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Fulgurite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about fulgurite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Fulgurite is one of the most powerful shamanic stones known worldwide for its mystical powers. The fulgurite crystal, symbolizing thunder and lightning, is a wonder of nature because of its peculiar structure and fragile nature. Fulgurite stones are believed to have the power of lightning. For this reason, it is believed to possess metaphysical properties that can heal the body and mind. 

Over the years, metaphysical practitioners and crystal healers have employed this stone as a mighty manifestation tool. Fulgurites come in various colors and work effortlessly to create an energy bond between one's physical and astral body. In this article, let us explore all about fulgurite and its significance along these lines.

  • Fulgurite Meaning
    • What is Fulgurite
      • Fulgurite Pronunciation
    • Where is Fulgurite Found
    • How is a Fulgurite Crystal Formed
    • How does Fulgurite Look Like
  • Fulgurite Properties
    • Fulgurite Metaphysical Properties
    • Fulgurite Healing Properties
  • Fulgurite Uses
    • Fulgurite Glass
  • How to Cleanse and Charge Fulgurite
  • How to Make Fulgurite Stone
  • Fulgurite for Sale
    • Fulgurite Price
  • Conclusion

Fulgurite Meaning

What is Fulgurite?

Fulgurites are structurally identical to the Lichtenberg figures. These are the eye-catching branching patterns created on the surface of insulators during dielectric breakdown. 

Fulgurites are perceived to have esoteric capabilities to focus divine energy, develop creativity and heal various diseases. In popular media, these are shown to summon gods and demons, but traditional lore does not support these theories.

This mineral is said to align with some of our chakras. This gemstone has the potency to awaken the third eye chakra and balance the heart and crown chakra for optimum flow of bodily energy. The fulgurite crystal is a magical stone for the Gemini sign. It also works well with people born under the Virgo zodiac sign.

Fulgurite Pronunciation

Fulgurite derives its name from the Latin word ‘fulgur,’ which means lightning. This kind of lightning is known by the name ‘fossilized lightning.’ 

The correct pronunciation of its name should be like ful-gu-rite.

Where is Fulgurite Found?

Fulgurite is found in sand-rich areas such as deserts. The Sahara, Gobi, and Libyan deserts are one of the most fulgurite-rich places. 

How is a Fulgurite Crystal Formed?

When lightning strikes sand, the electrical discharge produces a temperature of at least 1800° C. The resultant heat vaporizes the sands and melts the silica around the strike points. This creates the beautiful hollow glassy tubes we see today.

Fulgurite crystal is found as natural clumps, masses, and tubes either sintered or vitrified. Their common presence can be traced in fused soil, rock, sand, sediments, and other organic debris. The mineral can often result from discharges into the ground. When the silica melts and fuses instantaneously because of a flash of lightning, the mineraloid lechatelierite is created.

How does Fulgurite Look Like? 

Fulgurites, which resemble tree branches, are typically only 1 to 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet in length. They have a crumbly, hard exterior with a gray and brown tint often mistaken as tree bark. These are partially melted grains of sand. Inside the crust, you can find a clear translucent whitish glass tube formed by fast molten sand.

Fulgurite Properties

Fulgurite gem is a favorite tool for occultists and energy healers. In this section, we shall divide its properties into healing and other esoteric properties. 

Fulgurite Metaphysical Properties

Fulgurite crystal is a vibrant medium to connect to the divine mind and download extensive knowledge from Akashic records directly into the human consciousness. The gemstone is excellent in increasing the communication skills of individuals. The shamanic stone is known to work as a great agent to awaken the kundalini power, which is associated with the courage, creativity, and inner strength of a human being. 

Occultists use it as a psychic energy medium because it can channel or redirect psychic energy flows effortlessly. The fulgurite is also a fantastic manifestation crystal that helps you get what you want and improves your mood and attitude towards your life events and goals. Filled with divine light, the stone clears any blockage in the clairaudient channels and expedites the gifts of psychic hearing. Those who struggle with enhancing their psychic senses can use the guidance of this gift of nature and develop an intuition of a higher level.

Fulgurite Healing Properties


People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks may use this stone to calm their nerves down. The energetic field that it creates may heal the body and the mind effectively.

Those who are overwhelmed by sound sensitivity can do regular meditative sessions to heal their ears and boost their hearing experience. The stone is said to not only stop the multiplications of cancerous cells in the body but also help in the regeneration of cellular restoration.

