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Stibnite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

stibnite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about stibnite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Stibnite is a crystal that is transformative, grounding, and protective. A stone that has much historical significance and modern scientific uses is alluring and advantageous.

Associated with the planet and god Pluto, it is a stone that signifies rebirth and power. Let us learn more about stibnite by diving into everything you need to know! 

  • Stibnite Meaning
    • What is Stibnite?
      • Crystals Similar to Stibnite
      • What is Stibnite Used for?
        • Stibnite Spiritual Use
      • Is Stibnite Rare?
      • Is Stibnite Toxic?
    • Stibnite Mines
      • How is Stibnite Mined?
    • Where is Stibnite Found?
      • Stibnite in Idaho
      • Stibnite in China
      • Japanese Stibnite
  • Stibnite Properties
    • Stibnite Metaphysical Properties
    • Stibnite Healing Properties
  • Stibnite Jewelry
  • Stibnite Uses
    • Stibnite Flask
  • Barite and Stibnite
  • Stibnite for Sale
    • Stibnite Price
  • Conclusion

Stibnite Meaning

What is Stibnite?

Stibnite is a chief ore of antimony, which is a crucial mineral with industrial and medical uses. 

It is a sulfate mineral often found in hydrothermal veins. In the initial stages, stibnite is lustrous gray, black, and silver, and when fully formed, it exhibits an iridescent quality that is muchly prized and collected.

Throughout history, the potential properties of stibnite have been pondered upon, both from a scientific and magical perspective. Stibnite was recognized by George Starkey, an American alchemist, as a stone of creation and change. Stibnite is known to bring significant change and help you find the right path and start a new journey.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, stibnite is a soft crystal at 2. It is associated with the throat chakra, third-eye chakra, and crown chakra. The zodiac signs that benefit most from stibnite are Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn. 

Crystals Similar to Stibnite

Stibnite crystals are formed in hydrothermal veins. Other crystals that stibnite can be confused with are galena, cinnabar, stibiconite, barite, chalcedony, pyrite, marcasite, realgar, orpiment, and calcite.

What is the Stibnite Used for?

Stibnite Spiritual Use

Stibnite is associated with Pluto and the underworld. It is said to call upon its power of harvest. Stibnite is also known as a trickster stone, as it often gives an excess of manifestation. With the right intention and meditation with a pairing stone, such as sodalite, stibnite can bring good fortune and foresight.

Is Stibnite Rare?

Well-formed stibnite is rare and very sought after by crystal collectors for its lustrous beauty and many metaphysical healing properties. 

Is Stibnite Toxic?

It is important to be careful while using stibnite, as it is a very toxic mineral and is a lead sulfide of antimony. Ensure washing hands after touching it and keep the crystal away from children. It is also important to wear protective gear if stibnite is being cut so one doesn’t inhale any dust particles coming from it. 

Keeping a stibnite crystal as a decorative piece in your home will help you in benefiting from its metaphysical properties. 

Stibnite Mines

How is Stibnite Mined?

It can be extracted using sodium sulfide leaching from the gold ore refractory. The antimony was found in the form of sodium pyroantimonate by pressure oxidation. 

Where is Stibnite Found?

In addition to the below-mentioned countries and states, stibnite is also found in South Africa, Europe, Brazil, and Peru.

Stibnite in Idaho

stibnite crystal

The stibnite mining district in Idaho produced large quantities of stibnite during the times of World War II in the form of antimony. It produced over 90% of the country’s antimony supply. 

Stibnite in China

China is the biggest supplier of antimony in today's time. It often forms in the shape of needle-like crystals that are several inches long. Hunan district in China is the largest stibnite producer. 

Japanese Stibnite

The ichinokawa mine in Japan produces the best quality stibnite crystals. Japanese stibnite crystals hold a place of honor in the world for their quality. Japanese stibnite was highly sought-after until China and Romania mines came into the markets. 

Stibnite Properties

Stibnite Metaphysical Properties

In present times, stibnite is associated with Pluto. It represents the concepts of manifestation and rebirth. Stibnite crystal is a crystal of fire, and its energies are said to rekindle passions. It is a stone of change that helps you bring positive and significant changes to yourself.

Stibnite may also bring excess luck and increase your chances of coincidences occurring in your favor. It might also heighten your awareness and enhance your perceptions. Stibnite is known to hide otherworldly knowledge. It illuminates many paths for you, and you have to analyze and choose the right path that will benefit you. 

Stibnite is also known as a stone of improved judgment and truth. It is a grounding and protecting stone that also brings personal growth. The high vibrations of stibnite can be used to cleanse your aura and surroundings of negativity and evil curses. It provides protection and courage from unhealthy attachments and possessions. 

Using stibnite is said to help conquer fear. It has an anchoring grounding energy and may also provide a protective aura. Stibnite is also considered to be a good relationship crystal. Meditating with stibnite helps release past life trauma and cuts off toxic and harmful relations. It instills self-respect and helps create and maintain personal boundaries.

Stibnite Healing Properties

Stibnite was used for treating eye infections and other ailments in Ancient Egyptian times. It is said to be beneficial for stomach infections and the digestive system. It is also said to help with throat infections and esophagus issues. 

Crystal healers often use stibnite for treating bone density and skeletal disorder issues. It may also help you relax and reduce muscular stiffness.

Stibnite Jewelry

stibnite jewelry

Stibnite jewelry is rare and often made with a cover of strong settings, as it is a toxic mineral. It is often made into wands that one can carry in their purse or pocket to benefit from their energies and vibrations. 

Stibnite Uses

Stibnite was used for eye makeup and eye infections and other ailments. In present times, mainly antimony is used in medicines. It is also used in glitter and foundatain mixtures.

The thin needle-like crystals are used in glitter composition, and the dark material is used in flash powders. Stibnite is also a component in safety matches. 

Stibnite Flask

Stibnite is also used in the gaming world of Path of Exile, where drinking from a stibnite flask creates smoke clouds. 

Barite and Stibnite

Barite is made of barium sulfate and stibnite is made of lead sulfate. Barite is white and colorless while stibnite is gray, back, and silver due to its lead content. 

Barite and stibnite both are crystals promoting change and transformation. They help align your chakras and open you to new paths and opportunities. They are crystals with significant manifesting energies. Both crystals help in letting go of past pain and assist you in moving forward in your life.

Stibnite for Sale

Stibnite Price

A 4-inch crystal of stibnite costs around $175 USD. The needle-like stibnite from China is priced according to its length. For example, a 4-inch stibnite might cost $60 USD whereas 6-7 inches of stibnite might cost more than $120 USD.


Stibnite is a crystal known for its endless potential. It illuminates the mind and brings clarity and focus. It opens you to new perspectives and brings endless opportunities. Using stibnite aligns your chakras and enhances positive energies. 

Adding a rare and alluring crystal like stibnite, with numerous healing properties, is a wise choice. 

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