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Purpurite: Complete Guide (2024)

purpurite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about purpurite, including its meaning, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Purple gemstones have long been valued. People find purple intriguing, and the color is frequently connected with aristocracy: wealth, passion, power, luxury, ambition, and magic. 

Purple gemstones have a long history of being thought to possess incredibly spiritual properties that help their wearers in recovering from a variety of illnesses. The purple-colored gemstones are also thought to have a psychological impact and promote mental clarity.

Purple gemstones that occur naturally are extremely uncommon, and we will be discussing one such crystal today called 'purpurite'.

  • Purpurite Meaning
    • What is Purpurite?
      • Is Purpurite Rare?
      • Purpurite Spiritual Meaning
    • Where is Purpurite Found?
      • Purpurite in Africa
    • Purpurite Chakra
  • Purpurite Properties
    • Purpurite Metaphysical Properties
    • Purpurite Healing Properties
  • Purpurite vs Sugilite
  • Purpurite Types
    • Purpurite Raw
    • Purpurite Polished
  • Purpurite Color
    • Purple Purpurite
  • Purpurite Jewelry
    • Purpurite Necklace
    • Purpurite Cabochon
    • Purpurite Pendant
    • Purpurite Bracelet
  • Purpurite Beads
  • Purpurite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Purpurite Meaning

Purpurite is known for removing barriers to self-expression and might help you establish a spiritual connection. The energies of this stone might also be helpful if you have to give a speech or speak in front of an audience.

It may enable you to communicate effectively and with force. Purpurite may direct you to engage in social situations with decorum. It may also increase your awareness of the occasional use of dishonesty, deception, and trickery by others. With the help of this stone, all of your self-destructive and self-imposed restrictions may vanish.

You may receive help in developing an upbeat and confident perspective on the world. Problematic aspects of your life may significantly improve once you let go of the external constraints that are causing you to feel anxious and uncertain. A pure and powerful connection to spiritual matters may become obvious after working with purpurite. It might protect your psychic abilities and advance your spiritual development.

Your prosperity and abundance may be enhanced by purpurite. Your financial situation and financial difficulties may benefit from its energies. If you speak or communicate for a living, this stone may be very helpful, as it may motivate you to maintain focus and keep your thoughts organized.

You may be able to speak with assurance and confidence and deliver the information that people need. This stone's energies may also foster feelings of harmony and unity that may free you to work without restriction. It may help you in staying committed to your objectives and making it simpler for you to accomplish them, particularly your financial goals.

You might release anger and settle your disputes with the help of purpurite. You might let go of your worries and negative emotions. It may also help you stop engaging in self-destructive and limiting behaviors. You may feel inspired to advance in your relationship. You may be motivated to be more adaptable to situations and changes.

The purpurite energies may remind you to maintain a positive outlook so that you can let go of unfavorable vibrations. You may gain perspective and get past your resistance to change with this stone’s help. It may lessen your worries and irritations while helping you in overcoming your obsessions and compulsions.

You may feel more at ease and be better able to accept events as they come. It may encourage you to find the positive in every circumstance and hold on to the belief that everything occurs for a reason. 

Purpurite may help you learn how to communicate with confidence and will help you develop as a person and a partner. You may gain self-assurance, independence, and verbal clarity. It may inspire you to express what's on your mind and in your heart. It may give you the assurance to express yourself verbally without any hindrance.

What is Purpurite?

Depending on its source, purpurite is a manganese phosphate mineral, MnPO4, with varying amounts of iron. It can be found in hues ranging from dark red to purple and violet to brownish black. With the iron-containing endmember heterosite, FePO4, purpurite forms a series. The Latin word “purpura”, which means purple, is where the name purpurite comes from.

Is Purpurite Rare?

Yes, purpurite is one of the rarest stones available beneath the surface of the earth. 

Purpurite Spiritual Meaning

purpurite stone

Purpurite gives you extremely powerful grounding abilities and transforms negative energies into positive ones. The ability to heal with violet flame is one of purpurite's most remarkable qualities. This stone's healing properties may transform negativity into positivity, darkness into light, and your dreams into reality.

Your spiritual aspirations, ideas, and enlightenment may be sparked by purpurite. It may help you in your efforts to stop using outdated routines and behaviors that are not beneficial to your progress. This stone's power is extremely moral in nature, and it may clear your environment of all negativity. Thanks to this stone, you can also externalize your inner knowing, emotions, and thoughts.

