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Ammolite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

ammolite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about ammolite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Want to learn more about ammolite gemstones? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about one of the rarest gemstones. The topics that we will cover are as follows:

  • Ammolite Meaning
    • What is Ammolite?
      • Ammolite Metaphysical Meaning
      • Ammolite Color Meaning
      • How Rare is Ammolite?
    • Where is Ammolite Found?
      • Ammolite in Canada
      • Ammolite in Alberta
      • Ammolite in Vancouver
      • Ammolite Mines in Canada
      • Colorado Ammolite
      • Alaskan Ammolite
    • Ammolite Benefits
    • Ammolite Healing
    • Ammolite Chakra
  • Ammolite vs Ammonite
    • Difference Between Ammonite and Ammolite
  • Ammolite Properties
    • Ammolite Metaphysical Properties
    • Ammolite Healing Properties
  • Raw Ammolite 
  • Ammolite Color
    • Rainbow Ammolite
    • Purple Ammolite
    • Green Ammolite
    • Indigo Ammolite
    • Blue Ammolite
    • Pink Ammolite
    • Red Ammolite
  • Ammolite Jewelry
    • Ammolite Ring
      • Ammolite Engagement Ring
      • Ammolite Men's Rings
      • Ammolite Gold Ring
      • Canadian Ammolite Rings
    • Ammolite Pendant
      • Gold Ammolite Pendant 
      • Silver Ammolite Pendant 
    • Ammolite Earring
      • Ammolite Stud Earrings
      • Ammolite Teardrop Earrings
    • Ammolite Bracelet
    • Ammolite Necklace
      • Ammolite Heart Necklace
  • Ammolite Uses
    • Ammolite Cabochon
    • Ammolite Beads
    • Ammolite Watch
    • Ammolite Cufflinks
  • Ammolite for Sale
    • Ammolite Prices
      • Ammolite Price per Carat
    • Ammolite Jewelry for Sale
      • Ammolite Jewelry Wholesale
    • Ammolite Fossil for Sale
    • Ammolite for Sale in Canada
    • Ammolite Pendants for Sale
    • Fake Ammolite
  • Buy Ammolite Online
    • Ammolite Jewelry on Amazon
    • Ammolite on eBay
      • Ammolite Jewelry on eBay
    • Ammolite on Etsy
  • Conclusion

Ammolite Meaning

What is Ammolite?

An ammolite is ‌ an aragonite mineral, which is a form of fossilized ammonite. Ammonites were squid-like creatures that swam around the earth and went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period. The outer shells of these ammonites were buried deep under volcanic ash and other minerals. Completely devoid of oxygen and water, they were fossilized. The fossilization formed upon it a layer of aragonite, which ‌formed ammolite. It is the opal-like gemstone formed because of fossilization. 

Ammolite is one of the few natural gems to be introduced in the last 70 years. It got its official gemstone status in 1981 from the World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO). Ammolite mining for commercial purposes began in the same year. Ammolite was named the official gemstone of Lethbridge, Alberta in 2007. It is also considered the National Stone of Canada. 

Ammolite Metaphysical Meaning

Ammolite is formed from the fossilization of ammonite. The name ammonite is derived from the ancient God Ammon, who believed these creatures to be divine. Ammon is depicted with a head of a ram with spiral horns, which are comparable with the spiral shell of an ammonite. Pliny the Elder, the Roman historian, considered ammonite to be holy because he believed the stones summoned prophetic dreams. 

Ammolite also means rebirth. This stone has the power to absorb universal energies and impart them to the wearer. Ammolite is also known as a talisman for love, family, and relationships. 

The legend of ammolite goes back to the Blackfoot tribe of North America. It was discovered that Indigenous people used the stone to ward off evil.

Feng Shui masters believe ‌ammolite absorbs cosmic energy from the universe and conveys it to the wearer as health, wisdom, and good fortune. A high-graded ammolite stone intensifies and strengthens the well-being of the homeowner and their visitors as well. The different layers of ammolite are said to enhance the Chi or life energy to alter negative energy into positive. The spiral shell of ammonite also represents the ‘golden spiral’ or the Fibonacci sequence.

