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Azurite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

azurite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about azurite, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Azurite is a precious stone and is used to make attractive jewelry and other artifacts. Read this guide to learn more about the azurite stone, its properties, and its uses. Take a look at what we will be covering in the article:

  • Azurite Meaning
    • What is Azurite
    • Azurite Pronunciation
    • What is Azurite Used for
      • What Was Azurite Used for in Ancient Times?
      • Azurite Healing
  • Where is Azurite Found
    • Azurite in Arizona
    • Azurite in Laos
    • African Azurite
    • Azurite in California
    • Azurite in Utah
  • Azurite Properties
    • Azurite Metaphysical Properties
    • Azurite Healing Properties
  • Azurite Stone Benefits
  • Malachite and Azurite
    • Azurite Malachite Meaning
    • Why are Malachite and Azurite Found Together
    • Azurite Malachite Properties
      • Azurite Malachite Metaphysical Properties
  • Azurite vs Other Stones
    • Azurite vs Chrysocolla
    • Linarite vs Azurite
    • Cobalt vs Azurite
    • Lapis Lazuli vs Azurite 
      • Difference Between Azurite and Lapis Lazuli
  • Azurite Types
    • Raw Azurite
    • Tumbled Azurite
    • Polished Azurite
    • Faceted Azurite
    • Banded Azurite
    • Natural Azurite
  • Azurite Color
    • Blue Azurite
    • Green Azurite
    • Black Azurite
    • Smoky Azurite
  • Azurite Uses
    • Azurite Beads
    • Azurite Cabochon
    • Powdered Azurite
    • Azurite Sphere
  • Azurite Jewelry
    • Azurite Bracelet
    • Azurite Pendant
    • Azurite Necklace
    • Azurite Ring
      • Azurite Engagement Ring
    • Azurite Earrings
  • How to Cleanse Azurite
  • How to Clean Azurite Crystal
  • Azurite for Sale
    • Azurite Price
      • Azurite Price per Gram
      • Azurite Price per Carat
    • Azurite Malachite for Sale
    • Azurite Jewelry on Amazon
  • Conclusion

Azurite Meaning

What is Azurite

Azurite crystal is a form of copper carbonate hydroxide. The color of the crystal is soft blue. It is an ancient stone and has been used by different civilizations over many centuries. The name “azurite” comes from the ancient name of blue color in Persian. The crystal is monoclinic in nature and the intensity of the blue color in the crystal is due to the presence of copper. The physical nature of azurite is generally rough, and it is also known as a rough stone. The major origin sites of azurite are located in copper mines.

Azurite Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of Azurite is “a-zur-ite”. The crystal is known by various names over the ages and in different parts of the world. Some of the common names of the crystal are:

  • Lapis Arminius 
  • Mountain blue
  • Azurium citramarinum
  • Blue verditer
  • Blue bice

What is Azurite Used for?

Azurite is a high utility stone and has many uses. The rarer existence of the stone makes it a valuable commodity. Some of the popular uses of azurite include:

Prospecting and mining of copper

Azurite is used for copper prospecting and mining. The azurite stone deposits are above the ores of copper. This makes azurite a popular indicator of copper ores and geologists use azurite as an indicator to search for the potential ores of copper throughout the world. 

From the ancient past, azurite has been used to mine copper from the earth. In the Peninsula of Sinai, copper was produced by Egyptians by smelting azurite. At present, azurite deposits do not contain a sufficient amount of copper so they do not qualify as the ores of copper. In recent times, other ores of copper are considered potential sources of azurite deposits.

Jewelry and ornamental stone 

There are many uses of azurite to make interesting artifacts and jewelry, including cabochons, pendants, beads, necklaces, small carvings, and many other lavish ornaments. The use of azurite to make jewelry is very limited as it has a very low Mohs hardness and because of this, it is considered extremely brittle. It can easily break if a constant force is applied for some time. This leads to very low durability and high chances of damage in the jewelry made from azurite. Generally, people do not make jewelry items such as pendants, rings, and bracelets due to the vulnerable nature of azurite. 

