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Lovetuner: Complete Review and Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about the lovetuner, including what it is, how to use it, how to clean it, and more. Let's get started!


If stress is causing havoc in your life, if you are unable to catch a breath, or have enough time to meditate, or if your work-life balance is causing tension, then using a lovetuner is the perfect solution for you. Continue reading to learn more about this interesting tool:

  • What is a Lovetuner?
    • Lovetuner Meditation
  • How Do You Use the Lovetuner?
  • How Do You Clean a Lovetuner?
  • Lovetuner vs the Shift
  • Lovetuner Reviews
  • Lovetuner on Amazon
  • Conclusion

What is a Lovetuner?

A lovetuner is a small flute pendant used for breathing and meditation. It is specifically tuned to the 528-hertz (Hz) frequency, which is also considered the “love frequency.” Combined with the power of the 528 Hz frequency, it works as a device for breathing exercises.

A lovetuner is made from stainless steel, and the cap is made from galvanized copper. This resists any corrosion on the lovetuner. Not handling the lovetuner with care or dropping it may damage the frequency as it is finely tuned.

Findings from a Japanese study, Effects of 528 Hz music on the endocrine system and autonomic nervous system, suggests that listening to 528 Hz frequency music reduces stress even when it is heard for just a few minutes. Tension, anxiety, and stress were reduced to a drastic level when 528 Hz music was heard only for five minutes.

People often quibble about not having enough time for themselves or to meditate. This is where the lovetuner comes to the rescue. It brings you to the present. One often forgets that breathing is a good way to cope with nervousness and anxiety. Having a lovetuner around your neck reminds you to breathe slowly and deeply. When you voluntarily take a breathing break with a lovetuner, you also invite love into your life.

In ancient times, the 528 Hz frequency was used to manifest miracles and bring blessings to people. Hence, this frequency is also considered the ‘miracle frequency.’

The universe gives off vibrations, and the 528 Hz frequency gives off the vibrations that connect us to our core. It connects our hearts and spiritual nature. It is also said to bring harmony within us and the universe.

Singer and songwriter John Lennon’s most famous song ‘Imagine’ is composed of 528 Hz frequency.

Through his experiments, the Japanese author Dr. Masaru Emoto concluded that water has memory. Water changes its molecular structure depending on the environment, thoughts, and emotions. When the 528 Hz frequency reacts with water and changes its molecular structure, it brings calm and relaxation. Take us, humans, for instance - we are roughly made of 60% water and 90% blood, which is also composed of water. The way the 528 Hz frequency aligns the molecules in our body is said to repair damaged DNA strands. It is a miracle note that has extraordinary restructuring properties. And it is said to give instant relief from stress and anxiety. 

Lovetuner Meditation

Meditating with a lovetuner is the fastest and most profound way to achieve your purpose. As mentioned above, a lovetuner is tuned at 528 Hz, which is the frequency of love. This frequency also brings transformation, clarity of mind, and creativity. It brings relief from anxiety, stress, and allows peace of mind.

Integrating intentional breathing with the love frequency gives the lovetuner an effortless advantage. Using a lovetuner as a meditating tool brings comfort and helps boost the lung capacity and the immune system. The lovetuner harmonizes with the heart chakra, opens you to love, and releases tension. It helps you to be present and brings inner peace.

In a mindfulness program conducted at a school by the lovetuner founder and CEO, Sigmar Berg, it was found that when the tune was played for the students; they started to relax. Their focus went up, and their bullying rates dropped‌. There was a unifying and equal feeling among the children.

It is recommended to invest in a child’s lovetuner instead of sharing the same with them, or you tuning one for them. This will give the child that much-needed calm and allows them to have a relaxing sleep.

Tuning for your pets also calms them and gives them a positive vibe.

Dr. Deepak Chopra states his support for this calming tool by saying that a lovetuner can act as a replacement for meditation.

A bio-resonance test and a biofeedback test, with 20 people meditating and 20 people using the lovetuner, were conducted. It was found that the effect of 20 minutes of transcendental meditation was achieved in 6 minutes of using the lovetuner.

A page created on Facebook helps the users of the lovetuner share their videos and post their experiences with other users. You can connect to like-minded individuals from around the world and meditate with the lovetuner together.

How Do You Use the Lovetuner?


A lovetuner can be used before or after meditation, or it can be used as a replacement for meditation. 

The best way to use a lovetuner is to sit comfortably with your back upright. Remove the lovetuner from its cap. Take a deep breath. Place the rounded side of the lovetuner on your lips. Exhale slowly, creating a mindfulness tone. You can repeat this process 10 to 20 times. 

The lovetuner creates a biofield around you. Using a lovetuner with a group creates a bigger bio-field and charges the surrounding energy. This heals you and connects the group from your core. 

A lovetuner can be used anywhere: in your car, during office breaks, at home, and before or after meditation. 

How Do You Clean a Lovetuner?

It is fairly easy to clean a lovetuner. To clean a lovetuner, detach it from its cap, wash it with mild soap, and run it through cold water. Dry it with a soft cloth or a cotton swab. Do not forget to clean the cap as well. 

Lovetuner vs the Shift

The shift is a stainless-steel whistle-like pipe that helps you control your breathing. It helps reduce stress and anxiety by soothing the mind and reducing tension. The shift draws out the exhalation, which slows down the heart rate, and clears and relaxes the mind. 

The lovetuner is also a stainless-steel breathing exercise device that helps with controlled breathing. It is combined with the power of the 528 Hz frequency, which relieves stress and anxiety and also invites love into your life. It is also said to improve your immune system and have meditational benefits. 

Lovetuner Reviews

People who use the lovetuner have said that it has helped them get through the busiest days. It centers them and transforms their day. The lovetuner also helps its users with anxiety and repels negative vibrations.

Some users find the lovetuner necklace to be a stylish addition to their accessories, along with being a great breathing and meditation device. 

Lovetuner on Amazon

Lovetuner is easily available on Amazon and is shipped worldwide from their warehouses in the US, Europe, and Asia. Depending on the service you choose, it will be delivered within a few days. A bronze lovetuner 528 Hz necklace is sold with prices starting from $62 USD and comes in an array of colors. Whereas keychains are sold with prices starting at $118 USD and bracelets for $128 USD.

There are fake love tuners available on the market, too,  that get damaged or rusted easily or do not have the right frequency. To get a genuine lovetuner, ‌buy from an affiliated and certified seller.


Lovetuner can be a very transformative product if integrated into your daily life. It may reduce anxiety and stress, prevent burnout, improve lung capacity, increase focus, and also help you let go of negative thoughts and bring peace and relaxation.

The lovetuner necklace is made for both men and women. People of all ages can use the lovetuner and benefit from it. Meditating with a lovetuner persuades you to build genuine connections with people and not let ego come in the way. 

A lovetuner helps you to establish one's loving nature. It also makes for an alluring jewelry piece and gives an edge to your outfit. 

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