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Honey Calcite: Complete Guide (2024)

honey calcite

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about honey calcite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


The crystal calcite, also known as the ‘stone of the mind,’ is associated with a multitude of healing and beneficial properties. This article will discuss that and much more about a rather powerful stone, honey calcite.

  • Honey Calcite Meaning
    • Is Orange Calcite the Same as Honey Calcite
    • Honey Calcite Spiritual Meaning
    • Honey Calcite Benefits
    • Honey Calcite Chakra
    • Honey Calcite Healing
    • Meditating with Honey Calcite
    • Honey Calcite Third Eye Meditation
  • Honey Calcite Properties
    • Honey Calcite Healing Properties
    • Honey Calcite Metaphysical Properties
  • Honey Calcite vs Citrine
  • Honey Calcite Types
    • Raw Honey Calcite
    • Tumbled Honey Calcite
      • Can You Tumble Honey Calcite
  • Honey Calcite Jewelry
    • Honey Calcite Bracelet
    • Honey Calcite Ring
    • Honey Calcite Necklace
  • Honey Calcite Uses
    • Honey Calcite Sphere
    • Honey Calcite Heart
    • Honey Calcite Tower
  • How to Charge Honey Calcite
  • How to Clean Honey Calcite
  • Honey Calcite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Honey Calcite Meaning

Honey calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that usually occurs in a rhombohedral form. The word calcite comes from the Greek word ‘Calix,’ which translates to lime. Largely found in Mexico, it is one of the most abundantly occurring stones on the planet. Calcite occurs in masses and is also known as golden calcite or amber calcite. 

Is Orange Calcite the Same as Honey Calcite?

No, they are not. Even though they are different forms of calcite, they vary in many things like composition, tones, and color shades, due to which they derive their names. 

Honey Calcite Spiritual Meaning 

The stone is linked to the root, third eye, and solar chakras. These three chakras, when linked together, create a powerful source of energy that can lead to an improvement in personal will and creativeness. The stone is a ‌powerful energy amplifier and an energy cleanser. It might help purify the negative energies in a room, circumstance, and body.

Honey Calcite Benefits 

This stone is said to help with accomplishing high-effort tasks that require a lot of push from within to start or get through the most difficult part of a task. This stone may relax our minds and help to focus on the issue at hand.

The stone may help immensely during times that require mental toughness and might help adjust one’s mindset to benefit them. 

Honey Calcite Chakra 

This stone is related primarily to the crown chakra and, secondarily, to the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. When worked on together, this trifecta can create a high level of vibrational and healing energies. 

Honey Calcite Healing 

Physically, the stone is said to help with the overall strength of the immune system and maintain a higher efficiency of the entire system. When worked with consistently, this stone may also help with other virus attacks on the immune system and help maintain the strength of the body while on immunosuppressive medications. 

Meditating with Honey Calcite 

When working with this stone to meditate, many believe that it should be kept at the base or the third eye. Then, envision refreshing energy or rays of light emerging from oneself to stimulate the image of creativity, power, ideas, and focus emerging from within. This will help channel the energies in the desired manner. 

Honey Calcite Third Eye Meditation 

Also known as ajna, the third eye chakra is at the root of our intuition. It is a doorway to our deepest knowledge, wisdom, and clarity that we access when we need a higher spiritual connection. It is said to be connected to our sixth sense and helps give us perspective our other senses cannot. Hence, connecting with this chakra is very important for higher spiritual contemplation. 

The sunny and bright hues of honey calcite help connect the third eye chakra to the solar plexus chakra to stir up passion, determination, and a higher level of focus that can lead to a deeper sense of self and wisdom. This is the understanding or outcome most people seek when they meditate. 

Honey Calcite Properties

Honey Calcite Healing Properties 

This stone helps alleviate stress and instead changes the focus toward peaceful energy that is filled with hope. This can also help stabilize one’s emotions, which will lead to a more level-headed approach toward life and various circumstances. It can help with the way one speaks to themselves and that can cause a massive change in mindset. 

This stone has many healing properties associated with the immune system and overall mind and body health. It may help with stress-related issues like sleeplessness, inflammations, and extreme changes in energy when suffering from depression and anxiety.

These mental disorders may also lead to changes in other systems in the body, like the skin, digestive, and excretory systems. Honey calcite may help with physical and mental changes related to the same. It channels energy from mother earth and the sun to improve one’s overall quality of life. 

