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Golden Tiger's Eye: Complete Guide (2024)

golden tiger's eye

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about golden tiger's eye, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


A golden tiger's eye is a gemstone for living life to maximum exuberance. It combines the earth's energy and channels the solar spectrum to create a down-to-earth spiritual aura, keeping the user grounded and showing them opportunities amidst the chaos. In the darkest of times when life seems unfair or engulfed by problems, you can still shine with optimism and brilliance thanks to this gemstone. 

Moreover, the golden tiger's eye crystal meaning also suggests luck and prosperity to the user when used as a protection amulet. During ancient times, it was commonly used to ward off bad luck and curses.

Today, let us explore more about this magical gemstone. We shall discuss more about the following subjects:

  • Golden Tiger's Eye Meaning
    • Where is Golden Tiger’s Eye Found
    • Ancient Lore of Golden Tiger’s Eye
  • Golden Tiger's Eye Properties
    • Emotional Healing Properties
    • Physical Healing Properties
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye Benefits
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye Uses
  • Golden Tiger's Eye Jewelry
    • Golden Tiger's Eye Bracelet
  • Golden Tiger's Eye for Sale
  • Conclusion

Golden Tiger's Eye Meaning

The essence of the golden tiger's eye crystal meaning drives you to be in charge of your destiny and make your dreams a scintillating reality. A traditional stone for warding off the evil presence, the tiger's eye is the ideal stone for bringing confidence and positivity into your life.

The tiger's eye has an elegant yellow-gold or honey-gold color with a brown banding that gleams in the daylight. This gemstone, as signified by its chatoyancy, belongs to the macrocrystalline quartz family. It has the formula SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and exists in a trigonal-hexagonal crystal system.

Golden tiger's eye crystal meaning is associated with confidence and courage. Use affirmations and hypothetical questions to bring mystic development to your inner self. For example, you can say, "I am filled with light and hope" when doing meditation.

Where is Golden Tiger's Eye Found?

The most prominent source of the golden tiger's eye is South Africa. Other countries such as Australia, India, Mexico, and the United States also hold deposits of this stone.

Ancient Lore of Golden Tiger's Eye

Ancient Egyptians used tiger's eye to sculpt the eyes of the sun god, Ra, to indicate divine vision. Roman soldiers carried these as an amulet of luck and bravery on the battlefield.

Golden Tiger's Eye Properties

Emotional Healing Properties

Often referred to as a "shapeshifter," tiger's eye can transform scary mental imagery into more manageable and empowering mental depictions. 

Are you frustrated by ‌a stressful situation? Are you struggling in your relationships because of a difference in opinion? Then it is high time you bring the golden tiger's eye into your life. Throughout history, the stone gets regarded as the nemesis of misfortune and a propagator of good luck. The golden tiger's eye is highly effective at preserving vital resources in life and relationships to bring wealth and abundance to human life. Individuals find it easy to work with golden tiger's eye compared to other healing stones, as this stone can readily strengthen the bonds of emotional and psychological relationships.

There are many emotional benefits of using this crystal. The golden tiger's eye crystal is all about abundance and prosperity in life. You can cope with the uncertainty of commitment, integrity, and conviction while developing your creative expressions. This gemstone helps fight low self-worth, diminished self-confidence, and personality disorders like bipolar disorder while easing depression and anxiety.

This gemstone is also hailed for its spiritual prowess. In the mystic domain, the golden tiger's eye, which augments the grounding ability of the human body while providing spiritual protection, can also bring consciousness to the divine aspect of nature. It is associated with the Leo and Capricorn zodiac signs. And the primary chakra that the golden tiger's eye focuses on is the solar plexus chakra. Apart from that, the sacral and third eye chakras also retrieves a balancing effect from this gemstone.

Physical Healing Properties

golden tiger's eye

The list of the tiger's eye's physical healing properties is quite long. From clearing brain fog to fighting manic depression, assisting with asthma, to repairing bones, the golden tiger's eye is a must-have in a healer's toolkit. 

Essentially, the name is not just a reminder of its beautiful perceived radiance, but also an indication of the roots of an archetypal tiger's qualities. The golden tiger’s eye gem is said to bring about various physical benefits. It is said to help restore eye health, bone disorders, biochemical imbalances, and several other health problems. It is also believed to help with muscle fatigue, infections, hemophilia, and hepatitis, among other mental disorders.

