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Prehnite: Complete Guide (2024)

prehnite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about prehnite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Today, we’re talking about a stone that needs no introduction – the prehnite gem. This stone is nothing less than a powerhouse of love, restful energies, and optimism. You’ve probably seen stunning photographs of prehnite jewelry or marveled at its gorgeous color, but the green prehnite stone is so much more than that.

In fact, the prehnite mineral serves as a reminder that even in the depths of uncertainty, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Its powers range from broad and all-encompassing to highly targeted and specific, but overall, the prehnite gemstone is an utterly beautiful, spiritually enriching stone that can up level your experience of the world.

In this article we’re going to discuss everything from prehnite crystal structure to prehnite magical properties. We’ll also tell you all about how to buy prehnite rough or tumbled, where to find prehnite stone jewelry, and how to use prehnite powers to your advantage. So, let us be your guides as we explore the complex and fascinating world of this special stone and uncover the power of prehnite.

In this article we discuss the following:
  • Prehnite Meaning
    • What is Prehnite
      • Prehnite Pronunciation
      • Prehnite Metaphysical Meaning
      • Prehnite Spiritual Meaning
      • Prehnite Meaning in Love
      • What is Prehnite Used for
      • Prehnite Energy
      • What are the Black Inclusions in Prehnite
    • Prehnite Benefits
      • Sleeping with Prehnite
    • Prehnite Healing
    • Prehnite Chakra
    • Where to Find Prehnite
      • Australian Prehnite
      • Prehnite in Mali
  • Prehnite Properties
    • Prehnite Healing Properties
    • Prehnite Metaphysical Properties
  • Prehnite vs Aventurine
  • Prehnite Types
    • Raw Prehnite
    • Tumbled Prehnite
  • Prehnite Color
    • Green Prehnite
      • Green Prehnite Healing Properties
    • Pink Prehnite
    • White Prehnite
    • Yellow Prehnite
      • Yellow Prehnite Meaning
    • Blue Prehnite
    • Orange Prehnite
  • Prehnite Jewelry
    • Prehnite Pendant
    • Prehnite Ring
      • Prehnite Ring Silver
      • Prehnite Engagement Ring
      • Green Prehnite Ring
      • Pandora Prehnite Ring
    • Prehnite Cabochon
    • Prehnite Necklace
      • Prehnite Beaded Necklace
    • Prehnite Earrings
      • Prehnite Stud Earrings
    • Prehnite Bracelet
  • Prehnite Uses
    • Prehnite Beads
      • Green Prehnite Beads
    • Prehnite Sphere
    • Prehnite Chips
    • Prehnite Ball
  • How to Cleanse Prehnite
  • Prehnite with Other Stones
    • Prehnite with Black Tourmaline
      • Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Meaning
    • Prehnite with Epidote
      • Prehnite with Epidote Benefits
      • Epidote and Prehnite Energy
      • Prehnite with Epidote Healing
      • Prehnite with Epidote Properties
      • Raw Prehnite with Epidote
    • Prehnite and Moldavite
  • Prehnite for Sale
    • How Much is Prehnite Worth
      • Prehnite Cabochon Value
    • Prehnite in Bulk
      • Prehnite Beads Wholesale
  • Conclusion

Prehnite Meaning

As we begin our prehnite journey, you’re probably wondering, what exactly is this gemstone? What is the prehnite origin? Where does prehnite hardness fall on the Mohs hardness scale?

Well, in this section, we will peel back the layers of this complex, magical stone to reveal all of its secrets to you. We’ll discuss everything from how to pronounce prehnite to the stone’s benefits and metaphysical meaning – and much, much more. So, if that sounds interesting to you, don’t go anywhere. It just gets better!

What is Prehnite

Prehnite is a beautiful, intriguing gemstone, but underneath the surface, it is a calcium aluminum silicate mineral. It belongs to the phyllosilicate family, and its name honors Colonel Hendrik von Prehn – a Dutch military officer who discovered prehnite in the late eighteenth century.

This gorgeous gemstone is renowned for its one of a kind pale to medium green hue, which emanates a tranquil, yet invigorating energy. This pastel beauty of a stone is categorized as having a translucent transparency, a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5, a waxy, vitreous luster, and an orthorhombic crystal system.

Prehnite is often used to make stunning jewelry and décor. It can also be used in healing ceremonies, meditation, and scientific experiments!

prehnite natural mineral

Prehnite Pronunciation

To avoid any confusion, let’s clarify the pronunciation of this marvelous gemstone. Prehnite is pronounced “PREE-nite” with an emphasis on the first syllable. Now that we have that settled, let’s explore the more fascinating metaphysical aspects of the stone. 

Prehnite Metaphysical Meaning

While most commonly used in jewelry and décor, prehnite has a profound metaphysical meaning. It represents dreams and fantasies, and it is even known as the “stone of dreaming”.

In fact, many users of prehnite have turned to the stone for help with sleep, lucid dreaming, and even astral projection. Some indigenous South Africans even use the stone to help see into the future and gain guidance from ancestors and spirit guides.

