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Calcite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about calcite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Are you interested in finding out about calcite crystals? Well, you have come to the right place! This is a thoroughly extensive guide all about calcite crystals. Read on to answer all your questions that you might have if you’re just finding out about this popular stone! 

  • Calcite Meaning
    • What is Calcite
    • Calcite Pronunciation
    • What does Calcite Look Like
    • What is Calcite Used for
      • Economic Use for Calcite
      • What does Calcite do Spiritually?
    • What Color is Calcite
    • Is Calcite Magnetic
    • Does Calcite Dissolve in Water
    • What Type of Rock is Calcite
      • Is Calcite a Mineral
      • Is Calcite a Silicate
      • Is Calcite Quartz
      • Is Calcite a Sedimentary Rock
    • Where is Calcite Found 
      • Calcite in Mexico
    • How to Identify Calcite
  • Calcite Properties
    • Calcite Healing Properties
    • Calcite Optical Properties
    • Calcite Special Properties
    • Calcite Physical Properties
    • Calcite Identifying Properties
  • Calcite Benefits
  • Calcite vs Other Stones
    • Calcite vs Quartz
      • Does Quartz and Calcite Grow Together
    • Halite vs Calcite
      • Difference Between Halite and Calcite
    • Aragonite vs Calcite
  • Types of Calcite
    • Banded Calcite
    • Natural Calcite
  • Calcite Colors
    • Blue Calcite
      • Where is Blue Calcite Found
    • Orange Calcite
      • Where is Orange Calcite Found
    • Green Calcite
      • Where is Green Calcite Found
      • Green Banded Calcite
    • Honey Calcite
    • Yellow Calcite
    • Pink Calcite
    • Red Calcite 
    • White Calcite
      • White Calcite Meaning
    • Golden Calcite
    • Black Calcite
    • Brown Calcite
    • Purple Calcite
      • Purple Calcite Raw
    • Rose Calcite
    • Grey Calcite
    • Peach Calcite
    • Strawberry Calcite
    • Coral Calcite
    • Aqua Calcite
    • Calcite Clear
  • Calcite Jewelry
    • Calcite Bracelet
  • Calcite Uses
    • Calcite Shells
    • Calcite Sand
    • Calcite Cube
    • Calcite Bowl
  • Calcite Crystals for Sale
    • Calcite Price
      • Price of Calcite per Kg
  • Conclusion

Calcite Meaning

What is Calcite?

Calcite is a mineral form of calcium carbonate. Calcite contains several other minerals as well, but calcium carbonate is present in predominant amounts in the crystal. The calcite crystal is a popular form of sedimentary rock.

Calcite Pronunciation

The pronunciation of calcite is “kal-site.”

What does Calcite Look Like

Calcite crystals are available in a variety of colors. Some of the most common forms of calcite include white calcite, green calcite, orange calcite, red calcite, blue calcite, black calcite, gray calcite, and brown calcite. The stone has sharp contrast and is a good reflector of light.

What is Calcite Used for?

Calcite is used to prepare a wide variety of goods, including artifacts and jewelry items. The calcite crystal is also used in construction works. A large number of buildings and offices often use calcite to prepare sturdy walls and waterproof paints. It is also used in preparing cement. The quality and fertility of the soil in farms can be improved by the use of fine calcite granules. In many medicinal treatments and pharmaceutical preparations, calcite is often used as a substitute.

Economic Use for Calcite

Calcite crystal has a deep impact on the local economy. It is used in many fields and often helps in regulating money in the market. The market for calcite is growing, and it is helping many people to generate money. Calcite has improved economies in the past few years and has employed many people around the world.

What does Calcite do Spiritually?

Calcite has a rich spiritual significance and is used in various spiritual practices. People often use calcite to connect with the divine world. Spiritual sense is imparted to you with the help of calcite crystal. It can also help you ‌experience deep meditation sessions.

What Color is Calcite

The calcite crystal is available in numerous colors. Some of the common colored forms of calcite crystal are mentioned below in the article.

Is Calcite Magnetic

Calcite is not magnetic. The arrangement of calcite molecules in the crystal cancels out the total magnetic moment and has no net magnetic power. It does not attract other magnetic objects and is not attracted by natural magnets either.

