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Ametrine: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

ametrine stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about ametrine, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, uses, and colors. Let's get started!


The ametrine crystal is a lovely mixture of beautiful gemstones, amethyst, and citrine. Ametrine is found in Bolivia and is a widely hailed choice in jewelry design.

Today, we are going to take a look at the different interesting aspects of this ametrine gemstone. So, without further ado, let us begin.

  • What is Ametrine
    •  Ametrine Meaning
    •  Ametrine Pronunciation
    •  Is Ametrine Rare?
    •  How to Tell If Ametrine is Real
  • Ametrine Benefits
  • Where to Find Ametrine
    • Bolivian Ametrine
  • Ametrine Properties
    • Ametrine Healing Properties
    • Ametrine Metaphysical Properties
    • Ametrine Spiritual Properties
  • Ametrine Colors
    • Green Ametrine
    • Yellow Ametrine
    • Blue Ametrine
  • Ametrine Types
    • Natural Ametrine
    • Raw Ametrine
    • Tumbled Ametrine
    • Anahi Ametrine
    • Faceted Ametrine
  • Ametrine Uses
    • Ametrine Sphere
    • Ametrine Crystal Ball
    • Ametrine Crystal Vaults
    • Ametrine Pendulum
  • Ametrine Jewelry
    • Ametrine Ring
      • Genuine Ametrine Ring
      • Ametrine Engagement Ring
      • Ametrine Ring Rose Gold
      • Ametrine Wedding Ring
      • Ametrine Sterling Silver Ring
    • Ametrine Earrings
    • Ametrine Necklace
    • Ametrine Bracelet
    • Ametrine Pendant
      • Ametrine Heart Pendant
      • Ametrine Sterling Pendant
    • Ametrine Beads
  • How to Cleanse Ametrine
  • Ametrine for Sale
    • Ametrine Price
    • Ametrine Price per Carat
  • Conclusion

    What is Ametrine

    Ametrine gemstone is a naturally formed type of quartz found under the Earth. It is the perfect combination of amethyst and citrine and has the combined healing properties of both. Ametrine gem is typically found in subtle shades of yellow, orange, and purple. Mostly, all three colors are visible in the same stone, which appear like gradations. If you look at pictures of ametrine stone, you will instantly realize how charming and enigmatic this gem appears. 

    Ametrine Meaning

    Quartz is the crystal that is used to amplify energy. Ametrine quartz is a powerhouse of energy and is believed to help to strengthen the divine connection between your spirit and soul. 

    Ametrine Pronunciation

    The correct pronunciation of ametrine should sound like “a-met-rine”. 

    Is Ametrine Rare?

    Yes, ametrine stones are considered rare as their production is limited. It is mined and sold only in commercial quantities. Since it is available at only one mine in the entire world, it can be quite difficult to find this gemstone.

    How to Tell If Ametrine is Real

    Interestingly, it is easy to identify a real ametrine from a fake one. The distinction depends on the size, color, and clarity of the stone. Real ametrines are not crystal clear. They are slightly hazy or opaque. If the stone appears unnaturally perfect to you, then it is probably fake. Also, natural ametrines are not large; they are medium-sized stones. As for the color, the tone is pretty standard for each stone. So if you see vivid and bright colors or different shades, then you know that it is a fake stone.  

    Ametrine Benefits

    Ametrine is widely believed to possess stress-reducing properties. Psychic healers use it to calm the mind and create a peaceful vibe. It is also known to enable spiritual awareness and growth, freeing your mind from the clutches of restrictive thinking. Consequently, you allow your mind to think freely and grow as it is always supposed to. Other ametrine rough benefits include improved concentration levels, mental clarity, and balance of expression in our emotions and thoughts.

    Where to Find Ametrine

    ametrine crystal

    Bolivian Ametrine

    As mentioned previously, commercial ametrine is only found in one mine in the entire world as of today. This is the Anahi Mine in South-Eastern Bolivia. Sometime in the 17th century, a Spanish conqueror happened to stumble upon this mine's location and discovered this gem. He then presented it to the Queen of his country and also introduced it as a precious gemstone to the Europeans. To date, only the Anahi Mine in Bolivia is known to supply ametrine to the entire world for commercial purposes.  

    Ametrine Properties

    Ametrine hardness is one of its defining features. Further, since this gem is bestowed with the properties of two minerals, it is said to be quite powerful when it comes to its healing and metaphysical qualities. Let us now explore the healing, metaphysical, as well as spiritual properties of ametrine. 

    Ametrine Healing Properties

    Ametrine is known to heal the mind of all the negativity. It does not absorb the negativity into itself, but rather it simply clears the air around a person to make it purer and positive. Crystal healers believe that the ametrine crystal healing properties can soothe a troubled mind by bringing about an emotional balance. It can help put thoughts into place and settle the restlessness in your mind. As a result, you can better focus on what is important and learn to prioritize. 

