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Kunzite: Complete Guide (2024)

Kunzite: Complete Guide (2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about kunzite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Well, hey there! We hope you’re ready to get romantic, because we’ll be talking about all things kunzite in this article. This is a gemstone known equally for its high-fashion radiance and its heart-opening metaphysical qualities.

Get ready to hear all about kunzite history, its crystal structure, and each and every one of its spiritual benefits. We’ve also got a whole lot of pictures of kunzite in store for you to remind you just how mesmerising this gemstone really is.

Does this all sound a little overwhelming? Don’t worry, we’ll break it all down for you in this kunzite complete guide!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Kunzite Meaning
    • What is Kunzite
      • Is Kunzite Rare
      • Is Kunzite Expensive
      • Kunzite Spiritual Meaning
      • Does Kunzite Change Color
    • What is Kunzite Used for
    • Kunzite Stone Benefits
    • Kunzite Healing
    • Kunzite Chakra
    • Where is Kunzite Found
      • Kunzite in Afghanistan
      • Brazilian Kunzite
  • Kunzite Properties
    • Kunzite Healing Properties
    • Kunzite Metaphysical Properties
  • Kunzite vs Other Stones
    • Zoisite and Kunzite
    • Kunzite vs Morganite
    • Hiddenite vs Kunzite
    • Kunzite vs Rose Quartz
  • Kunzite Types
    • Kunzite Raw
    • Tumbled Kunzite
    • Natural Kunzite
  • Kunzite Color
    • Pink Kunzite
      • Pink Kunzite Meaning
      • Pink Kunzite Properties
        • Pink Kunzite Metaphysical Properties
    • Green Kunzite
      • Green Kunzite Meaning
    • Purple Kunzite
      • Purple Kunzite Meaning
    • Blue Kunzite
      • Blue Kunzite Meaning
      • Blue Kunzite Healing Properties
    • Yellow Kunzite
      • Yellow Kunzite Meaning
      • Canary Yellow Kunzite
    • Lavender Kunzite
    • White Kunzite
    • Lilac Kunzite
      • Lilac Kunzite Metaphysical Properties
    • Clear Kunzite
    • Red Kunzite
  • Kunzite Jewelry
    • Kunzite Ring
      • Kunzite Wedding Rings
      • Kunzite Engagement Ring
      • Sterling Silver Kunzite Rings
      • Kunzite Ring at Tiffany
      • Vintage Kunzite Rings
      • Yellow Kunzite Ring
      • Kunzite Gold Ring
      • Kunzite Rings in UK
      • Pink Kunzite Ring
        • Pink Kunzite Engagement Ring
    • Kunzite Pendant
      • Pink Kunzite Pendant
    • Kunzite Bracelet
      • Pink Kunzite Bracelet
      • Kunzite Bracelet Healing
    • Kunzite Bead Bracelet
    • Kunzite Necklace
      • Raw Kunzite Necklace
      • Pink Kunzite Necklace
    • Kunzite Earrings
      • Pink Kunzite Earrings
      • Kunzite Stud Earrings
    • Kunzite Cabochon
  • Kunzite Uses
    • Kunzite Beads
      • Pink Kunzite Beads
    • Kunzite Heart
  • How to Cleanse Kunzite
  • Kunzite for Sale
    • Kunzite Price
      • Kunzite Price per Carat
      • Kunzite Ring Price
      • Pink Kunzite Price per Carat
    • Raw Kunzite for Sale
    • Buy Kunzite Online
      • Kunzite on eBay
        • Kunzite Rings on eBay
      • Kunzite Jewelry on Amazon
      • Kunzite on Etsy
    • Kunzite Wholesale
    • How to Tell a Real Kunzite
  • Conclusion

Kunzite Meaning

Named after the infamous American mineralogist George Frederick Kunz who first identified it in 1902, the kunzite gem has gained a reputation as being the most heart-opening crystal money can buy.

It is often pink in color and it uses gentle energies to stimulate love and generosity. In this section, we’ll give you all the kunzite facts and science, and then we’ll give you the spiritual lowdown when it comes to kunzite.