Prehnite Spiritual Meaning

Aside from its dream-inducing and prophetic abilities, prehnite is also revered as a stone of unconditional love and emotional healing. Its tranquil vibration helps to foster harmony and balance wherever it goes – creating a relaxed environment that encourages inner peace, emotional release, and (of course) sleep.

Overall, prehnite enhances intuition and promotes spiritual growth. So, it’s definitely the kind of stone you want in your meditation kit. It’ll help you tap in to higher realms and contact those angels of yours.

Prehnite is associated with the heart chakra, so it is a powerful healer when it comes to matters of the heart, and it opens up our energetic pathways to unconditional love. So, prehnite is a stone that represents dreams and prophecy, but it is also a stone that inspires love and symbolizes tranquility. Now, that’s what we call versatility!

Prehnite Meaning in Love

Deep down, we all know that there’s nothing more important than love. And, that’s where prehnite comes in.

This gemstone exudes an aura of unconditional love and empathy. It promotes self-love and acceptance, but it also allows you to communicate more effectively with your loved ones and be more caring and loving. It allows you to embrace your true essence and quirks with an open heart, but it also helps you form meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

By fostering a deep connection with your heart’s desires, prehnite empowers you to attract and nurture your human connections. This magical stone can help you heal your heart aches, gain understanding for your loved ones, and create a strong foundation for love to flourish.

With prehnite at your side, you will watch as your friendships become more fulfilling and your love life becomes more passionate, romantic, and loving.

a man and a woman kissing passionately

What is Prehnite Used for

While we’ve already discussed the metaphysical value of prehnite, this stone can be used for all sorts of beauty-related and practical applications.

For starters, prehnite has been treasured throughout the ages for its aesthetic appeal. It is a favored choice for jewelry, as its striking green hues beautifully complement silver, gold, and many other metal and mineral settings.

Its translucent nature adds an otherworldly touch to necklaces, earrings, and rings. In addition, prehnite can be used in crystal grids, meditation practices, and energy healing sessions to harness its unique vibrations and properties.

Prehnite Energy

It’s hard to pin down what makes prehnite so special, but ultimately, it really comes down to the stone’s energy. Prehnite emanates a truly special serene energy that envelops its surroundings with a sense of tranquility and hope.

This enchanting stone reminds you that the magic of the universe is real, and that your dreams, psychic abilities, and comfortability are all pathways for accessing that magic.

Prehnite’s energy is so soothing and nurturing that it is undoubtedly a great companion during times of intense anxiety, stress, or radical change. With prehnite’s serene energy by your side, you can embrace a state of inner peace and find joy within the storms that life throws your way.

What are the Black Inclusions in Prehnite

One of the most distinctive features of prehnite is the stone’s presence of black inclusions within its green matrix. These inclusions, or epidote pieces, create fascinating patterns and contrasts within the gemstone.

The interplay between the green in prehnite and the black epidote adds depth and character to each piece, making every stone visually intriguing and completely unique.

Metaphysically, these inclusions are enhancers of prehnite’s natural protective properties, and the addition of the color black symbolizes a shield against negative energies and bad dreams. 

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Prehnite Benefits

If it wasn’t already clear, prehnite boasts an array of remarkable benefits and properties that make it a highly coveted gemstone for holistic wellbeing. Of course, prehnite can encourage richer, fuller dreams and assist in receiving prophetic visions.

This stone can also calm and nourish your soul, helping you achieve inner peace and balance. However, there are some other benefits to prehnite that you might have never expected.

The green goddess of the gemstone world can chase nightmares away, assist its users in releasing phobias and deeply rooted fears, and it can also help us stay focused. Some parents even use prehnite as support for hyperactive and unfocused children.

Sleeping with Prehnite

Ready to enter dreamland? Don’t forget your prehnite as you start to catch those “z”s. By placing prehnite under your pillow or by keeping it near your bedside while you sleep, you can harness the dreamy benefits of prehnite and have a better night’s sleep than you ever could have imagined.

The calming energy of prehnite tells your body that it’s time for deep relaxation and peaceful sleep, so there will be no room for insomnia or restlessness with this gemstone around. It creates a serene and harmonious atmosphere that facilitates rejuvenating rest and vivid dreams.

Sleeping with prehnite can also enhance your dream recall and provide insights from your subconscious mind. So, you won’t just have a good rest – you’ll also have a stronger understanding of yourself!

Prehnite Healing

We all have fears and emotional wounds that we need healing from. While some prefer therapy and others prefer long walks or talks with a friend, we can all admit that there is no singular way to heal.

Prehnite offers an alternative method of healing that adds to a well-rounded, holistic approach. This gorgeous, metaphysically transformative stone possesses exceptional healing properties that will help you become the best version of yourself. It can alleviate stress, anxiety, and worry.

It also promotes emotional release, allowing for new aspects of your emotional life to come to the surface. Prehnite can also play a huge role in healing from insomnia when paired with other healthy methods. Meditating with the stone can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your psychic abilities, and consistently good sleep.