Ammolite is associated with the zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus.

Ammolite Color Meaning

The ammolite stone gets its colors from the iridescent layer of aragonite. The interference with the light rebounds them from the stacked layers of platelets, forming a beautiful spectral. Ammolite is also known as the ‘Seven Color Prosperity Stone’. It is available in all the colors of the rainbow. These colors indicate the balance of earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. 

How Rare is Ammolite?

Even though the ammonites swam around the world, the only gemstone-quality ammolites are found near the St. Mary river, in the Southern part of Alberta, Canada. This ‌rock formation is known as Bearpaw formation. Since these gemstones come from fossilized ammonites, which are extinct creatures, they are one of the rarest gemstones. Estimates show that only six to eight years of mining are left. 

Where is Ammolite Found?

Ammolite in Canada

Ammolite in Alberta

Gemstone quality ammolites are only found in St. Marys River in Southern Alberta, Canada. The ammolite shells or fossils of ammonites are buried under the sedimentary minerals and rocks. Ammolites are formed in a thin layer-like sheet above the shells and this gives a prismatic quality to them. 

Ammolite in Vancouver

ammolite stone

Fossilized ammonites are found in many parts of the world, whereas ammolite gemstones are only found in Alberta, Canada. Vancouver has an ammolite museum, which is one of the largest distributors of ammolites and various other gemstones. 

Ammolite Mines in Canada

The mining of ammolite in Canada takes place at the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, the only place where ammolite gemstones are found. 

Colorado Ammolite

Ammolites are only mined in Canada and not found anywhere else. They could be shipped raw and polished or made into jewelry in Colorado but are not found there.

Alaskan Ammolite

As mentioned above, the only place ammolite gemstone is found and mined is in Alberta, Canada. Ammonite fossils could be found in Alaska but these are not the ammolite gemstones.

Ammolite Benefits

Ammolite gemstones are said to be talismans of love and relationships. It helps with smooth communication. Ammolite is said to release stress, relax, and improve performance. 

It is also said that it heals the pain of the past life. Meditating with ammolite calms chaotic environments. 

It increases the stamina of the user, prevents exhaustion, and provides a strong will to live.

Ammolite Healing

Ammolite Chakra

Ammolite is associated with the root chakra. Also known as ‘Muladhara’, ‘mul’, meaning root, and ‘adhara’, meaning support or base. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and supports all the other chakras above. It is said to be the ‘starting point’ for maintaining balance. Using ammolite enhances the powers of the root chakra and helps one gain stability and a sense of security. It keeps one grounded. It attunes energies and brings prosperity and luck to the stone user. 

Ammolite vs Ammonite

The Difference Between Ammonite and Ammolite

Ammonites lived in an inland sea, now known as Western Interior Seaway. The sea receded near the Mesozoic era and the ammonites died away. 

Ammonites are spiral-shelled creatures, with tentacles that went extinct 65-70 million years ago. 

Ammolites are the iridescent layer of fossilized shells of ammonites.

Ammonite fossils are found at many places in the world, but gemstone-quality ammolite is only found in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Ammolite Properties

Ammolite is a fossilized shell of ammonite. The only two species that make the gemstone quality ammolites are ‘Placenticeras meeki’ and ‘Placenticeras intercalare”. Their chemical composition differs from stone to stone. Apart from aragonite, they may include calcite, silica, pyrite, or other minerals. The shell of the ammonite is mostly comprised of aluminum, copper, chromium, barium, magnesium, manganese, iron, titanium, and vanadium. The ammolite forms in a thin layer above the fossilized ammonite shell and, as such, are fragile. 

On the Mohs hardness scale, they stand at 3.5-4. The thickness of a raw ammolite is 0.5-8mm, which after polishing gets reduced to 0.1-3mm. Although fragile and thin, they are still thick enough to be made into jewelry. 