What is Kunzite

You might be wondering, is kunzite spodumene? And you would be one hundred percent correct. Kunzite is the most well-known form of the spodumene mineral, and it’s also the most popular.

Much of this popularity can be attributed to the often light, pink color of kunzite that results from traces of manganese in its chemical composition. Kunzite has a vitreous luster, a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, and it is transparent.

Kunzite also has a monoclinic crystal system, in which three axes have disparate lengths and two axes are perpendicular. Because kunzite is a spodumene variety, it is a gemstone pyroxene mineral made up of lithium aluminum inosilicate and manganese. Kunzite is a source of lithium, which is often used for psychiatric medication and treats depression and bipolar disorder.

kunzite stones

Is Kunzite Rare

The kunzite stone is rare, indeed. However, it is surprisingly affordable for such a rare stone. You can purchase relatively large kunzite stones without paying an arm and a leg.  

Is Kunzite Expensive

The answers to questions about gemstone prices are never simple. There are many factors that go into determining a gemstone’s price. So, while you can definitely find a kunzite crystal for less than ten dollars per carat, you could also be paying about two hundred dollars per carat depending on the quality of the stone. The richer, more saturated pink kunzite will be pricier than a pale off-white kunzite, for example.

Kunzite Spiritual Meaning

As we briefly touched on earlier, kunzite is a symbol of love and it is most deeply associated with the heart chakra. It is the purpose of kunzite to open hearts and bring loving joy into the lives of its users.

It gets a little more interesting, though, as kunzite can also create a positive energy flow between the mind and the heart. Logic and passion are married through kunzite meditation to create a well-rounded, satisfying relationship with romance.

While kunzite is not an official birthstone for any one star sign, it is a natural birthstone for Libras and Scorpios. The kunzite birthstone brings courage and excitement to these two zodiac signs, so if your sun sign is in Libra or Scorpio, you can be sure that kunzite is right for you. 

Does Kunzite Change Color

While kunzite can come in a range of shades, it is usually bright pink or lilac in color. However, over time, kunzite can fade as a result of exposure to sunlight and high temperatures. If you own a kunzite jewel, you should avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for hours at a time. 

What is Kunzite Used for

Kunzite can be used for its lithium content to create pharmaceuticals and in jewelry design. However, its true value lies in its ability to bring metaphysical and spiritual joy into the lives of its owners.

By meditating with kunzite or keeping it nearby during spiritual rituals, the stone can cleanse your heart chakra and open your soul to fulfilling and spiritually enriching opportunities – especially in the romance department.

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Kunzite Stone Benefits

Kunzite energy is no joke! This crystal is packed with metaphysical supplies that will totally transform your social life. By raising your ability to receive and give love, kunzite allows you to feel more compassion and, in turn, receive more compassion.

Kunzite can help get you out of your shell, making you feel more confident in your social interactions. It stimulates kinder, deeper friendships and relationships, too, and using the stone regularly will result in the entering of a new dimension filled with love.

Kunzite Healing

It’s all about the breath with kunzite healing. The stone allows for a strong chi or energy flow throughout the body. By meditating with kunzite and focusing on your breath, you will find that your breath starts to feel lighter yet more powerful.

Kunzite meditation will redefine your relationship with your breath, and you will notice how much this aids in decreasing anxiety and self-doubt. Get ready to walk into every room with confidence – and a sigh of relief!

Kunzite Chakra

If you haven’t realized by this point in the article, kunzite is a heart chakra stone. It illuminates the love around you, allowing you to find love wherever you go. Plus, kunzite is a de-stressor, so you won’t be afraid to accept love, either.

Through its connection to the heart chakra, kunzite manifests unconditional love and self-love. So, if you’re wanting to become kinder to yourself or if you’re on the lookout for the romance of a lifetime, kunzite could be the stone for you. 

Where is Kunzite Found

The majority of kunzite is sourced from Brazil, Madagascar, and Afghanistan. However, Kunzite is also found in the United States, and more specifically, California. Usually, miners will find kunzite near both morganite and pink tourmaline.

