green kyanite is one of the most attractive stones out there. Not only that, but when you stare at its alluring form, its many benefits organically infiltrate your mind and soul.

Green Kyanite Meaning

Green kyanite symbolizes logic and intelligence. In addition, it represents peacefulness and hope for the future. 

Green Kyanite Properties

Green kyanite supports its owners in goal actualization. Its healing properties allow you to say goodbye to the past with joy and focus on a bright future.

Green Kyanite Healing Properties

Letting go of the past can be a painful and troubling journey, but green kyanite brings optimism and promotes mental health. Meditating with green kyanite stimulations progression through traumatic experiences and dissipates anxiety and depression.

Green Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

By becoming more in tune with their path in life, users of green kyanite will feel in line with their spiritual path. Their chakras will open and radiate positive energy.

Green Kyanite Chakra

Green kyanite targets the throat chakra, opening it up to better communication and truthfulness. Honesty is important to green kyanite, and in its presence, honesty will become a primary objective for you.

Green Kyanite Jewelry

Less isn’t more when it comes to green kyanite jewelry. While the stone focuses on your throat chakra, it resonates with the whole chakra column, so an abundance of green kyanite jewelry is ideal for protection, transformation, and getting in sync with the universe.

Orange Kyanite

Orange kyanite is a relatively recent discovery. It was located in Tanzania and channels focus and health into the souls, minds and bodies of its owners. It has a rich, almost gold color and a vibrance that indicates exciting times that lay ahead.

Orange Kyanite Meaning

Orange kyanite represents childhood joy. It pushes away negativity and self-consciousness and replaces it with optimism and curiosity.

Orange Kyanite Properties

Orange kyanite has unique healing properties, from food to libido. For those with addictions and eating disorders, this stone is for you. Orange kyanite cuts the pull between you and your unhealthy habits.

Orange Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

This whimsical stone boosts intuition and decisiveness. It allows your imagination to run wild and connects you to the dream world. Dream recall will likely become much more feasible with orange kyanite at your bedside.

Orange Kyanite Healing Properties

Orange kyanite focuses on the digestive system. It can aid in combatting eating disorders and infections in the kidney and bladder. It balances the chakras and makes for a healthy body and mind.

Orange Kyanite Jewelry

Wearing orange kyanite as a ring or bracelet will give you a skip in your step. It has a royal quality to it, but it likewise radiates positive childlike happiness. For those who struggle with low energy and bad moods, orange kyanite jewelry will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

Indigo Kyanite

Not only does indigo kyanite have a luminous hue, it is the most effective type of kyanite in creating full chakra alignment. It symbolizes emotional consciousness and rids the body of anger and upset.

Ocean Kyanite

Ocean kyanite feels like a breath of fresh sea air. It connects its owners to nature and psychic ability (all the while radiating peace and positivity).

ocean wave

Ocean Kyanite Meaning

Ocean kyanite symbolizes empathy and calm. As a result, it inspires affirming, honest connections to people and the world around us. Its meaning is similar to that of blue kyanite, but it hones in on tranquility and connection to nature in a way that other stones cannot.

Red Kyanite

Red kyanite is a deviation on orange kyanite. As such, it brings optimism and childlike joy to its users, but it does so with a fiery, electric force.

Purple Kyanite

Purple kyanite is incontrovertibly mesmerizing. It sparkles with bold, bright color and radiance. In addition, it is ideal for protection, spiritual connection, and maintaining optimism.

Rainbow Kyanite

Rainbow kyanite tends to be a mixture of blue, gold, green, pink, and purple – forming a unique, dichroic kyanite. Only magic could create such a beautiful and uplifting stone. The universe is your oyster with rainbow aura kyanite in your hand. It is admired for its aura-cleansing capabilities and healing properties.

rainbow colored gems

Mermaid Kyanite

When kyanite produces streaks of blue and green, the result cannot be described as anything other than mermaid-esque. Mermaid kyanite is ideal for meditation and attunement, and it creates a feeling of magic in the world.