The upper layers of ammolite are harder and the lower layers are softer and fragile. Red and green colors form the upper layers. Whereas, blue and purple colors form the lower layers and thus are rare. 

Ammolite Metaphysical Properties

ammolite stone

Ammolite is said to possess a healing and grounding quality. It absorbs energy from the universe and passes it onto the user. 

Ammolite is a comforting crystal. It creates abundance and brings positive outcomes. It inspires an individual to be their best self. 

Ammolite works with the root chakra and radiates the earth's energy, bringing good fortune and prosperity. 

Using ammolite during meditation heals in a spiritual sense, and it leads one to the right place. It is believed that even a small piece of ammolite crystal helps the user find their spiritual path. 

Ammolite is also said to be a protective stone. The user of ammolite feels protected and armored in difficult situations. It provides the wearer with a sense of stability and constancy. 

Ammolite encourages the feeling of self-worth. It is associated with water and is said to deeply affect emotions. 

Ammolite works well with relationships and love. It acts as a guard against temptations. The ammolite crystal gets rid of the unpleasant and disagreeable energies driving the loved ones apart. It brings steadiness and removes insecurities. The ammolite gemstone also aids in overcoming challenges and hurdles in a relationship. 

Ammolite Healing Properties

  • Ammolite crystals form a balance of the energies earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. 
  • Crystal healers who use the ammolite gem claim that ‌the stone expands the user's wealth and increases their wisdom.
  • The Feng Shui masters claim that it masters the chi’s overall flow. 
  • As ammolite is said to be a soothing crystal, it brings good fortune and luck. 
  • Ammolite is also said to help combat depression and tune metabolism.
  • Ammolite stone stimulates imagination and creativity, bringing prosperity.
  • The gemstone brings back focus and concentration on one's objectives. 
  • Healing with the stone purifies and detoxes one's body.
  • The ammolite stone also helps a child and the mother during childbirth by stabilizing the blood pressure, increasing stamina, and improving vitality. 
  • If under a stressful situation, meditating by holding the stone in one hand releases stress and pressure. 

Raw Ammolite

Raw ammolite has shades of gray to brown with a few visible hues of red and green. The shape of ammolite is irregular. Some raw ammolites are still intact and it is still in their shell form. Until polished and treated, the raw ammolite does not show the spectral vibrancy of the ammolite gemstone. 

Ammolite Color

Ammolite crystals differ in colors, and some are more valuable than others. The colors of ammolite each represent a balance between the five elements, namely: fire, water, metal, earth, and wood.

There are large assortments of colors in each spectrum. Some ammolite stones contain hues of crimson, violet, or gold. The stones that have more prismatic quality are higher graded stones. Whereas, the lower graded ones have little or no variation. 

Rainbow Ammolite

Rainbow ammolite is a fossilized ammonite with an aragonite layer that interferes with and refracts light. These stones have a prism-like quality to them and display all colors of the rainbow from violet to red. Hence, this type of stone is called rainbow ammolite. 

Purple Ammolite

Purple ammolites have hues of purple. These are some of the rarest color variations of an ammolite crystal. As the ammolite has thicker upper layers and thinner lower layers, purple ammolite is thin and fragile. A purple ammolite is rare and it may be an expensive purchase. Purple ammolite is said to bring power and authority.

Green Ammolite

Green ammolite is one of the most common ammolite stones. It is formed in the thick upper layer of the ammonite shell and, hence, they are more plentiful. Green ammolites are representations of fertility, wisdom, and growth. 

Indigo Ammolite

Indigo ammolites are rare because they too, like purple ammolites, are formed at the lower layers. Hence, even indigo ammolites are expensive.

Blue Ammolite

The rarest ammolite crystal is a blue ammolite. Like purple and indigo, they are thin-layered and fragile. Usually, these layers are sold in doublet or triplet forms in jewelry. The blue ammolite crystal brings knowledge, peace, and faith.  