Does Calcite Dissolve in Water?

Yes, it is possible to dissolve various forms of calcite crystal in water. In many construction activities, calcite is dissolved in water to form solutions used in the construction of buildings.

What Type of Rock is Calcite

Is Calcite a Mineral

Yes, calcite is a mineral. It is comprised of carbonate minerals of calcium. In calcite, calcium carbonate is present in a significant amount.

Is Calcite a Silicate

No, calcite is the only popular calcium mineral form that is non-silicate.

Is Calcite Quartz

No, calcite is not a quartz. Various people unknowingly refer to calcite as quartz, but it does not have the properties of quartz crystal.

Is Calcite a Sedimentary Rock

Yes, calcite is a popular form of sedimentary rock. Most sedimentary rocks are comprised of calcites.

Where is Calcite Found?

Calcite is a form of sedimentary rock. It is found in large quantities in several parts of the world. Almost all the sedimentary deposits around the globe have large quantities of calcite deposits.

Calcite in Mexico

Mexico has one of the most popular deposits of calcite crystals. Chihuahua has the highest quality of calcite in the entire world. The calcite crystals found here are bright and have a rich texture.

How to Identify Calcite


Calcite has a distinct appearance. You can identify calcite with the help of its colors and rough appearance. Many people test the presence of calcium to identify true calcite. Some other ways that can help you ‌identify calcite are mentioned below in the article.

Calcite Properties

Calcite Healing Properties

Calcite crystals are known for their claimed healing properties. There are innumerable qualities in the calcite crystal that help you get better health and heal many problems related to the body. Some of the common healing properties of the stone include:

Calcite crystals may prove magical for your brain. It is claimed that the crystal helps in increasing several cognitive functions of the brain. It may also improve neural coordination and improve the connection between the neurons. People suffering from memory loss and other issues related to the brain might find calcite crystal powerful enough to boost their memory and to develop a sharp brain.

You might get rid of serious mental disorders like depression, ADHD, anxiety, and much more with the use of calcite crystals. Several claims suggest that the constant use of the crystal is helpful in bringing a sense of positivity and killing depressive thoughts.

The crystal may also heal you internally and boost your immune system to protect you from unwanted diseases and deadly infections. Calcite crystal might act as a powerful healer for your heart. It improves the health of the circulatory system. It might help you ‌fight deadly heart-related disorders and prevent heart attacks and cardiac arrest. People suffering from blood pressure imbalance may use calcite crystals to bring their blood pressure to normal levels.

The calcite gemstone might help you fight disorders connected to glands, including the thymus gland, thyroid gland, pineal gland, liver, spleen, and pancreas. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and boosts your metabolism.

Calcite Optical Properties

Calcite is a good reflector of light. It is opaque ‌and blocks almost all forms of light. Several bright forms of calcite crystals are good reflectors of light and shine brightly in good natural sunlight. Some forms of crystal, like black, brown, and other dark calcites, are good absorbers of light. They can absorb large amounts of colors from the spectrum of light.

Calcite Special Properties

There are many special properties of calcite crystal as per the claims put forward by users of the crystal. Some of the claimed metaphysical properties of the crystal include:

  • The stone of calcite is a great tool to improve mental clarity. It helps you to access different situations in your life with a better lens and makes you capable of making quick and correct decisions. You might turn into an organized person after the use of calcite crystals.
  • The stone, as claimed by many, helps you from the influence of negative energies. It protects you by building a net of positive energies around you and fights with negative energies in the aura to keep you safe
  • The calcite crystal is an amazing partner to carry with you, as it might help you improve at work. The stone may help you by balancing your energy levels for a long time, giving you the zeal and discipline to work for longer durations with higher efficiency. The stone also keeps your mind fresh by reducing excessive stress.
  • There are many claims that the stone is magical in improving self-confidence and self-belief. You might win debates and create stronger bonds in business and your personal life with a better self-belief and confidence in yourself.
  • The crystal is super powerful for your brain. It may help you have a better understanding of things and improve your social skills. Maturity about life and the skill to assess situations in a better way can be gained through the use of calcite crystals.