It may direct your meditation and help you in creating a lovely connection with your spirit guides. This stone may help you in making decisions that may benefit you in every way. You may be motivated to work honestly and exert your influence for the benefit of others.

Purpurite may help you in avoiding frustration or anxiety when selling your house or other property. This is due to the energy it carries, which may resolve any issues preventing the sale of your house. Purpurite may help you in resolving disputes in your personal or professional life, particularly if they have a past-life connection.

It may guide you to always make the right choices because of its highly ethical vibrations. Just keep in mind that this stone may only be effective if the circumstance you find yourself in is for your highest good. If you even try to abuse its power, it will reverse the energy.

Purpurite may get rid of anything bad in your surroundings, including any curses that have been added to your circumstances on purpose to prevent something good from happening. It may bring about calmness and promote the regular flow of energy. This stone may encourage consent and accommodation.

Where is Purpurite Found?

Purpurite is found in numerous locations in the United States, Portugal, France, Africa, Australia, and Sweden.

Purpurite in Africa

The best specimens have primarily been discovered in Namibia, Africa.

Purpurite Chakra

Purpurite is a potent ascension tool that helps in opening and connecting the third eye and crown chakras, as well as attuning one to higher energies. Working with this mineral can improve one's consciousness and intuition while also facilitating an understanding of this power stone.

Getting used to and feeling more at ease with the energy that is being directed through your mind and into your third eye may be made easier with purpurite. One may experience inner visions regarding their current life path if they use and wear this stone frequently. These visions can encourage one to make the necessary corrections and changes to better suit their spiritual path when combined with purpurite's energy.

Try meditating while wearing this stone over your third eye to help in mind expansion and mental clarity. One can use this mental clarity to communicate with angelic beings and guardian angels, as well as to process emotions much more easily.

Purpurite is here to help one move forward physically and spiritually while also mending every aspect of their life. This unique stone motivates us to move forward into a stage of life that is characterized by growth, self-healing, and metamorphosis. This stage is meant to help in understanding one's life's purpose and the transformation into the person that one's soul so deeply desires.

Purpurite Properties

Purpurite has an orthorhombic crystal structure. Beautiful purpurite is a translucent to opaque stone with a vitreous to sub-metallic luster. Depending on the amount of manganese and iron in the stone, purpurite specimens can also be found in pink and lavender hues. On the surfaces of triphylite, a related mineral, it most frequently appears as an oxidation mineral.

Purpurite Metaphysical Properties

purpurite stone

Purpurite is an effective psychological and psychic tool for successfully adjusting to change. It encourages letting go of unpleasant memories, especially heartbreak-related ones, allowing you to experience unconditional love. 

Purpurite lifts your spirits and breaks old habits or attitudes that keep you mired in the past. A stone of wisdom and truth, purpurite is beneficial to keep digging for the truth that lies beneath appearances. It enables users of oracles to better comprehend the advice they receive from tools like the tarot or the I Ching. It exposes other people's lies and renders you unable to intentionally lie to others.

When you become uncomfortable with what you are doing and realize that you have been doing it unknowingly, the behavior usually ends. It helps those who are hesitant due to a fear of power. Your resistance to the temptation to abuse your power is strengthened by its purifying energy, and its inspiring quality illuminates the best courses of action for making the best use of your power.

Purpurite Healing Properties

Purpurite might shield you from radiation's harmful side effects and help in your recovery from exhaustion. Sunburns might be soothed by the healing powers of this stone. It might help with blood clotting and encourage a healthy pulse rate. It is also believed to remove excess uric acid in the body.

It is believed to be possible to heal bruises, stop bleeding, and treat wounds with purpurite. This crystal is said to fortify the body and turn any illness symptom into health. It may increase blood flow and calm the cardiothoracic system. It may also calm migraine headaches and ease muscle spasms.

Hemorrhages are said to be treated by this stone. It is also well known for being a potent body cleanser because it may get rid of toxins and impurities. It may improve deteriorated conditions of the pancreas and liver. Eye conditions may also benefit from it. Purpurite's healing properties may help people fall asleep deeply and get rid of insomnia.

