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Hypersthene: Complete Guide (2024)

hypersthene stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about hypersthene, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Hypersthene is often described as a cocoon of protection. It is a talisman of psychic powers and spirituality. This alluring stone is not only soothing to the eyes but also the mind. It helps you relax when most needed and lightens your stress. Let us learn more about hypersthene. 

  • Hypersthene Meaning
    • What is Hypersthene?
      • Is Hypersthene Rare?
    • Hypersthene Healing
    • Hypersthene Benefits
      • Hypersthene for Luck
    • Hypersthene Chakra
    • Hypersthene in Egypt
  • Hypersthene Properties
    • Hypersthene Healing Properties
    • Hypersthene Metaphysical Properties
  • Raw Hypersthene
  • Hypersthene Jewelry
    • Hypersthene Cabochon
    • Hypersthene Pendant
    • Hypersthene Bracelet
    • Hypersthene Ring
  • Hypersthene Uses
    • Hypersthene Beads
  • Hypersthene for Sale
    • Hypersthene on Etsy
  • Conclusion

Hypersthene Meaning

What is Hypersthene?

Hypersthene belongs to the pyroxene crystal family, and it originates from the same roots. The word hypersthene is a combination of Greek words, ‘hyper’ meaning above, and ‘stonos’ meaning power. The colors of hypersthene are in variations of green, black, or brown and have an iridescent or ‘cats-eye’ quality. 

The stone is also known as ‘orthopyroxene’ but is most commonly known as hypersthene. Different samples of hypersthene contain varying amounts of magnesium, iron, silicon, and other minerals. 

Hypersthene is a stone that encourages self-love, confidence, independence, and strength. It opens up your mind to help you see and understand bigger things in life. It enhances your spirituality and helps you attain clairvoyance. 

On the Mohs scale of hardness, hypersthene stands between 5.5 and 6. As hypersthene is one of the most spiritual stones, it is associated with a few zodiac signs. They are Virgo, Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio. 

Is Hypersthene Rare?

Hypersthene is found in many parts of the world, mainly in the United States and Canada. In Europe, it is found in countries such as Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, and Greenland. They are also mined in parts of Australia and New Zealand. 

Thus, hypersthene is not a rare crystal as compared to other rarer crystals.

Hypersthene Healing

Hypersthene is a crystal known for its abundant healing powers. It can be a great stone to use during meditation. The meditative healing is enhanced with the presence of hypersthene stone. 

The presence of hypersthene activates and imbues its vibrations in your aura and helps you develop your psychic gifts. 

Communicating with the stone is a crucial part of the process. This helps you work toward the issues that you need to fix in your life. It will help you see the solutions to the obstacles you are facing. One of the significances of hypersthene is that it helps you seek answers to your questions. 

When you have clear intentions, hypersthene’s vibrations help you ‌manifest your desires. Hypersthene is also used as a stress buster crystal. It soothes the chaotic workings in your mind and helps you relax. 

It brings calm in times of anxiety and nervousness. It helps relieve stress and renew your energy levels. Hypersthene will help you achieve everything if you open up to it. 

Hypersthene Benefits

Using a hypersthene crystal has many metaphysical and healing benefits. They are mentioned further in this article.

Hypersthene for Luck

Hypersthene is said to be one of the luckiest stones. In Egypt, it is regarded highly, and it symbolizes the God of Fortune.

Hypersthene Chakra

Hypersthene activates your third-eye chakra and increases your intuitive abilities and gut feelings. It opens your spiritual eye and helps you see things clearly. Hypersthene also opens your root chakra, which keeps you grounded and connected to the earth. It helps you find balance in life.

Hypersthene in Egypt

Hypersthene, also known as the ‘golden luck stone,’ is highly regarded in Egypt. The black color is said to ward off evil spirits and dissolve negative energies. It attracts riches and treasure. It acts as a manifestation stone and brings the law of attraction with it. 

Hypersthene Properties

Along with the meditative properties, hypersthene has some other great qualities that make it one of the best crystals. These properties are listed below.

Hypersthene Healing Properties

hypersthene stone

Hypersthene is believed to aid in accelerating the healing process following an accident or any illness. It is said to assist in the recovery process of a disease or a sickness. It ensures that the right amount of rest is taken to speed up recovery. 

It brings tranquility and serenity and helps you let go of your worries. It creates an aura that brings you peace and helps you recover. Hypersthene is said to work well on your emotional and psychic capabilities, and thus it helps overcome depressive episodes. 