Calcite Physical Properties

Calcite is hard ‌and has a rough appearance. Raw and natural forms of calcites are available in distinct shapes and sizes. The calcite crystal is tough and does not expand easily. Temperature plays a minor role in the expansion and compression of rough calcite at room temperature.

Calcite Identifying Properties

Calcite crystals can be identified easily by keeping certain things in mind. The calcite crystal has a certain texture and feels different in hand. Some ‌of the properties of calcite that can help in the identification of the crystal are:

You can easily identify calcite crystals by looking at them from a distance. It is present in various colors. Some types of calcites are red calcite, white calcite, yellow calcite, black calcite, brown calcite, and golden calcite.

The calcite crystal has a distinct Mohs hardness of 3 on the scale. The specific gravity of calcite crystal is 2.7. You can measure these numbers to identify calcite crystals. Several forms of calcite crystal have a vitreous luster.

Calcite Benefits

Calcite serves numerous benefits. It is used to create interesting jewelry pieces, including beautiful necklaces, eye-catching earrings, elegant rings, and aesthetic bracelets. Calcite is also used to create a wide range of artifacts that are used to decorate spaces. The benefits of calcite in healing several physical and mental ailments are claimed by many users of the crystal. Several people believe that the crystal also helps you to experience the divine and spiritual world. 

Calcite vs Other Stones

Calcite vs Quartz


There is a major difference between both calcite and quartz crystal. The major constituent element of calcite is calcium carbonate, and‌ quartz is made from silicon dioxide. Quartz crystal is more refined and has a fine surface as compared to calcite crystal. The hardness index of quartz is more than double that of calcite crystal. On the Mohs scale, quartz has a reading of 7 whereas calcite has a reading of 3.

Do Quartz and Calcite Grow Together

Yes, calcite and quartz can grow with each other in many places. Deposits of calcite present in the medium temperature range can grow together with quartz crystals. With high temperatures, the chances of quartz and calcite growing together are rare.

Halite vs Calcite

Halite and calcite are two different crystals. The differences between these two crystals are mentioned below.

Difference Between Halite and Calcite

The major difference between calcite and halite is the constituent mineral of both these crystals. Calcite is comprised of calcium carbonate. Halite, on the other hand, is made of sodium chloride.

Aragonite vs Calcite

Aragonite and calcite are very similar to each other. The reason that these crystals share similarities is that both are polymorphic forms of calcium carbonates. Several chemical and physical properties of both aragonite and calcite are very similar to each other.

On the level of stability in reaction series, aragonite reacts to a lot of elements, but calcite is more stable than aragonite. The geometrical arrangement of both the crystals differs from each other. In the case of aragonite, an orthorhombic geometry is present, whereas calcite has a trigonal arrangement of molecular geometry.

Types of Calcite

Banded Calcite

Banded calcite is a special type of calcite crystal. It is popularly called banded calcite onyx. Banded calcite is used to boost your energy levels. It can make you feel energetic throughout the day. Lethargic tendencies might fade away easily with the use of banded calcite. It might help you ‌get rid of toxins in your body and purify your blood. Banded calcite is used by many people for its amazing metaphysical and healing properties.

Natural Calcite

Natural calcite is extracted from the parent ore and is free from other common ore minerals. The crystals are industry-ready and can be used as a raw material for further processing.

Calcite Colors

The calcite crystal is available in a wide range of colors. Some of the common forms of the crystal are mentioned below:

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is one of the most popular forms of calcite gemstone. The blue color gives the stone a pleasing and calming look. Anyone interested in trying something that gives confidence and makes you happy from within can go for jewelry pieces prepared from blue calcite.

It may help you ‌gain confidence and build a solid personality. People who suffer in studies might get better at learning things and may score good grades with the help of blue calcite.

Where is Blue Calcite Found?

Blue calcite is found in Mexico, Britain, The United States of America, and Iceland.

Orange Calcite

orange calcite

Orange calcite is ‌a calcite crystal with an orange color. The bright-colored stone is used to create quirky and alluring artifacts. Several pieces of jewelry are also prepared with the help of orange calcite. The color of the crystal is a symbol of tranquility and joy.

