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Green Opal: Complete Guide (2024)

green opal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about green opal, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Crystals are ancient precious stones that are making a comeback! The first recorded historical use of crystals dates back to the Ancient Sumerians who lived during the 4th millennium BC.

Whether you’ve seen a friend wear a green opal or you’re an October baby and want to know more about your birthstone, we’ve got you covered! Read on to access our complete guide!

  • What is Green Opal?
    • Green Opal Spiritual Meaning
    • What is Green Opal Good for?
    • How to Identify Green Opal
    • Green Opal Benefits
    • Green Opal Healing
    • Chakra Green Opal
    • Where does Green Opal Come from?
      • African Green Opal
      • What is African Green Opal?
      • Green Opal Madagascar
        • Madagascar Green Opal Meaning
      • Australian Green Opal
      • Peruvian Green Opal
      • Bulgarian Green Opal
  • Green Opal Properties
    • Green Opal Metaphysical Properties
    • Green Opal Healing Properties
    • Spiritual Properties of Green Opal
  • Green Opal Types
    • Raw Green Opal
      • Raw Green Opal Healing Properties
    • Natural Green Opal
    • Tumbled Green Opal
    • Polished Green Opal
  • Green Opal Jewelry
    • Green Opal Ring
      • Green Opal Engagement Rings
      • Green Opal Belly Ring
      • Green Opal Wedding Rings
    • Green Opal Earrings
    • Green Opal Necklace
    • Green Opal Bracelet
    • Green Opal Pendant
  • Green Opal Uses
    • Green Opal Beads
    • Green Opal Sphere
  • Green Opal Price

What is Green Opal?

When it comes to their make-up, green opals are very similar to the standard milky-white opal.  What sets them apart is the fact that they possess a clay mineral called nontronite which gives the stone its unique lime green color.

They take millions of years to form deep in the earth and are comprised of a mixture of water and silicon dioxide. Even though the green opal is found in abundance across six continents, this beautiful precious stone continues to enchant the masses with its mesmerizing beauty and powerful energy!

Green Opal Spiritual Meaning

Clearing the heart space of past trauma and negative emotion is what the spiritual meaning of the green opal is all about. The stone is used to cleanse the mind and soul of lingering negativity so that one may live a more positive and abundant life.

This is a powerful stone to continually meditate with because it opens the heart and cleanses the soul of unwanted energy that no longer serves you.

What is Green Opal Good for?

Green opal is very good for promoting creativity and more specifically for awakening creativity in people who have become uninspired in their creative endeavours.


The stone is known to be a favourite amongst artists who carry the stone with them for inspiration whilst creating their work. We feel that fine artists, musicians, dancers, composers, writers, and actors could all potentially benefit from this practice!

How to Identify Green Opal

Let’s be real–there are tons of precious stones that are green in color! It’s very easy to confuse a green opal with another stone like a green citrine. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you’re looking at an opal:

  1. Look for a milky tone beneath the surface of the tone. “Milky green” is a good way to describe this. Like the standard milky-white opal, the green opal also possesses that milky quality compared to green quartz which has more of a jewel tone.
  2. Green opals won’t be heavily patterned and busy. They tend to be solid in color or have natural-looking speckles.

Green Opal Benefits

Green opals resonate strongly with zodiac water signs. These include Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. The stone’s calming water elements speak directly to the needs of these three zodiac signs. These signs typically tend to struggle with moving past painful memories and balancing their emotions.

The stone joins the heart with the mind to aid in the organization of thoughts and the confrontation of uncomfortable feelings. We’ll dive deeper into this concept when we talk about the heart and third eye chakra later on!

Green Opal Healing

Healing comes in the form of cleansing with the green opal. By encouraging its user to confront their demons and let them go, a new beginning can unfold. The stone is known to encourage you to focus on the good and practice gratitude as well as self-love. Positive thought patterns have been proven to create massive positive changes in people’s quality of life. So, who wouldn’t want a piece of the magic that is the green opal?

Chakra Green Opal

green opal chakra

The stone facilitates a powerful connection between the heart and third eye chakra. It cleanses the heart chakra so that we feel but are not consumed by our emotions. It also cleanses the third eye chakra so that our thoughts become decluttered, clear, and purposeful. This feedback loop is thought to help reduce anxiety and depression.

Where does Green Opal Come from?

You’re probably thinking: where do you find green opal? Luckily green opal is not a rare stone and is found in six continents across the globe. However, the two countries that specialize in mining green opals are Tanzania and Madagascar.

African Green Opal

What is African Green Opal?

The African green opal differs from the Tanzanian opal. It’s important to note that even though both stones originate from Africa they are not the same thing.

