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Green Agate: Complete Guide (2024)

green agate stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about green agate, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


The green agate crystal is extremely beautiful and underrated! The use of this stone dates back to 3,000 years ago when the ancient Egyptians were using it for rings, seals and to decorate objects. Its etymology is also interesting! The stone is formed inside volcanic rock. Very tiny, microscopic quartz crystals combine with chalcedony (another crystal) to form the appearance of concentric bands of green color. 

Dive into our complete guide to get the low-down on all things green agate! If this stunning stone speaks to you (which we have no doubt it will!) you do not want to miss this!

  • Green Agate Meaning
    • Green Agate Spiritual Meaning
    • Green Agate Benefits
    • Green Agate Healing
  • Green Agate Properties
    • Green Agate Healing Properties
    • Green Agate Metaphysical Properties
  • Green Agate vs Jade
  • Types of Green Agate
    • Frosted Green Agate
    • Dark Green Agate
    • Moss Green Agate
    • Blue Green Agate
  • Green Agate Jewellery
    • Green Agate Ring
      • Green Agate Ring Meaning
      • Green Agate Engagement Ring
    • Green Agate Necklace
      • Green Agate Beaded Necklace
    • Green Agate Bracelet
    • Green Agate Earrings
    • Green Agate Pendant
  • Green Agate Uses
    • Green Agate Slice
    • Green Agate Slice Meaning
    • Green Agate Beads
    • Green Agate Bookends
    • Green Agate Coasters
  • Green Agate Price

Green Agate Meaning

Green Agate Spiritual Meaning

As the green agate is of volcanic origin, the element of fire within the stone is very present and even highlighted. This creates a sense of passion, productivity, creativity and inspiration in its holder. It’s also known to help the holder balance the relationship between their body and their emotions and is known to be effective in helping people fight psychosomatic diseases. 

It is known as “The Stone of Gifts” and it’s believed that its continual use makes the holder aware of spiritual beings around them and is therefore gifted with “the sight.” The agate is known to enhance dormant magic within ourselves by awakening gifts of clairvoyance, sixth sense and clairaudience (the gift of reading auras). 

Green Agate Benefits

It’s very much a stone of balance and, if harnessed correctly, can help you find balance and harmony in your day-to-day life. Balance and happiness are achieved through the thoughts we choose to think, the subjects we choose to focus on and the feelings we feel as a result. If we cultivate a garden of positive, uplifting thoughts then our outer world begins to shift before our very eyes! 

Crystals are powerful aids in your journey to happiness! Green agate helps raise your positive vibration even further and helps you balance personal goals and motivation. It also helps with the purification of negative, toxic thoughts from your mind and, thus, your experience.

However, everyone experiences emotional slumps at some point in their lives and it’s always useful to have a boost of support during those times. Life is what you make it, and the things we choose to focus on plus the thoughts we think determine what shows up in our reality. But, it’s always helpful to have some outside help! Green agate can be that help. The stone is known to have strong healing properties which lift you when you’re feeling despondent or stagnant.

Green Agate Healing

If you’ve been struggling with being able to go after what you want in life, green agate is the perfect companion for you! It is known to give you feelings of courage and inner strength. Whether it’s a career change, telling someone how you really feel or pressing “check out” on your shopping cart, green agate has you covered!

As this stone is the regulator of the feelings between the body and the mind, it can be very healing and beneficial for recovery from anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks are caused by irrational, ruminating thoughts that in some cases can result in physical symptoms. Meditating with green agate softens the mind and heals the relationship between the body and mind and the trust the mind has for the body. 

It’s also a very complex and nuanced stone with regard to its healing properties. Its strength and solidity as a stone is combined with water and air. The translucency of air and the fluidity of water. This combination gives the holder strength but also calm and serenity. Basically, the perfect combination for harmony!

Green Agate Properties

Green Agate Healing Properties

Green agate is also great for balancing Yin and Yang energies. The symbol of Yin and Yang is ancient and represents harmony. Harmony can only be achieved with the right amount of light (Yin) and dark (Yang) energy present within you at all times. And since green agate is a balancing stone it is perfect for this purpose.