Pink Ammolite

The pinkish hue in ammolite is not rare but is also not common. The pink color gives the stone a delicate look, and it is used in jewelry. Pink ammolite symbolizes love and relationships and helps them grow.

Red Ammolite

red ammolite

The other most common ammolite crystal is red ammolite. When combined with fractures in the stone,  red and green ammolites 

 look like dragon-scale skin. Red ammolite stimulates energy and helps one grow.  

Ammolite Jewelry

Ammolite gemstones are extremely fragile and it stands at 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale. To make them into jewelry, they are sold in doublet and triplet form to make them durable and suitable for everyday wear. 

Ammolite Ring

Ammolite Engagement Ring

Ammolite engagement rings are designed for a specific purpose and they come both in men's and women's styles. Exchanging an ammolite ring for engagement strengthens the bond and brings stability and constancy to the relationship. 

Ammolite Men's Rings

Ammolite men’s rings ‌suit men of different ages. They come in band forms in both silver and gold and they are loved by the users.

Ammolite Gold Ring

Rings made with gold or silver with gold plating are ammolite gold rings. They are said to be grounding and focusing. It can be in a single color or a ring with an ammolite of rainbow hues. 

Canadian Ammolite Rings

Canadian ammolite rings are the same as other ammolite rings, as ammolite gemstones can only be found in Alberta, Canada.

Ammolite Pendant

ammolite pendant

Gold Ammolite Pendant 

Ammolite pendants with gold backing and a chain make a pretty everyday look. They can be found in any shape, size, and color that you desire. Gold ammolite pendants not only make for an elegant look but also help you overcome hurdles in your life and enhance the chi flow throughout your body.

Silver Ammolite Pendant 

Like gold ammolite pendants, silver ammolite pendants can also be worn daily if taken proper care of. When used with sterling silver in a doublet or triplet form, they can be durable. It also helps you receive the metaphysical qualities of the ammolite crystal.

Ammolite Earrings

Ammolite Stud Earrings

Ammolite stud earrings provide a quirky yet everyday look. Easy to wear and subtle, ammolite earrings can be worn daily and can be made into a defining piece. Ammolite stud earrings are in a doublet or triplet form to increase their durability and protect them from damage. 

Ammolite Teardrop Earrings

Like ammolite stud earrings, even teardrop earrings are sold in doublet and triplet form. Ammolite teardrop earrings are mostly in a dangle form with white gold or silver. They can be worn frequently. Ammolite earrings may also help you get rid of negative energies, which will bring positivity and good fortune. 

Ammolite Bracelet

Ammolite bracelets come in different varieties. They can be one ammolite gemstone with a band or knots of sterling silver, or a few pieces of ammolite gemstone tied together. One can wear color-coded bracelets as they are available in all rainbow colors.

Ammolite Necklace

Ammolite necklaces also come in the form of pendant necklaces. And as mentioned earlier in the article, these pendant necklaces are available with gold, sterling silver, and natural silver as well. 

Ammolite Heart Necklace

Ammolite heart necklaces come in many forms, of which two are most common: ammolite gemstone cut and polished in a heart shape and the whole ammonite fossil shaped like a heart. Wearing an ammolite heart necklace close to the heart helps overcome relationship hurdles and makes the relationship grow. 

Ammolite Uses

Ammolite Cabochon

Ammolite cabochon is used mainly for meditating purposes. Holding the cabochon releases stress and heals one spiritually. It is also believed to alleviate depression. Some ammolite cabochons are used for jewelry in doublet and triplet forms.

Ammolite Beads

These are the small beads made from ammolite crystals. Ammolite beads can be used for spiritual practices as astrological stones or they can also be used to make trendy jewelry. Ammolite is a fragile gemstone and wearing these beads daily poses a risk of damage. 

Ammolite Watch

Watches with mosaic ammolites are available on the market. If you're worried about being flashy by wearing ammolite bracelets or other jewelry, ammolite watches are a perfect substitute. These watches are classy and subtle. You can gain the benefits of the crystal while also looking good. Ammolite watches are available for both men and women.

