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Heulandite: Complete Guide (2024)

heulandite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about heulandite, including its meaning, properties, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


From the ancient days in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt, the heulandite crystal has come a long way to become a powerful transformational stone. Well-known for its past-life recall and karmic healing abilities, energy healers highly recommend this gemstone for spiritual growth.

In this article, we shall see what else this gemstone offers. Here is an outline of the topics we will cover:

  • Heulandite Meaning
    • Heulandite Pronunciation
    • Heulandite Spiritual Meaning
    • Is Heulandite Rare?
    • Where is Heulandite Found
  • Heulandite Properties
    • Heulandite Metaphysical Properties
    • Heulandite Healing Properties
  • Heulandite vs Stilbite
  • Heulandite Color
    • Green Heulandite
      • Green Heulandite Meaning
    • Red Heulandite
    • Pink Heulandite
    • White Heulandite 
    • Peach Heulandite
  • Heulandite Jewelry
  • Heulandite Uses
  • How to Cleanse Heulandite
  • How to Charge Heulandite
  • Heulandite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Heulandite Meaning

A member of the zeolite family of minerals, heulandite, is also referred to as the ‘guardian filter stone’ that helps protect your prized possessions or assets. It is also believed to help us reach higher levels of our awareness to decode the hidden messages in our dreams. This gemstone can also calm our minds and help in deep meditation.

Heulandite Pronunciation

According to IPA guidelines, heu-land-ite is the correct pronunciation of this gemstone.

Heulandite Spiritual Meaning

Heulandite's magical properties enable heightened psychic abilities such as lucid dreaming, telepathy, astral projection, and spiritual visions that regulate your emotions and help manage traumatic experiences.

The heulandite crystal is associated with the planet Jupiter and the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Heulandite's magical properties are closely related to the fire element. Heulandite's patron angel is Metatron, flower symbolism is chrysanthemum, and the accompanying tarot symbol is The Hanged Man. 

It is the perfect birthstone for those who are born in November and December. In the oriental mystic arts, heulandite shows high compatibility with the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Gods and goddesses of the Greco-Roman pantheons associated with this stone are Zeus/Jupiter and Artemis/Diana.

Is Heulandite Rare?

Although heulandite-Ca and heulandite-K specimens are very common, its strontium-dominated mineral heulandite-Sr is rare.

Where is Heulandite Found?

Heulandite mineral occurs in the amygdaloidal cavities of basaltic volcanic rocks. These stones occasionally appear with other zeolites in gneiss and hydrothermal veins. The Berufjörður region in Iceland, near Djúpivogur, is famous for the availability of high-quality heulandite. 

Other locations include the Faroe Islands and the Deccan Traps of the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra near Mumbai. This place in India produces a sizable amount of heulandite. In the USA, Baltimore, Maryland, also delivers yellow crystals called beaumontite, a different form of heulandite mineral.

Heulandite Properties

Heulandite Metaphysical Properties

Heulandite crystals can help rearrange energies. The crystal releases the energies that bind us and eliminates any blockage in our functioning system. It brings the required lubrication to our bodies and harmonizes the spirits. If traumatic experiences and damaging emotions keep bothering you, heulandite magical properties may help free you from that pain and suffering.

This gemstone is also known for its chakra balancing properties. Red heulandite opens the solar plexus chakra and supercharges the digestive system. It has a healing effect on the heart chakra, which may neutralize distressing thoughts and grief. Heulandite mineral is known to increase our willpower, which can help us combat our inner vices effectively.

Are you fascinated by occult practices? If you answer positively, a heulandite crystal might interest you. Heulandite is also believed to possess psychic properties. Heulandite's magical properties enable you to access the Atlantean or Lemurian information and the akashic records. Used predominantly for attaining past life regression, this gemstone will help you unravel the basis of your existence.

Heulandite Healing Properties

heulandite stone

Heulandite is known to possess physical healing properties. Heulandite zeolite stones have excellent healing abilities. They absorb toxins effectively and help your body remain hydrated through higher water retention. Healers use this stone to aid weight loss and recalibrate the nervous and glandular systems. Furthermore, you can combine heulandite with chabazite, Picasso Marble, Epidote, Diaspore, or Apatite to undergo fast weight loss.

It is also used for mental and spiritual healing. Heulandite crystal is said to help change deeply rooted behavioral patterns and replace them with empowering thoughts. Using this stone you may reduce stress, hurtful feelings, and depression and break free from arrogance, candescence, and jealousy, among other negative thoughts.

Heulandite vs Stilbite

Stilbite and heulandite minerals are both members of the tectosilicate group, a segment of zeolites. However, they exhibit dissimilarities depending on their differences in the mineral substances.

Crystal systems: Stilbite can occur in the monoclinic, triclinic, and orthorhombic crystal systems. On the other hand, heulandite occurs primarily in a monoclinic crystal system.

Appearance: Stilbite mainly has three colors, white, pink, and a translucent, colorless formation. Contrarily, heulandite has multiple colors such as peach, red, green, white, pink, gray, yellow, orange, and colorless.