    Ametrine Metaphysical Properties

    As the name itself suggests, the metaphysical capabilities of the ametrine crystal are a striking balance of both amethyst and citrine. Metaphysical healers strongly believe in ametrine's abundant properties that make it a good choice for one's spiritual well-being and soulful growth.

    Let us now take a look at some of the most fascinating metaphysical properties of this stone:

    • Ametrine is said to relieve tension; alleviating stress can help to calm the mind.
    • Healers believe that it can help clear the negative air and energy around a person. It is believed to have the power to cleanse their aura, turning it into a pristine white shade again; a white aura is considered to be the most stable aura.
    • Ametrine is also known to act as a detoxifier by removing toxic thoughts and emotions, which act as a hindrance for a person to move ahead successfully in life in a healthy way.
    • It is also believed to enhance our ability to accept others for who they are and boost compatibility. This, in turn, positively influences the relations in our life by making them fulfilling and wholesome. 

    Ametrine Spiritual Properties

    Ametrine spirit quartz is widely lauded for its benefits to our soul. Spiritual growth involves disconnecting a person from worldly pleasures and desires and connecting them with a higher divine power through their soul. Crystal healers say that ametrine does a fantastic job at this. By cleansing one’s spirit ametrine may help open up the mind to usher in new ideas, thoughts, and even new people. It is even said to help people become more open to different perspectives and accept the changing versions of themselves. 

    Ametrine Colors

    green ametrine

    Real ametrines are found mostly in a combination of the shades purple, yellow, and green. There might be other similar shades too, depending on the pressure and heat conditions the stone endured under the surface of the Earth. The three most common colors of ametrine are: 

    Green Ametrine

    Entirely green ametrines do not exist. If you see one of them, then they are most likely factory-made. However, amidst the yellow hues, you may see hints of greenish color that appear faded. When the purple and yellow colors mix on the stone, the faint lines they form may also be very light green. This can be seen clearly if you hold the stone against a source of light, like the sun or even a light bulb.

    Yellow Ametrine

    Yellow is among the most predominant colors of the ametrine, and most of the surface is yellow. Towards the sides, the yellow may mix with purple or green to give it a different shade. Half purple and half yellow ametrines are quite popular commercially and sold mostly to make jewelry items.  

    Blue Ametrine

    Blue ametrines are rare. They could be made in a factory depending on how bright the blue color is. Lighter blue or sky blue ametrines, however, may be found in real, natural ametrine sites as well.

    Ametrine Types

    Natural Ametrine

    Natural ametrine is an authentic ametrine gemstone. Several factories around the world manufacture artificial ametrines as well, but only authentic natural ones have real value in the commercial market. 

    Raw Ametrine

    Raw ametrine is the natural state in which the stones are found beneath the earth. These have rough edges and are not polished, so they still maintain a sandy appearance. However, raw ametrine still possesses the beautiful yellowish purple color that makes it distinctly stand out even without being tumbled.

    Tumbled Ametrine

    The tumbled version of ametrine is the one that we see in gift shops and crystal stores. They are cut, shaped, and polished to achieve that glossy finish and smooth exterior. Tumbled stones are often used in jewelry making and also as part of the crystal healing process.

    Anahi Ametrine

    Although all ametrines are found in the Anahi mine in Bolivia, not all are called Anahi ametrine. Anahi ametrine rock has the most amazing color variation. The yellow and purple shades are prominently emitted, which gives the stone a very fascinating and unique appeal.

    Faceted Ametrine

    Faceted gemstones have a cut and polished top to create a flat surface and are pointed towards the other end. Most diamonds that we see in advertisements are faceted diamonds. Similarly, ametrines are also available in the faceted form. These are mainly used for jewelry items, especially rings.

    Ametrine Uses

    ametrine crystal

    Ametrine is extensively used by healers to extract and eliminate unnecessary elements from life that prohibit growth and development and replace them with energies that support your growth. This can be done by holding the stone under natural light, preferably moonlight, and then saying out loud the things that you want. This helps to manifest your desires. 

    Alternatively, you can also wear the stone as a pendant or a ring to keep it in close contact with your skin. This is known to work best for troubled minds that need constant reassurances and calming. The cooling effect of the stone is said to help achieve this. You can keep the stone under the moonlight for a night and then carry it with you in your purse. This is believed to attract wealth and prosperity in your life. 

    Ametrine Sphere

    Ametrine spheres are round, glossy balls, usually found in medium to larger sizes, made for decorative purposes. They are also used for healing at times, but it can be inconvenient to work with spheres in a healing context. They can also be kept as showpieces. 

    Ametrine Crystal Ball

    Crystal ametrine balls are also essentially spheres; the only difference is that they are sold with a stand to rest the crystal on.  

    Ametrine Crystal Vaults

    Crystal vaults are grand, hollow showpieces made purely for aesthetic purposes. The beautiful colors of ametrine are quite unlike any other crystal, and so they are very popular as decorative items. 

