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Unakite: Complete Guide (2024)

unakite gem

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about unakite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


The unakite crystal is a unique and beautiful gemstone with a long and fascinating history. The unakite stone was first documented by renowned American geologist and mineralogist Samuel Franklin Emmons in the late 1800's. Unakite is composed of pink orthoclase, green epidote and quartz.

This combination creates an eye-catching mixture of green, pink and sometimes grey and black. Unakite can be found on all six continents, but is especially prevalent in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. Unakite is thought to have some metaphysical properties such as balancing the emotions, improving self-esteem and enhancing relationships.

This blog post will examine the interesting history of this gemstone as well as the metaphysical properties and uses associated with it. Stay tuned to learn all about this unique and beautiful gemstone.

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Unakite Meaning

The unakite gemstone is an interesting looking, multi-colored stone composed of pink feldspar, green epidote and quartz. It has become very popular in the jewellery world due to its vibrant colors and its believed metaphysical properties. In general, it is associated with harmonizing one’s mental, physical, and spiritual states.

It works by connecting our emotional body with our spiritual side and helps release negative energies. It is believed to be grounding and cleansing and to support healthy outcomes for those in search of balance. Unakite is also a popular stone among those seeking to bring their past experiences into clarity.

What is Unakite?

The unakite rock is a type of metamorphic rock found primarily in the United States and parts of South Africa. It is composed of quartz, feldspar, and epidote, giving it a distinctive green-pink-orange blend of colors. It is commonly found in the form of smooth, rounded river rocks that have been subjected to physical and chemical weathering over millions of years.

On a physical level, unakite has an average hardness of six out of ten on the Mohs scale, making it durable enough to resist scratches and cracks when handled or worn. Its texture is typically very granulated, though it can vary in how fine the grains are.

What is Unakite Made of?

Unakite is a beautiful, unique stone made of a combination of two different minerals - pink orthoclase feldspar and green epidote. It was originally sourced from the Unakas Mountains of North Carolina, giving it its name.

Unakite is primarily known for its beautiful blend of earthy colours, usually ranging from pale to deep green, with splashes of pink or salmon colour. It can also come in a variety of patterns which add to its unique beauty. This stone has long been an inspiration to those who appreciate its unique combination of colours. 

Unakite Pronunciation

For the most part, unakite is pronounced phonetically. It is pronounced as follows: U-na-kite. However, it is worth noting that the “u” is pronounced the same as the u in the word “unicorn.” Not as the u in the word “umbrella.”

Unakite Spiritual Meaning

unakite pendant

Unakite is a stone that is closely connected to the zodiac. It has a spiritual meaning associated with the third eye, justice, fairness, and the knowledge of the divine. Unakite is known as a symbol of perseverance and resilience. It is believed to heighten self-awareness, and to bring forth the truth and inner-light within. Unakite aids in stimulating clairvoyance and encourages spiritual growth.

The gemstone is closely connected to the zodiac, and it is believed that it helps those born under Aires, Libra, and Aquarius. It is said that if these zodiacs carry unakite, it can bring justice and fairness into their lives. Unakite zodiac is also said to help aid in decision making, allowing these zodiacs to gain the wisdom and knowledge they need for guidance.

Unakite Metaphysical Meaning

It comes from the Greek words “una” and “ki” meaning “growing together”. It is a form of granite, composed of pink feldspar, green epidote, and quartz. It brings together the yin and yang energies, harmonizing relationships and providing emotional growth.

Because of its composition, unakite is said to help uncover repressed feelings and give a clearer view on emotions. It can bring emotional balance and increase the capacity for unconditional love between friends and family. Its green and pink coloring make it a multidimensional stone which can help channel life force energy to any limb of the body, providing healing on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

What is Unakite Used for?

As unakite is a metaphysical stone, many people use it for metaphysical and spiritual advancement. The practice of meditation with this stone as an aid is a powerful ritual that benefits many alike. Unakite affirmation is a real thing! It has been used for centuries, and its popularity has grown in recent years due to its many potential uses. 

Unakite has healing properties that make it a popular stone for those looking to restore emotional balance and deepen spiritual connection. It's often used in meditation and healing ceremonies, allowing the user to better process and manage feelings of depression or fear. It's also believed that unakite can help reveal past and present life connections and foster different forms of creativity. 

Is Unakite Valuable?

