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Imperial Topaz: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about imperial topaz, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


What’s in a name? Well, in the case of imperial topaz, its linguistic association with empire-building couldn’t be more relevant. Imperial topaz is a gemstone of abundance, prosperity, and willpower.

Once you bring this stone into your life, you’ll never look back. If you’re ready to reach your full potential and think more deeply about your life goals (and achieve them), you’re going to want to read this article in full.

We’re going to cover imperial topaz history, explain the stone’s metaphysical benefits, and give you all the advice on choosing your ideal imperial topaz stone. Because the imperial topaz Wikipedia page doesn’t exist, we decided to make one ourselves. Get ready to learn everything there is to know about imperial topaz. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Imperial Topaz Meaning
    • What is Imperial Topaz
    • What Color is Imperial Topaz
    • Imperial Topaz Metaphysical Meaning
    • Where does Imperial Topaz Come from
      • Brazilian Imperial Topaz
  • Imperial Topaz Properties
    • Imperial Topaz Healing Properties
    • Imperial Topaz Metaphysical Properties
  • Imperial Topaz vs Citrine
  • Imperial Topaz Types
    • Loose Imperial Topaz
    • Raw Imperial Topaz
    • Natural Imperial Topaz
  • Imperial Topaz Color
    • Pink Imperial Topaz
    • Orange Imperial Topaz
    • Yellow Imperial Topaz
    • Golden Imperial Topaz
    • Red Imperial Topaz
    • Peach Imperial Topaz
  • Imperial Topaz Jewelry
    • Imperial Topaz Ring
      • Imperial Topaz Eternity Ring
      • Imperial Topaz Engagement Ring
      • Vintage Imperial Topaz Ring
      • Imperial Topaz Gold Ring
      • Pink Imperial Topaz Ring
      • White Gold Imperial Topaz Ring
    • Imperial Topaz Earrings
      • Imperial Topaz Stud Earrings
    • Imperial Topaz Necklace
      • Imperial Topaz Necklace at Tiffany
    • Imperial Topaz Pendant
    • Imperial Topaz Bracelet
    • Imperial Topaz Cabochon
  • Imperial Topaz Uses
    • Imperial Topaz Beads
    • Imperial Topaz Cufflinks
  • Imperial Topaz for Sale
    • Imperial Topaz Price
      • Imperial Topaz Price per Carat
      • Pink Imperial Topaz Value
    • Imperial Topaz Jewelry for Sale
  • Conclusion

Imperial Topaz Meaning

Meaning is everything when it comes to the imperial topaz stone. In this section, we’ll uncover the source, history, and legacy of imperial topaz as an introduction to this marvellous gemstone. If you have any burning questions about the stone, chances are we have the answers in this section.

What is Imperial Topaz

The strongest silicate mineral on the planet, imperial topaz is an aluminum hydroxyl-fluorine silicate. As it has a formidable hardness of 8 on the Mohs Scale, it’s safe to say that imperial topaz is one tough cookie.

It is mainly sourced from Minas Gerais, Brazil, but this crystal also has a special history with Russia. Although it was originally found in Ouro Preto, Brazil, it was also discovered in Russia’s Urual Mountains, and it even got its regal name from the Russian monarchy as a result of their appreciation for the stone.

Imperial topaz has an orthorhombic crystal structure, perfect cleavage, and it is formed through the strong chemical bonding of its components. Of course, imperial topaz is a variety of topaz.

What identifies imperial topaz as something special is its rich, saturated color that ranges from orange and red to pink and purple. Imperial topaz is essentially a very bright, vibrant, and high quality form of topaz.

What Color is Imperial Topaz

Because imperial topaz doesn’t have an official standard of identification, its colors can vary wildly. While the stone can form in a number of bright pinks, purples, and yellows, it is best known for having a striking gold to reddish-orange color.

You’ll notice that most imperial topaz gemstones will have an overarching gold hue, but they will include a tinge of red and orange.

Imperial Topaz Metaphysical Meaning

Named for its approval amongst the wealthiest monarchs, it is no wonder that imperial topaz is associated with success and drive. Imperial topaz symbolizes willpower, determination, and courage.

It is the cream of the crop when it comes to manifestation crystals. That’s because imperial topaz pushes its users to fight harder and at a higher spiritual level to access the things they want in life.

The month of November is particularly important to the crystal because it gives rise to the imperial topaz birthstone. During this time, imperial topaz offers calming energies to its users, and because November is the season of Scorpio and Sagittarius, the crystal offers special benefits to these zodiac signs.