    Ametrine Pendulum

    Ametrine pendulums are some of the most exquisite-looking pieces of jewelry ever made. They can be used as pendants, lucky charms, or even wall pieces to cleanse the energy within your home.

    Ametrine Jewelry

    Due to its amazing color zoning, you will see a lot of ametrine jewelry in the market. Even people who wish to work with it prefer buying it in the form of jewelry rather than just tumbled stones or raw crystals. It adds beauty to almost any outfit that you pair it with. So let us see the different jewelry items that can be made out of ametrine. 

    Ametrine Ring

    Ametrine rings are quite popular and look exquisite. Faceted stones are used to adorn these rings and they can be worn by both men and women.

    Genuine Ametrine Ring

    You can find genuine ametrine rings at authentic crystal shops. However, there are fake ones too. So you need to check the authenticity of these stones before purchasing. 

    Ametrine Engagement Ring

    Ametrine rings make a wonderful choice for engagement rings. The trend since 2020 is to buy colored stone engagement rings and then move to a diamond for the wedding ring. Keeping that in mind, ametrine rings offer beautiful choices too. 

    Ametrine Ring Rose Gold

    Purple and yellow look much better paired with rose gold than yellow gold. The yellow-on-yellow look does not stand out as well and appear dull, so many people opt for rose gold ametrine rings. 

    Ametrine Wedding Ring

    Ametrines are not yet a very popular choice for wedding rings. However, those who are into selecting birthstones or lucky gemstones as their wedding ring stones might opt for this one with an ametrine emerald cut.

    Ametrine Sterling Silver Ring

    As mentioned before, ametrine does not go as well with a gold band due to its yellow hues. So the next best option is silver in case you want something less expensive than rose gold. Sterling silver makes the perfect contrast with the color zonings on the stone and looks unique too. You can go through ametrine ring pictures for design ideas.

    Ametrine Earrings

    Ametrine cut earrings look beautiful and interesting. They are sold as either studs or danglers. The pendulum-shaped earrings look great when paired with gaudy attire for major events or public appearances by celebrities. 

    Ametrine Necklace

    ametrine necklace

    A pendulum necklace is often worn by people who work with crystals. They believe it stays close to their heart that way and has the most effect on keeping their minds calm and at peace. 

    Ametrine Bracelet

    Another jewelry item is the ametrine bracelet. An array of tumbled stones put together to form a bracelet is sold popularly on websites. It can be worn in both formal as well as casual outfits.

    Ametrine Pendant

    The ametrine pendulum is commonly used as a pendant in chains. A long chain with the ametrine pendant can be worn as a daily wear necklace too.

    Ametrine Heart Pendant

    Apart from the pendulum pendant, another pendant style is the heart-shaped pendant. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones.

    Ametrine Sterling Pendant

    The ametrine sterling pendant is showcased in metal and is usually in the shape of a tear-drop. This is for those who think the pendulum is too large and the heart is too “cheesy” to wear. This is a subtle-looking choice for people with minimalistic yet elegant tastes. 

    Ametrine Beads

    Small, round beads are made from raw ametrine. They are used for various items such as bracelets, infinity necklaces, and rosaries too.

    How to Cleanse Ametrine?

    Ametrine is a moonstone and as such, it needs to avoid sunlight.  

    The best way to cleanse it after having done an ametrine astral projection is to keep it in a bowl of water on your balcony or window on a full moon night. Let the coolness of the moon seep into the stone and rid it of all the negative energy that it may have absorbed from the surroundings.

    Another way of cleansing is to dip it in seawater. Let the saltiness of the ocean do the job of cleansing. If you do not have access to seawater, then use lukewarm or cool water with rock salt. That should do the trick as well.  

    You could also use a larger stone of the same variety to cleanse the smaller one. This is easily done by simply placing the stones beside each other overnight. Cover them with a bigger plate or bowl to let the energies transfer.  

    Ametrine for Sale

    Ametrine Price

    Ametrine's price varies depending on the size, clarity, and cut of the stone. It can start as low as $5 USD and go up to $30 USD. You can find ametrine in many crystal shops or even gift shops. Some jewelry shops have ametrine jewelry, but it is best to check out their official website to see its availability before paying a visit.

    Ametrine Price per Carat

    Ametrine costs around $8 USD per carat. The most commonly bought jewelry or crystal pieces of ametrine are more than 3 carats. Depending on their usage, you can decide how big or small you want your stone to be and how much you want it to weigh. Some crystal therapies require a specific weight of the stone, so you need to keep that in mind while buying the stone too. 


    Ametrine is a personal favorite for many people all over the world. Some like it for its believed ametrine magical properties, while some simply like it for aesthetic reasons. But irrespective of the reasons, it is a stone worth having. If you are looking to buy it but wondering where to find it, then you can check out online stores like Amazon or Etsy. 

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