Honey Calcite Metaphysical Properties 

Calcites are powerful cleansers and energizers of one’s auric fields. Honey calcite in particular has a ‌powerful energy connection with the sun that has shown to have many anti-depressive healing properties. Many reiki practitioners also work with this stone in high regard, as it can help them channel energies without the stone personally affecting them.

This crystal may leave one feeling very empowered and confident in themselves and, in turn, leads to them radiating the same energy wherever they go. It can help to get rid of personal barriers. 

Honey Calcite vs Citrine

honey calcite crystal

Calcite is a mineral that is a durable variant of calcium carbonate, whereas citrine is a mineral that is found naturally. Both of them occur abundantly on the earth, but they differ in many things like the Mohs hardness scale, cleavage, and symmetry, among other things. 

Citrine is also found as processed citrine and natural citrine. They can change the color composition of iron in some. The main reason many think they are the same as yellow or honey calcite is because of their close color composition and appearance to citrine

Honey Calcite Types

Raw Honey Calcite 

Raw honey calcite is a relatively uncut version of the stone that is found in masses. It retains its original look with sharp cuts and rhombohedral shape. It is usually cut according to the person's choice of weight, shape, and size. 

Tumbled Honey Calcite 

A tumbled crystal does not take away anything from the stone energetically or vibrationally. The tumbling process just helps give it a smooth finish which many find more appealing and is easier to incorporate into daily use and objects. The tumbled form of honey calcite is found to be more appealing than the raw form for many because of its smoother appearance. 

Can You Tumble Honey Calcite? 

Yes, it is possible to tumble honey calcite but like all other calcites, it is quite difficult to get right and therefore highly regarded. 

Honey Calcite Jewelry

Honey Calcite Bracelet 

The tumbled form of this stone is used to make bracelets of the stretchable and non-stretchable variety. Its bright yellow hues are a beautiful addition to any outfit, along with its healing properties to help one forge ahead with daily tasks. 

Honey Calcite Ring 

Available encased in silver, platinum, or even vintage casings, this stone can be cut and tumbled to fit various shapes and sizes of rings that are an asset personally and aesthetically to carry around. It is worn by many to stand out, as well as bring peace, hope, and energy to all aspects of life. 

Honey Calcite Necklace 

honey calcite necklace

The stone can be used as a singular pendant in its raw or tumbled form encased in a string or silver, or along with other stones. The tumbled form of this stone can also be used to make a necklace with various small stones that stand as a beautiful statement piece. 

Honey Calcite Uses

Honey Calcite Sphere 

This sphere is used by many practitioners for reiki, feng shui, crystal healing, and mediation of many types. Because of the power of this stone to harness high energies from mother earth and the sun, it is highly regarded in this aspect. 

Honey Calcite Heart 

This crystal is a symbol of maternity, divine feminity, and compassion and assists with confidence, motivation, and health. The heart-shaped form of this crystal is preferred by many because of its aesthetic and spiritual properties. 

Honey Calcite Tower 

This crystal in the form of a tower is very useful for crystal healing and meditation and many prefer to work with the crystal in this form. This also doubles as aesthetic home decor and can be placed in multiple locations throughout the house. A tumbled and raw version of this crystal can be shaped into a tower according to one’s preference. 

How to Charge Honey Calcite?

The best way to charge this crystal is to keep it in sunlight for a period of time. This helps get rid of all the negative energy absorbed by the stone and recharges it.

Another popular method to recharge it is to keep it next to a clear quartz or amethyst stone and set a positive intention and speak to it. It is also believed that leaving it to soak the subtle energy of the moon, especially during a full moon night, is an effective way to recharge the crystal. 

How to Clean Honey Calcite?

Soak the honey calcite stone lightly in vinegar or bleach and then brush it with a light brush to remove all the impurities and clean it. 

Honey Calcite for Sale

Various forms of this stone are available on websites like Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba, and other trusted local websites. They usually retail for $6 to $20 USD for the raw and tumbled form. 


Honey calcite crystal is a symbol of hope, energy, and tranquility that helps one forge ahead with power and confidence to be the best version of themselves. Because it is found so abundantly, the cost to keep and maintain this crystal is relatively low, which makes it so common and universally loved.

It harnesses the power of the sun and three main chakras to channel energies and vibrations effectively for personal and healing purposes. Overall, this crystal is a must-have if one wants to connect with their higher self and enhance power, confidence, and intuition. 

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