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Green Aventurine: Complete Guide (2024)

green aventurine

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about green aventurine, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


An amazing crystal to add to your collection, green aventurine brings luck and opportunity. Keep reading to find out more about one of the luckiest crystals!. We will discuss the following points:

  • Green Aventurine Meaning
    • What is Green Aventurine?
      • Green Aventurine Meaning in Hindi
      • Is Green Aventurine Toxic?
      • Green Aventurine Spiritual Meaning
    • Green Aventurine Chakra
      • Green Aventurine Heart Chakra
    • Green Aventurine Healing
    • Meditating with Green Aventurine
    • Who Can Wear Green Aventurine?
    • How to Wear a Green Aventurine?
    • Green Aventurine Benefits
      • What is Green Aventurine Good for?
  • Green Aventurine Properties
    • Green Aventurine Healing Properties
    • Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties
  • Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine
  • Green Aventurine and Citrine
  • Green Aventurine Types
    • Raw Green Aventurine
    • Tumbled Green Aventurine
      • Tumbled Green Aventurine Meaning
    • Natural Green Aventurine
    • Banded Green Aventurine
  • Green Aventurine Uses
    • Green Aventurine Beads
      • Green Aventurine Beads Meaning
      • Green Aventurine Mala Beads
    • Green Aventurine Pendulum
    • Green Aventurine Wand
    • Green Aventurine Sphere
    • Green Aventurine Bowl
  • Green Aventurine Jewelry
    • Green Aventurine Bracelet
      • Green Aventurine Bracelet Meaning
      • Green Aventurine Bracelet Benefits
    • Green Aventurine Necklace
      • Green Aventurine Necklace Meaning
      • Green Aventurine Necklace Benefits
    • Green Aventurine Ring
    • Green Aventurine Cabochon
      • Green Aventurine Cabochon Meaning
    • Green Aventurine Pendant
    • Green Aventurine Earrings
  • How to Cleanse Green Aventurine
    • Can Green Aventurine Get Wet?
  • Where to Place Green Aventurine in the Home?
  • Sleeping with Green Aventurine
  • How to Use Green Aventurine for Luck?
  • How to Meditate with Green Aventurine?
  • Green Aventurine for Sale
    • Green Aventurine Stone Price
      • Green Aventurine Price in India
    • Green Aventurine Jewelry for Sale
      • Green Aventurine Bracelet for Sale
  • Conclusion

Green Aventurine Meaning

What is Green Aventurine?

Green aventurine is a silicon dioxide mineral from the quartz family. It was first discovered by J.D. Dan in 1837. The color of green aventurine changes depending on its impurities. It gets its green shade from fuchsite particles that have chromium. The chemical composition of green aventurine is SiO2. 

The stone is named after the Italian word ‘a ventura’ meaning ‘by chance’ as it was found the same way—when a worker accidentally dropped some metal filings in molten glass. As it cooled down, it resulted in a glass stone with iridescent sparkles. It was later used to make jewelry and figurines. Natural aventurine was named after this glass stone that looked very similar.

It is also known as ‘love stone’, ‘Indian jade’, ‘green aventurine’, or ‘green adventurine’. It is often mistaken for green jade and green quartz, both of which have distinct qualities and properties of their own. 

Being a member of the quartz family, it stands at 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale. This makes it one of the stronger and more durable gemstones. It is carved into figurines and used in jewelry making, among other things. 

The green color is associated with fertility and the color of the earth. It is a color of self-love and prosperity. The green shade ranges from light green to dark green and the opacity ranges from translucent to opaque. Both light green aventurine and dark green aventurine include flakes of mica that give it a sparkle-like quality. Dark green aventurine has some unique properties as well. It is believed to dispel bad energies from the weakest organs and draw good energies where they are needed the most. 

Green aventurine is also known as the ‘stone of opportunity’ and ‘stone of abundance’. It brings good luck and great opportunities and helps enhance personal growth. It is also called a ‘luck bringer’. Green aventurine works with the heart chakra and opens one to give and receive love. 

The majority of green aventurine deposits are found in India, particularly in Mysore and Chennai. Other types of aventurines such as white, gray, or orange are found in Chile, Brazil, Spain, and Russia. 

Green aventurine is a stone that brings harmony to the mind, body, heart, and soul. It comforts and protects the heart from harmful connections. It aids in attracting love. Green aventurine is said to be the most popular stone in attracting good luck, success, and abundance.