This might sound like a mix-up waiting to happen, but distinguishing these three similar-looking stones is pretty easy for someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s worth noting, however, that these pink stones like to stick together and that they potentially offer a lot of benefits when used in conjunction.

Kunzite in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is home to a large portion of kunzite that eventually makes its way onto the market. The Nuristan region is particularly fruitful when it comes to supplying the world with this soft, pink stone.

Afghanistan kunzite is incredibly high quality, and it has a light, feminine touch. Even better, even top quality Afghanistan kunzite stones can sell for under one hundred dollars.

Brazilian Kunzite

Like most gorgeous gemstones in Brazil, kunzite is mined in the Minas Gerais region – and more specifically, in the Urucum Mine. Brazilian kunzite is known for its brilliance and gentle pink colors.

Although Brazil produces a significant portion of kunzite that is sold, the stone is so rare that it makes up less than two percent of the stones mined in Minas Gerais. 

Kunzite Properties

Let’s chat a little more about the spiritual properties of kunzite, shall we? This love-infused stone is anything but a one trick pony. There are so many benefits to using kunzite in your spiritual practice. In this section, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on kunzite healing, kunzite protection, and all the many magical properties of the kunzite crystal.

Kunzite Healing Properties

Kunzite can bring about an immense amount of self-love and peace. If you decide to use kunzite in your spiritual or self-reflective journeys, you can learn to treat yourself with more kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.

The road to bettering oneself can be long and filled with many hurdles, but it is made easier by allowing slow progress to ensue without trying to rush or beating yourself up over the mistakes you make along the way.

With kunzite at your side, you won’t fear introspection because you’ll know that anything anxiety-inducing that you find within your inner world can be met with acceptance and gratitude. Kunzite can also help you heal from wounds of the heart.

If you’ve been through a difficult breakup or you’ve lost the person you love, kunzite can keep you from shutting off your emotional world completely. It will gently return you to a healed state wherein you can open yourself up to love again.

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Kunzite Metaphysical Properties

There’s no getting around it – kunzite is a stone of love. But, what does that really mean? Well, in the case of kunzite, users of this stone are able to open their heart chakras to experience deep, profound joy and compassion. Opening one’s heart chakra can indeed aid in finding love and passion, but it can also increase your connection to the world around you in general.

With kunzite as part of your spiritual practice, you can release anxieties and focus on the people and things nearby that light up your soul. As a result, you can lead a more fulfilling life filled with many fun and satisfying experiences you might have otherwise missed out on.

By aligning the crown and heart chakras, kunzite can also make for a successful romantic relationship. Kunzite ensures that rational thought merges with passion to create a relationship that is lasting, balanced, and abundant. 

Kunzite vs Other Stones

Now, we don’t like to compare, but we do need to set the record straight on a few things. Kunzite can often be confused or conflated with other similar stones. However, in this section, we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what ties these stones together and what separates them from each other. We’ll talk about zoisite, morganite, hiddenite, and of course, rose quartz.

Zoisite and Kunzite

Zoisite is a calcium aluminium hydroxy sorosilicate with an orthorhombic crystal system and an opaque transparency. Already, this information makes this epidote mineral very, very different to kunzite. Kunzite is a transparent pyroxene mineral with a monoclinic crystal system.

However, these two stones do share a vitreous luster and a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Occasionally, zoisite and kunzite are confused because zoisite can form in shades of pink and purple, but more often than not, zoisite actually develops in shades of light green.

Kunzite vs Morganite

One of the stones that looks most similar to kunzite is morganite. These two crystals are both highly regarded for their natural pink hues. However, they have completely different chemical compositions.

For example, kunzite is a spodumene, while morganite is a type of beryl with a hexagonal crystal system. Morganite and Kunzite unite in their association with romance and love. Both stones focus on opening the heart chakra and healing emotional wounds.

They also both encourage compassion and kindness in social interactions. However, while morganite is more deeply associated with romance, kunzite has stronger ties to self-love and a balance between passion and rationale. 