People with low energy, slow thinking, and less drive in life can meditate upon the resonating tiger's eye to associate themselves with the sun and its power. Thus, they may be able to overcome low energy, dull mood, and seasonal affective disorder. Finally, the stone works miraculously for the digestive system and provides a cleaner gut.

Golden Tiger's Eye Benefits

This mystical gem is associated with the powerful solar plexus chakra, that helps manifest the courage required to change the destiny and reality of one's own life. The golden tiger's eye stands for personal power and augments psychic abilities to balance all seven major chakras. People with earthy instincts will find newly heightened psychic abilities after using this gemstone, which seems to work perfectly in tandem with the mystic powers of the third eye chakra.

Forget meditation. If you merely keep this stone near your body in any form, it may bring a healing effect to your organs while enabling a spiritual grounding to the sacral and solar plexus chakra. Keep this gemstone in your pocket when in desperate need of creative energy or going through challenging phases in life. The stone may significantly increase your ability to focus and thus ensure you have the consistency, stability, and confidence to deal with issues with conviction and authority.

Golden tiger's eye crystal meaning is equivalent to a ray of hope and prosperity in the spiritual domain. It may be used to treat extreme psychological conditions such as bipolar disorder or manic depression.

Tiger's eye, by its virtue of higher vibrations, may bring peace to a place when surrounded by green candlelight. One can also connect to higher dimensions of intelligence and feel attached to a higher life purpose using a meditative technique with this gemstone.

Golden Tiger's Eye Uses

Golden tiger's eye is a healing gemstone of choice for several reasons. This crystal is one of the best for physical health, as it is believed to help heal the digestive, reproductive, and endocrine systems simultaneously. If you are looking to recalibrate your biochemistry by balancing brain hemispheres, hormones, and blood pressure, this stone may help. Patients suffering from chronic allergies and asthma may use this stone to alleviate such conditions and live a life full of fresh air.

Golden tiger's eye crystal meaning in emotional terms is to promote confidence. You may heal depression and overcome bouts of doubt and low self-worth to create a better life. Tiger's eye will help you see your worth and thus create a self-fulfilling loop of unconditional self-love. The stone will make you feel worthy and confident in your own skin, which can detour discouragement, self-criticism, and anxiety. Moreover, you can persist in life with greater resilience, no matter what you face.

It can also help you unravel the diplomat in yourself. Individuals and crystal healers use this stone to push the limits of the mind. With the assistance of this stone, you will be able to think outside of the box or hypothetically put yourself in others' shoes effortlessly. Tiger's eye will also increase your integrity, boost your negotiation and compromise skills,  and help you identify your inner brilliance.

The golden tiger's eye is a powerful stone for the solar plexus chakra. You can use it to regain control of your life. You can use this healing crystal's Leo astrological placement to your advantage and identify your inner power and self-worth. When used with verbal affirmations, you may eliminate negativity from your life by cutting out unnecessary relationships with conviction and boldness.

Golden Tiger's Eye Jewelry

Golden Tiger's Eye Bracelet

golden tiger's eye bracelet

The golden tiger's eye bracelet is a potent tool to harness the tremendous powers of the tiger's eye. A quality bracelet uses a robust elastic cord, making the item easy to wear and comfortable. A regular size bracelet is around 7 inches or 18 cm in circumference.

For online dealers who make custom tiger's eye bracelets, you can specify your preferred size. Remember, 8 inches is the upper limit here. These bracelets are charming and use Tibetan silver spacer beads to hide knots. This particular kind of silver has a healing property of its own. It will take around 7-9 working days to make and deliver the bracelet. 

Golden Tiger's Eye for Sale

Depending on the shape, size, and intricacy of the item, the price of a genuine golden tiger's eye stone can range from $22 to $90 USD. You can find original gemstones from various online sellers. However, you must make sure to check the authenticity of the stone before buying and preferably visit renowned gemstone retailers.


Golden tiger's eye has an inseparable association with willpower and courage. The gemstone provides you with intuition and integrity. Nevertheless, wielding jewelry made of golden tiger's eye may enable you to harness your inner power and explore the golden tiger's eye crystal meaning to its fullest. 

Side note: Please refrain from using this stone for elixirs as it has a high asbestos content.

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