Green aventurine is also said to aid in solving emotional trauma and problems. It brings positivity, enthusiasm, and confidence to embrace change and move ahead in life. It enhances one's love for their life. Green aventurine is a great ally for manifesting intentions and bringing good fortune. It amplifies one’s good qualities and diminishes the negative ones. It injects a sense of humor and zest for getting through life.

Green aventurine gives out soothing energies and is said to calm nerves, helping an individual with anxiety and insomnia. It amplifies leadership qualities in a person and makes them ready to face any obstacles in life. 

Green Aventurine Meaning in Hindi

In Hindi, green aventurine is known as ‘hara uparatna’, a literal translation being ‘green gemstone’. In some places, it is also known as ‘rudraksha patthar’. It is said to be used as a stone to awaken the properties of emeralds. Most commonly, even in India, it is known as ‘green aventurine’. 

Is Green Aventurine Toxic?

green aventurine

Aventurine is  quartz and the color green is obtained from fuchsite, which may contain traces of aluminum. The main component of quartz is silicon, which is bad for humans. It is inadvisable to inject silicon into one's body, as it can be fatal. Breathing silicon particles could make a person ill and have other harmful effects on the lungs and other organs. 

Quartz is a strong crystal and unless it is being cut or ground, it is unlikely that one could ingest any harmful or toxic materials from it. It can be used in baths for cleansing. As long as handled responsibly, green aventurine is not a toxic stone. 

To protect oneself from silicon dust, wear proper gear while grinding or polishing green aventurine. Avoid mixing the green aventurine in water and drinking it. 

Further, it is advisable to not wear any green aventurine jewelry while taking toxic medications or undergoing toxic therapies, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. 

Green Aventurine Spiritual Meaning

Green aventurine has a special connection to the spiritual or ethereal realm. Thus, using a green aventurine opens a person to otherworldly connections and communications. It makes a person spiritually grow and helps them understand the universe better and their place in it. 

It helps with insomnia and diffuses negative situations. Green aventurine is a stone of peace and compassion and instills the user with these energies. It encourages honesty and helps a person accept things the way they are. 

Green Aventurine Chakra

Green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra.

Green Aventurine Heart Chakra

To open the heart chakra using green aventurine, it has to be washed with cold water. Clean the room with sage, palo santo, or nag champa. Take a cleansing bath and visualize the negative energy flowing away. Keep the green aventurine on your heart or hold it in your palm to activate the heart chakra. 

The heart chakra can regenerate the heart, promoting compassion and empathy. It brings comfort and peace to an individual. The stone may also aid in harmonizing the body and balancing out the masculine and feminine energy. It makes a person more open to accept change and open to new challenges and opportunities in life. It releases the anger and makes one open to forgiveness. 

Green Aventurine Healing

Green aventurine is used in many healing rituals because of its healing properties. They are mentioned below in this article. 

Meditating with Green Aventurine

Meditating with green aventurine is easy and beneficial. Different ways to meditate and how to meditate are explained further in the article.

Who Can Wear Green Aventurine?

Anyone can wear a green aventurine as it makes a great addition to your collection with its benefits. But green aventurine is mostly associated with zodiac signs, namely Aries, Taurus, and Virgo. 

It brings comfort to the stressed and courage and self-confidence to the self-saboteurs. 

How to Wear Green Aventurine

green aventurine bead bracelet

Green aventurine jewelry is easily available on the market as rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and more. One can wear them in any form that they are comfortable in, or even just carry a green aventurine stone in your pocket or bag.

Green Aventurine Benefits

What is Green Aventurine Good for?

Green aventurine has many physical and metaphysical benefits. It is considered one of the luckiest stones. It is called a ‘stone of opportunity and abundance’:

  • It heals and protects the heart chakra as the color of the heart chakra is green just like the aventurine gemstone. 
  • It opens blockages of the heart such as dormant empathy, emotional detachments, difficulty in forgiving or loving, or receiving love from someone. 
  • It is said to help with fatigue and insomnia by soothing the mind and body.
  • It helps you reconnect to your inner self and makes you joyful. Green aventurine builds a sense of humor and helps you see the bright side of even the toughest challenges.
  • Green aventurine has a special connection to the spiritual realm and helps a person connect with this realm.
  • It subdues stress, anger, sadness, and other difficult emotions.

Green Aventurine Properties

There are many physical and metaphysical healing properties that green aventurine possesses:

  • It encourages passionate behavior.
  • Green aventurine stimulates willpower and confidence in oneself.
  • It balances the energy of the mind, body, and heart.
  • Meditating with green aventurine promotes inner peace and calm.
  • Using it helps diminish energy blockages.
  • It aids in spiritual and personal growth. 
  • It enhances creativity by opening the mind to different opportunities and possibilities.
  • Green aventurine acts as an emotional anchor and keeps an individual down to earth and grounded. 