Many of us beat ourselves up on a daily basis for feeling negative emotions. Society has socialized us to believe that they are to be suppressed and avoided at all costs. But, in no world can only light exist, hence the symbol of Yin and Yang. Once we truly accept that the dark times are all part of our souls’ evolution then only can we achieve true balance.

Green Agate Metaphysical Properties

The green agate stone works intimately with the heart chakra. Compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, harmony, love and balance are all components of the heart chakra and green agate works to nourish this powerful point of energy. When you feel down, stressed out, emotionally distressed and alone you can be sure that your heart chakra is out of balance and that you need some green agate!

It is believed to remove unwanted and inhibiting emotional blockages which are what blocks the heart chakra. Meditate daily with this stone and set the intention of unblocking your heart chakra and see what shifts in your life. Rest assured, the power of the mind coupled with this healing crystal can reap remarkable results.

Green Agate vs Jade

The main difference between green agate and jade is that green agate is a rock and jade is a mineral. In additional to their completely different composition, they are both different in appearance. Green agate has concentric color bands that mostly consist of the color green but not solely. Other colors include light blue, light brown, red, white and grey. Jade is solely one color inside and out. 

Along with different colors, these stones also have different textures. Green agate comes in many different shapes that are irregular as well as different thicknesses whereas jade is all one texture with minimal imperfections. You will easily be able to tell the difference between these two stones.

Types of Green Agate

There are various types of green agate that exist. They include frosted green agate, dark green agate, moss green agate and blue green agate. Agates are known to include all the colors of the rainbow. So no green agate stone will look exactly the same, or even similar! Read on to find out all about them! 

Frosted Green Agate

Frosted green agate is a deep, dark green and is mostly found in the form of beads on bracelets and necklaces. It’s described as frosted due to its matte finish and slight white, powdery residue on its surface area. Along with their beautiful green color the beads also have stripes of lighter green and white across them.

This is due to the green agate’s natural concentric bands of color that are now translating onto the beads. This type of green agate is also extremely affordable! A 15-inch strand of 8mm beads costs $6. So, if you’re looking for an affordable option of green agate–this is your pick!

Dark Green Agate

Dark green agate is also a beautiful dark green color but it’s unfrosted. You mostly find this variation of agate for sale in crystal rock form. But they are also for sale as faceted pendants or as beads for bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

You can find variations of these stones with tinges of blue, black, different shades of green and white. Beautiful, trendy, dark green agate rings are also available online. To give you an idea of a price point, three basic dark green agate rings are about $12.

dark green agate ringBy wish.com

Moss Green Agate

Moss agate is a truly unique and special variety of green agate. The stone literally looks like it has dark green moss growing all over it! Every moss green agate is slightly different in its unique markings so you’ll never have to worry about your stone looking like anyone else’s! What makes moss agate different from other varieties of agate is the fact that it doesn’t have concentric banding like the typical agate.

The moss markings are due to impurities like chrome or iron. This variety is also known to provide physical healing by building our immune systems. It is said to reduce inflammation, treat colds and flu, lower fever, prevent dehydration and treat fungal or skin infections.

moss green agate stoneBy Truly Experiences

Blue Green Agate

If you thought the moss green agate was beautiful, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The blue-green agate literally looks like something out of the milky way! It has your typical concentric banding that most agates have but dispersed in the green you’ll see shades of blue and turquoise. This stone has the most dreamy, stunning combination of colors.

This blue-green agate you see here retails at $10 and it is 105mm by 91mm by 4.4mm. Blue agates also happen to be ranked the third-rarest stone in the world! They’re only found locally in Upper Green Canyon and Reecer Creek in Washington. So, if you can get your hands on some blue agate, you’ll have some pretty hot property on your hands!

blue green agate stoneBy Forever gems

Green Agate Jewellery

There is a plethora of green agate jewelry out there! And not just one variety of green agate but all varieties mentioned above! These include rings, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Continue reading to find out further details about each product. If any of the products below tickle your fancy, please know that should you want to buy any of them you could always have a look on our website where we sell 100% genuine crystals which includes all of the products below.