Unakite is not a very valuable or expensive stone. In terms of its market value, unakite is often seen priced from $10 to $50 USD per carat, with some rare pieces fetching upwards of $100. This makes unakite a great option for anyone looking for a unique gem at an accessible price.

Given its distinct patterns, unique symbolism, and affordability, it’s no wonder that unakite has become such a popular stone and is prized by collectors and jewellery makers alike.

Unakite Chakra

Unakite is a crystal that is known to benefit the heart chakra. It carries a balancing and unifying vibration that helps to bring together the physical and spiritual aspects of the body and soul. The energy of unakite helps you connect to your divine, loving self-image.

Unakite's healing energy releases blockages in the heart, allowing emotional and spiritual energies to flow. This can help one to better understand and express their emotions, and accept themselves as they truly are. It can also help release old patterns and habits that are holding one back and preventing them from moving forward in life.

Unakite Benefits

It is believed that unakite is a comforting stone for those struggling with anxiety and fear, as it helps to separate you from fear and control of the physical world. Unakite can be used to restore balance in all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit.

It helps to centre thoughts on what is essential, allowing individuals to relax and release unwanted energies. It is also believed to be an aid in balancing the emotions, linking one to spiritual energy.

Physically, it is thought that unakite can help improve health and its healing properties are ideal for women’s health as it supports hormonal balance and a healthy pregnancy.

Unakite is known to help create healthy relationships by reconciling differences, allowing you to forgive and move on. It’s also believed that unakite can alleviate stress and anxiety by providing grounding energy and opening your heart to love.

Unakite for Pregnancy

pregnant woman

Unakite is a type of granite that has been used to aid pregnant women for centuries. This powerful stone is thought to aid fertility and conception, assist in healthy labor and delivery, and provide emotional support during pregnancy.

It may soothe and calm the mind of a pregnant woman, allowing her to embrace the changes her body is going through. Unakite is also believed to help balance bodily energy and hormones which might be beneficial for those struggling through hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy.

Unakite for labor is also a thing! It is believed to balance the emotional and spiritual bodies, making it a great stone to wear during labor. The green hues bring deep emotional understanding and compassion, enabling one to tap into their inner strength and wisdom to carry them through labor. The pink strengthens the connection to the heart, easing tension and offering gentle calmness to the labor experience.

Please note that this information should never override the advice of a medical practitioner. Consult your medical practitioner first and foremost about any health concerns you may have regarding pregnancy and labor.

Unakite for Fertility

Unakite is believed to promote fertility in both men and women. It is an incredible stone as it has several tales of success that display its true power. Unakite unleashes its energy to stimulate intimacy, attainment of conception as well as healthy pregnancy as it counteracts any blockages related to fertility.

It has a deep connection with Mother Earth, empowering the user to communicate with the heavenly spirits to guide them and lead them onto the pathway of fertility and fulfillment.

Unakite for Love

Unakite is thought to help bring harmony into all types of relationships, by promoting unconditional love and joy. It also helps balance out emotions like anger and frustration, allowing us to communicate more clearly with our loved ones. Unakite can help us to accept the changes that life brings, in order to move our relationship forward.

It encourages us to stay in the present, so we can enjoy every moment with the one we love. Unakite also helps build trust and understanding between two people. It can help us to appreciate and accept our partner for who they are, and bask in their uniqueness.

Unakite Healing

Unakite is a wonderful stone for healing the emotional body, especially as it is believed to release suppressed feelings by allowing emotional states to come to the surface. It helps to resolve congested energy, which can result from holding onto information that no longer serves the individual. By stimulating the third eye, it opens our intuition to see our present situations more clearly, providing insight and guidance for our decisions. Unakite can even help to alleviate stress and constant worry.

Where is Unakite Found?

The main sources of unakite are the USA, Brazil, India, Madagascar, and Australia. In the USA, unakite can be found in the metamorphic rocks of the Blue Ridge Mountains in eastern parts of the country, and is also found in the western United States in small deposits. In Brazil, unakite is found in the foothills of the Parana Mountains.

In India, the gemstone is found in the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Orissa. In Madagascar, unakite can be found in the gemstone mines of the south-western part of the island. Finally, in Australia, unakite is found in the gemstone fields of Victoria and New South Wales. Unakite is a popular gemstone for jewellery making and is used in many different pieces of jewellery.