These are just some of the properties of green aventurine. Some other properties are classified and explained in the following two categories.

Green Aventurine Healing Properties

Green aventurine may promote healing of the physical body. It protects gardens and homes.

  • One of the healing properties of green aventurine is that it is said to help with sinuses, thymus glands, and connective tissues, and it is good for the overall immune system. 
  • Green aventurine smooths blood flow, which balances blood pressure and stimulates metabolism.
  • It aids in letting go of energy blockages and negativity such as diseases. 
  • Green aventurine is an adaptable healing stone. It helps benefit different organs such as the lungs, liver, and heart.
  • Meditating with green aventurine is also said to assist with solving issues of the past life. 
  • Associated with abundance and prosperity, green aventurines bring great fortune. 
  • The green aventurine stone is said to improve eyesight.
  • Carrying the green aventurine has been shown to increase the creativity, intelligence, and perception of a person.

Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

Green aventurine is said to be one of the best healers, among other gemstones. It honors the Chinese deity Kuan-Yin, Goddess of mercy, compassion, and unconditional love. It has a powerful connection to the spiritual realm. 

In ancient Greece, green aventurine was sewn into the warriors' clothes to inspire courage in the battle and thus it is also called the ‘stone of amazons’.

In shamanic culture, the green aventurine is used in the medicine wheel ritual to connect oneself to the gods and guides. 

Green aventurine has many metaphysical properties and is used for metaphysical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Some of these properties are mentioned below:

  • Green aventurine increases creativity and intelligence and perception of an individual towards life.
  • It promotes harmonious relationships by encouraging one to keep communication open and honest. 
  • Green aventurine enhances the inner understanding and shows the true nature of self and the partner so as not to be blind to their flaws. 
  • Along with its other names, green aventurine is called a stone of natural and deep compassion.
  • Green aventurine stone is associated with the heart chakra and it may have effects on heart healing. It protects and shields the heart from bad attachments but also aids in guiding to let go of harmful emotional attachments.
  • It is also called a love crystal and can be used to attract love. 
  • Placing it on the heart to meditate aids in absorbing the vibrations directly into the body and mind.
  • In times of stress, it instills calmness and serenity throughout the person's body.
  • Meditating with green aventurine is said to balance the yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies, and bring harmony.
  • Green aventurine helps put out the negative energies and turns them into positive ones.
  • Green aventurine is linked to bringing abundance and prosperity by bringing new opportunities.
  • In ancient Tibet, people would place the green aventurine stones on their deities' statues to improve and increase their visions. Today, it works similarly. By placing the stone, the eyes may help increase the visionary powers. 
  • Green aventurine is also used to calm the nerves of individuals going through anxiety.

Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine

rose quartz and green aventurine

Rose quartz is a stone of universal love. It is a soothing crystal, deeply connected to the heart chakra. Green aventurine is also said to be most associated with the heart chakra. It is a stone of well-being and good luck. 

When used together, the rose quartz and green aventurine bring emotional stability to oneself. They help you by encouraging you to see the true self of you and others. They help individuals by giving them a confidence boost. It brings confidence to open yourself to possibilities of love and increases the chance of building a better relationship. 

Green Aventurine and Citrine

Green aventurine is a ‘stone of abundance’. It is also associated with prosperity and abundance. 

Citrine is a ‘money stone’. It brings bright and joyful energy.

Green aventurine and citrine when used together work magic. They can be used to acquire financial abundance or bring more joy to life. When meditated with both stones, they give a boost of optimism as well. 

Green Aventurine Types

The following are types of aventurine stones that can be found and are available for purchase: 

Raw Green Aventurine

Raw green aventurine is most commonly found. They appear to be an icy rock with green shades. These shades range from dark green to light. It can be kept in your house, workplace, mediation room, or carried in a bag. Its benefits can be gained in a multitude of ways. 

Tumbled Green Aventurine

Tumbled Green Aventurine Meaning

Tumbling is a popular method for processing and refining green aventurine stone. Usually sold in small bunches, these tumbled green aventurine stones can be used to make jewelry or to carry around. They are believed to be associated with abundance and prosperity. 

Natural Green Aventurine

Natural green aventurine is mostly used for crystal and reiki healings. They come in a rough rock form, but this does not diminish their healing properties. 

