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Tree Agate: Complete Guide (2024)

tree agate gemstone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about tree agate, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Tree Agate, a powerful stone boasting some interesting calming and grounding properties, is known for its connection to nature… but we’re sure you could have guessed that by its name! This guide explores the various aspects of this crystal, including metaphysical properties, healing benefits, and how to incorporate it into everyday life. Stay tuned!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Tree Agate Meaning
    • What is Tree Agate?
      • Tree Agate Pronunciation
      • Tree Agate Spiritual Meaning
    • Tree Agate Healing
    • Tree Agate Chakra
    • Tree Agate Benefits
    • Where is Tree Agate Found
      • Indian Tree Agate
      • Brazil Tree Agate
  • Tree Agate Properties
    • Tree Agate Healing Properties
  • Tree Agate vs Moss Agate
    • Difference Between Tree Agate and Moss Agate
  • Tree Agate vs Dendritic Agate
  • Tree Agate Types
    • Tumbled Tree Agate
    • Tree Agate Raw
    • Tree Agate Polished
  • Tree Agate Color
    • Blue Tree Agate
    • Green Tree Agate
      • Green Tree Agate Meaning
    • Pink Tree Agate
  • Tree Agate Jewelry
    • Tree Agate Bracelet
    • Tree Agate Ring
    • Tree Agate Necklace
    • Tree Agate Pendant
  • Tree Agate Uses
    • Tree Agate Beads
    • Tree Agate Sphere
    • Tree Agate Tower
  • How to Use Tree Agate
    • How to Cleanse Tree Agate
    • How to Charge Tree Agate
  • Fake Tree Agate

    Tree Agate Meaning

    According to tree agate Wikipedia and various other sources, in terms of its historic meaning, tree agate has been revered for centuries and has deep roots in ancient civilizations. It is believed that this stone was initially highly valued by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who associated it with fertility, abundance, and protection. The stone was used in amulets and talismans that date back to these bygone eras. 

    Tree agate also holds a special significance in astrology. According to the tree agate zodiac, this stone is connected to the sign Cancer and can be a valuable aid for Cancerians seeking balance and tranquility in their lives.

    What is Tree Agate?

    But what exactly is tree agate stone? Tree agate is a form of chalcedony, a type of microcrystalline quartz, that features distinct patterns resembling trees or foliage. It holds a white to grayish color with green inclusions that create that moss-like depiction. These inclusions are caused by the presence of minerals such as iron or manganese.

    Tree Agate Pronunciation

    Pronouncing tree is straight forward, but agate is where people start tripping over their own tongue at the best of times. The correct pronunciation would be "tree ag-it”, or “tree a-git”. 

    Tree Agate Spiritual Meaning

    We’ll deep dive into all of the tree agate magical properties a little later on in this article, so stick around. For now, it can be beneficial to know that, from a spiritual perspective, this is a nature-centered stone through and through.

    This means that tree agate is going to be more beneficial in working with energies that are of the Earth-plane, in comparison to a stone such as moldavite which is more of a celestial-type stone that is best for intergalactic energies not native to Earth. Don’t worry, this will make more sense as we dive in! 

    Tree Agate Healing

    As with all healing stones, tree agate also possessed certain physical healing abilities that may offer tangible relief from real ailments in the body. All crystals can be used for both energetic and physical healing purposes — your intention and direction determines where the healing goes and what kind of work is achieved. Keep reading, we’ll shortly break down all of the potential uses for tree agate for physical healing. 

    Tree Agate Chakra

    Typical to green gemstones, tree agate is closely associated with the heart chakra. The stone's gentle energy works to balance and open the heart space, inviting in emotional healing, compassion, and a deeper connection with those who play a part in our lives.

    By working with a tree agate gemstone, one can elevate their ability to give and receive love, create harmony in relationships (even tumultuous ones), and experience a more abiding sense of inner peace in the day to day.

    Tree Agate Benefits

    One of the major benefits when working with this particular stone has got to be tree agate affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements or declarations that are used to reprogram one's subconscious mind and shift our mindset towards a desired outcome. Think of them kind of like stepping stones into manifestation. Here are some affirmations you can use when working with tree agate:

    1. I am grounded and connected to the nurturing energy of nature.
    2. I release stress and find inner calm within this stone in my palm.
    3. My heart is open, and I give and receive love effortlessly.
    4. I am protected from negative energies, and my energetic boundaries are strong.
    5. I embrace growth and abundance in all areas of my life with the support of tree agate.

    Where is Tree Agate Found?

    Some notable sources of tree agate include India, Russia, Tanzania, Brazil, and the United States. Indian and Brazilian tree agate are undeniably the most widely available derivatives of this stone, and the mines in both of these regions are known for producing high quality specimens. 

    Indian Tree Agate

    India is known for its rich mineral deposits, including various types of agate (yes, there are many more than just this tree variation). Maharashtra, a state in western India, is particularly revered for tree agate deposits. Artisans and lapidaries in Maharashtra have long been involved in the mining and processing of Indian tree agate specifically, making up an important part of the region's gemstone industry. 