Hiddenite vs Kunzite

While hiddenite looks very different to kunzite with its emerald and bottle green hues, it is actually the stone that has most in common with hiddenite on a physical level.

Both hiddenite and kunzite are varieties of spodumene and they are both used as gemstones in jewelry design. Because hiddenite and kunzite have almost the exact same chemical composition, they both have vitreous lusters, monoclinic crystal systems, and a hardness of 6.5 to 7.

The only real difference between these two gorgeous gemstones is their respective color. The inclusion of manganese in kunzite gives it a pale pink exterior. Meanwhile, just like emerald, hiddenite gets its luscious green color from trace amounts of chromium. 

Kunzite vs Rose Quartz

When you first lay your eyes on kunzite, depending on what form it’s in, you might automatically assume you’re looking at rose quartz. While certain kunzite stones can strongly resemble rose quartz, these two crystals aren’t related to one another whatsoever.

Kunzite is also a gemstone, so it has a clarity and transparency that is inimitable by rose quartz. These two stones are often found close to one another by miners, and this might be a sign that they work wonderfully together in meditation and spiritual practices.

After all, they are both associated with love and compassion. However, while the properties of rose quartz are centered around love satisfaction and gratitude, kunzite is a stone that encourages deep love for others as well as yourself. 

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Kunzite Types

There are a couple different types of kunzite, and aesthetically, these types make all the difference. A raw kunzite looks completely different to a tumbled one, and when you eventually decide to go shopping, it’s good to know which one is going to work best for you. In this section, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of different kunzite types so you can make the most informed decision possible. 

Kunzite Raw

Raw kunzite isn’t the gemstone version of the stone that we see in jewelry designs. It’s much rougher and it looks very similar to rose quartz. However, there’s no arguing with the fact that its color is absolutely sublime.

It has a milky quality to its appearance and it showcases dreamy hues of lilac and baby pink. Raw kunzite is ideal for meditation, but it can also be used to decorate your living space and add a touch of love to any room in your home. 

Tumbled Kunzite

Because kunzite is so hard, it responds very well to the tumbling process. Tumbled kunzite stones are smooth and shiny, and they can be used in jewelry and décor as well as in meditation. There is something much sleeker and more high-end about a tumbled kunzite stone, but every person has their preferences.

Both raw and tumbled kunzite stones are gorgeous and offer metaphysical value to your life, so it’s all about trusting your gut and staying true to your desires when you’re hitting the stores. 

Natural Kunzite

There are synthetic makes of any gemstone on the market, but there are very few kunzite imitations out there. That’s because this gemstone is actually very inexpensive despite its beauty and rarity, so there’s really no need to make knock-offs.

Still, it’s good to make sure that you’re buying a natural kunzite, so always double-check that the store you’re buying from is legitimate and don’t hesitate to ask for more information about your stone of choice. 

Kunzite Color

Kunzite is defined as having a light pink to lilac color. Still, the different shades included in a kunzite’s surface play a role in how the stone affects and nurtures you. In this section, we’re going to explain the aesthetic and spiritual value of the different kunzite colors.

Pink Kunzite

Kunzite is known for one shade and one shade only – and that’s pastel pink. Pink kunzite has a bubble gum to baby pink color, and its hues can often resemble those of a rose quartz crystal. This soft, dreamy kunzite color is undoubtedly a fan favorite, and it is the color most commonly associated with the kunzite stone.

Pink Kunzite Meaning

Pink kunzite is the ultimate stone of love and devotion. This shade of kunzite is deeply tied to divine love and pure romance. As a gift to a special someone, this stone will represent your desires for a strong, loving relationship and boundless romance.

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Pink Kunzite Properties

Because pink kunzite is a stone that symbolizes unconditional love, it naturally opens your heart up to real, healthy love. If you’re the type of person who often finds themself in toxic relationships, pink kunzite can be a real game changer in the romance department.

The pink kunzite magical properties that infiltrate your relationship patterns will bring about healthier communication, kindness, and lustful romance. 