Fulgurite Uses

Fulgurite crystal is associated with closing the bridge between intentions and reality. They connect manifestation with the universal power of becoming. This works via meditation without any need for prayers. This kind of awakening is a must-have for individuals stuck in a rut and who want to get a refreshing perspective about their lives.

Fulgurite gemstone is said to bring forth a myriad of benefits. It is an excellent medium for improving communication and concentration. Created from petrified lightning, these powerful crystals hold the energy of electricity and can regulate emotions in individuals.

You can ward off any evil presence in your aura domain by wearing fulgurite jewelry. Fulgurites may bring clarity into one's life about their purpose by connecting them to their original self in the spiritual plane of existence beyond the perceived body. Thus, the stone uses its energies to carry emotional fulfillment in a person's life.

This mystical gemstone is also known to have spiritual and emotional influence. Fulgurites are great for treating mental stress disorders like PTSD, OCD, and ADD. These can balance mood and improve focus on studies. These crystals help you bring out your authentic self.

For those searching for a meaningful spiritual experience in their lives, use a fulgurite and connect with the untapped higher dimensions within yourself to discover your true nature as a human being. You can also improve psychic abilities, such as dowsing, using the power of this shamanic crystal.

Fulgurite may help promote physical wellbeing. Polished fulgurite stones are extremely beneficial for the nose, ears, throat, intestines, esophagus, and colon. This gemstone promotes cellular regeneration by balancing the electromagnetic fields in the body. They may also protect from unbalanced electromagnetic radiation exposure to a great extent.

It is an excellent accompaniment for meditation. Fulgurite crystal is a potent mediation tool that may increase your intuitive and cognitive powers. Wear fulgurite jewelry and go into a deep meditative state. Use verbal manifestation mantras to attract money, success, or the love you need. The power of this gemstone will connect you with your higher self to convert those intentions into reality.

Fulgurite Glass


Fulgurite glass is widely used in adornments. Under the rough brownish coating lives the clear rod-like fulgurite glass, a beautiful crystal, used as a gemstone in jewelry.

How to Cleanse and Charge Fulgurite?

To clean your fulgurite, you need to be very careful so that it does not break. Apply mild soap and warm water if only necessary. Use cotton wipes to clean the polished fulgurite. Never try to use a steam cleaner or an ultrasonic cleaner. To charge, keep it away from any sound and light, preferably underground.

How to Make Fulgurite Stone?

There have been attempts by individuals to make fulgurite stones. Inquisitiveness regarding the formation of fulgurites worldwide is so great that people reverse engineered the creation process. They try to create artificial fulgurites by sticking lightning rods in beach sand or a high-voltage power supply in a laboratory. These experiments end up in vain, no doubt.

Efforts by scientists are also recorded. Scientists have employed various methods to create artificially polished fulgurite crystals. They used buried electrical cables and lightning rods in a lab to form fulgurites. This took them months of diligent work and collaboration to get success. Some claim that artificial ones can be aesthetically more attractive than natural ones. 

However, the dangers of creating fulgurite artificially cannot be overlooked. Triggering artificial lightning to create fulgurites is a distant dream for individuals who take lightning rods to beaches. Lightning is extremely perilous and unstable. When it hits the sand, heat is produced in a large amount that melts the sand instantaneously to fuse into a glass-like structure. Except for a handful of successful attempts by scientists, no one has ever created one ‌ artificial fulgurite. So, buying fulgurites from authentic sellers is the best option to acquire one rather than risking your own life and wellbeing.

Fulgurite for Sale

Fulgurite Price

Fulgurites are available globally. Its unique structure, delicate build, and rarity add to its value in the market. There is no fixed price for polished fulgurite stones. It can vary depending on how attractive the shape of the stone is. The price starts from $15 USD and can reach up to several hundred dollars when fused into a piece of jewelry.


What would you do if you knew you could not fail in any endeavor? Yes, you would undertake the challenge of life. This is what fulgurite does to you. Highly reactive stone fulgurite gets the name "God's finger" for its perceived potency. It is a powerful transformation tool for individuals that want to achieve their dreams with all their hearts.

This fulgurite crystal, if used properly, endows you with a positive attitude towards life and helps you get the momentum to face everyday hustles. Buy fulgurites from the most genuine sellers for the best results. 

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