It might bring richness and adventure to one’s life. The orange calcite is often used by people involved in adventure sports and travelers. It is a harbinger of adventures and newness in life. People who get bored easily or are going through a monotonous phase in life might use orange crystal products to experience their magical effects.

Where is Orange Calcite Found?

Some of the common deposits of orange calcites are:

  • Belgium 
  • Great Britain
  • Mexico
  • Romania
  • Namibia
  • The United States of America
  • Iceland
  • Europe

Green Calcite

Green calcite is an interesting crystal used to create a lot of artifacts and jewelry pieces. The color green is a symbol of maturity and growth. In the natural world, greenery represents the coming of fall. The green crystal similarly brings change and growth in life. Your work will get completed with the help of a green calcite crystal. People often use green calcite crystals before starting any new work. Pieces of jewelry made from green calcite like bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants look beautiful and are available to people of all ages.

Where is Green Calcite Found?

Green calcite is a rare type of calcite crystal. The deposits of green calcite are present in the Arizonian regions of the United States of America. Some other common deposits of green calcite are present in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and several parts of China.

Green Banded Calcite

Green banded calcite is a special subform of green calcite. It is marked with the presence of bands all over the surface of green calcite.

Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is a special form of calcite crystal. It is commonly called golden calcite or amber calcite. The honey calcite crystal is usually found in large amounts. The shape and form of the crystal are close to rhombohedral geometry.

Generally, honey or amber calcite is found in Mexico. The purest and the most vibrant form of honey calcite is originally used to create several forms of jewelry. The pieces of jewelry made from honey calcite resemble golden jewelry.

Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite is yet another interesting form of calcite crystal. A wide range of artifacts, such as pendulums, dice, beads, cubes, towers, cylinders, rods, and many more, are prepared from yellow calcite. The yellow calcite crystal is often claimed by many people to help in creating long-lasting bonds.

The yellow color symbolizes friendships and relationships. People who find it hard to make new and long-lasting friends might find yellow calcite useful to them. It may help you ‌improve your friendships and other relationships. Yellow calcite is a perfect crystal that celebrates relations and friendships.

Pink Calcite

Pink calcite is a cute and lovely-looking form of calcite crystal. The crystal is often used to prepare pretty jewelry pieces. Women love to wear beautiful pieces of pink calcite jewelry such as rings, necklaces, headbands, earrings, bracelets. Pink calcite brings joy and a sense of calmness in life. It also brings beauty and quirkiness to your life.

People with depression and anxiety disorders may use pink calcite products to help them lead a more rich and interesting life. You can expect a shift from disoriented thoughts and pessimistic tendencies to well-oriented thoughts and optimistic tendencies. People often use artifacts and pieces of jewelry made from pink calcite to experience these magical metaphysical and healing effects of the crystal.

Red Calcite

Red calcite is one of the most popular forms of calcite crystal. It is the costliest and most demanded form of the crystal. The red color gives it a rich color and bright appeal. People love to buy products made from red calcite because of its beautiful and elegant looks.

The pieces of jewelry made from red calcite are bright and look great from a distance. You can keep jewelry items made from red calcite to flaunt at parties and special occasions. Red is the color of love. People looking for love in life may use red calcite to find suitable partners.

The red calcite crystal might help you ‌rebuild trust and love in your relationships. People who use red calcite crystal and its products often claim that red calcite crystal helps them to improve their relationships and helps them ‌find love.

White Calcite

White calcite stone is a pure and plain form of calcite crystal. The color white gives a distinct look to the crystal. In several forms, calcium is present in white color. White calcite has the maximum amount of calcium as compared to several other forms of calcite crystals.

White Calcite Meaning

The white color is the symbol of purity and silence. White calcite stands for calmness and purity. People who use white calcite and its products often claim about the magical powers of white calcite in both personal and professional life. You might enjoy the silence and the hidden truths of life with the help of white calcite.

People often desire grand things, but white calcite helps you to understand the importance of little things in life. People ‌enjoy and find happiness in small things with the use of products made from white calcite.

