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Crystal Wands: Complete Guide (2024)

crystal wands

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about crystal wands, including their types, how to use crystal wands, and how to care for crystal wands. Let's get started!


From ancient healers of Lemuria and Atlantis to modern-day shamans and metaphysicians, crystal wands have represented themselves as the most in-demand spiritual healing tools. Crystal wands are carved from natural gemstones, which boost focus and clarity while operating. These wands have a unique design that helps transmute and channel energies. Each crystal has its unique set of properties, which manifests a diverse array of results. 

In this article, let us explore more details about crystal wands and how to take care of them.

  • What are Crystal Wands Used for
    • Crystal Wands for Healing
  • Types of Crystal Wands
    • Clear Crystal Wands
    • Reiki Crystal Wands
    • Selenite Crystal Wands
    • Natural Tourmaline Crystal Wands
  • How to Use Crystal Wands
    • How to Use Crystal Wands for Healing
  • How to Make Crystal Wands
  • Crystal Wands for Sale
    • Crystal Wands Wholesale 
    • Crystal Wands Near Me
      • Crystal Wands in Australia
      • Crystal Wands in Canada
      • Crystal Wands in UK
    • Crystal Wands Shop
      • Crystal Wands on Etsy
      • Crystal Wands on Amazon
  • How to Care for Crystal Wands
    • Cleansing and Recharging Crystal Wands
    • Programming Crystal Wands
    • What if My Crystal Wand Breaks
  • How to Know if a Crystal Wand Contains Genuine Gemstone
  • Conclusion

What are Crystal Wands Used for?

Crystal Wands for Healing 

Large crystal wands are used in reflexology, reiki, and other alternative methods for an incredible transformation in human life. These esoteric tools can create a protective aura and energetically heal an individual spiritually and psychologically. They can soothe anxiety and irritability and attract fortune. They can strengthen relationships, and awaken self-love, compassion, and kindness in a person. Also, they can transmute energy to heal damaged parts of the body effectively.

Crystal wands are also used for therapy. Quartz crystal wands are often considered an excellent metaphysical product. Here are some of the crystal wand options on the market today:

  • Both amethyst crystal wands and jasper wands are used for healing and balancing the chakras effectively.
  • Moonstone wand has stress-relieving properties and helps channel a person's feminine and creative side.
  • Lapis lazuli wand is a blend of lazurite, calcite, and pyrite. It often is used by metaphysicians to tap into the mystical realms by opening the third eye chakra.
  • Citrine wand goes by the name merchant's stone and is used to increase revenue in a business. Keep it by the cash register and welcome the positive changes. 
  • Rose quartz crystal wands help regulate emotions and overcome anger, envy, and mood swings.
  • Similar to rose quartz, the smokey quartz wand helps cultivate positive thinking and is used to treat individuals with suicidal tendencies and ease nightmares.
  • Labradorite or spectrolite wands are large crystal wands that can transform the spiritual space to ward off evil entities by casting protective spells.
  • A fluorite wand, known for its cleansing properties, helps calm the chaos of the mind and rearrange the messed-up energies of an individual.

Types of Crystal Wands

Depending on the shape of the wand, crystal wands can be of four types.

Clear Crystal Wands

Clear crystal wands symbolize the delight and joy of life. Typically, these come in a prism bar shape and are known for activating the crown chakra. Identifying an original clear wand requires research and knowledge of gemstones, discussed later in the article.

Reiki Crystal Wands

Reiki crystal wands are used in the auric field as an etheric pencil or drawing reiki or any other symbol of esoteric systems.

Selenite Crystal Wands

selenite crystal wands

Also known as the liquid light, the selenite crystal wands are associated with the Greek moon goddess Selene. They represent the lunar cycles and divine femininity. Selenite crystals are known for their ability to heal, energize, and even cleanse other crystals. These wands are versatile and predominantly used for spiritual cleansing by crystal healers.

Natural Tourmaline Crystal Wands

Natural tourmaline crystal wands, especially the black variant, are used to protect personal spaces from energy vampires and negative psychic influences.

How to Use Crystal Wands?

How to Use Crystal Wands for Healing?

You can use crystal wands to improve the power of the mind. Programming the giant crystal wands enables one to clarify one's intentions and concentrate their mind to overcome limiting thought patterns. Reaching a higher meditative state can be achieved by chanting, visualizing energy dynamics, or merely by tuning in to a certain frequency through traditional meditation.