The Tanzanian opal is typically an emerald green color and the African opal is green with organic brown markings. It’s found in a range of African countries including the beautiful South Africa and it is known to cultivate love, loyalty, and emotional eloquence!

Green Opal Madagascar

Madagascar Green Opal Meaning

green opal


Madagascar specializes in mining green opals and we can see why! The Madagascan opal is the most vibrant, lime green color.  Its unique hue of green is stunning and can’t be compared to any of its counterparts when it comes to standing out.

This stone definitely has our stamp of approval! Similar to its opal friends of other nationalities, the Madagascan opal promotes new beginnings by cleansing the heart and mind for new life experiences.

Australian Green Opal

Australia is the world leader when it comes to the global supply of opals.  They have an abundance of opals which they sell to other countries. Their green opals are of very high quality and are the most expensive in the world. Funnily enough, they are not your typical green color like the other green opals we’ve already covered. They are an amalgamation of blues, browns, greens, and oranges.

Peruvian Green Opal

The Peruvian opal can be classified as a rare stone because it’s endemic to the Andes Mountains. It’s also the country’s national stone! color-wise it’s quite understated compared to the previous variations we’ve already covered but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. They are typically a milky green or blue color and are compared to the color of the Caribbean sea!

Bulgarian Green Opal

Also known as the “Macedonian green opal”. The Bulgarian opal is milky turquoise in color. This is caused by traces of minerals serpentine and nickel. It is thought to unlock potential and joy in its owner. 

Green Opal Properties

Green Opal Metaphysical Properties

As mentioned earlier, the green opal cleanses and links the heart and third eye chakra. In other words, it connects the heart and the mind. This connection helps a person gain clarity and gives them the confidence to make important life decisions.

Instead of them feeling torn between what their mind is telling them and what their heart is telling them, they are able to incorporate both points of view.

Green Opal Healing Properties

The green opal crystal has many benefits but we would say its main healing properties are:

  1. Emotional trauma healing.
  2. Grounding of emotional energy to gain clarity.

From a purely physical standpoint, it is also believed to benefit stress, menopause, fever, infections, PMS, circulation, detoxing, kidney issues, and water retention.

Spiritual Properties of Green Opal

Along with other green gemstones green opals are associated with nature and being grounded in nature. They are also believed to have the power to heal the human eye and relieve eye pressure or strain.

However, if we delve deeper into the more specific spiritual meaning of the green opal it’s all about being at peace with your true feelings. And as a result, it’s thought that one’s relationships improve due to the person being so grounded in themselves and what they’re all about.

In the famous words of Rupaul: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anybody else!”

Green Opal Types

As we know, the green opal comes in many shades of green including emerald shades, muted jade with brown markings, and lime green. The “Tanzanian prase opal” is typically emerald green in color. 

There are also green opals that are honey/yellow and shades of purple. The ones that are shades of purple are known as “natural opalite” and the honey/yellow variation is Ethiopia’s “cat’s eye opalite”.  

Raw Green Opal

raw green opal

A raw green opal refers to a green opal in the rough. All this means is that the stone still holds its original shape that it had when it was excavated from the earth.  A green opal rough is beautiful, untouched, and has very powerful energy. Depending on what it’s being used for, it may then be shaped into more precise shapes like circles, diamonds, or squares for jewelry.

Raw Green Opal Healing Properties

Holding a raw green opal in the palm of your hand while meditating is thought to generate a lot of healing. It heals the heart chakra and as a result, an array of events may arise!  You may feel yourself letting go of old, outdated thoughts and beliefs and moving forward.

You may feel yourself focusing on good thoughts that attract wealth and opportunities. The key is to keep connected to these feelings, so placing a few raw green opals around your living space will serve to remind you of your newfound state of being!

Natural Green Opal

Or otherwise known as the Tanzanian opal. The natural green opal is just another name for one of the more well-known varieties of green opal. However, it’s also important to note and be aware of the authenticity of any opal you buy. We pride ourselves in stocking only high-quality, genuine green opals.

Because the opal can be multicolored and change color when held in different lights, there is a tendency for cheaper copies to be made using glass. Look out for natural indentations and markings that signify your opal is genuine and natural and make sure to buy your opal from a legitimate, trusted source.

Tumbled Green Opal

If you’re wondering what form you want to purchase your green opal in, then this is one of the many beautiful options you have to choose from. The word “tumbled” describes the shape of small, rounded pieces of gemstone. So, a tumbled green opal is exactly that, small round pieces of green opal.

Polished Green Opal

polished green opal

At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference and taste when choosing the aesthetic of your green opal. Some shoppers love the natural, raw crystal look of the rough green opals and others love the sleek look of polished opals.

Polished opals have been ground down to have a shiny, smooth surface area as opposed to a rough, organic surface area. You’ll see a lot of this when you start browsing for green opal jewelry.  