It can even heal spiritual wounds between you and your higher self through crystal healing and rituals. It has been said by some that prehnite can support immune system healing, too, leading to improved vitality, digestion, and detoxification.

Prehnite Chakra

As we’ve mentioned before, prehnite has a powerful connection to the heart chakra – the energy center responsible for love, romance, compassion, and emotional stability.

By working with prehnite, you will undoubtedly cleanse and activate your heart chakra, developing an intense and healthy sense of love, forgiveness, and altruism. This alignment will allow you to cultivate love for yourself as well as love for others.

It will also attract healthy and communicative relationships and promote emotional healing. Don’t be surprised if the person of your dreams also comes walking through the door!

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Where to Find Prehnite

When hunting for one of the world’s most beautiful stones, it’s good to know which countries are most well known for their supply of the stone. Even if you don’t live in one of these countries, you can still be on the lookout for an import from one of the world’s top prehnite locations while shopping online or in-store.

Prehnite was first discovered in South Africa, and the nation continues to supply the global market with some of the world’s best quality prehnite specimens. Prehnite even developed the nickname “cape emerald” due to its origins in the Cape Province of South Africa. France, Scotland, Italy, Australia, Germany, Mali, and New Jersey (USA) are also revered for their prehnite sources.

Australian Prehnite

One notable source of prehnite is none other than the infamously beautiful Australia, where the stone is found in abundance. Anyone who loves prehnite will know that Australia has some of the most vibrant green prehnite in the world. With exceptional clarity and uplifting, rejuvenating Aussie energy, it’s no wonder why Australian prehnite is so popular. 

Prehnite in Mali

Another wonderful source of prehnite is in Mali. This West African country is well-known for its rich and expansive mineral deposits. However, because its prehnite deposits aren’t as abundant as they are high in quality, Mali is known for having exceptionally rare and sought-after prehnite stones.

Malian prehnite tends to be extra intense in color, and its hues often range from lime green to deep olive. Another factor that makes Malian prehnite so appealing is that it carries the culture and heritage of the nation with it. It’s the perfect souvenir for someone who is fascinated by the history and geography of the nation.

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Prehnite Properties

Prehnite’s diverse and all-encompassing list of properties contribute to its appeal and the various ways it can be used for aesthetic, metaphysical, and spiritual purposes. Whether it’s admired for its visual beauty and durability or harnessed for its healing properties, prehnite has much to offer its users and wearers.

If you want to know more, stick around for this section. We will delve into all the glorious things that make prehnite what it is.

Prehnite Healing Properties

While we’ve discussed many of prehnite’s healing properties in previous sections, let’s talk more in-depth about this stone’s healing value. Prehnite is known for its ability to soothe emotional wounds and promote emotional healing. Stress and anxiety are shooed away when prehnite enters the room.

This stone encourages emotional release, too. So, if your past traumas are lingering around in a way that is negatively affecting you, consider using prehnite to return to your authentic and healed self. Prehnite’s connection to the heart chakra allows you to re-open your heart, cleanse it of stagnant and negative energy, and facilitate the flow of love.

If you’re going through a heartbreak, this is the stone for you. Prehnite has also commonly been thought of as a healer of insomnia and bad sleep. This luminous stone encourages your body to relax and enter a state of deep rest. We’re getting sleepy just thinking about it!

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Prehnite Metaphysical Properties

Prehnite isn’t just about healing heart wounds and encouraging healthy sleep – it gets a lot more magical than that! This deeply spiritual stone assists in the growth and development of your third eye and your connection to the spiritual realms. It contributes to well-rounded spiritual health and psychic abilities.

Firstly, this gemstone helps to enhance dreams and dream recall. It can likewise assist in astral projection, lucid dreaming, and prophetic dreams! Now, if that doesn’t sound exciting to you, we can’t imagine what does. Place prehnite under your pillow to have the most vivid dreams and insights from your subconscious and higher self.

Prehnite is also great for improving your connection to spirit and the angelic realms. If you’re on a journey of metaphysical growth or spiritual expansion, this stone will help you connect to the divine and embark on your spiritual evolution.

Prehnite vs Aventurine

Green gemstones are a favorite for many people. And, because there are so many green gemstones to choose from, it can be overwhelming and hard to choose which one is best for you.

While both prehnite and aventurine are green gemstones associated with heart healing and spiritual growth, they have certain characteristics that make them unique. Understanding these differences is crucial in your decision of which of these green goddesses meets your needs best.

Firstly, prehnite tends to be paler in color, while aventurine is known for having a bright, shimmering green color and a metallic luster. In addition, prehnite belongs to the phyllosilicate family and forms in prismatic or tabular crystals.

Meanwhile, aventurine is a form of quartz and typically occurs in massive or granular formations. Most importantly, prehnite is a calming, healing stone that helps us connect to our dreams and find unconditional love. Aventurine is more focused on luck, abundance, and optimism.

Prehnite is a stone for getting in touch with your higher self and connecting to others more deeply, while aventurine assists its users in manifesting their desires and embracing opportunities for abundance. 