Looking through just any website for genuine crystals is risky due to the high volumes of fake crystals that are sold to consumers. You want to be sure that you’re buying from a trusted, ethical source.

Green Agate Ring

There is an abundance of green agate rings out there! There are tons of different styles, shades, sizes and price points for you to choose from. We’re going to list a few here so you know what your options are. The lower-priced green agate rings are those that don’t include more expensive materials like gold or silver in their design.

As mentioned above they are priced at around $12 for three. If you really want to go to town with your green agate ring you could go for a design with additional precious stones included like different quartz’, emeralds or diamonds. Whatever your taste, you will be able to find something beautiful online!

Green Agate Ring Meaning

You’ll reap all the healing benefits and metaphysical qualities of green agate 

(mentioned above) by wearing your green agate ring. Further benefits include improved decision-making, mental and emotional flexibility and increased compassion and generosity. It’s also known as a very lucky stone! Green agate always comes up in conversation between spiritual healers as one of the most luck-inducing stones out there. So wearing it as a ring is a great idea and here’s why.

The meaning of wearing a green agate ring is that it amplifies the beneficial 

energy you’ll reap from the stone. This is because the closer the stone is to you and the longer you keep it there, the more the healing benefits will rub off on you. 

Green Agate Engagement Ring

Choosing green agate to be included in your engagement ring is a unique and interesting choice! Its dark green color will definitely go well with a neutral diamond, if diamonds are your thing. Or perhaps you’re looking for a more alternative engagement ring. Choosing green agate to be the main stone on your engagement ring is a stunning choice.

Not only will you be unique amongst all your friends with diamond rings, but you also won’t break the bank on a ring! Choosing to rather spend that money on an amazing honeymoon or home is a justifiable and smart decision. If this is what you want, be brave! Don’t cave into the societal pressure to buy a diamond.

Green Agate Necklace

green agate necklaceBy Etsy

Green agate rates pretty high on the Mohs hardness scale. It’s rated a 6.5-7 which makes it the perfect hardness to be included in jewelry and more specifically, in necklaces.

There are so many green agate necklace designs out there! So, let’s go through your options. You have your dainty designs like the one we’ve included here. These are normally accompanied by gold or silver and are beautiful and understated. Then you have your more chunky, bold designs.

As there are many varieties of green agate it’s possible to have more than one of them in one necklace design. For example, frosted green agate beads together with a dark green agate as the pendant.

Green Agate Beaded Necklace

green agate beaded necklaceBy Etsy

Green agate beaded necklaces can be super simple and affordable. For example, your standard frosted green agate beaded necklace. But, they can also be super intricate, colorful and include other materials like gold or silver! The image we’ve included here is an example of the level of intricacy and style that can be achieved with a green agate beaded necklace.

Green Agate Bracelet

When shopping for a green agate bracelet you can either go for the standard green frosted agate beaded bracelets or have green agate included in the bracelet with a gold or silver band. The standard beaded bracelet will be more affordable. An example price is about $19.

Prices of pieces with gold or silver bands will vary depending on the amount of gold or silver included in the band but prices range from $25 to about $300. Wearing green agate is a great idea! As mentioned above, it’s the stone of balance so wearing it on your wrist at all times could really increase your overall happiness!

Green Agate Earrings

This stone makes stunning, striking earrings due to its rich, deep green color. There is a multitude of styles out there to choose from. The teardrop earring style is a particularly beautiful style for this stone as the size of the main teardrop in the earring makes for a striking look–definitely a head-turner! Studs are also an option.

Either solely the green agate as their stone or possibly a green agate surrounded by diamonds for a regal and elegant look. Pairing green agate with topaz is a very interesting and vibrant color combination. Earrings with these two stones combined are extremely vibrationally powerful and very trendy! 

Green Agate Pendant

Green agate pendants come in many different shapes, sizes and price points. Obviously, the smaller the actual stone and the absence of gold and silver bring the price down. You may choose to go for a small, dainty pendant or alternatively a bigger, chunkier stone.