Another problem with jewelry of azurite is that it slowly weathers into malachite. As azurite weathers into malachite, it becomes light and pale. The bluish color changes into green slowly and the brightness of the jewelry fades away. Jewelry made from azurite is stored in a closed container away from air contact and heat. 


The use of azurite as a pigment dates back to ancient times. It was used as a blue dye and became popular over time. It was a difficult task to create blue dye from azurite, as manufacturing was very slow during those times. Apart from slow manufacturing such as grinding, mining was much less developed. Azurite was used alternatively in dyes such as blue verditer and Prussian blue.

Popular with mineral collectors 

Azurite is one of the most liked minerals by mineral collectors. Azurite is lauded by many collectors for its fine designs, stark blue colors, interesting and attractive patterns, and unique cuts. Many mineral collectors make a lot of money by selling azurite for these specific qualities. The stone is rare to find and is a mineral collector’s delight to find one as it can generate a lot of money for the collector.

What was Azurite Used for in Ancient Times?

In the ancient world, azurite was used for various purposes. As previously discussed, the major use of azurite in the middle ages was to create dye to color different objects of craft and art. Azurite was an amazing choice to develop blue color dye and blue was one of the most favored colors by various artists in the middle ages. Artists used azurite dye to color paintings and other objects. Throughout the renaissance period and the middle ages, azurite was one of the most popular colors used by various men in Europe. Azurite replaced the popular pigment used previously, which was known as Egyptian blue.

Azurite Healing

Azurite is a powerful stone and may help you by giving you protection against various physical deformities. It is claimed by many to possess healing powers that may cause cell regeneration and high oxygen concentration in blood. Azurite is a powerful stone and may make things easier for you.

Where is Azurite Found?

azurite stone

Azurite, once upon a time, was available in large quantities throughout the world. There were many ores of azurite in the past. In modern times, the ores of azurite have been depleted to a large extent. The major ores of azurite are now found in:

  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • France
  • Namibia
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Morocco

There is another popular form of azurite found in granite. This form of azurite in granite is popularly known as K2. The name came from its location, as the stone K2 is found in the K2 mountain range in Pakistan.

Azurite stone deposits are also present in Tasmania, Australia. Here, the stone occurs in a form known as azurite suns. The azurite suns are circular and resemble the shape of the sun.

Azurite in Arizona

Azurite deposits are found predominantly in Arizona. The copper mines of Morenci and Clifton contain azurite in significant quantities. These mines of Morenci and Clifton are located in the Shannon Mountain range in Greenlee Country. Another famous deposit of azurite in Arizona is found in the Copper Queen Mine and the Czar mines located in the famous Queen Hill of Arizona.

Azurite in Laos

Laos has major centers of Azurite deposits. The azurite stone in Laos is found with other minerals including copper, azurite malachite, and malachite.

African Azurite

African mines are popular for producing different varieties of azurite. The planes of Africa are also popular for producing various minerals. Azurite and azurite malachite are two popular stones found in Africa, along with the metal copper.

Azurite in California

California has many rich deposits of azurite. This crystal found in California is used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry and other alluring artifacts.

Azurite in Utah

Utah has many deposits of azurite. Azurite is located in the La Sal of San Juan Country in Utah. The azurite in Utah comes in various crystal forms. Some of the popular forms of azurite in Utah are prismatic azurite, tabular azurite, and elongated azurite.

Azurite Properties

Azurite Metaphysical Properties

Azurite is said to have many metaphysical properties. The crystal may help to maintain an emotional balance in your mind. It can eradicate stress and may help you overcome past grief and sadness. Azurite may also help in getting rid of many phobias and improve self-confidence over the years.

Many people claim that azurite can help you in improving your personality and making you more self-dependent. People say that it creates self-awareness and you stop worrying about what others will say. 