If you have any Scorpio or Sagittarius placements in your astrological chart, you’ll discover that imperial topaz awakens your highest self – allowing you to see situations from all angles and gain a holistic perspective on life.

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Where does Imperial Topaz Come from

Imperial topaz develops in igneous rocks such as granite, pegmatite, and rhyolite. The crystal grows in the cavities of these rocks during the final steps of the magma cooling process.

The reason imperial topaz forms near the end of this cooling process is that fluorine traces become more copious, allowing topaz to develop. Most imperial topaz comes from Ouro Preto, Brazil, but Russia and Madagascar are also top suppliers of the gemstone. T

he largest imperial topaz comes from Ouro Preto, but it is now displayed in the United States at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. This special stone is named “the Blaze Imperial Topaz” and it weighs 97.45 carats!

Brazilian Imperial Topaz

When searching for imperial topaz, you need not look further than Brazil. The nation takes most of the credit as a supplier of this marvellous gemstone. The Ouro Preto mines in Minas Gerais are unmatched in both their quality and quantity of imperial topaz.

Usually, the imperial topaz sourced from Brazil is golden orange in color. However, the stone can also deviate to include pink, red, and purple hues. These rarer colors are particularly exciting for imperial topaz enthusiasts, and they make for wonderful jewelry.

Imperial Topaz Properties

While unrivalled good looks are what draw people to the imperial topaz crystal, the stone’s metaphysical and healing properties really take the cake when it comes to what this stone has to offer. In this section, we’re going to give you all the juice on the spiritual characteristics of imperial topaz – and trust us when we tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

Imperial Topaz Healing Properties

With imperial topaz, self-empowerment is the word. The stone has a unique ability to uplift your spiritual body, encouraging you to see the big picture of your life.

As a result, using this crystal in your spiritual practice will lead to a long-term plan of action that will help you achieve each and every one of your life goals. Imperial topaz also offers you the building blocks to set up good, healthy boundaries. It will organically attract kind people into your life and give you the strength and willpower to block out evil energies and people with hidden agendas. 

Imperial Topaz Metaphysical Properties

Imperial topaz simultaneously encourages you to be the most driven, ambitious version of yourself while stimulating generosity and philanthropy. Imperial topaz coaxes you into understanding that in order to receive more, you also need to give more. In this way, you’ll feel abundance pour into your life while you bring abundance to the lives of others.

If you’ve been hurt in love and you find it difficult to trust others, imperial topaz will stand by your side as you heal your emotional wounds. Eventually, the stone will assist in your process of learning to love again and opening up your emotional world to others.

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Imperial Topaz vs Citrine

Imperial topaz and citrine are both birthstones for the Scorpio and Sagittarius babies of November. However, this is only where the similarities begin for these two crystals. In fact, citrine and imperial topaz are confused so frequently that, in Brazil, citrine is actually called “topaz”, while topaz is called “precious topaz”.

Yeah, we’re also scratching our heads! Imperial topaz and citrine can, depending on their respective colors, look extremely similar. However, these stones have completely different chemical components and crystal structures. For example, citrine is a quartz variety with a hexagonal crystal system. Meanwhile, imperial topaz is a silicate mineral made up of aluminum and fluorine, and the stone has an orthorhombic crystal system.

Imperial topaz is harder than citrine, and it also tends to boast much more saturated, vibrant colors. At the end of the day, these stones have their similarities and differences, but they are both spiritually enriching, aesthetically captivating gemstones that can bring heaps of beauty into your life.

Imperial Topaz Types

The imperial topaz gemstone has so many dazzling physical and metaphysical qualities that it’s pretty hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we’re narrowing it down a bit in this section.

Your aesthetic and spiritual appreciation of your stone is totally dependent on the type of imperial topaz you purchase. An uncut imperial topaz stone, for example, will look and feel very different to a polished one. So, as we discuss the different kinds of imperial topaz that might interest you, we hope you find it a little easier to pick the perfect type for you.

Loose Imperial Topaz

Buying an imperial topaz accessory can be extremely tempting. And if a specific accessory calls to you, you’ve got to trust your gut! However, the alternative option of buying loose imperial topaz is totally underrated as far as we’re concerned.

Purchasing a loose imperial topaz and setting it into a piece of jewelry can be far less expensive and feel much more personal than a ready-made jewelry item. You can attach the positive vibrations of an imperial topaz stone to a band or chain that symbolizes a specific person, place, or moment in your life.