Purpurite vs sugilite

Sugilites can have the same purple hues as purpurites and resemble them. Remember that purpurite is the least common and least likely to be found cabbed or carved of these two gem materials. It is also the rarest.

Despite first impressions, these materials differ greatly from one another. A much higher, excessively high refractive index is present in purpurite. Physically, purpurite is softer than sugilite. White streaks can be seen in sugilites, while purple steaks are present in purpurites.

A specific gravity (SG) test is the simplest method for identifying these gems. Sugilite (2.74) has a much lower SG value than purpurite (3.69).

Purpurite Types

Purpurite comes in two varieties: raw and polished. It is differentiated based on the processing it undergoes.

Purpurite Raw

Purpurite that has not been altered or treated is known as raw purpurite. You are given access to it in the exact condition that it was found - in the earth’s crust, without any refinement or polishing. Compared to other gemstones that undergo various treatments, they are quite delicate because they are untreated.

They range in size from tiny, gravel-like stones to large ones. It is believed that untreated purpurite has purer energy than treated specimens. This is because they receive no treatment, which allows their original energy to last.

Purpurite Polished

 polished purpurite

A purpurite gemstone is typically polished to a mirror-like finish to help light reflect from the stone's surface after being sawed, grounded, and sanded to remove rough marks left by coarser grits. Although other polishing agents frequently work well, very fine grades of diamond (50,000 to 100,000 mesh) can be used to polish this stone.

Metal oxides like aluminum oxide (alumina), cerium oxide, tin oxide, chromium oxide, ferric oxide (jeweler's rouge), or silicon dioxide are frequently used as these polishing agents.

Purpurite Color

Purpurite is available in shades like purple, violet, dark pink, dark red, reddish-purple, and brownish-black.

Purple Purpurite

Even though purple purpurites are less common than stones of other colors, they continue to be sought after because of how uncommon they are and how few of them require any modifications to their natural colors.

Their colors and facets have depth and layering, which makes for stunning ornaments that stand out in a way that most other stones do not. These gems can be used in almost any type of jewelry setting because purple complements all metal colors very well. While settings made of rose and yellow gold make the jewelry appear more vintage, white metals like silver, white gold, and platinum give purple stones a more modern appearance.

Purpurite Jewelry

Purpurite is used to make jewelry, like necklaces, cabochons, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. 

Purpurite Necklace

Purpurite necklaces come in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and materials. You have the option of wearing a dainty pendant on a slim chain or an unusual necklace that encircles your neck and enhances your appearance. If you are sporting a dramatic purpurite necklace and a black turtleneck top, you will stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Purpurite Cabochon

A purpurite cabochon is a polished, unfaceted stone that has been carved. These stones typically have a flat side and a rounded side.

Cabochons are cut with geometric and asymmetrical patterns and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. One of the rarest and consequently most sought-after cabochons is the sugarloaf. It resembles a pyramid because it has four sides, a flat base, and a rounded top.

Purpurite Pendant

purpurite pendant

Purpurite pendants are delicate enough to wear every day as well as to business meetings, romantic dinners, and social events. Your purpurite pendant's color can be matched to the hue of your attire.

Purpurite Bracelet

Purpurite bracelets can be made with a single purpurite in the center and a delicate chain wrapping around your wrist, or they can be made with a trail of gemstone beads that can be locked. Purpurite bracelets go well with both business and casual attire.

Purpurite Beads

Purpurite beads are used to create bracelets and necklaces. They come in a variety of sizes, from small to large, depending on their use and purpose. The beads' polished and smooth surface does not irritate sensitive skin. Purpurite beads are often featured in jewelry items like threaded necklaces and bracelets with locks. You can adjust the length of the necklace or bracelet to fit your needs.

Purpurite for Sale

The average price of a purpurite is $50 USD per carat. 


Strong vibrations from purpurite may help you de-stress. You may get rid of anything causing you stress, tension, or anxiety by keeping it close to your own auric field. It is a great tool for meditation because it helps you stay grounded the entire time while connecting to your higher self and other energies.

This indicates that you are completely safe with this crystal and that you can have frighteningly vivid visions. This crystal may work wonders to help you in making sense of any harsh truths or challenging ideas that may come to you during your meditation. To experience astral travel at night, place purpurite under your pillow.

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