Golden Calcite

Golden calcite is a calcite crystal. It is very similar to honey calcite and often both honey crystal and golden calcite are used for similar things. The golden calcite crystal is used for its amazing spiritual, healing, and metaphysical properties.

Black Calcite

Black calcite is the most classic-looking form of the calcite crystal. The black calcite is used in aesthetic places to add depth and meaning. In decorative items, various artifacts prepared from black calcite are used.

Negative influences might be eliminated with the help of crystals made from black calcite. The black color absorbs negativity from the surroundings and sets you free. People going through a dark phase in life might use black calcite to improve their condition.

Brown Calcite

The products prepared from brown calcite have a shady look. People who read literature and appreciate dark academia love to wear products made from brown calcite.

Purple Calcite

Purple calcite is one of the rarest forms of calcite crystal. It has a distinctly purple color with a tinge of black. Products prepared from purple calcite are used for various metaphysical and spiritual benefits. Many artifacts, including dice, pendulums, paperweights, and many more are prepared from purple calcite.

Purple Calcite Raw

Purple calcite raw is the purest form of the purple calcite stone. It is used in industries to prepare many finished goods. The shape and size of purple raw calcite is uneven and asymmetrical. It goes through ‌cutting and grinding to produce finely balanced and symmetrically appealing forms of purple calcite.

Rose Calcite

Rose calcite is one of the prettiest forms of calcite stone. The color and appearance of rose calcite are very similar to rose flowers and hence the name “rose calcite.” Pieces of jewelry and artifacts prepared from rose calcite are alluring and often praised by many.

Grey Calcite

Grey calcite looks similar to black calcite. It has spots of black all over. Grey calcite is often used to prepare cement and other raw materials used in construction. The gray calcite stone is also used for its metaphysical and spiritual properties.

Peach Calcite

peach calcite

Peach calcite is a rare form of calcite crystal. It got its name because of its peach-like appearance. The crystal is often used to prepare a wide variety of jewelry and artifacts. This crystal is often used in spiritual and religious practices.

Strawberry Calcite

Strawberry calcite is one of the most exotic forms of calcite crystal. The surface of the crystal is very similar to strawberries and hence got its name as “strawberry calcite.” It is used to prepare several pieces of jewelry items, including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

Coral Calcite

Coral calcite is a special marine form of calcite crystal. It is usually found in the oceanic beds underwater in the sedimentary rocks of calcite. The coral calcite is very similar to corals and is often shaped like corals. It is used in many spiritual practices. The metaphysical and healing benefits make coral calcite a popular choice in the eyes of many.

Aqua Calcite

Aqua calcite is a special form of calcite crystal. The color of the aqua calcite is similar to the blue colors of oceanic waters. It is ‌transparent ‌and might save you from negativity.

Calcite Clear

Calcite clear is a mystical and powerful gemstone. It is known for the intense cleansing of negative influences. Pessimistic tendencies and confusion are said to be eliminated with the use of clear calcite. The stone makes it possible for you to pursue your dreams and attain your goals.

The calcite clear stone helps you by creating a bridge between your mind and the higher realm of divine powers. Jewelry and artifacts prepared from clear calcite may help you ‌experience these spiritual, metaphysical, and healing properties of the stone.

Calcite Jewelry

The quirky and eye-catching calcite stone is an absolute treat to the eyes. Its attractive shade and rich textures make it a complete fit for jewelry. The stone is used in the jewelry industry on a large scale to manufacture pieces of jewelry for the ever-expanding market of calcite jewelry.

The unique jewelry made from calcite crystal might help you experience the diverse range of its metaphysical and healing properties. Many people claim that jewelry made from calcite helps them to get rid of their negative feelings and provides a sense of calmness and security in life. The stone may also keep negativity and dark energy away from you.

It is important to first get the calcite crystal that you want in your jewelry from a crystal shop or an online store, and then get it set by an expert jeweler that knows how to work with such gemstones.

If you are buying calcite crystal, always look for an authentic stone in the market and check all the standards before purchasing calcite jewelry. This will save you from any fraud or duplicate products.

