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Atlantisite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

atlantisite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about atlantisite, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, uses, and colors. Let's get started!


The world of gemstones and crystals is fascinating. The bright colors are a treat for the eyes and if also you know about the many benefits of gemstones, you will surely appreciate them even more.

Atlantisite is a relatively new member of the world of gemstones, but its rare combination of colors and benefits has made it a favorite amongst collectors. So let’s dive into the magical properties of this gemstone.

  • Atlantisite Meaning
    • What is Atlantisite
    • Pronunciation of Atlantisite
    • Atlantisite Chakra
  • Where is Atlantisite Found
    • Atlantisite in Tasmania
  • Atlantisite Properties
    • Physical Properties of Atlantisite
    • Atlantisite Metaphysical Properties
    • Atlantisite Healing Properties
  • Atlantisite Benefits
  • Atlantisite Types
    • Raw Atlantisite
    • Tumbled Atlantisite
  • Atlantisite Colors
  • Atlantisite Uses
    • Atlantisite Beads
    • Atlantisite Pyramid
    • Atlantisite Sphere
    • Atlantisite Skull
  • Atlantisite Jewelry
    • Atlantisite Pendant
    • Atlantisite Ring
    • Atlantisite Bracelet
  • Atlantisite for Sale
    • Atlantisite Wholesale
  • Conclusion

Atlantisite Meaning

What is Atlantisite?

Atlantisite, also called tasmanite, is a very powerful stone. It is a combination of the stones stichtite and serpentine. For this reason, it is also sometimes called stichtite-serpentine.

Pronunciation of Atlantisite

Atlantisite is pronounced exactly how it is spelled. It sounds like “aht-lan-tis-ight”.

Atlantisite Chakra

The chakras associated with atlantisite are the crown chakra and the heart chakra. Atlantisite is believed to activate kundalini energy. The heart and crown chakras, when at work together, can create miraculous effects. 

The head, which is where all understanding happens, is believed to link with the heart, the domain of feeling, to lead to understanding and compassion. 

Where is Atlantisite Found

Atlantisite made its entry into the world of gems and minerals not too long ago. It was discovered in a mine in Tasmania in 1910. 

Atlantisite in Tasmania

Atlantisite is mined exclusively in Zeehan, Tasmania. This is why it is also sometimes called tasmanite. Here it is found only on a small hilltop called Stichtite Hill. 

Atlantisite Properties

Atlantisite combines the properties of the powerful serpentine and stichtite. It is one of the most potent types of serpentine. Only infinite stone is believed to be more powerful.

Physical Properties of Atlantisite

Atlantisite gems are usually made of serpentine and mixed with stichite. The atlantisite mineral also contains magnetite and chromite. Due to such a diverse mix of elements, atlantisite is found in a range of breathtaking shades. 

The shades usually range from pale, grassy green to a dark forest green color. These stones are flaked with purple spots of stichite. This rare combination of colors is one reason why this stone is highly sought after. Some atlantisite stones may also have orange or brown hues. 

Atlantisite Metaphysical Properties

It is believed that atlantisite has strong metaphysical properties. This crystal is also said to help the wearer recall events and memories from past lives. At the same time, it may help you connect better to the present moment. It is also said that the stone helps form a sense of spirits that may be present in the world. 

Atlantisite Healing Properties  

Atlantisite is known to have positive effects on physical health as well. It is very good for the heart and lungs. It is believed to heal diabetes, blood disorders, muscle spasms, hernias, and menstrual pain. 

Atlantisite also improves the overall efficiency of both circular and respiratory systems by facilitating the smooth flow of blood and proper absorption of nutrients. 

Atlantisite Benefits

Atlantisite is believed to have many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. It is believed to boost personal conflict resolution by boosting the functioning of the heart and mind. It has connections with the metaphysical and cleansing of body and soul. People believe atlantisite helps connect with spirits present in the cosmos as well.

Not only this but it is also believed to boost cell growth and repair and hence help with even chronic illnesses. Some believe that the stone brings peace of mind, love, success, and money to its owners. 

Atlantisite Types

atlantisite stone

Atlantisite stone can be classified into two types based on its composition. The gemstone may be composed of meta-igneous rock or metasomatic rock. 

Raw Atlantisite

If you prefer gemstones in all their natural glory - pointy corners, rough ridges, and natural colors - then you will be astounded by the beauty of raw atlantisite. You can carry it with you in a crystal pouch to harness its powers.