Using the stone while going through a depressive stage helps unwind your stress and anxiety. 

Using hypersthene crystal also has some physical health benefits. As the stone is rich in iron and magnesium content, it is believed to assist with anemia, leukemia, and blood-related issues. Hypersthene also aids in troubles related to the stomach, ovaries, and prostate issues. It also helps in combating worm infections in the intestines or gut. 

Hypersthene not only helps relieve stress mentally but also helps the parts of your body affected by it. Placing the stone on your neck, limbs, and shoulders may help with strains. It helps you get through an illness and gives you a boost of energy to face life head-on. 

Hypersthene Metaphysical Properties

Hypersthene is most commonly known for its spiritual and psychic healing properties. It enhances your innate intuitive and psychic abilities and guides you in the right direction. 

It makes you aware of your purpose in life and activates your full potential to achieve it.

Hypersthene brings with it the knowledge of the higher self. It connects you to your spirituality and aids in communicating with the divine energies. It strengthens your bond and helps you find harmony within yourself. 

Using hypersthene makes you realize the roles of your guardian angels and helps you see their workings in your favor. It channels the energies within you to create a strong bond between you and your spiritual guides. 

It opens your third-eye chakra and helps you be observant and perceptive of the spiritual voices leading you through the right path. It helps you gain clairvoyance and enhance it. Hypersthene also resonates with your crown chakra, inspires you, and increases your awareness.

Hypersthene fixes imbalances of energies and helps synchronize them. Using a hypersthene crystal inspires you to take action against a problem and not let it fester. Thus, this is an ideal stone for relationships.

Hypersthene strengthens your bond with your partner by bringing you close to them. Using hypersthene for meditation, holding the stone in your palm, and communicating with it, will help you create an aura and help you manifest your desires. 

Raw Hypersthene

Raw hypersthene crystals have more rough edges than polished ones, but the quality and their healing properties do not diminish. Keeping a piece of raw hypersthene in your house brings wealth and provides you and your family with protection from the evil curses sent your way. 

Hypersthene Jewelry

Wearing hypersthene jewelry is a great way to benefit from its healing properties. It is a convenient and easy option to reap its health benefits as well.

Hypersthene Cabochon

Hypersthene cabochons are used during meditations or crystal healing. Holding a hypersthene while meditating may help create an energy aura around you and help you communicate with your higher self and guardian spirits. They can be kept at your workplace or in your house. Keeping a hypersthene cabochon on your bedside table may help you gain the benefits and spiritual attunements.

Hypersthene Pendant

With a setting of sterling silver, a hypersthene pendant gives a delicate yet strong look to the wearer. It can be worn at meetings and events when you feel nervous, as the hypersthene will boost your confidence and help you communicate with people.

Hypersthene Bracelet

With black reflective and smooth features, beaded hypersthene makes quirky bracelets for everyday looks. Wearing it every day will keep you grounded and shield you from evil energies. 

Hypersthene Ring

hypersthene ring

Hypersthene stone is used to make jewelry for both men and women. Many designs are unisex and can be worn by anyone. Hypersthene rings make a great gift for special occasions and can benefit you in the most beautiful ways.

Hypersthene Uses

Hypersthene is used for protection against evil and negative energies. It deflects curses aimed at you and also protects your psyche from them. Communicating with your hypersthene is a great way to manifest your desires and achieve your goals in life. 

Hypersthene is a great crystal if you want to heighten your clairvoyance and attain spiritual enlightenment. Hypersthene helps achieve restful sleep and brings calm from anxiety and stress. 

Hypersthene Beads

Hypersthene beads are available for making jewelry. The beaded hypersthene strings are also used for meditation or chanting a mantra. 

Hypersthene for Sale

Hypersthene slabs cost roughly $100 to $120 USD. Tumbled hypersthene crystals cost as low as $9 USD per piece. 

Hypersthene on Etsy

Etsy has a variety of hypersthene crystals, slabs, as well as jewelry collections from authentic and certified sellers at reasonable prices. You can easily purchase hypersthene in whichever form you prefer. 


Hypersthene is a crystal that boosts your self-confidence and makes you believe in yourself. It makes you love and respect yourself and shows you the right path. It protects against evil curses and keeps you grounded and safe. 

If you want to enhance your clairvoyant gifts, then hypersthene is a must-have crystal.

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