Unakite in Virginia

Unakite was discovered in Virginia in the 1800s, so it is a popular stone among collectors across the United States and particularly in Virginia. The stone is often found near streams, rivers, and other bodies of water, and it’s common in some parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Unakite Properties

In this next section we’re going to be covering all the different properties of unakite. These include its healing properties, metaphysical properties and spiritual properties. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Unakite Healing Properties

The stone may help to balance our emotional states, allowing us to express our feelings without overwhelming fear of judgment or rejection. Unakite can also create a feeling of comfort and security during times of stress or confusion, as it infuses us with unconditional love and compassion.

It may also help with overcoming any physical energy blocks that can keep us from fully embracing and enjoying the present moment. Unakite is believed to be an incredibly powerful healing stone that can help to unlock the doors of awareness, allowing us to discover our true potential.

Unakite Metaphysical Properties

triangular figures

In metaphysical terms, unakite is believed to be a stone of vision, connecting the physical plane with the spiritual. It is said to raise your vibration, helping you to break through any blocks on the physical, mental and emotional level. This helps manifest something new, allowing for growth.

It also assists in healing by releasing pent up emotions, balancing emotions, and allowing for emotional issues to be seen in a new light. Unakite is associated with balancing the energies of the heart and mind and is sometimes referred to as a stone of patience.

Beyond this, it is thought to be connected to the elements of earth, fire, air, and water, symbolizing strength, creativity, and the power of working together. It is also thought to bring balance to these elements, helping the wearer with emotional strength and understanding. Unakite is filled with metaphysical power that helps bring gentle energy into your life.

Spiritual Properties of Unakite

This stone is known to bring with it spiritual growth and understanding while still keeping a person grounded in the physical world. It works to activate past life memory recall as well as helping one to understand the consequences of their actions.

Unakite also has the power to help with visualizing the bigger picture and future possibilities. It aids in understanding spiritual teachings and having a focused spiritual understanding. Unakite can be used to help foster strong relationships between people and support in parenting roles while being able to detach from the situation if needed.

Unakite and Bloodstone

Unakite and bloodstone are often found together and complement each other. Unakite is a type of granite made with both pink and green hues which is believed to hold the healing power of both colors. Bloodstone is a dark jasper speckled with bright red, often referred to as the stone of courage and strength.

Together, these stones are believed to have powerful healing properties for both the physical and spiritual. The combined energy of these two stones may help boost inner strength, improve self-confidence, and even help with emotional well-being.

These stones may work together to provide balance and reduce anxiety, while offering protection from stress and negative energy. The combination of unakite’s calming abilities and bloodstone’s energizing nature creates a powerful duo with the potential to restore harmony and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Is Unakite the Same as Bloodstone?

No, unakite is not the same as bloodstone. Unakite is a type of metamorphic rock that is composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and quartz. It gets its green and pink colors from the minerals that make it up. The unique, mottled pattern of green and pink can help to differentiate unakite from other types of gemstones. 

Bloodstone, on the other hand, is a dark-green jasper flecked with red jasper. It is believed to be a powerful calming and grounding stone that increases courage, calms aggression, and helps to bring emotional balance. It is thought to help with healing the root chakra, boosting the immune system, purifying the blood, and helping to detoxify the body.

Tigers Eye and Unakite

Unakite and tigers eye are very complementary. Together, they make a stunning and balanced pairing. Unakite is known as the “stone of vision and transformation” while tigers eye is known for being a stone of luck and protection, and when used together, they bring clarity, balance, and joy into the lives of those who work with them. 

Unakite is believed to inspire insight, spiritual growth, and transformation while tigers eye encourages confident action and provides the strength and stability to make those changes. Together, these stones symbolize the perfect balance between growth and security and can be used to manifest success and well-being. These stones are essential stones for those looking to strengthen their connection to themselves and those around them while forging a path to greater happiness and harmony.

Unakite Types

In this next section we’re going to be covering all the different types of unakite. These include unakite as jasper, raw unakite, tumbled unakite and unakite spheres. Read on to find out all you need to know about the different types of unakite.

Unakite Jasper

Unakite and jasper are two very different stones, but each has their own unique properties. Unakite is a type of granite that is mainly composed of pink feldspar, green epidote, and quartz. It is believed to be an emotional healing stone, and is thought to revitalize the body and spirit by connecting them to the divine. Its energy is said to be calming and can help instill positive feelings. 