Azurite may increase focus and help in spiritual practices by invoking the third eye chakra. This can make you wiser in all domains of life. The invoking of the third eye chakra starts energy flow from the mind to the throat area allowing for better communication and effective persuasive skills. The stone may also benefit you by aligning your thoughts, building a better mindset, and making you at peace with yourself. 

It is believed that azurite may help to control your temper and keep your calm in serious situations. People who cannot control their emotions may use azurite to overcome this problem. Azurite may benefit you by curving your pessimistic personality into an optimistic one. Azurite may also help you by keeping problems like depression and ADHD away by bringing calm and peace to your mind. The urge to go out, enjoy, and work comes with the use of azurite and may help in making a person more active.

Azurite may be exceptional in invoking higher concentration and focus to experience deep meditation. Many people claim that azurite allows them to relax for longer durations and helps them reach deep meditative states for longer durations. The azurite crystal may also allow you to look for answers deep inside yourself. Deep meditation helps in resolving issues and can help us see clear solutions to many problems. It may help by increasing your problem-solving skills and the will to face the difficulties in life more bravely.

Azurite Healing Properties

Azurite is believed to possess many healing properties. The crystal may help some overcome spine problems related to spinal alignment and other issues related to the location of vertebrae. Many issues related to body parts including the rib cage, bones, and teeth may be treated by using azurite.

Many people claim that the stone may help organs such as the kidneys, spleen, liver, and gallbladder by ensuring they work optimally. Problems related to arthritis and other joint pains may also be treated by azurite. The stone may help in detoxifying your body and cleaning the blood.

Azurite may help you by increasing your blood oxygen levels and increasing your cellular activity to prevent any kind of dead cell accumulation or damage in different parts of the body. The stone may help in preventing serious problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It can slow down aging to a certain extent too.

Azurite Stone Benefits

There are several benefits of azurite stone. The stone is used in industries to make jewelry and artifacts. In ancient times, it was used as a major source of blue dye, and painters used it to paint their pictures with blue azurite dye. The stone is also popular among people for its amazing metaphysical and healing properties.

Malachite and Azurite

azurite malachite meaning

Azurite Malachite Meaning

Azurite malachite is formed when azurite and malachite combine under the earth in the ores. The resulting crystal formed is rich in both the vibrant colors of the gemstones, respectively stark blue colors of azurite and dark green alluring shades of malachite.

Why are Malachite and Azurite Found Together?

The occurrence of malachite and azurite together led to the formation of azurmalachite. This is due to the changes in the geophysical and geochemical environment taking place near the ores of these crystals. The environmental changes create conditions that are suitable for the formation of azurite and malachite. As a result of this, the formation of azurmalachite occurs. This formation of the stone is understood by studying the pieces of the crystal and tracing back its origin and formation using several scientific techniques.

Azurite Malachite Properties

Azurite malachite forms an interesting crystal with a wide range of properties. The combination of these two crystals results in a very toxic stone. This stone in its raw form can cause serious damage to humans because of its high toxicity. The stone must be handled properly while processing it. The dust and fine particles from the stone are very dangerous and people who handle it are advised to wear a proper mask.

The azurite and malachite stone combination, i.e., azurite malachite, are sometimes referred to collectively as azurmalachite. The stone is mostly used to create various artifacts and cabochons.

Azurite malachite crystal deposits are found in parts of China, Central America, Africa, the United States of America, and Southeast Asia.

Azurite Malachite Metaphysical Properties

Azurite malachite crystal is popular as there are many claims that the stone shows tremendous amounts of metaphysical properties. Azurmalachite may help heal you physically. The stone, as claimed by many, can cure serious muscle and bone injuries.

The stone is also considered an amazing agent that may help in increasing your blood oxygen levels and may boost the process of repair and regeneration in the body tissues.

Many organs like the kidneys, gallbladder, and thyroid may be treated with the help of azurmalachite. There are various claims regarding the potential effect of azurmalachite on eyesight. It may help improve your eyesight gradually.

The stone is known to keep you protected from harmful radiations and may help in the eradication of serious diseases like tumors, allergic responses like asthma, and arthritis too.