    Brazil Tree Agate

    In Brazil, tree agate can be found in several regions, with Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul being the most notable locations. Minas Gerais, known as the "Cradle of Brazilian Gemstones," is one of the largest mineral-producing states in the entire country. Similarly, Rio Grande do Sul situated in the southernmost part of Brazil, is another prominent region for tree agate!

    Tree Agate Properties

    Let’s get spiritual! From an emotional perspective, tree agate has a grounding energy that helps anchor our energy to the present moment - no matter what is unfolding around us. It promotes stability in life, which helps to provide a solid foundation for further spiritual exploration and growth.

    As we know, this stone embodies the nurturing and calming energies of nature. It can thus be used to enhance one's connection to the natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation for both the beauty and wisdom that nature can offer if we give it the time. The stone is particularly beneficial for those seeking to strengthen their bond with the earth and its elements.

    Tree agate further supports emotional healing by assisting in the release of emotional blockages or traumas. It can encourage radical self-reflection that will force individuals to understand and process their experiences in a safe, nurturing way.

    tree agate on a bowl

    Tree Agate Healing Properties

    To take advantage of the physical healing properties of tree agate, one can wear the stone on the body or hold onto any sized tree agate palm stone that feels comfortable. Physically, this stone is believed to boost physical stamina and energy levels, helping to increase overall strength and vitality over time. This can also lead to strength in the immune system, thus helping to fight off illness in the body. 

    Tree agate is said to possess anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in reducing swelling and or heat that is trapped in our tissues. Hormonal imbalances can also be balanced with this crystal, potentially offering relief in issues such as PMS or menopause. Lastly, tree agate can be used to support a healthy digestive system, working to aid in the absorption of nutrients and improving overall gut health.

    Tree Agate vs Moss Agate

    Tree agate and moss agate are relatively impossible to tell apart, but we’re here to confirm that these are indeed two different types of minerals with different characteristics. As previously stated, tree agate is characterized by its milky white or pale gray color, with green or brown inclusions that resemble moss or tree branches.

    Moss agate, on the other hand, has a translucent to opaque appearance with green inclusions that too resemble moss or plants - and it’s the opacity that gives this stone a more vibrant finish compared to tree agate!

    Difference Between Tree Agate and Moss Agate

    While both stones may be heart chakra oriented and also associated with grounding and nature-related energies, they do have slightly different healing properties if you go a bit deeper.

    Unlike tree agate, moss agate is known more for its properties of attracting abundance, prosperity, and new opportunities. Moss agate is often used for promoting fertility, aiding in plant growth and gardening, and supporting the overall health of the body.

    Tree Agate vs Dendritic Agate

    Another similar due, tree agate and dendritic agate are easily confused but also far more easily identified once you know what to look for. Dendritic agate’s base is translucent to opaque white, gray, or colorless, and then the stone features dendritic inclusions that resemble plants or fern-like patterns in various shades of brown or black.

    In short: green patterning means tree or moss agate, while brown or black patterning makes it dendritic!

    Tree Agate Types

    Aside from a range of different colors (which we will break down in the next section!), the main types of tree agate are that of raw, tumbled and polished. Let’s take a closer look at each. 

    Tumbled Tree Agate

    When we refer to a stone as having been “tumbled”, we are making reference to the process of tumbling, in which rough stones are placed in a machine that rotates them and applies friction to their surfaces, resulting in smooth, rounded specimens.

    Tumbled tree agate stones would boast a smooth texture and rounded shape, making them perfect for carrying in your pocket, using in crystal grids, or incorporating into a meditation practice where one has to hold onto a stone for a while. 

    Tree Agate Raw

    Raw or tree agate rough is used to refer to non-tumbled, non-polished crystals that remain as they were when they were first excavated from the earth… perhaps just with a rinse! It’s important to note that raw tree agate can vary in size, ranging from small chips to larger chunks or pieces. 

    Tree Agate Polished

    When we seek to use stones for more aesthetic purposes, we would likely look for polished versions. The polishing process involves using abrasives and polishing compounds to remove any rough edges and create a shiny, glossy surface on the stone.

    Tree Agate Color

    Let’s now take a look at a few of the different color variations that can occur within the tree agate realm, and how they differ in uses or properties compared to regular tree agate. 

    tree agate

    Blue Tree Agate

    Sometimes the base tone of tree agate can move from gray into more of a blue hue, giving us blue tree agate! This happens as a result of certain mineral inclusions at the time of formation. 

    The blue hue of this specific tree agate can range from pale blue to deeper shades. It is popular in meditation practices, as it energetically supports the throat chakra (as all blue stones can). 

    Green Tree Agate

    Yes, all tree agate has green patterning to it, but here we’re talking about the base color of the crystal also exhibiting within the green hue! The green color in tree agate is thanks to the presence of minerals such as chlorite. These minerals become trapped within the agate as it forms, creating that distinct green hue.

