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Kimberlite: Complete Guide (2024)

kimberlite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about kimberlite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Kimberlite, a gas-rich potassic ultramafic igneous rock, is a primary source of diamond on earth. First found in Kimberley in Africa, this stone inherits its name from the place. 

Let us find out more about kimberlites in this article today. We shall discuss the following topics:

  • What is Kimberlite
    • What does Kimberlite Look Like
    • What is Kimberlite Used for
    • Is Kimberlite Magnetic
    • How Much is Kimberlite Worth
    • What Type of Rock is Kimberlite
    • Where is Kimberlite Found
      • Kimberlite Pipes in the United States
        • Kimberlite in Arizona
        • Kimberlite Pipes in Colorado
        • Kimberlite in California
        • Kimberlite Pipes in Wyoming
        • Missouri Kimberlite
        • Kimberlite Pipes in Oregon
        • Kimberlites in Kansas
        • San Andreas Kimberlite
        • Kimberlite in Washington State
        • Kimberlite in Wisconsin
        • Michigan Kimberlite Locations
      • Kimberlite Canada
        • Kimberlite Diamond in Vancouver
      • Kimberlite in South Africa
      • Brazilian Kimberlite Clay
      • Kimberlite Diamond in China
      • Kimberlite in India
      • Kimberlite in Australia
      • Kimberlite Pipe
        • What does a Kimberlite Pipe Look Like
        • How to Find Kimberlite Pipes
  • Kimberlite Properties
  • Lamproite vs Kimberlite
  • Kimberlite and Diamonds
  • Kimberlite Color
  • Kimberlite Jewelry
  • Kimberlite Uses
  • Kimberlite for Sale
    • Kimberlite Diamond Price
  • Conclusion

What is Kimberlite?

Kimberlite is essentially an igneous rock that might sometimes contain diamonds.

What does Kimberlite Look Like?

If you check the kimberlite pictures, you ‌may notice that the kimberlite rock looks like a dark-colored, fragmented (brecciated) stone that contains a fine-grained matrix all over its massive porphyric texture and houses rounded crystals called phenocrysts within the body.

What is Kimberlite Used for?

Kimberlite diamonds are predominantly used as esoteric energy stones that promote deep meditation and astral projection through meditation. Kimberlite pipes help extract the diamond to make pieces of jewelry.

Is Kimberlite Magnetic?

Unweathered kimberlite contains magnetite, which can produce ferromagnetic anomalies. However, weathered kimberlite is essentially non-magnetic.

How Much is Kimberlite Worth?

Typically, kimberlite is tough to obtain. The kimberlite geology explains that kimberlite, which is a solid heavy rock, occurs in vertical structures called pipes. As a result, it is hard to mine and hence has a high value in the market.

What Type of Rock is Kimberlite?

Kimberlite is an intrusive igneous rock. According to the kimberlite geology, it contains valuable blue and yellow diamonds.

Where is Kimberlite Found?

Kimberlite pipes are found all over the United States. Other countries with an array of kimberlite mine structures are Australia, Canada, India, Russia, and China.

Kimberlite Pipes in the United States

Kimberlite is found in many places in the USA.

Kimberlite in Arizona

One can find the kimberlite rock on the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona. 

Kimberlite Pipes in Colorado

Kelsey Lake Diamond mine in Colorado was a famous kimberlite mine that is now defunct.

Kimberlite in California

The source of kimberlite in California is mainly the alluvial placer deposits.

Kimberlite Pipes in Wyoming

Near the south edge of the Wyoming Craton, kimberlite diamonds from the Devonian age occur in a large quantity.

Missouri Kimberlite

Kimberlite diamonds and rocks with kimberlitic affinities have a wide distribution throughout Missouri and Illinois. 

Kimberlite Pipes in Oregon

As Oregon is a conglomerate on the edge of a craton, it produces kimberlite in small amounts. However, the overall region does not show ideal kimberlite geology.

Kimberlites in Kansas

Kimberlites and lamproites found in Kansas do not yield profitable diamonds.

San Andreas Kimberlite

The San Andreas Fault Zone that connects the East Pacific Rise in the Gulf of California with the junction of the Mendocino fracture zone is rich in kimberlite deposits.

Kimberlite in Washington State

One of the best locations for a kimberlite mine in Washington State is Whidby Island near Oak Harbor, which is along the Skagit River.

Kimberlite in Wisconsin

The northern part of Wisconsin is one of the few naturally rich kimberlite locations.

Michigan Kimberlite Locations

The most popular among all kimberlite locations in Michigan is Lake Ellen Kimberlite. It is situated to the northeast of crystal falls and is a poorly exposed volcanic breccia.

Kimberlite Canada

In Canada, kimberlite rock is found in Vancouver.

Kimberlite Diamond in Vancouver

Also known as ‘blue ground,’ kimberlite in Vancouver is a rich source of blue diamonds used in the electronics industry. 

Kimberlite in South Africa

kimberlite stone

Kimberlite pipes were first discovered near Kimberley in South Africa, but since then, they have been found on most continents. Of course, as has been noted, not all kimberlite pipes are created equal and only a small percentage of them contain diamonds.

Brazilian Kimberlite Clay

A company by the name Brazilian Kimberlite Clay owns several clay deposits of kimberlite. These clays are rich in natural active substances and are used in manufacturing cosmetic products for enhanced skin rejuvenation.

Kimberlite Diamond in China

Known as the ‘Charm of China,’ a themed jewelry series popularized kimberlite diamonds with traditional Chinese elements. 

Kimberlite in India

In India, the Dharwar Craton, Wajrakur, Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh), and Narayanpet produce kimberlite in abundance. Around 80% of intrusions in the Narayanpet region are diamondiferous. 