Banded Green Aventurine

The impure form of green aventurine with alternate lines of different shades of green is also known as banded green aventurine. These kinds of stones make great jewelry because of the banded pattern they form, giving them a distinct look from normal green aventurine.

Green Aventurine Uses

Green Aventurine Beads

Green Aventurine Beads Meaning

The most common type of aventurine in the market is green aventurine beads. They emit a soft, green glow. Green aventurine beads can be made into necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. 

Green Aventurine Mala Beads

Green aventurine beads can also be made into mala bead necklaces. These green aventurine mala beads are specifically made for using during meditation and manifesting intentions by repeating a mantra with each bead. The necklaces are mostly comprised of 108 beads, as this is said to be a number of the wholeness of existence. 

Green Aventurine Pendulum

A green aventurine crystal attached at one end of a silver or gold chain acts as a pendulum. It helps find the blockages and negative energies and helps remove them. It creates a positive energy flow throughout the body.

Green Aventurine Wand

Crystal wands are often used in massage therapies. They are also known as massage wands or healing wands. They have been a traditional tool of healers and shamans. These green aventurine wands can be used as a rolling pin. Direct contact with the body helps better absorb its energies to the fullest. 

Green Aventurine Sphere

Green aventurine crystals are available in many sizes, from small palm-sized spheres to big crystal ball-sized spheres as well. They make a great decorative piece, giving the workplace or house an aesthetic feel. Having a green aventurine sphere nearby is a good way to absorb its energies and reap its benefits. These green aventurine crystal spheres are also used in reiki healings.

Green Aventurine Bowl

Energy-infused green aventurine crystal bowls also make an incredible addition to decor. It is said to fill the owner with prosperity and abundance. 

Green Aventurine Jewelry

Green Aventurine Bracelet

Green Aventurine Bracelet Meaning

Green aventurine bracelets are usually made from green aventurine beads. They make a fun accessory and can be paired with any casual attire, like jeans or dresses. 

Green Aventurine Bracelet Benefits

Wearing a green aventurine bracelet orients may instill the wearer with confidence and abundance. It is a growth magnet and receives energies and channels them into the wearer. It stimulates and restores the decisiveness and a sense of purpose in the wearer. 

Green Aventurine Necklace

green aventurine necklace

Green Aventurine Necklace Meaning

An alluring green aventurine necklace can be worn with formal attire. It makes a bold statement piece and gives the wearer a powerful look. Tumbled green aventurine necklaces make the best look. 

Green Aventurine Necklace Benefits

The green aventurine necklace, when worn, is close to the heart and thus works in sync with the heart chakra. It enhances the energies of the chakras. This helps clear the emotional blockages of the heart and negative emotions. The green aventurine necklace opens the heart for sending and receiving love. 

Green Aventurine Ring

Green aventurine rings are worn on the ring finger as they have a direct connection to the heart. They are often made with sterling silver, making them more durable and strong. Green aventurine rings are known as the ‘lucky talisman’ and are said to bring good luck.

Green Aventurine Cabochon

Green Aventurine Cabochon Meaning

Green aventurine cabochons are used in meditations and can also be carried around in a bag or pocket. Beautiful shiny cabochons are sometimes confused with green jades. They negate the electromagnetic waves from devices and cleanse energy. Green aventurine cabochons are said to settle nausea and negative thoughts and bring calm. The best way to benefit from a cabochon is to carry them with you during interviews or keep them under the pillow while sleeping. 

Green Aventurine Pendant

The most common necklace type is the green aventurine pendant. They come in many shapes and designs, like oval shapes, heart pendants, and more. They can be worn daily because of their hardness. Like green aventurine necklaces, wearing a green aventurine pendant is also beneficial for the heart chakra. 

Green Aventurine Earrings

Green aventurine earrings are easy to wear without the risk of damaging them. These earrings should certainly be added to your collection. They give a very quirky and fun look to the wearer along with its other benefits. 

How to Cleanse Green Aventurine?

Cleansing of green aventurine depends on its use. The more one uses the stone, the more often one needs to cleanse it. Some ways to cleanse a green aventurine include: 

  • Place it on quartz or selenite and smoke it in sage or palo santo. 
  • Bury the stone in salt or the earth.
  • Run cold water over it and dab it with a soft cloth. With raw green aventurine or natural green aventurine, place it on a soft cloth and let it air dry, and turn it often to dry it from every side.
  • To give the green aventurine crystal a charge boost, bathe it under the full moon. It cleanses the negative energy from the crystal. 

Can Green Aventurine Get Wet?