Circles, ovals, triangles, tear drops and irregular shapes are all options that are out there for you to browse through. Prices range from $23 all the way up to $800. 

Green Agate Uses

This vibrant crystal has many uses besides being a spiritual conduit for mediation and a precious stone for jewelry. Its dreamy, multi-colored, layered aesthetic has given rise to a whole range of decorative pieces that are made out of this stone.

You get green agate slices, green agate beads, green agate bookends and green agate coasters! We’re going to take you through each option below and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with at least one of these options when you see just how trendy and fabulous they are!

Green Agate Slice

The green agate slice is just that! A thinly sliced piece of green agate. They come in different shapes, sizes and color variations and are used as decorative pieces. We can see why! The flat surface area of the green agate slice is beautiful and colorful. It’s an amalgamation of blues and greens–a turquoise milky way!

The agate’s typical concentric bands of color are the reason the green agate slice exists in the first place: the color bands are the “it factor”. There are also more bedazzled options available. For example, gold plating on the edges of the slices gives the pieces an elegant, high-end look.

Green Agate Slice Meaning

green agate sliceBy Etsy

You can buy green agate slices online in bulk as they’re usually used as name tags for table settings. An example would be at a wedding. Having guests’ names printed on the flat side of the slice is a beautiful decorative touch. It’s all in the details! Green agate slices can also be used for pendants.

A simple hole can be drilled at the one far end of the slice and a chain thread through the hole to create the necklace. They can also be used in decorative artworks. Making a mosaic wall with different shapes and sizes of agate slices would look very striking and different. Get creative! There are many uses for the green agate slice. 

Green Agate Beads

If you’re into making jewelry or if it’s something you’ve been meaning to get into, green agate beads are a great place to start! Green agate and agate, in general, is quite a prevalent stone which makes the beads quite affordable. 

Even though we’re specifically talking about green agate in this guide, it’s worth noting that agate beads come in a huge variety of patterns and colors. Each bead has a unique look of its own which enables you to make one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. The shapes of agate beads also differ. You can find perfectly round, classic beads or something more irregular and rougher around the edges. It’s all up to you and your personal taste!

Green Agate Bookends

green agate bookendsBy West Elm

You are definitely going to love this one! It’s such a different, interesting decorative piece. If you’re tired of your books always falling over on your shelf or desk and are sick of leaning them against your printer (or anything that’s close by) then look no further! Green agate bookends are a stylish, practical solution to your décor and organizational needs.

They’re also affordable and priced at around $29. This item will add a touch of beauty and magic to your space. It’s also great if you’re someone who likes a neat space. Books that are in order make for a calm and healthy mind! 

Green Agate Coasters

These are beautiful! Green agate coasters are basically green agate slices that have been curated to be a certain size and shape for the purpose of being a coaster. A lot of the time they also have silver or gold plated edges for an elegant and luxurious look. If you look online at green agate images and green agate coaster images you’ll see that no green agate coaster looks the same. The variety of the shades of colors, patterns and shapes available on green agate coasters is endless! 

Let’s be real. Coasters are items we need, but we also tend not to give much thought to them. And there are some hideous-looking coasters out there! If you have a neutral color palette in your home space and are looking for some color in your life, green agate coasters would be the perfect addition. Green agate coasters set on a simple, glass coffee table is an image right out of “Garden and Home!”

Green Agate Price

Green agates vary hugely in price depending on their type, color and how rare each specific type is. Most green agates are cheap and priced from $1 to $10. But some are very expensive and are priced from $100 to $3000.

The more colorful and rare an agate is, the more expensive it is. Those that are only found in one location will be more expensive. A blue agate is an example of a very rare and expensive agate while green ones are fairly common and less expensive.


We hope you enjoyed this journey into green agate land! In summary, green agate is a beautiful, vibrationally powerful stone that’s definitely worth your attention. It’s super versatile due to its many uses.

These include its healing properties, metaphysical properties, different versions of jewelry and stunning decorative pieces. One thing to remember is the difference in price between the different types of green agates. The cheaper being the more common stones and the more expensive being the rarer ones.

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