Pink Kunzite Metaphysical Properties

Continuing on these ideas of healthy romance and communication, pink kunzite has a few added metaphysical benefits. This stone allows you to speak from your heart and find vulnerability. As a result, it will allow you to fully access and understand your emotions.

You’ll find that your words carry more love and joy in the presence of pink kunzite. This stone is also very healing for the heart chakra. It can aid in the recovery process from emotional wounding and allow its users to open themselves up to love despite past traumas and hurt. 

Green Kunzite

Often mistakenly referred to as “green kunzite”, hiddenite is a green variation of spodumene. While kunzite is also a spodumene, these are two different stones with a very similar chemical composition.

Hiddenite has a rich, emerald green color as a result of chromium traces in its crystal structure. It is a beautiful gemstone alternative for emeralds, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Consequently, hiddenite is popularly used in jewelry and décor. 

Green Kunzite Meaning

We explained earlier that hiddenite is frequently called “green kunzite”, although this nickname is not necessarily correct. Hiddenite is a symbol of self-love and gratitude.

This stone can offer a lot of emotional support, especially in terms of protecting one’s emotions. By encouraging its users to be more grateful, self-respecting, and unselfish, hiddenite helps us develop and evolve as we move through the world as emotional beings. 

Purple Kunzite

One of the rarer shades of kunzite, purple kunzite attracts gemstone buyers with expensive taste. Purple kunzite is pleochroic, which means that it absorbs different light wavelengths on each crystal axis. As a result, purple kunzite can have a variety of purple shades in one stone.

Purple Kunzite Meaning

Purple kunzite is a symbol of emotion. It allows its users to open up their hearts while engaging with logic and rationality. In this way, a chain of understanding is created between the heart and the mind – allowing for healthy emotional expression and mental wellbeing. By repeating the purple kunzite affirmation “I love and I am loved”, you will invite healthy love and emotion into your orbit. 

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Blue Kunzite

Blue kunzite is certainly not a dime a dozen stone. It is only found in certain Afghan pegmatites. Although it is incredibly rare, blue kunzite can bring copious amounts of positivity and love into your life. 

Blue Kunzite Meaning

Blue Kunzite represents rejuvenation. More specifically, this stone rejuvenates the heart and sense of self. One’s self-perception can develop a little extra magic when blue kunzite enters the chat. You might have some trouble finding one of these lovely stones, but when you do, you’ll be in for a treat!

Blue Kunzite Healing Properties

Healing your self image is made simple with a blue kunzite at your side. It helps you to see the limitless love you have to give, and it stands by you as you work to uncover your most magical qualities. Blue kunzite can also heal a tired heart.

So, if you feel you’ve been working towards something for too long and you’re just about ready to give up, meditating regularly with a blue kunzite can help you find the strength to keep going. 

Yellow Kunzite

Yellow kunzite, correctly named “triphane”, is another shade of kunzite that you don’t come across every day. A yellow kunzite has no green hues (otherwise, it would be a hiddenite), and it has a natural, light yellow color.

Because kunzite is defined by its pink and purple hues, yellow kunzite is not technically a kunzite stone at all. However, because it is a spodumene variety, triphane is colloquially referred to as “yellow kunzite”. 

Yellow Kunzite Meaning

Triphane is a symbol of positivity and enlightenment. If you’re in need of some inspiration or motivation, triphane is the ideal stone to incorporate into your spiritual practice. It is also a birthstone for those whose birthdays fall between the 21st of June and the 21st of July, so anyone born between these two dates will likely discover that they resonate deeply with triphane. 

Canary Yellow Kunzite

Like yellow kunzite, “canary yellow kunzite” is a colloquial term for bright, highly saturated triphane. Because triphane is a kind of spodumene, it is very similar in nature to kunzite. The only real distinction between triphane and kunzite are the respective colors of these two stones.

Canary yellow triphane is also known for its ability to refresh and cleanse home spaces and auras, and it is often used to ward off evil energies. Triphane can also make space for honesty and emotional expression.