Calcite Bracelet

A bracelet made from calcite crystals is super easy to wear and looks classy. People of all ages can wear calcite bracelets. These bracelets are available in all shapes and sizes. Both men and women can wear these cool and alluring bracelets. People who wear bracelets made from calcite crystals might experience the magical properties of the crystal.

Its healing properties may benefit organs like the heart and liver. It might improve your cognitive skills and might sharpen your memory. There are several claims that the calcite bracelet is helpful in various spiritual practices. People who cannot concentrate for longer durations might find the calcite bracelet useful as it increases your concentration powers.

Calcite Uses

Calcite Shells

Shells made from calcite are very useful and quite popular in the spiritual world. People often include calcite shells in spiritual practices and while performing various rituals. These shells made from calcite are usually white. In recent years, industrial polishing of crystals has made it possible to get calcite shells in various colors. At present, bright-colored calcite shells are also available in the market. These shells look outstanding and add an aesthetic appeal when used as decorative items.

Calcite Sand

Calcite sand is prepared from finely crushed calcite stones. Small pieces of calcite often left as residual in industries are finely crushed to prepare small crystals of calcite. These crystals are very minute in size and together make up calcite sand. Calcite sand is used to make construction material.

It is also used as a fertilizing agent in agriculture, for preparing various pigments, and as a refining agent as well. Some people like to keep calcite sand in small bottles as a good omen in homes and offices. The calcite crystal may help people to overcome several difficulties in life.

Calcite Cube

A calcite cube is an artifact prepared from a calcite stone. It is used to decorate buildings, homes, and offices. The calcite cube is beneficial, as it might help you ‌experience the metaphysical, spiritual, and healing properties of calcite stone. The calcite cubes are available in various sizes, ranging from small to large sizes. It is available in the market in various quirky colors, making it an alluring object.

Calcite Bowl

Calcite bowls are prepared from calcite minerals. These bowls are available in different shapes and sizes. Calcite bowls made from different ‌calcite crystals are available in various colors and designs.

Calcite Crystals for Sale

calcite crystals

The calcite crystal is a powerful healer of mind and body. The varying bands of colors and their attractive appearance make it extremely popular in the jewelry industry. The calcite crystals are used to make attractive jewelry pieces and various artifacts. The gemstone is also used for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties. Calcite gemstone, being a popular stone in the market, is available at many big shops and online sites that sell precious gemstones. A wide variety of calcite crystals and their products with different designs, colors, and patterns can be bought from the nearest crystal stores in your area or through online home delivery sites.

Calcite Price

The calcite crystal is an exotic and alluring gemstone. Pieces of jewelry and artifacts are prepared from calcite crystals. The increasing demand for these calcite products has resulted in sky-high prices of calcite products. The price per piece starts from $60 USD. It can go even higher depending on the shape, size, and quality of the crystal. There are a plethora of calcite crystal products circulating in the market. You can get these calcite products at good prices through online stores like Amazon and Etsy and also from local shops near you.

Price of Calcite per kg

The price of calcite crystal per kg is approx $20 USD to $40 USD.


The calcite crystal is popular. It is a mineral form of calcium carbonate. Calcite is an excellent source of calcium. It is mixed in soil to make it calcium-rich. Many other macro and micronutrients are also present in calcite crystals that help make the soil more fertile by nourishing it.

The calcite crystal is also used to create a wide variety of attractive and fancy jewelry pieces. Some of the famous types of jewelry prepared from calcite are necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. It has unique characteristics, which make it attractive and useful in various industries. The crystal is found in various forms and is crafted in industries to produce a range of amazing products.

The stone is known for its claimed metaphysical and healing powers. The calcite crystal is a form of sedimentary rock and it is present in many shades. Some of the common forms of calcite crystal are white calcite, black calcite, red calcite, pink calcite, rose calcite, honey calcite and gray calcite.

There are many claims by people who use calcite crystals suggesting that the stone has several metaphysical and healing powers that might deeply affect you. It may help you ‌get better at work and might act as a tool to attract fame and money.

Several people around the world use products and artifacts made from calcite for these claimed metaphysical and healing properties. Calcite crystals are available around the world in all major crystal markets and on online platforms like Amazon and Etsy.

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