In this way, you can bring big-picture thinking and abundance to that aspect of your world. Plus, your imperial topaz accessory will feel like it was made for you – because, well, it was!

Raw Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz rough in feel is soft in spirit. These stones are incredibly gentle on your energy system and channel nothing but good vibrations into your chakra column. While raw imperial topaz definitely makes its way into some fine jewelry pieces, this stone is also deeply connected to spirit and offers divinity and abundance to its users.

There’s something incredibly calming about its appearance, but it will also light a fire inside of you – increasing your drive to succeed and accomplish your biggest goals.

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Natural Imperial Topaz

If you are buying imperial topaz from a reliable source, it is most likely that you’re getting an authentic stone. However, natural imperial topaz stones can be treated to appear in a range of unnatural (but beautiful) colors.

So, if you want to make sure that you’re getting an entirely natural imperial topaz gemstone, opt for colors like peach, orange, yellow, pink, red, or champagne. If the imperial topaz in question is blue or green, you’re either looking at a dyed specimen or an entirely different stone. 

Imperial Topaz Color

Get ready to receive a full run down of the imperial topaz color chart. We all have our favorite colors, and it’s only natural that we are drawn to stones that appeal to our aesthetic desires.

However, each color also comes with its own set of spiritual properties, and you might be surprised by the color that most resonates with your spiritual values. So, stick around to explore the metaphysics of color in the imperial topaz stone.  

Pink Imperial Topaz

Want to get that solar plexus chakra activated? Well, good thing you came across this section. By stimulating this vital chakra, pink imperial topaz increases willpower and brings more meaning into your life. By using pink imperial topaz in your spiritual practice, you will become more conscious of your everyday motivations, attitudes, and actions.

Pink imperial topaz is the rarest of the already rare imperial topaz gemstone varieties. Its soft, feminine color will soothe and excite you, and it will get you prepared for a life of action and success.

Orange Imperial Topaz

There are few people on Earth who associate the color orange with negativity. The color usually symbolizes warmth and joy, and orange imperial topaz is no exception.

This imperial topaz variety is flavoursome and eye-catching, and it brings positivity with it wherever it goes. With orange imperial topaz at your side, expect the negative situations and people around you to fall away while the universe makes way for bigger and better things. 

Yellow Imperial Topaz

If there were an antidote to suffering, yellow imperial topaz would be it. This gemstone connects us to higher realms that offer an immense amount of guidance and support as we heal our shadow side and fight our demons.

If you’re going through a tough time and your energy is taking a dip, yellow imperial topaz is the extra bit of proverbial sunshine you need in your life. 

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Golden Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz has often been associated with royalty, and when it comes to gemstone grandeur, golden imperial topaz takes first prize. While its vibrant, elegant appearance is certainly an indicator of its association with royals, the stone is also a bringer of abundance and prosperity.

If your main manifestation at the moment is improving your finances and creating a more affluent lifestyle for yourself, golden imperial topaz will give you some extra luck. It’ll also help you maintain an abundant mindset, setting you up for a life of prosperity.  

Red Imperial Topaz

Most imperial topaz stones include red as part of their main color scheme. And good thing, too, because red imperial topaz is bursting with transformative, life-changing benefits. Red imperial topaz is representative of strength and confidence.

To reach your full potential and nurture a positive sense of self, make sure you have a red imperial topaz as part of your spiritual routine. This stone will also increase your libido, zest for life, and your belief in your goals and life’s purpose.

Peach Imperial Topaz

If honesty, truth, and communication are your most cherished values, then it’s safe to say that peach imperial topaz was made for you. This stone will not only improve your ability to share your ideas confidently – it will also ensure that the people around you are more truthful and understanding.

Honest communication and stress-free conversations are synonymous with peach imperial topaz, and this gorgeous stone will make certain that you find truth and open mindedness wherever you may go.

Imperial Topaz Jewelry

The best way to use the imperial topaz gem is by wearing it. The best part? There are countless options when it comes to choosing how to wear it. From stud earrings to vintage bracelets, the world of imperial topaz jewelry is filled to the brim with possibilities, and even better, each accessory will bring new, wonderful possibilities to your life, too.

gold studded diamond ring

Imperial Topaz Ring

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel and look a little fancy! And if elegance and poise is what you’re after, an imperial topaz ring will do the trick.

These luscious, high-quality accessories are a symbol of abundance and beauty – and, by the way, they’re oh so charming. So, if you want to feel like Aphrodite herself, look no further than an imperial topaz ring.