The stone may also increase your overall wealth and bring prosperity and happiness to your life. Some believe that the stone may help you find the love of your life. The mind stays focused and makes quick and correct decisions. You may explore new domains in life and the stone may increase your success rate in various future endeavors.

Azurite vs Other Stones

azurite stones

Azurite vs Chrysocolla

Azurite and chrysocolla are major constituents of eilat stones. Many eilat stones of green and blue color contain minerals like chrysocolla, azurite, malachite, turquoise, and many other minerals of copper ore. Chrysocolla is a similar mineral to azurite and is named after the famous city of Eilat in Israel. The major depositions of chrysocolla are also found near the ores of copper. The scientific name of chrysocolla is hydrated copper silicate. The physical properties of chrysocolla are very similar to azurite. The stone comes in various amorphous shapes known as stalactites. The stalactites form of chrysocolla is a popular gemstone and is used by many for its metaphysical and healing benefits.

Linarite vs Azurite

Linarite and azurite are different types of crystals with a few similarities in physical and chemical properties. Linarite occurs in various forms such as tabular stones, irregular pieces of crystals, monoclinic prismatic crystals, and sharp-edged small stones. The former crystal is misread as azurite because of the similarity in physical appearances. The crystals are differentiated from each other with the help of a hydrochloric acid (HCL) test. Azurite reacts rapidly with hydrochloric acid whereas linarite does not react with HCL.

Cobalt vs Azurite

Cobalt and azurite are completely different minerals and have different uses. Azurite is used as an ideal crystal to make jewelry, artifacts, and other ornamental crafts. Cobalt is used to make tools that help in scientific studies and reports. Cobalt is a perfect material to form alloys. These alloys help in the designing of gas turbines, high-speed steels, cemented carbides, corrosion-resistant parts of machines, and turbines of aircraft engines. 

Cobalt is also used in the media industry. It is used in recording devices as a magnet as it forms an excellent electromagnetic field. The color of azurite and cobalt blue is very similar. Cobalt blue is used in many artworks as a dye. It is a popular choice amongst artists to make tiles, enamel jewelry, stained glass, and pottery.

Lapis Lazuli vs Azurite 

Lapis lazuli is an ancient blue dye used extensively in medieval times by many painters and artists. It was slowly replaced by the blue azurite dye. The blue azurite dye was more accessible and easy to make as compared to lapis lazuli dye.

Difference Between Azurite and Lapis Lazuli

There is great confusion between azurite and lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli and azurite both are popular blue pigments and serve a similar role. The medieval painters used blue dyes like azurite and lapis lazuli to color their paintings and other artifacts. The major constituent of these blue colors was azurite according to various researches conducted on medieval paintings. 

Lapis lazuli is also known as ultramarine pigment. The common area of the dominance of lapis lazuli was near modern-day Afghanistan. It was transported from the regions of Afghanistan to other parts of the world. Europe was dominant in the application of azurite. Major azurite sites were located in Europe during that time, making azurite more accessible as compared to lapis lazuli.

Azurite Types

Raw Azurite

Raw azurite is the purest form of the crystal. The extracted product from the ore of azurite is known as raw azurite. The gemstone does not go through any processing. A lot of other minerals are found mixed with the ore of raw azurite. The industrial processing of raw azurite leads to the formation of jewelry such as rings, pendants, and alluring artifacts used to decorate homes.

Tumbled Azurite

Azurite is found in various shapes and sizes. The tumbled azurite is a rough form of stone. Its physical appearance is irregular. The stone has blunt edges, non-symmetrical patterns and is used to make small-size pieces of azurite. It is also used to make small jewelry of azurite. Tumbled azurite, because of its irregular shape and unsymmetrical patterns, is usually cheaper compared to other varieties of azurite.

Polished Azurite

polished azurite

The industrial use of azurite has introduced the polished form of azurite. The polished azurite form is made after processing the stone to give it a fine and sharp look. Sometimes the stones are colored with various dyes to make them more alluring. Polished azurite is used to make attractive jewelry pieces and components of jewelry. These polished azurite pieces are very costly and can be fused to decorate temples and other historical places.