Variants: Stilbite has two major variants, stilbite-Ca and stilbite-Na. But, heulandite has over four variants, namely, heulandite-Na, heulandite-Ca, heulandite-Sr, heulandite-Ba, heulandite-K.

Heulandite Color

The color of a crystal determines how the crystal's healing properties function. Each color imposes a distinct personality on the heulandite zeolite stone, where a particular color exhibits a particular psychic aspect.

Green Heulandite

Green heulandite encourages dynamic healing from traumatic experiences and negative emotions like grief and shock. Concentrated on the functioning of the heart chakra, this heulandite crystal brings joy to our consciousness and transcends the mind to a blissful state.

It does not just promote a strong and resilient aura, but also neutralizes any negative aura, making it a powerful protective crystal.

Green Heulandite Meaning

Green heulandite carries profound spiritual meaning. The green heulandite crystal strengthens weak heart muscles damaged by stress. You can use this exquisite stone to foster compassion and love while keeping aside negative emotions, such as cynicism, resentment, and unfair judgment.

Red Heulandite

Red heulandite is often associated with the primordial world. This powerful heulandite zeolite crystal increases awareness and fixes emotional unbalance, besides intellectual fatigue. When kept at home, red heulandite absorbs toxins and odors from the air and protects the root and heart chakras.

From tapping into the Atlantean root race to healing karmic impressions caused by emotional wounds, red heulandite works excellently as a spiritual stone.

Pink Heulandite

Pink heulandite is ideal for past life regression practices, which helps obtain an open-minded state. This heulandite mineral also helps with weight loss and promotes receptiveness of the senses to outer stimuli.

White Heulandite 

white heulandite

White heulandite is a desired collector's specimen with similar healing properties to apophyllite. It vibrates on a higher frequency and helps regulate bodily functions when used with meditation.

Peach Heulandite

Peach-colored heulandite zeolite stones are found in clusters with various forms, including tabular, granular, and trapezoid crystalline geometry. Peach heulandite crystals relax the nervous system to relieve anxiety and fear of loss. These crystals also provide psychic guidance by emitting a higher frequency that enables augmented visions in a dreamy state.

Peach heulandite stones are also favorable for cognitive growth and nurturing creativity in an individual.

Heulandite Jewelry

Wearing heulandite jewelry is one of the finest ways to channel the crystal's energies into your body. Besides, the gemstone itself looks magical and beautiful. When it comes to jewelry, here are a few choices that you have.

Raw green heulandite clusters make wonderful neckpieces. These necklaces look beautiful with their lovely glints. In most cases, you can expect your heulandite crystal wrapped in silver-plated copper wire. As for the chain, aim for a 925 silver chain. Wearing this necklace will help you calm your nerves and alleviate symptoms of fear.

Some sellers offer only heulandite pendants wrapped in silver or gold wires. Buying these pendants will allow you to customize them with a chain or cord of your choice.

As for tiny ornaments such as rings and earrings, the price can be relatively high as these small adornments require minute crafting.

Heulandite Uses

In this section, we will see intuitive uses of heulandite crystal.

Folk remedies: According to ancient healers, heulandite works like a wonder to reduce obesity and imbalance in the system. It can also deal with inner ear problems and respiratory issues effectively.

Feng Shui: When used with geomancy techniques such as Feng Shui, the heulandite crystal can provide you with a much-needed emotional lift. It can also help you ‌make better choices in difficult situations.

Contemplative meditation: You can use heulandite as a tool for contemplative meditation, where you get to experience the foundation of your existence. Use affirmations in a dimly lit room and contemplate upon the person you wish to be like. Use a brown, black, or blue candle to boost the intensity of your session.

How to Cleanse Heulandite?

Using a heulandite crystal requires regular maintenance. This process includes cleansing to eliminate any negative energies it may have picked up during free handling and heavy usage.

Clean your crystal by placing it in a water bowl with flower petals. Lukewarm water is preferable. For flowers, you have three options: honeysuckle, rose, and orange blossoms.

How to Charge Heulandite?

To bring back the energy levels of your heulandite, first, cleanse it. Then recharge it by burying it in the earth for 24 hours. Alternatively, you can place your heulandite stone in sea salt water under full moonlight for the same period.

According to experienced energy healers, you can also smudge your crystal using sweet grass, cedar, sage, or incense to replenish the energy.

Heulandite for Sale

Heulandite crystals are available throughout the globe. Its impressive and colorful build, combined with multiple healing properties, determines its high value in the market. If you want to get the best quality cavansite with heulandite, India may be just the right marketplace for you. The price starts from $16 USD and can go up to a few hundred dollars, depending on the type of jewelry.


Heulandite crystal is undoubtedly a powerful tool for spiritual meditation practitioners. It helps you eliminate distractions and focus on what is truly important for you to overcome all your challenges.

Besides creating a channel for past life regression sessions, heulandite helps bring the yin yang aspects to balance. If you want to end your sufferings caused by loneliness and grief, it is high time to embrace the heulandite crystal and witness a life-changing experience.

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