Green Opal Jewellery

Green Opal Ring

Green Opal Engagement Rings

green opal engagement ring

A green opal is a beautiful, cost-effective (compared to diamonds!) option for an engagement ring. Depending on your preference you may choose to have a green opal feature as the main stone on your ring while being surrounded by tiny diamonds or emeralds or alternatively you may want the green opal to be the sole stone on your ring.  The options are endless! Get your green opal rock now!

Green Opal Belly Ring

green opal belly ring

You can include the green opal in any form of jewelry you like!  And belly rings are not excluded. The stone’s vibrant green color really stands out against neutral colors like silver and gold. You can create a trendy, bohemian look with a dainty, detailed belly ring that has that pop of green opal color paired with a white linen outfit.

Green Opal Wedding Rings

green opal wedding ring

You don’t need to stop at an engagement ring!  Green opals are a stunning addition to a wedding ring. You could opt for an array of small stones stacked along your wedding band. You could also go the route of a simple stripe of green alongside the gold or silver on the surface area of the ring.

The green adds another dimension to the band instead of just plain gold or silver.  It’s very different and classy and it definitely gets a gold star of approval from us!

Green Opal Earrings

From studs to hoops to hanging earrings, you could include a green opal in all of the above!  It’s really up to you how much of the green opal stone you include in your earrings. You could either go for a dainty look and have your green opal interspersed with other stones as well as gold or silver. Or you could make the stone the main focus of the earring.  

Green Opal Necklace

green opal necklace


Wearing a green opal necklace ties in perfectly with its metaphysical healing properties.  The green opal stone opens the heart chakra and so wearing it around the neck maximizes the use of its power.

Meditating while wearing your green opal necklace is a powerful practice that could take you to new spiritual heights. You have a choice between a green opal pendant or a daintier necklace with smaller hanging opals.

Green Opal Bracelet

There is an array of different styles of green opal bracelets in different price ranges. There is something for everybody here! Whether you want to go for tumbled African opal beads or something like Tanzanian opals set in 14 karat gold, it’s out there! Prices range from $55 to $1,100. What’s great about this stone is that it provides an option for everyone no matter what your budget is.

Green Opal Pendant

Choosing to wear a green opal pendant is a powerful choice. The stone is big and it hangs very close to your heart chakra. Expect to sense feelings of peace and abundance when you wear this piece. 

Be aware of the quality of this piece. Because the stone is big there is a tendency for colored glass to be used as an alternative to the actual stone. Always enquire about the legitimacy of the opal to the jeweler you buy a piece like this from.  

Green Opal Uses

Green Opal Beads

This versatile stone is also used to make beads. Green opals are tumbled into perfectly spherical beads to make bracelets and necklaces. You can make beads from any type of green opal.

The different types include Madagascan opal, African opal, Australian opal, Peruvian opal, Ethiopian opal, Bulgarian opal, and the Tanzanian opal. The colors of the beads will differ in shades of green depending on which opal type is used.

Green Opal Sphere

green opal sphere

A green opal sphere is the mothership of healing!  It’s literally a solid crystal-ball-like sphere of green opal.  Its size and shape allow it to produce a very high frequency of harmonizing energy.

The reason that this form is the most powerful is because its symmetrical shape allows the energy it emits to travel in all directions. Therefore, if it’s in your living space, you are able to receive its gifts even more.  Its beautiful green color coins its alternative name: “the pistachio opal” or “the pistachio sphere”. 

Additionally, to the sphere being the most energetically powerful, it’s also beautiful and would make a striking addition to your home décor. Another metaphysical benefit that we haven’t mentioned yet is the green opal’s ability to bring meaning to everyday life.

To fill the owner with a sense of peace and security within themselves. To know that all is well in the world and to trust in a future you cannot see.

Green Opal Price

The price of green opals differs greatly depending on what type and what country your green opal is from. As mentioned earlier, the Australian green opal is the most valuable and expensive. Green opal value differs all over the world. Prices can be as low as a few dollars and can be as high as thousands of dollars.

One of the reasons for this is that the diffraction of light inside the Australian green opal causes interesting patterns and colors to emerge making it more expensive. Valuing a green opal isn’t easy because each stone is so individual and could be very cheap or very expensive. It’s very different from, for example, getting a valuation for gold.  


In summary, green opals are mystical, beautiful, and interesting stones that have a lot of healing power. By bringing them into your space you could be inviting new, prosperous experiences into your life. When it comes to the green opal there is something for everyone!

For every aesthetic, price range, and form there is an option available. It’s a fascinating, ancient stone that’s been around for millions of years and whether you want one for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one–we feel you can’t go wrong!

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