Faceted Azurite

Faceted azurite is a very popular form of azurite as it gives a multidimensional look to the stone and makes it more attractive. People love to keep faceted azurite on their desks, living rooms, and other places to give a rich and premium look. The multi-faceted azurite has many sides and looks interesting from a distance. These days polished, faceted azurite crystals are available in the market. They look more alluring and can add more luster to your life.

Banded Azurite

Banded azurite comes in quirky colors after polishing and possesses many attractive bands. The stone is used to make attractive bangles, pendants, rings, hand bands, and necklaces. The banded azurite is a refined form of azurite and is produced for the market. Products made from banded azurite are very alluring and help people through the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone.

Natural Azurite

The pure form of azurite, free of any other minerals, is called natural azurite. Raw azurite extracted from the parent ore and free from other common ore minerals is also known as natural azurite. Natural azurite is industry-ready and can be used as a raw material for further processing. Many factories are set up to extract natural azurite from raw azurite. Natural azurite is free from any industrial processing and is unpolished.

Azurite Color

Blue Azurite

Blue azurite is the most common form of azurite. It has been used as a dye since the medieval ages. The stone is also popular for its deep blue color relating to wisdom and knowledge of the self. There are many claims that the metaphysical properties of blue azurite can improve your living conditions to a large extent.

Green Azurite

green azurite

Green azurite is the result of the high instability of azurite stone. Azurite turns green color when it is mixed with oil. The green mixture is sometimes used as a substitute for green oil paints in industries and art. You can also get a gray-green color azurite stone by mixing it with egg yolk.

Black Azurite

Black azurite is one of the rarest forms of azurite. In ancient times, the darkest blue color azurite was referred to as black azurite. At present, industrial houses coat blue azurite with shades of black to give it a premium rich black color. The black azurite stone is considered a luxury and is very hard to find.

Smoky Azurite

Smoky azurite is known for the amazing smoky cloud-like textures on the stone. In rare cases, natural azurite may possess these smoke-like patterns. Mostly at present, industrial polishing and crafting are done on the stone to give it a smoky look. The smoky azurite looks pretty and alluring to the eyes. Many people use it in their rings as it gives a cool look to their outfits.

Azurite Uses

Azurite Beads

Various forms of azurite gemstone are carved to produce attractive pieces of jewelry. Azurite is cut out and carved into small spheres known as beads. Azurite beads can be produced in different shades of red, pink, purple, yellow, black, and other colors through artificial polishing. 

Natural colored beads can be made by using the natural color of the azurite gemstone. These beads are used in many pieces of jewelry like pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Azurite beads may help you become confident and optimistic. You can receive other metaphysical and healing benefits from azurite by bearing azurite beads.

Azurite Cabochon

Azurite cabochon is a beautiful prism-shaped artifact made primarily from azurite. The stone is polished and carved out to give it a perfect shape, like a cabochon. It is a very popular product of azurite and remains in great demand.

Powdered Azurite

Powdered azurite is made by finely grinding the azurite stones into minute salt-like crystals. The powdered form of azurite is used to make various colored dyes. The most popular dyes made from azurite’s powdered form are blue dye and green dye.

Azurite Sphere

Azurite spheres are big spherical balls carved out from azurite stone with the help of various machines. They undergo polishing and coloring to get a smooth and shiny appearance. Different designs and patterns are also created on these spherical balls to make them attractive. These spheres are used in meditative practices and other spiritual awakening practices.

Azurite Jewelry

Alluring and beautiful pieces of jewelry are crafted from azurite stone. The jewelry made from azurite is a popular choice and is loved alike by people of different ages and gender. The jewelry looks attractive on the body and also helps you by delivering the metaphysical and healing effects of azurite. Beryl is often mixed with other stones to create stunning jewelry pieces. It is important to look for various indicators of authenticity before buying azurite jewelry. 