Prehnite Types

When it comes to prehnite, there are two distinct types of the stone you should consider when you’re browsing through online stores or driving to your local jewelry shop.

Raw prehnite and tumbled prehnite are equally attractive and beneficial, but in entirely distinct ways. While they are both prehnite stones, their differences in appearance can make a huge impact on your experience of the stone. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Raw Prehnite

Raw prehnite is natural, unpolished, rough, and gorgeous. It showcases the true, organic essence of the gemstone – no bells and whistles. With its rough texture and unaltered appearance, it might not be the first choice for those of us who like pristine, shiny jewelry.

However, raw prehnite will be the top choice for those of us who enjoy crystal healing, meditating with crystals, and earthy fashion. This raw version of prehnite often retains its original crystal formations and may exhibit a combination of smooth surfaces and rough edges.

This type of prehnite varies in size, shape, and color, but each one allows you to connect directly with the stone’s energy in its purest form. 

Tumbled Prehnite

Are you more on the glamorous side when it comes to aesthetics and jewelry? Tumbled prehnite might be the variety of this stone that will meet your every need.

For this version of prehnite, the stone undergoes a tumbling process, where a rough prehnite goes into a machine with abrasive materials to produce a sleek, polished surface. It enhances the stone’s natural beauty and gives it an attractive, tactile quality.

Tumbled prehnite often takes on a rounded shape with a glossy finish, so it’s perfect for jewelry, décor, and carrying around in your hand. If you’re sensitive to textures and sharp edges, this is definitely the right prehnite for you.

Prehnite Color

The prehnite gemstone has a beautiful range of green colors for you to choose from. These shades generally range from pale to medium green, and the color is mainly influenced by the presence of trace elements within the stone. Lighting conditions, mineral inclusions, and the origins of the stone all play a role in its color.

The color, subsequently, plays a role in how the stone affects you and your relationship to it.  Each color variation of prehnite possesses its own metaphysical properties, too, offering a diverse array of energies and symbolism.

In this section, we’ll discuss how each of the prehnite stone colors offer something special, and you can decide for yourself which one sets your heart alight. 

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Green Prehnite

The term “green prehnite” is almost too broad for the variety that green prehnite has on display. Some green prehnites have a soft, minty green hue, while others can display a deeper, olive-green color. The color intensity, shade, and saturation varies depending on many environmental factors.

However, no matter the shade, we can all agree that green is the color most associated with prehnite and most sought-after when it comes to this remarkable stone. 

Green Prehnite Healing Properties

The soft green hues of prehnite symbolize tranquility and balance. This variety of prehnite possesses a long list of healing properties. It supports emotional wellbeing and aids in the release of past traumas and negativity.

Green prehnite also helps to bring a sense of renewal and rejuvenation to its users – promoting inner healing and spiritual growth. It can even boost intuition and psychic abilities, helping you heal from psychic attacks, bad karma, and spiritual wounds.

Pink Prehnite

With its rare, delicate blush tones, pink prehnite oozes a gentle, loving energy. Pink prehnite is, unsurprisingly, a symbol of love, compassion, and self-acceptance. Prehnite is known for opening the heart chakra, but pink prehnite is undoubtedly the best man for the job. It’s the ultimate stone for self-love.

Pink prehnite’s soft and feminine appearance makes it a popular choice for women’s jewelry, and it serves as a reminder to practice kindness, empathy, and unconditional love towards oneself.

White Prehnite

Also known as “clear prehnite”, white prehnite showcases a translucency that emanates serenity. There’s something especially ethereal about white prehnite’s appearance, its color ranging from a pale milky white to a transparent hue.

Symbolically, white prehnite represents purity, clarity, and spiritual connection. It enhances intuition, facilitates communication with higher realms, and it gently guides you along your path towards spiritual enlightenment. Wearing or working with white prehnite can promote clarity of thought, deepen meditation practices, and make you feel peaceful and content.

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Yellow Prehnite

Yellow prehnite is a tiny exhibition of gold and yellow shades. This stone is bursting with warmth and positivity, and it is strongly associated with joy, abundance, and manifestation.

Yellow prehnite often includes shades of green, too. If this is the case, it’s the perfect stone for balancing energy and relaxation. The shades of green provide a feeling of calm, while the yellow shades lift your spirits and make you feel powerful and optimistic.

Yellow Prehnite Meaning

Does your solar plexus chakra need some activation? If you want to increase your personal power, confidence, and creativity, yellow prehnite is your ideal stone. That’s because yellow prehnite is a symbol of youth. It brings out your inner child and your wild ambitions, allowing you to manifest abundance, prosperity, and success in all areas of your life.

Overall, yellow prehnite’s sunny energy uplifts, instils optimism, and encourages a proactive approach to achieving goals.

Blue Prehnite

One of the rarest varieties of prehnite is blue prehnite. This unique color of the stone displays colors that range from soft and pale to deeper azure tones. Any lover of blue stones will guess that blue prehnite is associated with serenity and oceanic calm. It activates the throat chakra, and it helps us become more honest and authentic.