Imperial Topaz Eternity Ring

Gifting your partner with an imperial topaz eternity ring on your first anniversary will put a smile on their face while solidifying your love and the success of your marriage. While all eternity rings are symbolic of everlasting love, imperial topaz eternity rings have a whirlwind fairy tale feeling about them.

They will reignite that childlike joy and romance you felt when you first met the person and fell in love with them. These rings remind you that, no matter what battles you have to overcome, you will always have the other person watching over you and showering you with love. 

Imperial Topaz Engagement Ring

So, you’ve been hearing those wedding bells in your head for a while now and you’re finally thinking about taking the plunge. Well, there’s no better way to do it than with an imperial topaz engagement ring.

While a square cut is more popular, a round cut imperial topaz engagement ring will symbolize the longevity and cyclical, never-ending nature of your relationship. Because imperial topaz is so durable, the ring will last throughout your lifetime, making it perfect for an everlasting love. 

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Vintage Imperial Topaz Ring

If you’re more into that old-school feel, we’ve got your back. Vintage imperial topaz rings are rare yet accessible, and they’ll make you feel like you’re a guest star in an episode of “The Crown”.

Although these rings are timeless and have lasted decades, they’ll look brand new because it is so difficult to damage imperial topaz. The stone can get through anything, and with a vintage imperial topaz ring on your finger, so can you!

Imperial Topaz Gold Ring

Imperial topaz and gold are the ultimate healing combo. By wearing an imperial topaz gold ring, you’re making a conscious decision to heal from the past and leave your traumas behind you.

These two minerals will cleanse and refurbish your energy system, making you feel ready to tackle your demons and open yourself up to a bright future. We also can’t ignore that imperial topaz rings are simply extravagant and instantly turn their wearers into the belles of the ball. 

Pink Imperial Topaz Ring

Pink imperial topaz rings are for the girl bosses of the world (and, of course, the boy bosses). These stunning accessories bring out your pizzazz – both physically and mentally.

When you wear a pink imperial topaz ring, you’re bound to feel more courageous and bold. You’ll stick to your guns and go after what you want. And (the cherry on top), you’ll look great while you do it. 

White Gold Imperial Topaz Ring

If you really want to activate your third eye chakra and open yourself up to the wisdom of higher realms, make sure your imperial topaz gemstone is sitting pretty on a white gold band.

White gold imperial topaz rings are ideal for the spiritually-inclined among us who also want to catch eyes wherever they choose to go. 

Imperial Topaz Earrings

While imperial topaz is often associated with aristocracy and classic beauty, contemporary earring designs have gotten incredibly avant garde and chic.

Wearing earrings is one of the most exciting forms of accessorizing, and incorporating some imperial topaz into your look can really boost your physical appearance as well as your spiritual wellbeing. 

Imperial Topaz Stud Earrings

Imperial topaz stud earrings are simple yet effective. You want an understated accessory to match your ballgown? Imperial topaz earrings. You want something easy-going and pretty to wear to work? Imperial topaz earrings.

You want a renewed sense of self and a life filled with abundance and positivity? Imperial topaz earrings!

Imperial Topaz Necklace

Whether you prefer a vintage accessory or a rough pendant, imperial topaz necklaces are just as abundant as they make you feel. These necklaces are also wildly effective in infiltrating the entire chakra column and cleansing the body of negative energy.

Wearing imperial topaz is the best way to reap its benefits, but wearing an imperial topaz necklace is the most powerful means to accessorize in this regard.

Imperial Topaz Necklace at Tiffany

While Tiffany & Co doesn’t currently stock imperial topaz necklaces, there are a few vintage imperial topaz Tiffany & Co products on second hand store websites. So, if Tiffany is your all-time favorite brand, you just might be able to combine your number one store with your new favorite stone.

Imperial Topaz Pendant

These days, pendants are often associated with rough stones and strings. However, imperial topaz pendants are regal beyond belief and add a sense of class and confidence to your outward appearance. And you know what they say – fake it ‘til you make it.

So, if your self-esteem needs a little lifting or you want to embrace the world with courage and self-belief, wearing an imperial topaz pendant is a good way to start. 

Imperial Topaz Bracelet

Out of all imperial topaz products, imperial topaz bracelets are the rarest of them all. However, when they’re created, they’re unforgettable. Rough stones make for a particularly captivating accessory in this case, and these bracelets are remarkably protective.

In addition, they’ll allow you to remain focused on the bigger picture of your life and move through any challenge with optimism and humor – so make sure you don’t lose this bracelet anytime soon!