Crystal wands may also be used to balance our energy. To balance the energy junctions of the body, known as chakras, one needs to wave the wand near that area and trace the chakra. This removes blockages and helps attain a fluid flow of energy. While doing this, visualize any negative energy getting sucked out of the wand for optimal results.

You can use a crystal wand in a deep meditative state. Meditation is one of the most practical ways to attain peace of mind, relax, and heal the psyche. Using the quartz crystal wands as a meditation companion may help you reach a profound meditative condition or state of trance. Hold the wand's pointed side towards the wrist and focus on your breathing. Closing your eyes, feel the energy wand twirling up through the body.

How to Make Crystal Wands?

You may want to craft your DIY crystal wand to perform complex magical rites or use it for general occult practices. Here is what you need. A 10 - 16" long wooden stick preferably of birch, alder, beech, or walnut for the body. Your main ingredient is the quartz crystal. Also, collect jeweler's wire or leather cording. Sand the wooden stick to make it smooth, and then attach the crystal using leather cording or jeweler's wire. You can use epoxy glue for better adhesive strength. 

Crystal Wands for Sale

Crystal Wands Wholesale

Buying original crystal wands individually can be expensive‌. If you are in occult practices and need a sizable supply of crystal wands, consider buying crystal wands at a wholesale price.

Crystal Wands Near Me

If you search using this query “crystal wands near me”, you can find local sellers of crystal wands in your town. Type "crystal wands near me" in your favorite web search engine to get a list of reliable buyers and get started with crystal wands.

Crystal Wands in Australia

The Australian market is saturated with laser precision quartz crystal wands, made from natural and clear gemstones. Purchase these gorgeous wands in the shops in various shapes and sizes.

Crystal Wands in Canada

The Canadian marketplace is known for handcrafted custom-made crystal wands. Canadian shops provide in-depth user manuals to help you nurture spiritual practices.

Crystal Wands in the UK

The popularity of crystal wands is on the rise in the markets in the UK. Various online websites deliver original crystal wands across the UK. They also provide workshops and comprehensive information on how to use a particular type of crystal wand in practice.

Crystal Wands Shop

From Walmart to Amazon, crystal wands are available in online shops to help you on your spiritual journey. You can buy custom-made crystal wands for a discount on these online shops.

Crystal Wands on Etsy

Etsy is a popular marketplace for crystal wands. Here you can find products ranging from clear crystal wands to polymer clay crystal wands across different price ranges.

Crystal Wands on Amazon

The world's most renowned eCommerce platform Amazon is now the home of crystal wands for esoteric healing and spiritual purposes. You can find countless options for the source gemstone for large crystal wands, at varying price points.

How to Care for Crystal Wands?

Cleansing and Recharging Crystal Wands

crystal wand

Removing remnants of any positive energy can be harmful to the effectiveness of the wand in esoteric practices. For this reason, you need to take great care while cleaning the wand to remove and stop the transmission of negative energies from other people. You can clean your crystal in various ways. 

Depending on the gem used in the wand, you can soak the crystal (non-soluble) in water for 12 to 24 hours. You can also place them underground for the same period to recharge their healing abilities. Remember, selenite is water-soluble. So be careful to use the grounding method for recharging, and never submerge it in water.

Programming Crystal Wands

Crystal healers recommend programming the wand to harness various facets of a single wand's energies. To do the fundamental chakra activation programming, head out in the morning sun (neither scorching nor too bright) where you hold the pointed tip towards the third eye region without touching the skin and the other end to the sun.

Hold for a minute or two to let the crystal wand polarize the energy in the form of seven colors to program the wand for chakra healing.

What if My Crystal Wand Breaks?

Breaking of crystal wands while in use shows that you have outgrown the crystal and need to carry your life in a new direction. Contrarily, if it breaks while you are away, it may signify that the wand is not taken care of properly. In that case, use crystal glue or epoxy glue to mend the crystal or seek help from experts to reintegrate its broken parts.

How to Know if a Crystal Wand Contains Genuine Gemstone?

Genuine crystals can change their appearance over time. They fade, get veins and fractures, and their colors change. Conversely, fake crystals do not have any imperfections and are often more vibrant because they do not have the chemical properties of original gemstones. 

Ask the retailer about the crystal wands. Check the base for any trace of paint or glue. Beware of unnaturally rich hues in crystals that signify artificially manufactured products.


Crystal wands are powerful spiritual accessories that can promote healing and personal growth. You need to use them correctly to open up new avenues of self-awareness and self-exploration. If you are a beginner, an all-purpose clear quartz crystal wand can be a preferable starting point. However, never hesitate to seek expert guidance to make the most of the power of your crystal wand.

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