Blue prehnite encourages clear and effective communication and the manifestation of one’s deepest desires. This serene gemstone is a must-have for gaining peace, clarity, and free expression.

Orange Prehnite

Electrify your life with orange prehnite. This variety of the stone lures its users in with its warm and vibrant orange hues. It is a symbol of enthusiasm, imagination, and passion.

The sacral chakra is also stimulated through the use of this gorgeous gemstone – igniting a sense of vitality, motivation, and drive. It can help to re-invigorate you when you’re stuck in a rut, and it helps to bring you towards positive action and the pursuit of what is most important to you.

Orange prehnite is the perfect stone to bring with you on your adventures because it infuses joy into every moment of your life.

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Prehnite Jewelry

The only thing more mesmerizing than a prehnite stone is prehnite jewelry. The stone’s natural beauty has made it incredibly popular in the jewelry world.

Craftsmen and jewelry designers continue to create stunning pieces that showcase prehnite’s striking good looks. In this section, we’ll discuss the many jewelry items that showcase this rare and magnetic gemstone. Each one adds elegance and spiritual value to your outfit.

So, whether you choose a necklace adorned with prehnite or a pair of earrings that feature this unique gemstone, wearing prehnite jewelry will allow you to boast your fashion sense while carrying the stone’s positive vibrations with you throughout the day.

Prehnite Pendant

From simple teardrop pendants to intricate, highly detailed ones, prehnite pendants are versatile and simply stunning. When you choose to purchase a prehnite pendant, you’re deciding to indulge in the excellence and natural charisma of the stone. These jewels can be set in gold or silver, and they can be styled for both casual and highly formal occasions. 

Prehnite Ring

Enter a world of enchantment with prehnite rings – a ridiculously beautiful piece of prehnite jewelry that can be worn to the office or used for a marriage proposal to your special someone. Crafted with care and precision, this ring is a stellar example of prehnite’s power.

It is one of the easiest methods of absorbing prehnite’s vibrations on a daily basis, and by simply choosing to wear one every day, you can raise your vibrational state tremendously. It is also the epitome of everlasting love and commitment, so don’t hesitate to gift your partner with one of these beauties on a wedding anniversary or Valentine’s day.

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Prehnite Ring Silver

For those who appreciate the classic allure of silver, prehnite rings are a perfect choice. The cold, clean appearance of silver bands are a great addition to prehnite’s warm and vibrant hue. Silver elevates the classy look of prehnite, so you’ll look extra regal and sophisticated when wearing one.

Metaphysically, these two minerals work together to keep you focused and aware of yourself. So, you’ll look like royalty and be the smartest person in the room with a silver prehnite ring on your finger.

Prehnite Engagement Ring

A prehnite engagement ring is a special, unique, and meaningful choice for couples looking for an alternative to traditional engagement ring gemstones. Prehnite’s symbolism of unconditional love and emotional balance suggests a good omen of a happy and honest marriage.

So, it’s an ideal choice when expressing your deep love and profound connection. With its extraordinary beauty, it will also delight and surprise your partner in the moment of your proposal. 

Green Prehnite Ring

Green prehnite rings are the most popular and classic choice when shopping for prehnite jewelry. They’re crafted specifically to highlight the natural, mesmerizing green color of the stone. Often, they are paired with gold bands to add an extra layer of warmth to the stone’s appearance.

These rings come in many shapes and sizes, and they range from delicate pastels to more strikingly colorful shades. Wearing one of these accessories will add a pop of color to your outfit while connecting you with the healing and calming energies of the stone.

Pandora Prehnite Ring

Pandora offers a range of prehnite rings that show off the brand’s signature style. The Danish jewelry manufacturer is associated with elegance, class, and affluence. So, you’ll be investing in a fashion upgrade.

Pandora tends to add a unique touch of modern femininity to its accessories, so it is perfect for the contemporary woman who knows how to nourish and cherish herself. A ring from Pandora will symbolize your dedication to yourself – as well as your powerful ability to express yourself and your style.

Prehnite Cabochon

They’re small, they’re adorable, and they’re loaded with abundant and transformative energies. Prehnite cabochons are all the rage, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you gemstone and jewelry fanatics out there. These lovely jewels can be carried around in the palm of your hand for protection and positivity.

However, they can also be set into bracelets and pendants, so you can use them to make your own custom accessories. Prehnite cabochons are malleable, spiritually energizing, and they are a wonderful way to show off the stone’s natural beauty.

Prehnite Necklace

If you’re ready to open up that heart chakra and invite love and romance into your life, a prehnite necklace is the easiest, prettiest way forward. Prehnite necklaces kill two birds with one beautiful stone. That’s because they’re both highly effective in the spiritual department and the fashion department.