Imperial Topaz Cabochon

The cabochon is the most versatile jewel out there. That’s because you can set it into a necklace or ring, or you can simply keep it as is and let its powers ignite your world with light and passion.

The imperial topaz cabochon is the perfect accessory for someone who is indecisive. Over time, you’ll gain more agency and determination, and as you do, you’ll know exactly how you want to wear your jewel.

Imperial Topaz Uses

While imperial topaz is mainly used in jewelry, it has a couple of other uses, too. It’s important to acknowledge all the aspects of this complex and malleable stone in our complete imperial topaz guide, and we’re not leaving anything out.

Imperial Topaz Beads

Not into buying ready-made jewelry? Would you rather make it yourself? Good news – purchasing imperial topaz beads will give you the chance to create whatever imperial topaz accessory you wish for.

Imperial topaz beads are deeply protective of your spirit and hope, and you can safely mix and match them with other stones of your choosing. Sounds like a dream, right?

Imperial Topaz Cufflinks

Imperial topaz cufflinks are the perfect addition to a favorite suit. If you want to give your tuxedo some extra shine, imperial topaz cufflinks will give you that special je ne sais quoi. Imperial topaz cufflinks are also a stellar gift for a special person in your life on your anniversary.

Gifting these cufflinks to a partner tells them you want them to feel and look their best. Plus, they’ll think of you every time they wear them, which will strengthen your bond and add a little more romance to your relationship.

Imperial Topaz for Sale

The imperial topaz value extends beyond the stone’s price, of course, but that isn’t to say that money doesn’t matter. In this section, we’ll let you know what prices to expect while shopping for imperial topaz, and we’ll also give you some pointers on where to buy it.

Imperial Topaz Price

Imperial topaz is extremely rare. And, if you’re on a tight budget, you’re unlikely to find a stone of high quality that’ll be super cheap. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

You can purchase second-hand imperial topaz stones for under ten dollars in some cases. But, usually, you’ll be paying at least fifty dollars and often upwards of two hundred dollars for an authentic imperial topaz stone.

Imperial Topaz Price per Carat

While there is a lot of conflicting information out there, the imperial topaz price per carat generally ranges between ten and one thousand dollars. Now, that’s a pretty wide price spectrum.

Only the best of the best imperial topaz stones will enter the $1000 per carat bracket, but stones that cost ten dollars per carat won’t be of particularly good quality. So, on average, imperial topaz costs $500 per carat. 

Pink Imperial Topaz Value

Pink imperial topaz costs at least eight dollars per carat, which is surprisingly affordable for this rare gemstone. At most, the value of pink imperial topaz can rise to around six hundred dollars per carat. However, it is rare that a pink imperial topaz gemstone will cost much more than two hundred dollars per carat.

Imperial Topaz Jewelry for Sale

If you’re ready to bring some good old imperial topaz love into your life, jewelry is the best way to do it. But, where do you buy it? We’d recommend searching for imperial topaz jewelry on reliable online stores or in your local jewelry stores.

We have to emphasize that these stores need to be reliable and trust-worthy because imperial topaz is often confused with other gemstones, and we want to make sure that you get what you pay for. 

golden imperial topaz and diamond pendant


And that’s a case closed on the imperial topaz stone. There is so much to say about this stone, and we could write a novel on all of its metaphysical goodness, but for now, this is where our advice ends – and where your imperial topaz journey begins.

We hope you enjoyed learning all about this passion-filled, eye-catching stone, and we hope you enjoy wearing or meditating with it even more. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to check out our other gemstone articles for more assistance in finding the perfect stone for you!

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Feb 07, 2024 • Posted by barbara west

I have an “orange” imperial topaz ring that belonged to my mother, as I recall from the 30s or early 40s. My stepfather got it from a man he worked with who was from Brazil and to whom he had loaned some money and settled on the ring as payment (along with an Inca carved figure I sold some years ago). I do not recall if it was just the stone or in the setting. It is Emerald cut, faceted and set in a very simple deep, double framed, corner prong 14K gold mounting. Holding it up to the light I can see the stone as very clear. It measures over 2/16ths over 1/2 " long by a little less than 1/2 " wide and about 1/4 " deep.

I have not had the ring appraised but my grandfather had a jewelry store, so it is quite possible he had the mounting made for the stone – which also has a ring sizer attached.

I am 90 years old and trying to get my “estate” together so would like to sell the ring and in searching for information on it came across your website and wonder what guidance you might have to offer – if any.

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