The green aventurine stone can get wet and it can also be used in a bath or cleansing bath. Although it is not risky to put the stone in water for a short amount of time, keeping it submerged in water for a long time can cause damage.

The water can penetrate the microscopic cracks or gaps in the green aventurine, widening them over time. This can cause the stone to turn brittle and can break the stone if handled roughly or if they’re dropped. The minerals in the stone can react with the water and rust, changing its gracious green color to reddish-brown stains.

Where to Place Green Aventurine in the Home?

Just having a green aventurine nearby can benefit a person. It can be placed in an area where you wish to have its benefits reaped. If you need it to bring financial fortunes or a promotion, placing it on your work desk is advised. 

Similarly, depending on one's needs, it can be placed anywhere in the house. It can make a great furniture piece in the living area to encourage open communication with guests and family members. Placing it in a meditation room can help you bring joy and make you open to spiritual connections. 

Placing it in the bedroom may help with coming up with new ideas or growth in one's creativity.

Sleeping with Green Aventurine

Keep a small green aventurine crystal under the pillow. It helps soothe the mind and relax the body. The green aventurine calms the nerves and gives the user a tranquil sleep. It may also benefit individuals facing insomnia.

How to Use Green Aventurine for Luck

green aventurine

There are many ways an individual can gain the benefits of green aventurine. Some of the ways are mentioned below:

  • Sleeping with green aventurine under the pillow. More about this is mentioned above in the article.
  • Carrying a green aventurine crystal. One can carry the crystal in their purse, pocket, bag, etc. Carrying the stone along may create opportunities as you go.
  • Holding the stone while manifesting your intentions is a great way to use the green aventurine crystal. 
  • Placing the green aventurine in your workplace or house, depending on where you need the most luck. If you wish for promotion, place the stone in the office, or if you wish to improve your relationship, keep the stone at home to benefit from it.
  • Wearing green aventurine jewelry is another great way to benefit from its properties. 
  • Meditating with the green aventurine helps manifest your intentions.
  • Placing the green aventurine stone in the bath can charge the water with its energies and aid in absorbing them better. It can also be used while making a spiritual cleansing bath.
  • Keeping the green aventurine stone in the wallet, which brings financial abundance and manifests financial opportunities.

How to Meditate with Green Aventurine

There are a few ways to meditate with the green aventurine gemstone. 

One can hold the stone in their less dominant hand. Visualize a warm green glow surrounding the crystal. Feel grounded and supported by the earth and repeat the intentions that you want.

Write the intentions you want to manifest on a piece of paper. Keep the green aventurine stone above it. Cleanse the aura with sage or palo santo. Visualize the green aventurine glowing and try to absorb the energies emanating from it.

Another way to meditate is to use a green aventurine bead mala to chant your desired mantra 108 times.

Green Aventurine for Sale

Green Aventurine Stone Price

As green aventurine is abundant, it costs comparatively less than other gemstones. The price per carat of green aventurine is $0.15 to $0.26 USD per kg, and for a stone, it ranges between $7.79 to $19.49 USD, depending on its translucent quality.

Green Aventurine Price in India

Green aventurine price starts at $0.13 USD per carat to $78 USD per kg. 

Green Aventurine Jewelry for Sale

As green aventurine crystals are easily found and are in abundance, they can be easily available in your local crystal jewelry shop. Green aventurine jewelry is also available for purchase on Amazon and Etsy. The price of green aventurine jewelry depends on the grade quality, type of green aventurine stone, sizes, etc. 

Green Aventurine Bracelet for Sale

Beautiful beaded green aventurine bracelets are available on Amazon and Etsy. Different varieties of bracelets are sold on different websites with tumbled, natural, or beaded green aventurine. 


Finding a green aventurine crystal to buy is easy. To know if a stone is fake green aventurine is quite simple. The real green aventurine has slight sparkles, whereas the fake ones are a bit too sparkly. Green aventurines are easily available at a reasonable price which could also be the reason why the fake ones are not sold that often.

The way a green aventurine is graded is as follows:

  • AA quality has a prominent and bright green color, and it is translucent with less than 10% matrix.
  • A quality does not have a very prominent but recognizable green color, but it is partially translucent with a 10%-25% matrix.
  • B quality green aventurine has a very poor and barely any color of green in it. It is opaque and has over 25% matrix. 

If you are needing any luck,  looking to manifest opportunities and good fortune, or even just looking to add another pretty stone to your collection, green aventurine is your friend. In any form, whether in the raw stone form, in jewelry form, or any other figurine form, green aventurine will bring peace, abundance, positivity, and joy to your life. 

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