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K2 Stone: Complete Guide (2024)

K2 stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about K2 stone, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Found in one of the most beautiful yet deserted places in the world, very few stones have the benefits of having multiple stones together and an ascension power this high.

The K2 azurite is a one-of-a-kind stone and this article will discuss its many unique features. 

  • K2 Stone Meaning
    • What is K2 Tone
      • K2 Stone Spiritual Meaning
      • When was K2 Stone Discovered
    • K2 Stone Benefits
    • Where is K2 Stone Found
  • K2 Stone Properties
    • K2 Stone Healing Properties
    • K2 Stone Metaphysical Properties
  • K2 Stone Types
    • Raw K2 Stone 
  • K2 Stone Jewelry
    • K2 Stone Necklace
    • K2 Stone Bracelet
    • K2 Stone Pendant
  • K2 Stone Uses
    • K2 Stone Beads
    • K2 Stone Veneer
  • K2 Stone for Sale
    • K2 Stone Prices
    • Fake K2 Stone
  • Conclusion

K2 Stone Meaning

What is K2 Stone? 

K2 stone is also known as ‘K2 granite’ or ‘raindrop azurite’. It is an extremely rare stone found on high mountain ranges, with a formation and mining process unique to any other stone. There are many theories as to how K2 was formed but the most common belief is that it is granite made up of quartz, muscovite, biotite, and sodium plagioclase.

One of the more popular places it has been found is on the second highest mountain in the world in the Karakoram mountain ranges that border China and Pakistan. 

K2 Stone Spiritual Meaning 

The K2 chakra is majorly associated with the third-eye chakra and the crown chakra. This stone forms and enhances a link between these two very important chakras and opens many gateways in one's mind. The stone is generally used to enhance one’s psychic abilities on all levels and open up the crown chakra. 

The opening of the crown chakra allows one to understand and absorb knowledge from higher dimensions. This is where the linking to the third-eye chakra plays a major role, as this link can form the backbone of truly understanding the knowledge one seeks and also gets one closer to their higher self. 

When was the K2 Stone Discovered? 

The K2 granite is a relatively recent discovery in Mount K2, Pakistan - the second highest peak in the world. 

K2 Stone Benefits

A combination of granite with naturally forming specs of azurite, this stone may help bring about peace, emotional stability, and understanding to those who use it. This stone may help with healing through a deep, universal understanding of ourselves and our past. This understanding can be very grounding to those who experience it and bring harmony among people working toward a common goal and within themselves. 

More importantly, this stone is very effective in aligning and cleansing the third-eye chakra and the root chakra, which immensely enhances one's psychic abilities and makes one more in tune with their instinct and intuition. Some believe that this stone can even aid in past life recall. That is how strong the psychic connection is. 

Where is the K2 Stone Found? 

This stone is found uniquely and mainly at the base of Mount Godwin Austen, which is the second highest mountain in the world. It is commonly called the K2 stone or K2 jasper because of the Karakoram mountain range, which is also referred to as K2. 

K2 Stone Properties

K2 Stone Healing Properties

The stone is believed to have a sacred connection to the throat chakra, which can be why it is believed to aid with communication and speech disorders, thyroid issues, and, in general, enhance one’s communication skills. The K2 stone, with its strong connection to the third eye and crown chakras, may help with migraines, headaches of all sorts, and sinus issues. 

This stone may help regulate one’s nervous system, mainly anxious, depressive, and other polarizing thoughts and feelings and bring about a more grounded and stable energy and mindset. Some also believe that this stone may help strengthen the bones and overall synergy of all the systems in the body. 

K2 Stone Metaphysical Properties

K2  stone is believed to be a transformation stone that leads to inspiration and creativity. It connects to the spiritual realm and helps in exploring your own spirituality, pushing you towards the enlightenment of your soul. It stimulates the mind and soul and creates inner stability, and cleanses the mind. 

This stone with elements of quartz is considered to be a master healer. It may help with any spiritual or emotional issues. It may be used to amplify the energy of other stones and enhance energy flow through all the chakras.

This stone can be a grounding factor to one’s earth and spiritual elements, creating a beautiful synergy, and enhancing one’s intuition and wisdom to help one attain higher levels of knowledge and ultimately seek enlightenment. 

K2 Stone Types

You can find raw and tumbled versions of this stone which can be polished or unpolished and cut or uncut in different shapes and sizes. 

Raw K2 Stone

The raw K2 stone is rugged and untouched by humans and is therefore considered to be one of the purest forms of the gemstone. This can enhance its healing and spiritual capabilities. The raw version of this stone can be found in many shapes and sizes. 

K2 Stone Jewelry

K2 Stone Necklace

K2 stone necklace

The natural and captivating stone can be found in polished stone necklaces of varying width and length. Many prefer it to be a standout piece as a part of their ensemble. 

K2 Stone Bracelet

The K2 stone enhances spiritual journeying and helps to bring back guidance from the highest source. This beautiful bracelet, with hues of green and gray, can be worn by anyone who wishes to enhance their spiritual guidance. 

K2 Stone Pendant

The stone comes in many shapes and sizes of pendants in a tumbled form usually encased in sterling silver or platinum chains. When worn, this stone may help with the ascension of the mind and may help keep negative thoughts and feelings at bay throughout the day. 

K2 Stone Uses

K2 Stone Beads

These beads can be used for mediation by many, either by themselves or with other stones, to amplify the stone’s energy. This stone can also be used by professional healers and reiki practitioners to enhance healing of their own or others. 

K2 Stone Veneers 

Natural stone veneers are a thin, decorative layer of stone most often used for feature walls and building facades, but it is not made to be load bearing. Natural stone veneers are made from real, quarried stones. K2 granite, because it is so unique and rare, makes for a stunning piece to have in any place. 

K2 Stone for Sale

K2 stone in the form of jewelry, beads for mediation, or stone for veneers can be found on many trusted websites, like Etsy and even local gemstone miners. The stone used for major construction can be found at masonry companies, most popularly being k2stone.com. 

K2 Stone Prices

K2 stone in just stone forms, jewelry, or beads can be found for anywhere between $10 to $80 USD. The pricing for construction ranges from its thickness to the area covered by the stone. Although it is on the pricier side, it will cost less to maintain this natural stone over time than artificial stone. 

Fake K2 Stone 

Recently, a lot of sellers have been popping up from different countries claiming to have real, natural K2 granite. Since this is a very rare stone found in deserted areas, it is available in limited quantities. One should only buy them from trusted retailers and, if possible, have an in-person viewing of the stone to avoid any dupes. 


K2 is a great stone to practice spirituality. Since it is a rock and not a crystal, it can have an edge over other gemstones. It has the grounding properties of an iron-rich mineral, healing properties of azurite, and the focusing properties of quartz. Together, this stone is a must-have for anyone looking to tap into their higher self and get one step closer to divine enlightenment. 

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