Jasper is an opaque, sedimentary rock, which typically consists of silica, iron, or magnesium and is found in a variety of colors ranging from deep red to creamy yellow. It is used for various metaphysical and spiritual purposes. It is most well- known for its powers of protection, balance, and clarity. Jasper is said to be a very positive stone and can inspire creativity and confidence.

Raw Unakite

Raw unakite is also known as unakite in the rough. The raw unakite mineral is a popular stone for carving. Unakite is a relatively soft stone so it is a great choice for beginner carvers. When raw unakite is cut, drilled, and polished, it reveals an even brighter and more detailed pattern.

As the carver works, they can choose to keep the natural pattern of the stone or carve it into a specific shape or design. With the right tools and a bit of patience, anyone can carve raw unakite into a work of art. While the process of caring for unakite is relatively simple, the results are often stunning.

Finishing the piece with a sanding and perhaps a bit of wax, a beautiful piece of unakite can be created that reflects its unique beauty and color. With just a few simple steps and some creative vision, anyone can make something special and unique with raw unakite.

Tumbled Unakite

To tumble unakite into jewellery-quality stones, you will need a tumbling machine. Fill the tumbling machine with a batch of unakite stones, water, and either fine-grade silicone carbide grit or rock polish. Turn on the machine and run it for 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the stones and the amount of grit added. After the tumbling process is complete, it is time to check the stones. 

Rinse the stones with warm water to remove any grit or debris and check the stones to ensure the desired finish has been achieved. If further polishing is necessary, add more fine-grade silicone carbide grit and run the machine for another 1-2 weeks. To finish, add rock polish.

Fill the tumbling machine halfway with the unakite stones, add rock polish, then enough water to cover. Allow the stones to run for another 1-2 weeks. This final polish should give your unakite an inviting shine.

Once the tumbling process is done, pour out the abrasive slurry with the rocks onto a sieve and rinse it off with water. Sort and inspect each tumbled rock and remove debris from the surfaces. Dry the rocks and check the finished pieces. The tumbled pieces should be uniform, with smoother and relatively flat surfaces. Finally, polish the tumbled stones with jewellery polish for an even glossier finish.

unakite gemstones

Unakite Sphere

Unakite is said to be a stone of vision, and its sphere shape allows for focusing energy in whatever direction you intend. Whether used in spiritual practice, creative energy, or simple decoration, this type of gemstone has a variety of uses and benefits.

When placed in a sacred space, like an altar or meditation room, a unakite sphere can help to open up one’s spiritual vision, allowing one to see beyond materialistic pursuits and delve into deeper realms of consciousness.

Working with a unakite sphere can help initiate a connection with nature and the divine realms, offering a blessing of balance, growth, and harmony. The sphere also works to ward off negative energies, protect the user, and promote positive vibrations in the environment.

Unakite Color

In this next section we’re going to be covering all the different color variations of unakite. These include green, black, pink, gold and red unakite. But before that, let’s delve into the different color combinations that could compliment this stone.

For a softer look, combine unakite with lavender and silver. This combination adds lovely shades of pink and purple to toned-down neutral shades. For a vibrant look, combine unakite with lime green and bright yellow. This combination is fresh and cheerful, perfect for an informal gathering.

For a bolder look, pair unakite with deep red and black. The combination of deep, rich colors and the contrast of lighter shades is perfect for an elegant evening. For a contrast of warm and cool colors, pair unakite with navy and coral. This combination is great for any occasion, modern or traditional. 

Green Unakite

The base color of green unakite is a light to mid-range green. This green is sometimes mottled with beautiful swirls of lighter tints of green, as well as flashes of apricot, pink, and earth tones. This combination of colors is often referred to as a “watermelon” effect due to the similarity between the colors and the inside of a watermelon.

Every stone is different and no two pieces can look the same, giving each piece of jewellery an unmistakable originality and charm. Green unakite is also endowed with metaphysical properties, making the surprising color palette of this gemstone even more impressive. 

Black Unakite

The mix of colors creates a marbling effect that is very unique and beautiful. The various colors and elements meld together beautifully to create the black unakite stone we all admire. It is the only gemstone to combine pink, green, and neutral colors gold, tan, red, grey and black.

When viewed up close, the intricate marbling of the individual components creates a complex pattern that appears to be almost alive. This incredible attention to detail and complexity makes black unakite a truly astonishing gemstone, and treasured possession for those lucky enough to own one.