There are many fake pieces of azurite on the market. It is suggested to ask a trusted jeweler or craftsman to make your jewelry or art piece after buying authentic and high-quality azurite gemstones from listed and government-approved shops or sites. This method also gives you the freedom to get your azurite jewelry customized according to your needs.

Azurite Bracelet

Azurite bracelets are pretty pieces of jewelry made from pure or polished azurite. These bracelets are available in various quirky colors and attractive designs.

Azurite Pendant

The pendants made from azurite stone are lovely and come in different patterns and shades. These pendants are used by many to experience the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone.

Azurite Necklace

An azurite necklace can help complete your look. It adds charm and elegance and makes you feel confident. Azurite necklace comes in various designs with a plethora of colors and patterns.

Azurite Ring

Azurite rings provide an elegant look to your hand. It may help you increase positivity in life and make you feel confident. The ring keeps your skin in contact with azurite so that you can experience the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone.

Azurite Engagement Ring

Azurite is one of the most auspicious stones. The stone is claimed by many to increase love in relationships and to strengthen new bonds.  Engagement rings made from azurite are a perfect gift to begin a long partnership with your loved one. It may enhance your love and care for each other. Azurite engagement rings are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Azurite Earrings

Blue-colored azurite earrings look appealing. The earring is available in different shapes and sizes as per your needs.

How to Cleanse Azurite

Azurite crystals can accumulate dust and other impurities if kept in the open for a long period. A frequent practice of cleaning azurite must be adopted to keep it fresh and bright.

How to Clean Azurite Crystal

The azurite crystal and its other forms, like azurite malachite, can be cleaned with the help of a cleaning cloth and some lukewarm water mixed with mild soap. Try to remove the dirt from the surface of the stone first by gently cleaning it with a soft clean cloth. Avoid any kind of abrasive cleaning products as these will easily scratch the stone. Chemmalachiteical and radioactive cleansers must also be avoided while cleaning azurite as they may cause a change in the stone's color.

Azurite for Sale

Azurite is the raw material for various exquisite jewelry pieces. The azurite gemstone is also used by many for its claimed metaphysical and healing properties. Azurite, being a popular stone in the market, is available at many big shops and online sites that sell precious gemstones. Around the world, there is a huge market for azurite. Different forms of azurite crystal in various colors and designs can be bought from the nearest crystal store or online sites in your area.

These crystals are used industrially and are also used to make alluring jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Azurite and several other precious stones are also in great demand because of the various claims regarding the metaphysical and healing properties of these amazing gemstones.

Azurite Price

The price of azurite can vary with the quality and size of the product. Different forms of azurite come in different price ranges. Raw azurite is cheaper than polished and processed azurite products. The average price range of azurite products is between $20 USD and can reach $2000 USD and more depending on the size and stone.

Azurite Price per Gram

The price per gram of azurite remains between one to three dollars depending upon the form of the crystal.

Azurite Price per Carat

The per-carat price of azurite gemstone is generally between $15 USD to $200 USD. The price can vary with changes in the crystal and different gemstones.

Azurite Malachite for Sale

Azurite malachite remains in great demand due to the various metaphysical and healing properties connected to the stone. The stone is also used to create beautiful and alluring jewelry. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other jewelry pieces made from azurite malachite remain in great demand. These products are available for sale in all the major gemstone shops and online stores.

Azurite Jewelry on Amazon

Beautiful azurite jewelry in bright and beautiful colors is available on Amazon. The popular home delivery site now makes it possible for you to buy various quirky and attractive azurite jewelry with a few clicks. All sorts of jewelry pieces in different designs and colors are available on the site. 


Azurite gemstone is one of the most popular stones and it is used to make ravishing jewelry and artifacts. The azurite crystal is available in various forms and different colors. It is predominantly available in dark blue color and was used as a substitute for blue dye in the medieval ages. The azurite crystal is used by many for its claimed metaphysical properties and magical healing powers. It may help you to have a positive outlook on life and increase your overall confidence. The azurite stone and its products are available at all big gemstone shops and online stores like Amazon.

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