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Lizardite: Complete Guide (2024)

lizardite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about lizardite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Some stones look, feel and bring extremely high and unique energies into our life. They are formed in exceptional circumstances and are valued highly by many for various purposes. One such stone is lizardite. 

  • Lizardite Meaning
    • Where is Lizardite Found
      • Lizardite in Norway
  • Lizardite Properties
    • Lizardite Healing Properties
    • Lizardite Metaphysical Properties
  • Lizardite Jewelry
  • Lizardite Uses
    • Lizardite Sphere
    • Lizardite Beads
  • Conclusion

Lizardite Meaning

A member of the serpentine family, lizardite is a magnesium silicate hydroxide mineral. It is the most common variety of serpentine. It is also a member of the kaolinite-serpentine group. The color of this mineral is mainly lime green, but sometimes it is also found in dark yellow colors with high magnesium serpentine veins. 

Sycelite is also a synonym for lizardite. It was founded in 1955 by Eric James William Whittaker and Jack Zussman. The name comes from where it was found - in the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, United Kingdom. This stone helps access one’s kundalini energy and channel it through their physical body. 

Where is Lizardite Found? 

Lizardite was first discovered in the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Since then, it has been found in many countries like the United States of America, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, and France. 

Lizardite in Norway 

This stone can be found at the Ovre Dypindgal Mine (Dypindgal serpentine magnesite deposit) of Buskerud, Norway. 

Lizardite Properties

Lizardite Healing Properties 

Lizardite has been believed to treat issues of the pancreas, insulin production issues, and, in turn, diabetes. The powerful healing properties of this mineral assist in the absorption of minerals. This stone has been ‌powerful in helping one deal with issues of the gut, stomach, and, in some cases, menstrual pain. 

Some believe that this stone can be used in conjunction with others to help achieve a powerful orgasm. Lizardite may help with alleviating distressing emotions and deal with mood swings by grounding one's energy and bringing about the clarity to deal with the various aspects of life. 

Lizardite is a strong grounding stone and may anchor the energies of the person wearing it. It may help one tune into the energies of mother earth and balance the energies flowing through one's body. Lizardite is an extraordinary meditating stone and helps one deal with turbulent emotions and circumstances. It is an excellent stone for healing at the cellular level and is associated with cardiac, gut, and overall blood and bone marrow irregularities. 

Lizardite Metaphysical Properties 

Lizardite is very influential on the fourth chakra. It clears blockages and helps smooth flow through all the chakras to help one maximize synergy within the chakras. It awakens the stagnant chakras along with the kundalini energy to attain peace and love in life. Lizardite helps in the retrieval and attainment of wisdom and some even believe it has a strong connection to all things associated with past life memories. 

Lizardite assists in the management of healing energies and directs them towards problem areas and corrects mental as well as emotional imbalances. It is believed to help align one’s intent with the heart chakra and source energy. 

Lizardite Jewelry

lizardite ring

Jewelry with this stone is full of energy and emits the healing power of these crystals and removes negative energy. This stone is an asset to have aesthetically because of its healing properties.

It can be found as pendants encased in silver or platinum casing, bracelets with small charms or one huge stone, or a necklace that can be as subtle or loud as you’d want. Rings are one of the most common ways to incorporate this beautiful stone into everyday life. You can find it on websites like Etsy and local retailers. 

Lizardite Uses

Lizardite Sphere 

Made of natural elements very close to the surface of the earth, lizardite has immense healing and channeling energy. Spheres of this stone are often used by healing providers or reiki practitioners to aid the process. Many also believe that having a sphere in their surroundings helps ground them and aid their spiritual expeditions. 

Lizardite Beads 

These smooth, plain, round beads are usually machine cut and form the perfect little accessory to add to one’s everyday life. They are portable and can be incorporated into jewelry as bracelets or even left alone in one’s bag or pocket to get maximum use out of them. 


Lizardite is an earthy stone that has strong vibrations and aids in meditation and other spiritual expeditions. It has an immense healing energy and can channel them through the earth into our physical body.

The vibration of this stone is said to open and clear all chakras and enable one to connect with nature and ultimately themselves.  

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