Pink Unakite 

Pink unakite is a unique stone that combines green and pink in one. It has a beautiful, delicate mottled appearance with shades of mint green and gentle pink. The pink is created by small amounts of epidote and trace amounts of feldspar, while the green is created by the jasper crystals.

Because of its unique combination of colors and minerals, it is believed to hold the qualities of both stones, making pink unakite a very powerful stone. It is said to help us to release bad emotions and eliminate negative energies within, while also helping to restore and heal both the physical and the emotional.

Pink Unakite Meaning

Pink unakite is a metaphysical stone that is said to have powerful healing and spiritual properties. It combines rose-pink feldspar (which stands for the love shared between two people) with green epidote (which supports emotional balance and growth) and is believed to help us connect to our heart chakra.

This brings emotional balance and helps us to communicate our feelings. As it is connected to the heart chakra, it brings harmony and unconditional love. It also encourages us to accept our past, heal from emotional wounds, and move forward into a brighter future. Pink unakite is believed to foster love within relationships, heighten creativity, and strengthen boundaries between people.

Gold Unakite

Gold unakite is a stunningly beautiful stone with a unique combination of colors. It is made up of green epidote, pink granite and golden mica and is a true show stopper. The greens of the epidote sparkle within the gold mica and bring out the elegance of the pink granite.

This gorgeous combination of colors engraves its presence on any jewellery, especially earrings and pendants. It is a perfect statement piece for those who want to draw attention to their outfit. Gold unakite is a stone of balance and inspiration; it helps to bring its owner to a fresh space in life and to embrace all that the universe has to offer.

Red Unakite 

Red unakite is a beautiful, vibrant combination of colors. The precious stone has red, orange and green swirls, blended together seamlessly to create a one-of-a-kind look. It often has hues of pink due to the presence of the mineral feldspar.

The stone has a distinct look that features a mosaic appearance, due to the parallel arrangements of its minerals. It works well for jewellery and art due to its stunning colors. Red unakite is believed to be a powerful healing tool that encourages vision and clarity.

Unakite Jewellery

Wearing unakite jewellery is a very common practice amongst gemstone enthusiasts. Unakite is popular for its aesthetics, and is often used to make jewellery or decorative accents.

In this next section we’re going to be covering all the different types of unakite jewellery that are available on the market. These include unakite necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and cabochons. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Unakite Necklace

Unakite necklaces come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of the most popular necklaces feature a single unakite pendant, often set in silver or gold. The pendant often features a unique design, such as a polished stone or intricate carvings.

Some necklaces feature multiple pendants, each one with its own unique design. Other necklaces might feature various sizes of unakite stones suspended on a chain. These can be worn in varying combinations to create stunning necklaces. Some necklaces incorporate other stones, such as quartz or lapis lazuli, to create truly unique designs.

unakite necklace

Unakite Bracelet

Some unakite bracelets are made of polished gemstones, while others feature etched designs. Some people even wear unakite bracelets featuring natural gemstone chips. In addition to the traditional bracelet styles, there are one-of-a-kind combinations featuring various gemstones, like topaz, peridot, and swiss blue topaz.

The intricate combination of various materials creates a unique and stylish look. Other bracelet options include those of sterling silver, genuine leather, and beaded designs. Unique pieces, such as two-toned bracelets, are also a popular option for those looking to make a fashion statement. 

Unakite Pendant

Unakite pendants range in size and shape, meaning you can easily find something to suit your personal style. The best place to find unakite pendants is through specialty stores and online stores such as Etsy. It is important to make sure the unakite pendant you select is free of defects and has been checked and certified by a professional.

If you are shopping online, make sure to view reviews and unakite images to verify the quality of the product. By investing in a quality unakite pendant, you can enjoy the cardioprotective benefits and unique beauty of this gemstone throughout your daily life.

Unakite Ring

Unakite rings can be found in a variety of places including online jewellery stores, craft shows, and some department stores. Unakite rings typically feature a unique green and pink stone embedded in a metal setting and can vary greatly in size and shape.

Some unakite rings are small and delicate, while others are large and bold. The colors and grain of the stone work together to create a stunning and unique pattern, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion. Unakite rings are a great way to introduce a pop of color and texture to an outfit without being too over the top.

Unakite Earrings

Unakite earrings can be found in many different places. Jewellery stores, boutiques, department stores, or even online shops carry them. They come in a wide range of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for you. Unakite earrings are usually a combination of deep green, pink, and orange.