Ammolite Cufflinks

Ammolite cufflinks paired with the right clothing can make a powerful statement. Smooth ammolite crystals with sterling silver can make it durable and create a captivating look. Ammolite cufflinks complement a gentleman's wardrobe with a rich look.

Ammolite for Sale

ammolite stone

Ammolite Prices

Ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones and thus, it is not easy to come by at a local jewelry store. The rarity of ammolite makes it expensive. Ammolite prices differ tremendously depending on factors like clarity, color, weight, and cut.

Ammolite Price per Carat

Ammolite is sold between $6 to $26 USD per carat, approximately. 

Ammolite Jewelry for Sale

Ammolite Jewelry Wholesale

Ammolite jewelry, depending on its design and the gemstone itself, is sold between $50 to $500 USD.

Ammolite Fossil for Sale

The cost of an ammolite fossil may vary with purchasing a real ammolite. A small low-quality piece of ammolite gem costs $10 USD but a large ammolite of higher quality with wonderful iridescence costs more than $50,000 USD.

Ammolite for Sale in Canada

Canada is the only mining place for gemstone quality ammolite. Hence, one may find many sellers in Canada. Canada has an ammolite museum in Vancouver where one can purchase real ammolite for fair prices.

Ammolite Pendants for Sale

A mosaic ammolite pendant with sterling silver of A- or standard quality is sold for $50 USD, whereas AA graded high-quality ammolite gold plated pendant is sold for more than $40,000 USD.

Fake Ammolite

Fake ammolites have been showing up in the market worldwide. As ammolites are one of the rarest crystals, they are not available easily. One can know if an ammolite is real or fake by the internal mold, and the suture lines. Sometimes they are not easy to see, but these are always present in real ammolites. The best way to ensure you are purchasing real ammolite is to work with an authorized buyer. 

Buy Ammolite Online

People buy ammolites for their healing and grounding properties and their beautiful spectrum of colors in the jewelry. 

Some people buy ammolite for investment ‌as studies show its return can be as much as 300% in the last few years. Ammolite is a rare stone and is not available at just any jewelry shop. These gemstones have to be ordered and can only be found in specialized shops for exotic gemstones. 

Ammolite Jewelry on Amazon

Amazon has many sellers of ammolite. Various types of jewelry, including pendants, rings, and more are available online for fair prices. Buying ammolite jewelry from authorized sellers on Amazon should not be a problem.

Ammolite on eBay

Ammolite Jewelry on eBay

Buying ammolite jewelry or gemstones on eBay is always a risk. One might end up with a fake. Make sure the pictures are authentic and make payments on eBay’s official channel. If you see an AA-grade quality ammolite stone for $20 USD, it is a fake.

Ammolite on Etsy

Etsy has a wide range of ammolite products ranging from gemstones to jewelry. They can be in natural, doublet, or even triplet form and either polished or raw. Ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones, and it has numerous healing properties. 


Ammolites are one of the rarest gemstones, and they are expensive to purchase. They are sold in four grades according to their brilliance, color, and clarity. The grades are AA for three or more sharp colors, A+ for two or more bright colors, A for two or more hues, and A- for at least one distinct color.

Simply put, AA quality requires at least 3 colors to be visible from all angles, and A- quality shows only one color or hue that is visible from only a couple of angles.

The most common pattern sold is the dragon skin. It comes from a mining area called K-zone. The shallowest layer here is 15 meters below the surface. The highest grade ammolites are found further below. The ‘blue-zone’, which is deeper, produces sheet-material ammolite stones that have fewer or no fractures. This zone is where a majority of AA quality gemstones are found. Only 5% of the mined ammonite shells are gemstone-quality ammolites.

Ammolites are expensive but useful crystals to buy. Whether kept at home, in the workplace, or carried on you, this stone brings positive energy and regulates the chi’s flow. If you are buying ammolite for a specific reason, be sure to check out the color and its significance according to your needs. 

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