Tumbled Atlantisite

Tumbled atlantisite combines the glorious purple and green shades of atlantisite with a smooth, glossy finish. This stone is used to make jewelry -  primarily necklace pendants. 

Atlantisite Colors

Atlantisite combines the enchanting green shades of serpentine and the beautiful purple-pink shades of stichtite. Some atlantisite gemstones also have flecks of brown, orange, and white. 

This rare combination of colors is why atlantisite has become popular amongst collectors so quickly. 

Atlantisite Uses

Atlantisite stone will make a great addition to your life. People believe that it has miraculous powers of healing - both physical and spiritual. If you are someone who wants to jazz up your jewelry collection, try atlantisite! The unique colors and waxy finish will make atlantisite a unique piece in your collection.

Atlantisite Beads

Atlantisite beads have lovely green and purple colors and a smooth finish. You can use these beads to make a bracelet, necklace, or even a rosary. 

Atlantisite Pyramid

An atlantisite pyramid is, if nothing else, bewitching to the eyes. It is believed that pyramids are very powerful shapes. They take energy from the universe and transfer it to the holder. They also work the other way around by taking desires from the holder and taking it to the universe. 

It is believed that atlantisite pyramids possess these powers too. You can use it during meditation to reap more benefits. 

Atlantisite Sphere

A sphere is a shape that evokes a feeling of unity and togetherness. It makes one feel like a part of the world. This is exactly what an atlantisite sphere does. With its special properties, an atlantisite sphere is believed to connect the holder more deeply to the self and to spirits that are present in the universe. 

Atlantisite Skull

An incredibly unique and very spooky decor item, an atlantisite skull is perfect for you if you like gothic elements in your life. You can use it as a centerpiece on your table or perhaps stage a dramatic performance of Hamlet in your living room. 

Atlantisite Jewelry

atlantisite ring

Atlantisite Pendant

The atlantisite gemstone is believed to activate the heart chakra. Wearing it as a pendant will keep the precious stone close to your heart and allow you to reap the many benefits it provides. Atlantisite has been connected to improved emotional connections and better conflict resolution skills. And this rare and colorful gemstone will attract admiring glances from everyone around you. 

Atlantisite Ring

An atlantisite ring will give a stylish look to your hand. A ring made from atlantisite may help increase positivity in your life and make you feel more confident. A ring keeps your skin in contact with atlantisite so that you can better experience the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone.

Atlantisite rings can be found in simple designs. This stone is often paired with silver, which brings out the green shades of atlantisite.

Atlantisite Bracelet

If you’re tired of the same plain-colored bracelets in your collection, you can consider buying an atlantisite bracelet. The novel green and purple shades on your wrist will immediately become your favorite!

Atlantisite for Sale

Atlantisite is a powerful stone and is used to make attractive jewelry pieces and various artifacts. The gemstone is also used for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties. Atlantisite, being a popular stone in the market, is available at many big shops and online sites that sell precious gemstones. A wide variety of atlantisite crystals in different designs, colors, and patterns can be bought from the nearest crystal stores in your area or through online home delivery sites.

Atlantisite Wholesale

The crystal remains in demand throughout the year. The wholesale market of atlantisite is huge and you can buy atlantisite from a wholesale seller at comparatively cheaper prices. Many industries and big business owners buy atlantisite at lower prices from wholesale and sell single pieces at higher prices to earn profits.

You can get different types of atlantisite products in the wholesale market starting with prices as low as $10 USD. The prices for various types of atlantisite products are different and vary with the change in shape and size of the stone.


Atlantisite, with its stunning looks and glossy finish, is a great gemstone to add to your collection. Not only is it available as jewelry pieces in necklaces, bracelets, and bead strings, you can also buy an atlantisite pyramid, atlantisite skull, or atlantisite sphere. 

Along with this, you might also benefit from the healing properties of this stone. The stone is believed to aid in the healing of physical ailments and helps you connect with the spiritual elements. The atlantisite stone is available at most gemstone shops and online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

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Loved the info I’m curious I managed to be able to carve a piece of this into a heart shape actually.
I’ve read it can be difficult to work with I actually wasn’t aware of that till after I carved it tho but it was pretty smooth to me, but I am curious with it being carved out into a heart what would something like that go for it weighs 20.272 grams I’m just curious just more along the lines since it is hand carved and with it being a heart I’m sure someone will say oh I love that how much ya know lol. Thanks for the info

Jun 27, 2022 • Posted by Dianne

I found this information very informative and interesting.

May 24, 2022 • Posted by Thomas Smith

I bought a large piece recently and it is everything I hoped for and more.

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