The pink tends to be the most dominant color, often being the color of the stone as a whole. The orange and green tend to be small flecks within the stone or in subtle ridges on the outside. The lighter colors soften the overall look, making these earrings a great choice for any occasion. They’re also perfect for adding a touch of color to elegant or formal outfits.

unakite earrings

Unakite Cabochon

A cabochon is a gem that is cut into a convex shape with a flat bottom and a domed top, usually found as jewellery. It is typically cut in a simple, rounded stone with few facets, or not at all. The cabochon is often set in a simple bezel or prong setting. Unakite cabochons are made from the unakite granite rock. This stone is perfect for cabochons as it has beautiful mottled colors and the individual pieces can be polished to a high shine. 

To make unakite cabochons, use a large flat file to shape the rock into the desired shape and size. Use a finer file to smooth the top edges, and if desired, use a small grinding wheel to shape the profile.

Use a sanding wheel to smooth the surface of the stone and then a dopping band or dopping wax to attach it to the lapidary workbench. You can then use a grinding wheel to shape the dome of the cabochon. Lastly, use a polishing wheel to bring out the natural pattern and beauty of the stone.

Unakite Uses

We’ve already covered most of the applications that unakite is used for. Now we will be delving into the applications we’ve not yet touched on. You could say that this is the “unakite special features” section. We’re going to be talking about unakite beads, plugs, pendulums, unakite dice, hearts and skulls. Read on to find out all you need to know!

Unakite Beads

Unakite beads are a highly desirable item due to their beauty and versatility. They are commonly used in jewellery, as they come in a variety of beautiful colors including greens, peach, pink, and grey. Unakite beads come in many sizes and shapes, allowing for easy customization. 

Unakite beads are believed to have many energetic and healing properties, and those who practice alternative healing techniques often use them and recommend them to their clients. The stone is said to facilitate a harmonized balance between the emotions and the physical body.

Unakite Beads Meaning

They are also believed to help to release energetic blockages that can be stored in the physical body. Many believe that they have the power to unblock energy stagnation that could be related to illness or negative emotions. 

Unakite bead jewellery is commonly worn to assist in physical healing, as well as for spiritual grounding. The stone is believed to bring together energies of love and growth, making it a popular choice for crystal jewellery or healing purposes.

In addition to being used in healing rituals, it is also used as an aid for meditation, as it can assist in calming the mind and body. It is also believed to help attract abundance and invite positive energy into one’s life.

Unakite Beads Healing Properties

Unakite beads 6mm are used for many metaphysical purposes and have been used for centuries for metaphysical healing. They are believed to be a stone of vision, specifically helping to open and activate the third eye chakra.

It's believed to be able to assist in releasing blockages and patterns, leading you to more balanced and enlightened viewpoints. It allows the user to see the bigger picture in a situation and past patterns that are holding them back, be it emotional or mental. With this knowledge, many can heal to live a more fulfilled life.

Unakite Plugs

Unakite plugs are beautiful and unique stone plugs that can be used to accessorize any look, adding a subtle bit of color and style. To begin, you'll need two unakite plugs, if you're looking to get a matching pair. First, make sure that the unakite plugs are the right size for your earlobes.

After that, carefully insert the plugs gently into the holes in your earlobes, pulling the plugs so they’re just tight enough to stay in place without being too uncomfortable. Note that the smaller the plugs, the easier they are to insert. Once the plugs are successfully inserted, you’ll be able to show them off and enjoy their unique look!

Unakite Pendulum

A unakite pendulum is a type of pendulum used in dowsing and healing practices. It is shaped like a teardrop and made from unakite. It is believed to have a unique energy and a connection to the earth.

This energy is believed to help unblock stagnant energy in people’s bodies as well as clear negative vibes. People can use the pendulum to ask questions and receive answers from their higher self that can help them make decisions or help them heal.

Unakite pendulums can also be used in healing of emotional and spiritual blocks in the body, and to identify the energy that could be causing health issues.

They are said to help connect one’s intuition with universal wisdom, and by using them, one can gain clarity on a situation. Unakite pendulums can also be used in energy work to protect and promote stability, unconditional love, and balance.

Unakite Dice

This special dice is perfect for meditating or performing crystal healing rituals. It can help you align your energy with the energies of others and assist in finding your own guidance from the universe.