Kimberlite in Australia

Western Australia is famous for producing pink kimberlite diamonds, which are abundant in the seven distinct provinces across the country.

Kimberlite Pipe

Kimberline pipes are carrot-shaped volcanic pipes that form near the upper mantle 100 - 300 km beneath the crust. Around 600 out of 6000 known types of kimberlite pipes contain diamonds.

What does a Kimberlite Pipe Look Like?

Kimberlite often looks like a cylinder in its pipe form. However, ‌the kimberlite pipe can sometimes look like a carrot. 

How to Find Kimberlite Pipes?

South Africa's Kimberley was the first place where kimberlite pipes were found. Gradually, they were discovered in places all over the world.

Kimberlite Properties

Kimberlite rock is said to possess properties that help release anxiety and bring flexibility in life. The mental clarity it provides boosts self-confidence so that you can realize your life's purpose and reach your full potential.

Crystal experts say that kimberlite can usher magical goodness into your life by enhancing your spiritual cognition and elevating your visualization to multi-dimensional awareness. This protective stone balances bodily energy to heal you mentally and help with depression and bipolar disorders, among other cognitive conditions. Kimberlite diamonds, blue and yellow, are associated with the throat chakra and solar plexus chakras, respectively.

Lamproite vs Kimberlite

kimberlite stone

Lamproite and kimberlite are often confused with each other. However, they are actually very different.

Although both minerals are high-Mg potassic rocks, they exhibit significant component variation. Kimberlites have different concentrations of SiO2, alkalis, volatiles, and even some trace elements. Kimberlites are more CO2-dominant stones. The formation of lamproites is catalyzed by H2O fluids.

Kimberlites are found within ancient cratons, which are low-heat flow areas. On the other hand, within-plate lamproites manifest in adjacent Proterozoic belts which are essentially high-heat flow regions.

Depending on the morphology, you can distinguish between these two rocks. Kimberlite manifest where volcanic pipes have no lavas. But lamproites occur within diminutive subvolcanic bodies with consistent flowing lava.

Main kimberlite characteristics include high silica under-saturation. In similar ultrabasic lamproites, one can find accessory minerals such as wadeite and priderite. These minerals are not present in kimberlites.

Kimberlite and Diamonds

The formation of diamonds and their relationship with kimberlite is an interesting discourse. Typically, two main types of magma carry natural diamonds to the earth's surface. When crystallized into volcanic rocks such as kimberlite and lamproite, these eruptions form diamonds into those rocks. Kimberlite is by far the most prevalent form of a volcanic eruption that leads to bringing diamonds to the earth's crust. 

Kimberlite pipes also construct rich alluvial diamond deposits, which are the primary source of exquisite diamonds. The kimberlite diamond mining process is not complicated. To extract fresh kimberlite diamonds from the blue ground or yellow ground stones, they must be crushed to release the diamonds within their body. Major diamond mines are found in South Africa, Angola, Australia, Botswana, Russia, and Canada.

Kimberlite Color

Blue and yellow are the most abundant of all kimberlite diamonds. The color primarily depends upon which mineral has weathered the kimberlite pipe. The so-called ‘yellow ground’ kimberlite diamond results from limonite inside the pipe. Conversely, the ‘blue ground’ diamond is a gem that is less altered and gets its color from serpentine. 

Kimberlite Jewelry

Kimberlite diamonds make beautiful jewelry such as rings, pendants, and earrings. Typically attached to a 14-karat gold band, you can get multiple natural kimberlite diamonds in a ring formation. These rings make exceptionally unique wedding rings. These can cost you from $1500 to $1600 USD.

Kimberlite Uses

kimberlite stone

The protective kimberlite rock is an excellent balancing material whose harmonizing properties ground your basic state of being. This expensive gem, when aligned with the earth star, energizes the root chakra and increases the survival instincts of an individual.

This helps the person stay afloat in a world of uncertainty. The stone brings harmony to physical systems when kept in the house, which can reinforce inner strength in the family members. It absorbs all chaos from the environment, leading to a more tranquil atmosphere that promotes decisiveness and confidence.

It is no mystery that kimberlite is the stone of choice for advanced energy healers. You can use it during meditation to gain clarity of thoughts. In a dimly lit room, sit in a crossed-leg posture and hold the gem in one hand. Then start an affirmative meditation stating all your dreams and goals in life while visualizing your desires simultaneously.

You can use green, blue, brown, or black candles to tweak the results of the affirmations. This type of meditation, when done regularly, unlocks the crystalline matrix of a personal relationship with the cosmos and elevates the spiritual levels of a person. So, you can open virtual portals towards transformation and ascension into higher dimensions that will gradually open ancient secrets to your consciousness.

Kimberlite for Sale

Kimberlite pipe has over 150 essential minerals. As a result, the prices are also very high. One gram of a kimberlite pipe can cost you around $50 to $60 USD. These pipes may contain diamonds in small quantities.

Kimberlite Diamond Price

If you want bigger and more explicit diamonds, you have to pay more. These diamonds are available in many colors, such as blue, yellow, or clear, that weigh up to 3 carats. Generally, 1/4 carats will cost you around $1,500 USD, and a diamond of 2 carats can cost you as much as $4,000 USD.


Kimberlite rock can help you attain a deep meditational state where you can reach newer and higher levels of awareness about your memory. This stone is said to heal the body and mind in that trance-like state where the mind can connect to the soul and tap into an emotional recovery mode.

Kimberlites can be the ideal stone if you want to recover from emotional trauma or nurture your spirituality. To get the best out of it, make sure to buy kimberlites from reliable outlets.

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