Pink Kyanite

Pink kyanite is one of the rarest forms of kyanite. It motivates high frequencies, compassion and abundance. Chakra alignment is aided by this baby-pink, gentle stone.

White Kyanite

White kyanite is almost translucent, but when you see it, you feel its benefits immediately. It invites you to communicate with those around you and empathize with your close companions. It makes a wonderful gift for a friend or lover as it will deepen your connection and mutual devotion. 

Gold Kyanite

Gold kyanite is one of our favorites. It’s not only striking and picturesque, but it explodes with positive energy. Gold kyanite can play a transformative role in reiki and light-healing.

Blue Green Kyanite

As you would expect, blue green kyanite is the best of both worlds. It exudes the best qualities of both blue kyanite energy and green kyanite energy and makes for superb overall wellbeing and protection.

Blue Green Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

Blue green kyanite represents grounding. It cleanses the whole chakra column and heals the body and mind.

Aqua Kyanite

Aqua kyanite combats low and negative energy in seconds. It’s a mixture of dark blue kyanite and black titanium kyanite, but appears light green and sparkly. It offers emotional support and powerful chakra alignment and grounding. Of course, it also offers blue kyanite protection typical of the stone. 

Yellow Kyanite

Yellow kyanite is another extremely rare version of the stone. It symbolizes relaxation and extreme confidence. You won’t need to psych yourself up for anything with yellow kyanite in your hand.

How to Use Kyanite

Getting clued up on all the different kinds of kyanite and picking the right one for you is undeniably important. But more importantly, we need to know how to use it effectively to make for the best possible kyanite journey.

How to Clean Raw Kyanite

What makes kyanite so idyllic is the fact that it doesn’t absorb any negative energy – it just pushes it out of your orbit! As a result, there’s surprisingly no need to cleanse it. If you feel you need to cleanse your kyanite, however, place it by a windowsill or outside during a full moon. Under no circumstances should you clean kyanite with water as it will damage your precious stone.

full moon

How to Polish Kyanite

If you’re going to polish your kyanite, you’ll want to use alumina or cerium oxide. Tumbling can be difficult as the stone can be relatively soft. If you need further advice, seek it at your nearest crystal store to avoid making irreversible errors.

Kyanite for Sale

You’ve decided to purchase some much-needed kyanite. Go you! We’ve got some tips on where to buy kyanite, but as always, go with your intuition. It’s what kyanite wants you to do.

Kyanite Price

Kyanite prices can range greatly depending on whether they’re polished or raw, the kyanite value, and what color they’re in. Raw kyanite can cost a couple of dollars, while polished kyanite jewelry can go up to around $200.

Green Kyanite for Sale

You can purchase green kyanite on a variety of ecommerce stores. You can also check out your nearest rock or crystal store.

Blue Kyanite for Sale

If you’re looking online, buy blue kyanite on Amazon and other online stores. Otherwise, there are so many wonderful crystal stores to choose from, so check out what’s closest to you. 

Black Kyanite for Sale

Etsy is a great place to purchase black kyanite, but you can also try retail stores and ecommerce stores. 

Where to Get Kyanite

Ideally, you want to purchase kyanite for Nepal or Tibet because the stone is almost always more organic and authentic. If you want to go out searching, large deposits of kyanite are known to lay in Subnautica’s inactive lava zone. Most likely, you’ll want to check out the online options we’ve named or browse through a nearby crystal shop.

Blue Kyanite on Etsy

You can purchase a range of well-priced blue kyanite on Etsy, from raw kyanite pieces to polished kyanite beads and pendants. We recommend you look at blue kyanite rings on Etsy – there are some extraordinary designs.

Black Kyanite on Amazon

You have an excess of black kyanite pieces, blades, and jewelry to choose from on Amazon. Black kyanite can be a little more expensive, but you can definitely find what you’re looking for a reasonable price. 

Congratulations! You’re a kyanite expert. We sincerely hope that we’ve assisted you in finding the right stone for you and that your kyanite brings you the optimism and positive energy that you deserve. Thank you for joining us on our kyanite deep-dive. 

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