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Moqui Marbles: (Complete Guide 2024)

moqui marbles

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about moqui marbles, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


In a world where crystals are known for uplifting people's life and trajectory, marbles are often viewed with beauty and grace. 

Surprisingly, moqui marbles have proven this wrong. If you are curious to know what moqui marbles are and how they compete with crystal stones, continue reading. 

In this article, we will cover everything related to moqui. 

  • Moqui Marbles Meaning
    • Moqui Marbles and Wealth 
    • Are there Male and Female Moqui Marbles?
    • Can You Collect Moqui Marbles?
    • Where to Find Moqui Marbles?
      • Moqui Marbles in Utah
      • Moqui Marbles in Texas
      • Moqui Marbles in Arizona
  • Moqui Marbles Properties
    • Moqui Marbles Metaphysical Properties
    • Moqui Marbles Healing Properties
  • Moqui Marbles vs Boji Stones
  • How do You Use Moqui Marbles?
  • Moqui Marbles for Sale
  • Conclusion

Moqui Marbles Meaning

When hearing the word ‘marble’, the first association that comes to mind is always with a stone. But here’s a fact - moqui marbles, also known as moqui balls, aren’t stones. Instead, they are a concentration of iron oxide that covers a sandstone core. Interestingly, the exterior of the moqui ball doesn’t have any noticeable ridges and fractures, despite being rugged in nature.

While the moqui marbles are distinguishable because of their rough and rock appearance, the outer surface of these rock-solid balls is shiny in certain cases. This glow comes from hematite. 

Regarding the shape and size of these marbles, moqui doesn’t have a standard size. Instead, this marble/ball is spherical and sometimes ovoid. They range from the size of tiny, little marble to larger than a loose fist.

Moqui Marbles and Wealth

We live in a time where business relationships automatically develop everywhere. We expect something in return for our efforts, be it money, love, affection, or even trust. 

The shaman marbles help us ‌develop and nurture these relationships. Additionally, they prevent business deals from going bad by establishing faith and trust.

If you indulge in self-destructive tendencies and are fearful, moqui may also ease your condition by leading you to stability and balance. 

Last but not the least, as per astrology, these balls are known to bring luck in unexpected ways. 

Are Moqui Marbles Male and Female?

Moqui marbles, also called shaman stones and Indian marbles, are categorized into three varieties. These are male, female, and androgynous marbles. 

The rigid and rough-textured category of moqui is the male moqui marble, whereas the smoother and more circular counterpart is the female moqui. 

The androgynous category is a bit irregular, nevertheless, it is still softer than male moqui.

Can You Collect Moqui Marbles?

Shaman marbles occur naturally in the Navajo sandstone in Arizona and Utah's public terrain. Collection of moqui marbles from the national parks is illegal and a punishable offense. 

Where to Find Moqui Marbles?

Moqui marbles are not very hard to find; they are found in various parts of the world, such as in Utah, Northern Arizona, and Texas. To scientists’ surprise, moqui marbles can also be extracted from the iron-rich martian soil of mars. This is because the terrain has similar properties that give rise to moqui on earth.

Moqui Marbles in Utah

Utah is a famous destination that houses the majority of shaman stones. They usually come from the Navajo Sandstone Formation and the white cliffs in the Zion National Park.

Moqui Marbles in Texas

Texas stands among the top three locations for finding shaman marbles. If you are on the lookout for high-quality moqui, Texas is your go-to destination. 

Moqui Marbles in Arizona

Although moqui marbles are not over 25 million years old, the ones found on Arizona's Paria Plateau are as young as 3,000,000 years old, the latest kind of shaman marbles.

Moqui Marbles Properties

moqui marble

By now, it’s clear that the physical characteristics of this marble are not very soft and smooth in most cases. However, if we go a little deeper into understanding moqui marbles, we come to know that they can also be shiny on the surface‌. 

Moqui Marbles Metaphysical Properties

If you or your dear ones are going through a rough patch in life, then moqui marble may prove marvelous for healing emotional pains and never-ending guilt. With these, you can bring positivity and hope back into your life and enjoy living once more.

In addition, these marbles are also known to eliminate all traces of self-doubt and low confidence when used for a long period. 

Moqui Marble Healing Properties

The metaphysical and healing properties of these balls seem to overlap many times. Nevertheless, the healing properties tend to focus more on correcting and reducing the severity of past emotional trauma and physical pain. 

Moreover, the energy released from the stones can infuse happiness into relationships. Using this stone is the best way to eliminate fake connections in your circle. Consequently, it allows more trusting people to enter your life by reducing negativity.

Moqui Marbles vs Boji Stones

Although they have similarities, moqui marbles and boji stones are not the same. Boji stones have energy channeled into them for healing physical ailments. On the other hand, moqui marbles have innate and natural energy that supplements spiritual healing and wellbeing. 

Moreover, moqui marbles are composed of pure iron and sandstone, while boji stones are fossils. 

How do You Use Moqui Marbles?

The best way to use moqui marbles is to hold them in both your hands while sitting in a comfortable and relaxing position. Once you do that, you will feel the warmth and energy of the marbles flowing into your body. 

Sometimes, people get the benefits a little later than usual. This depends on your level of receptivity and faith in these marbles. 

Another way to derive the maximum benefit of the shaman marble is to keep it near or around you at all times. 

Moqui Marbles for Sale

Moqui marbles don't occur in all parts of the world. However, they are exported globally to meet the ever-growing demand. 

To get the benefits of shaman marbles as soon as possible, you can check out your nearby jewelry store. Jewelers are the best people who can guide you towards these magical marbles. 

Furthermore, you can also have a look at various e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Etsy. 


In a nutshell, moqui is not just a marble; it is a way to find purpose and meaning in your dull and monotonous life. 

So far, moqui has changed the lives of many for good. The best part is that they are affordable and don’t burden your pocketbook. So, buy them today for a happy tomorrow. 

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