    Green Tree Agate Meaning

    Green tree agate shares many of the same properties as the regular version of the stone. It brings that same calming and nurturing energy, enhances one's connection with nature and promotes natural growth and abundance. This stone is also associated with the heart chakra.

    Pink Tree Agate

    We’ve seen blue and green, and now we’re turning our gaze to the beauty that is pink tree agate. Showcasing a delicate pink base with green tree branch inclusions, this pink hue sets it apart from the more commonly seen variations of agate. The pink coloration is a result of trace amounts of manganese or other similar minerals.

    Tree Agate Jewelry

    Tree agate measures 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, which tells us that it is relatively hard compared to other minerals of a similar structure. This hardness means that tree agate is durable and can withstand everyday wear and handling without easily scratching or breaking… making it perfect for jewelry making!

    Tree Agate Bracelet

    If it’s physical healing benefits that you’re after, then you’re going to want to wear your tree agate on your wrists! The wrists are the most direct path into the bloodstream, which means that any healing properties that the stone may emit can quickly enter the body and be distributed throughout.

    It is also a great way to invite the nurturing energy of tree agate into daily life, without having to sit in mediation per se. 

    Tree Agate Ring

    We don’t always recommend crystals in ring form since the risk of damage is much higher when jewelry is on the hands, but tree agate is hard enough to take a knock and not fracture, so tree agate rings can be a great addition to any collection. Gift one to your Cancerian friend on their next birthday!

    Tree Agate Necklace

    Since this is a heart-focused stone, you’ll want to wear it as close to the heart chakra as possible to really anchor in all those benefits. A necklace is the best way to do this, as it tends to place the crystal perfectly between the throat and heart for optimal energetic reach. 

    Tree Agate Pendant

    Similarly, a tree agate pendant is a versatile piece that can be used in different ways. A pendant can always be suspended from things, so necklaces and earrings are easy to DIY. Alternatively, crystal pendants are also used as pendulums, and will move with energy when suspended from a loose string. That said, tree agate is not particularly known for being a strong pendulum conduit. 

    Tree Agate Uses

    The uses for crystals extend as far as the imagination can wander; from paperweights to healing tools, there’s really no limit if you apply a bit of creativity. On that note, tree agate has a number of different uses that we will list and look at below:

    tree agate

    Tree Agate Beads

    Not all jewelry is beaded, but crystal beads are a fantastic form of stones as they are both versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Tree agate beads may be commonly used in jewelry-making, but in the crafting world there are endless other ways one could incorporate the energetic properties of the stone into their creations.

    Tree Agate Sphere

    Typically, crystal spheres resemble crystal balls and make for stunning ornamental pieces in the home. Agate isn’t a common stone to find used in the making of these spheres, however if you can get your hands on one, the moss-like patterning would make for an incredibly interesting addition to any collection.

    Tree Agate Tower

    Crystal towers are typically carved into a pointed shape with a flat base, making them easy to display and use. Tree agate towers are widely available on the gemstone market, and are great for bringing in all of the energetic properties into a home or office space!

    How to Use Tree Agate

    How you use your tree agate depends entirely on what exactly you are trying to achieve. If you simply like the look of the stone, for example, then display purposes may be sufficient! However, if you are looking to experience more heartfelt connection in your life, then you might want to make more intimate contact with the stone on a regular basis. 

    For day to day benefits, the best thing to do is to keep a small piece of tree agate in your pocket or purse to benefit from its grounding and calming frequencies. You can also hold onto a stone during your meditation practice, and focus on its soothing energy as you meditate!

    Some like to use tree agate as a central stone in a crystal grid. Surround it with other crystals that align with your specific intentions, such as crystals for abundance or healing. Central stones are thought to enhance and amplify the energy of the grid in question.

    How to Cleanse Tree Agate

    To remove any accumulated negative or stagnant energy that can attach to your tree agate over time, you can use one or more of the following methods:

    • Hold your tree agate under running water for a few minutes, offering prayer to the stone for cleansing and clearing. 
    • Add a small amount of sea salt or Himalayan salt to a bowl of room temperature water. Submerge your tree agate in the mixture for a few hours, or overnight. Don’t use this method if the stone is embedded in jewelry metals, as the salt can damage them!
    • Burn white sage, palo santo or cedar smoke over your tree agate. The smoke helps to clear away any negative energy.
    • Bury tree agate in your garden and leave it there overnight. 

    How to Charge Tree Agate

    The energy of the moon and sun should never be underestimated when it comes to charging a crystal. All you really need to do to recharge a clean tree agate stone is leave it under the light of either one of these marvelous entities, and let it remain there for ideally 24 hours. Full moon light is always preferable, as it is more powerful. 

    Fake Tree Agate

    Sadly humans have left very few things sacred, and replica tree agate is now flooding the marketplace. When we allow crystals to be made by man, they are thus not a naturally occurring stone and will lack all of the energetic properties that real stones can offer. Fake tree agate can be quite easily made from materials like glass, resin, or dyed minerals.

    For this reason, it is super important to be cautious when purchasing tree agate or any other crystals. Read the reviews and double check the authenticity of sellers before agreeing to purchase. 

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