They look beyond beautiful when added to a casual or elegant outfit, but no matter how you wear them, they will fill your heart with power and passion, and your empathy and ability to love yourself will soar through the roof.

prehnite necklace

Prehnite Beaded Necklace

A prehnite beaded necklace is a stylish and bohemian-inspired accessory that features prehnite beads strung together in unique and delightful ways. The natural variations in prehnite beads add depth and character to the necklace, while the stone’s metaphysical qualities provide the wearer with emotional healing and peace – especially in the heart space.

Prehnite beaded necklaces can be bought as a finished product, or you can make your own necklace using prehnite beads. Either way, you are sure to appreciate the beauty of prehnite – and so will everyone who sees you rocking one of these gorgeous accessories.

Prehnite Earrings

If you’re looking for elegance, look no further than prehnite earrings. These prehnite jewels offer versatility in their wide array of designs – from dainty stud earrings to drop-dead gorgeous drop earrings. Whichever prehnite earrings you choose, they will effortlessly elevate your look.

Prehnite earrings can also keep you focused and clear-headed. So, even when you’re not feeling particularly glamorous, you’ll gain a lot from wearing these earrings to the office or during remote work – or even during a long overdue catchup with a loved one.

Prehnite Stud Earrings

We believe in the power of understated, minimalistic jewelry. And if you’re reading this, then you probably do, too. These earrings are timeless, and they ooze the elegance of prehnite in a subtle, quietly confident way. The understated beauty of prehnite stud earrings makes them perfect for everyday wear, and the calming, clarifying energies they provide will make each and every day a special one.

Prehnite Bracelet

Your spiritual protection and wellbeing will enter a new playing field when you adorn yourself with prehnite bracelets. From the soothing energies to the mesmerizing colors, you won’t be able to get enough of them. And that’s not a problem – there are so many different prehnite bracelets to choose from!

You’ll be able to keep feeding your thirst for prehnite bracelets for an eternity with the options at your disposal, from beaded bracelets to cabochon-set bracelets, and even combinations of prehnite and other gemstones. Wearing a prehnite bracelet will give you access to the stone’s healing and transformative properties every single day.

Prehnite Uses

While jewelry is one of prehnite’s most glamorous and diverse uses, the stone can actually be used in a number of other ways. In fact, prehnite’s versatility is part of what makes it such a popular and highly regarded stone.

Of course, prehnite is decorative and spiritually significant. It can be used in décor, jewelry, meditation, crystal healing, spiritual rituals, feng shui, ornaments, and even as an emotional support tool. But, these are just a few examples - it gets even more interesting than that. So, stick around while we discuss prehnite’s many uses.

Prehnite Beads

Prehnite beads are tiny, spherical gemstones that have often been polished and drilled to create jewelry-worthy gemstone beads. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and they can be used to create a number of accessories – from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and other accessories.

These bite-sized prehnite specimens are ideal for making your own jewelry or for simply keeping in your pocket for peace of mind and spiritual harmony.


Green Prehnite Beads

Prehnite’s signature green color is sought after by almost anyone who loves a high quality green gemstone. So, naturally, green prehnite beads are used to create some of the most spectacular jewelry pieces on the planet. These beads range in color and saturation, but their unique prehnite-green quality makes them a best seller in jewelry markets.

It also doesn’t hurt that these beads carry with them a rejuvenating, serene energy, and they promote stress relief and a deeper connection with nature. Whether used on their own or combined with other beads, green prehnite beads will add a refreshing, calming vibe to any jewelry design. 

Prehnite Sphere

Ah, the magical prehnite sphere. It’s a ball of wonder and goodness just waiting to sit on your bookshelf or be used in your next guided meditation. A prehnite sphere brings the beauty of prehnite to life in a perfectly rounded form – its smooth surface reflecting light and revealing the depths and details of its enchanting green hues.

Not only is the prehnite sphere a magnificent piece of décor that brings positive energy and optimism into any space – it is also a bringer of serenity and restfulness. As you gaze at your own prehnite sphere, you’ll feel serenity enter your aura and watch as your room fills with an ambiance of balance and calm.

Prehnite Chips

No, we’re not talking about the kind of chips you gamble with or the kind of chips you eat. Prehnite chips are even better! These small, irregular pieces of prehnite are like fragments of natural beauty scattered across the Earth.

Each chip has a unique story and origin to speak of, and they all bring light and magic to the space around them. Try incorporating prehnite chips into your décor by filling or decorating your favorite vase with them or scattering them along a tabletop. They’ll create a whimsical and earthy atmosphere in your home. Plus, they’ll encourage growth, renewal, and abundance, so they’re the perfect housewarming gift.

Prehnite Ball

Are you in the market for a perfectly shaped orb of prehnite? Well, after reading this section, you will be.

Prehnite balls are stunning decorative items, but they are equally useful as conduits for spiritual growth and emotional transformation. These ornaments are a feast for the eyes with their various colors and inclusions, and their ability to channel nature’s supportive and calming energies is just the cherry on top.

Prehnite balls symbolize the flow of life. They can be used for stress relief and in meditation, and they assist you in your journey of attaining higher wisdom. All you have to do is pick one up and embrace its vibrations, and it will transport you into a world of peace and self-discovery.