Simply rolling the dice and focusing on its properties can be a great tool to practice divination or simply to open up your intuitive pathways. It can also be used in lucid dreaming and astral projection to find a deeper understanding of your dreams and spirits from the world beyond.

Unakite dice is the perfect tool to help you access the energies of unakite and connect to nature and the universe on a deeper level.

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Unakite Heart

A unakite heart is a natural form of a heart that is carved out of unakite gemstone. This natural form of the heart symbolizes balance and harmony, which is why it is often used as a tool to help promote the overall health and wellbeing of its user. It is often used in meditation and healing rituals to help bring forth positive energies and fill the user with calming energy.

Unakite hearts are also used in crystal healing to help balance the chakras, ease physical pain, relieve stress, and heal emotional wounds. Finally, they are sometimes worn as a piece of jewellery to serve as a reminder of the importance of balancing life’s energies.

Unakite Skull

A unakite skull is an ornamental stone shaped like a human skull that is believed to have a lot of mystical and magical properties. It is often used in crystal healing, meditation and spiritual ceremonies. It is believed to promote physical and emotional health and balance.

As a balancing stone, unakite skull is purported to be useful in helping those struggling with change to do so more easily. It is also thought to help with the unburdening of the heart and the healing of relationships.

The unique color of the unakite skull helps to balance the energies of the heart and the mind. For those who embrace the metaphysical properties of crystals and their healing abilities, unakite skull can be an excellent addition to their spiritual practice.

How to Use Unakite

Unakite is a great stone for many uses, from home decor to healing purposes. One of the best ways to use unakite is as a meditation stone. Its calming energy can help the user to relax and get into a deeper meditative state. It can also be used as a healing stone.

Unakite is said to help clear away any negative energies and bring in more positive emotions. It can be used to help balance the chakras and the energy centers of the body. Additionally, it can be used to help with physical ailments, such as sore muscles.

Other great ways to use unakite include using it as a home decor piece to bring a bit of natural beauty into any room. It can also be worn as jewellery to help promote balance and healing energy throughout the day. Unakite is a beautiful stone with many beneficial uses.

Can Unakite Go in Water?

Unakite is a relatively soft stone, so it cannot tolerate being submerged in water for too long. If cared for properly, however, unakite can be used in the bath, shower, or hot tub.

Simply clean it thoroughly with soap and a dampened cloth, and place it in a bowl. Be sure to use enough water, so the stone is completely covered. Leave it soaking in the basin for no more than three minutes, and then remove and rinse the unakite crystal with clean, cold water.

Keep in mind that this should not be done more than once a week to protect the stone from breaking down. Lastly, be sure to dry the stone thoroughly, and store it away from any moisture so it can retain its beautiful color and shine.

How to Cleanse Unakite

To properly cleanse your unakite, you'll need to get a bowl of water, a few crystals, and a sage bundle or essential oils like frankincense, myrrh, cedar, and sandalwood.

Place the stone in the bowl of water, and then add your crystals. Add the sage bundle or the essential oils to the bowl of water, then focus your intention on cleansing the energy of the unakite. You can recite a few verses or mantras for protection, such as “I bless this stone with the energy of love and light” or “I cleanse this unakite of any energy that does not serve me”.

Once you have set your intention, wait for the stone to soak in the water for a few minutes. Afterwards, take it out of the bowl and allow it to air dry. After the cleansing process, you can recharge your unakite by placing it on a slab of amethyst or quartz.

Unakite Price

We’re about to delve into unakite values. It’s always a good idea to get your hands on some pictures of unakite before you purchase a piece. Unakite is found in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it an affordable gemstone even for smaller budgets.

Its cost depends upon factors such as carat size, shape, color, clarity, cut, and origin, but prices usually range from as little as $30 per carat up to $400 for high-grade unakite. Its affordability also makes it attractive for use in custom-made jewellery pieces; designers often use it to give a unique accent to simple pieces like earrings or necklaces.


In summary, unakite is an incredibly diverse crystal with many uses and benefits. It can help one to better understand existing problems and situations, and offer guidance and focus to resolve a difficulty. It's a powerful crystal to use in meditation, connecting the root to the heart and third-eye chakra.

It's a great aid in improving relationships and releasing emotional blocks and patterns. Ultimately, unakite is a stone of vision and growth that can help us to focus on our successes, and become aligned with our higher selves.

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