How to Cleanse Prehnite

Keeping your stone clean and happy is a necessary and spiritually significant aspect of your spiritual connection to it. So, let’s give you what you need to know.

Cleaning prehnite is relatively straightforward. Once every month, bring your tap water to a lukewarm temperature and hold your stone underneath the tap for ten minutes. If your prehnite is raw, you might need to use high pressure water to really get into all those nooks and crannies.

You can also use a mild soap to clean the stone, but make sure not to use any products that contain acids, as this might damage the stone. In addition to the physical cleaning process, you’ll also want to give your stone a spiritual cleanse. Prehnite enjoys soaking in the full moonlight in order to restore and reinvigorate its metaphysical properties.

You should also meditate with your stone once a month and set your intentions for your spiritual journey. This way, your prehnite will operate with clarity and vigour to bring you what you need. 

Prehnite with Other Stones

We all love mixing and matching when it comes to bikinis and furniture, so why should stones be any different? Prehnite can work wonders on your life when used in isolation, but it can also be used in conjunction with certain other stones to achieve a unique range of benefits.

In this section, we’ll uncover which stones work best with prehnite to attain a well-rounded and healthy spiritual life. Each stone will affect the energy of prehnite in a different way, so your ideal pairing will become clear as we get into the nitty gritty. 

prehnite with other gems

Prehnite with Black Tourmaline 

When prehnite and black tourmaline join forces, an energetic powerhouse is formed! These two incredible stones create a dynamic duo that brings together the calming and nurturing properties of prehnite with the grounding and protective energies of black tourmaline.

Prehnite and black tourmaline form a harmonious bond in order to balance your heart and root chakras. While prehnite opens the heart to love and compassion, black tourmaline acts as a shield – repelling negative energies and promoting a sense of stability.

These two stones provide a safe space for emotional healing and grounding during challenging times, and they empower you to navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience and poise. 

Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Meaning

The combination of prehnite with black tourmaline carries a deep symbolic meaning. These two stones represent the harmonious integration of light and shadow, love and protection.

Prehnite symbolizes the power of the heart and the ability to dream. Meanwhile, black tourmaline symbolizes strength and protection, shielding against bad and harmful vibrations. Together, these stones embody the balance between vulnerability and resilience. They remind us that without vulnerability, we cannot achieve resilience, and vice versa.

Being able to be both hard and soft is crucial in life, and we mustn’t get stuck in being just one. We can embrace love and compassion while standing firmly in our personal power. Black tourmaline and prehnite remind us to cultivate inner strength and compassion in the face of adversity.

Prehnite with Epidote

Prehnite and epidote – an award-worthy combination of stones. These stunning gemstones form a partnership that magnifies their individual properties, creating a powerful foundation for personal growth and transformation.

Prehnite’s ability to promote deep rest merges with epidote’s transformative energy. Together, they create a support system of emotional healing, self-discovery, healthy sleep, and spiritual awakening. Pairing prehnite with epidote will give you the opportunity to embrace change, release old patterns, and step into your true potential. It’s a tag team of transformation, ready to take you on a journey of empowerment and self-reflexivity!

Prehnite with Epidote Benefits

If you’ve been struggling with nightmares, bad sleep, emotional distress, or stagnant emotions, listen up! Prehnite and epidote might be the cure you need. These two stones offer a myriad of benefits when used in conjunction. They encourage personal growth, amplify intuition, and support spiritual development.

Prehnite with epidote inclusions provide pathways to release stagnant emotions and patterns in order to develop into the new version of yourself. These two stones also enhance clarity of thought, promoting a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

When used or found together, prehnite and epidote can stop bad dreams in their tracks. So, if you have been having nightmares or unsettled sleep, this combination was made for you.

half body laying on a bed

Epidote and Prehnite Energy

The energies of epidote and prehnite merge together incredibly smoothly, organically, and magically. It’s like a dance of growth and healing! Epidote’s ability to activate the solar plexus chakra makes it a true igniter of personal power and growth.

Prehnite’s energy de-stresses the body and resonates with the heart chakra – promoting deep and profound compassion. When these energies intertwine, they create a synergy that supports the integration of personal power and heart-centeredness. 

Prehnite with Epidote Healing

The healing potential of prehnite with epidote is extraordinary. This combination is said to help facilitate the release of past traumas, fears, and negative patterns. It supports the regeneration of the emotional body and promotes a sense of inner peace and acceptance of what is. Prehnite with epidote may also heal any spiritual wounds you have with your higher self or with Spirit.

Prehnite with Epidote Properties

Prehnite and epidote complement one another’s properties, and together, they create a rich blend of properties that seek to enhance your spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Prehnite gives off gentle, soothing vibrations, and the stone is known to assist with deep sleep, psychic abilities, and emotional stability. Epidote, on the other hand, is centred around evolution, empowerment, and change. Together, these stones create a formidable energetic field that boosts self-reflection, emotional release, and spiritual evolution.

This unique partnership holds the potential to awaken dormant abilities, ignite personal power, and create a connection between what you want and what you will become.

Raw Prehnite with Epidote

Raw prehnite with epidote is a treasure to behold. Often, raw prehnite will include very noticeable traces of epidote in its composition. These two minerals showcase one another’s natural beauty and energy in a pure, genuine, and extraordinary way.

Raw prehnite’s soothing green hue is the perfect foil to epidote’s dark, alluring color. The result is a visual tapestry of transformation and spiritual power. Raw prehnite with epidote serves as a tool for personal growth and emotional reckoning that can be used by anyone in meditation and crystal healing.

Its raw and unfiltered energy invites you to embrace your authenticity and release old, unfulfilling habits. Working with raw prehnite and epidote allows you to tap into the forces of nature and experience the profoundly transformative energies that come with it. 

Prehnite and Moldavite

Get ready for a cosmic collision of life-affirming energies! The blending of prehnite’s comforting qualities with the intense, fast-acting power of moldavite is simply magic. This life changing combination creates a bridge between the heart and the higher realms, so any deep desires you hold dear to you will come to the forefront when working with these two stones.

Prehnite’s calming vibration supports the balanced integration of moldavite’s high frequency vibrations, enabling fast change alongside a grounded and balanced expansion of consciousness.

These two stones work together to unlock hidden potential, accelerate personal growth and manifestations, and connect you to higher realms of wisdom and spiritual guidance. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of cosmic connection, understanding, and transformation. 

Prehnite for Sale

So, you’re understandably amazed by the wonders of prehnite, and you’re tempted to purchase one of your very own prehnite stones. Well, we have a little how-to guide to help you as you embark on your shopping expedition.

So, whether you’re looking for a stone to accompany you through your meditations or a prehnite accessory that will make your outfit runway-ready, we have all the advice you need to make your shopping experience easy and safe.

How Much is Prehnite Worth

Prehnite value is a lot more than just a price tag. However, if you’re a financially savvy person, or you’re on a tight budget, it’s important to manage your expectations and keep an eye out for the best deals when you’re in the market for a prehnite stone.

The value of prehnite varies based on its quality, size, color, saturation, clarity, and the market demand. This is the case with all gemstones, as high quality, large stones tend to be more expensive. Fewer inclusions and more transparency are also factors that boost the price of a prehnite.

In addition, prehnite jewelry will generally cost more than a prehnite stone because the price accounts for design and craftsmanship. Generally speaking, a prehnite stone costs between one and thirteen dollars per carat. For smaller prehnite stones, you can pay less than a dollar by shopping online.

For a good quality, larger specimen, you can often expect to pay around ten dollars. However, as the size and color of the stone become more astonishing and unique, you can pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a prehnite. 

Prehnite Cabochon Value

Prehnite cabochons can vary in value based on the same qualities we mentioned earlier. Quality, size, origins, and craftsmanship all play a huge role in determining how much a prehnite costs. Color intensity and clarity of the highly sought-after prehnite green color also have a major influence on the price of prehnite.

While highly coveted prehnite cabochons with vibrant colors and excellent craftsmanship may command higher prices, it is easy to find good quality prehnite cabochons for less than ten dollars.

Prehnite in Bulk

If one prehnite stone isn’t enough for you, consider buying in bulk. It’s a more cost-effective option for those of you who want lots of prehnite stones! Bulk purchases are available at gemstone wholesalers, suppliers, or even directly from the mines if you want to skip the middleman.

Buying prehnite in bulk is ideal for jewelry designers and decorators because it gives you a wider range of stones to work with, and you save a lot of money in the long run.

Prehnite Beads Wholesale

An even better shopping choice for jewelry designers and artisans is buying prehnite beads in bulk. Even if you’re wanting to create your own jewelry pieces as a novice to jewelry making, this option can help you save cash for a rainy day. Wholesale suppliers offer prehnite beads in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing for creativity and customization.

Always remember, however, that safety should be your top priority when making a purchase – especially online. Research reputable wholesale suppliers specializing in gemstones and beads to ensure good quality and authenticity. If you are ever in doubt, read online reviews about the website or store you are wishing to purchase from, and don’t hesitate to ask the seller about the stone’s origins to make sure that you’re getting a fair deal.

When entering your credit card details online in order to make a purchase, you want to be certain that the seller has no bad intentions. So, stay safe, ask questions, and have fun while shopping for your prehnite stones.


At this point in our article, you know just as much as we do about the enchanting prehnite crystal. With that in mind, there is nothing left to do but thank you for choosing to make us a part of your prehnite journey. Together, we have explored the mesmerizing colors of the prehnite stone, basked in its soothing energy, and unraveled its metaphysical mysteries.

From its gentle embrace of the heart to its transformative powers of growth and healing, prehnite has proven itself to be a true gem in the vast treasure trove that is Mother Earth. So, whether you’re adorning yourself with a prehnite pendant as we speak, or planning a meditation with a prehnite sphere, or simply planning a shopping trip to buy a prehnite cabochon, may you always feel the profound connection between nature and spirit that this stone embodies. 

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