Lavender Kunzite

The softest of the kunzite varieties, lavender kunzite is a peace-making stone that manifests harmony and authenticity. It settles unease and tension that lingers in the air, making sure that every one of your chakras is activated and bursting with loving energy. As with any kunzite stone, lavender kunzite opens the heart chakra and connects us to our emotions. 

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White Kunzite

While white kunzite doesn’t really exist, white spodumene is a glorious stone that offers heaps of metaphysical goodness. Kunzite is a variety of spodumene, so white spodumene is very similar to kunzite, but it lacks the pink and purple hues that make kunzite what it is.

However, white spodumene can assist its users in having more clarity, creativity, and focus. It is an excellent stone for truth-seekers and visionaries who want to stay true to themselves and their goals. 

Lilac Kunzite

Lilac kunzite is the ultimate stone of devotion. It is ideal for wedding anniversaries, proposals, or even just as a reminder of your undying love to your partner. Lilac kunzite is truly symbolic of a gentle, feminine love.

It approaches all difficult matters with an energy of calm and positivity. Its positive vibrations will heal and uplift your emotional world, allowing you to find peace and contentment wherever you go in life. 

Lilac Kunzite Metaphysical Properties

Removing emotional blockages, healing emotional wounds, and re-connecting you with your femininity are all major benefits of using lilac kunzite. If you’re in need of some tenderness and introspection, lilac kunzite can help you find the gentle flow within yourself to be able to self-soothe and self-discover. 

Clear Kunzite

Clear kunzite might not have the exciting hues of lilac or pink kunzite, but what it lacks in color it makes up for in metaphysical properties. Clear kunzite absorbs any and all resentment, guilt, and shame being stored in the body.

By helping to rid its users of any feelings that hold them back in life, clear kunzite encourages us to start anew and keep an open mind about the future. It reminds us that love can be found in the most surprising places, and that there’s no point trying to hide from it. 

Red Kunzite

For all you wallflowers out there, there are a lot of perks to being social and getting out of your head. Red kunzite helps to bring people out of their shells and embrace human connection with open arms.

Life is better with friends around, and many of us struggle to form deep connections out of fear or insecurity. Red kunzite will help you push through those doubts and hesitation, allowing you to get up-close and personal with those around you. 

Kunzite Jewelry

There are a number of ways you can wear the kunzite stone – and every different way comes with its own meanings and benefits. So, we created a guide to kunzite jewelry with all the info on why, where, and how to wear it. Read on to learn all about kunzite engagement rings, protection bracelets, cabochons, and more!

Kunzite Ring

Kunzite gemstone rings are typically pink or lilac in color, and they tend to come with either rose gold, sterling silver, or white gold bands. There is something incredibly special about a kunzite ring that sets it apart from other gemstone rings. Its clarity, color, and brilliance are all next-level, of course, but it also has a mysterious, awe-inspiring quality that’ll leave you feeling optimistic and curious.

Kunzite Wedding Rings

Kunzite rings are certainly not a traditional choice for a wedding ring. However, when used to bring two souls into union, kunzite symbolizes a future filled with heartfelt love, a divine combination of logic and emotion, and endless compassion and understanding between spouses. If you really want to see your love transcend time, a kunzite wedding ring is a good start. 

Kunzite Engagement Ring

Kunzite rings are ideal for engagements, especially for fiancés who enjoy dressing up and looking good together. A kunzite engagement ring is far more interesting and bespoke than a conventional diamond ring. It also symbolizes love, joy, and communion, so what better stone is there to propose a lifetime of happiness with? 

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Sterling Silver Kunzite Rings

When you have a gemstone like kunzite, you want to make sure its natural beauty shines through. So, using a band that complements the gemstone’s color and brilliance is a top priority when ring shopping. Sterling silver bands draw out the soft, pastel colors of kunzite without stealing attention from the gemstone. 

Kunzite Ring at Tiffany

What better place to get your kunzite ring than at the iconic Tiffany & Co. store? Tiffany’s kunzite rings are the crème de la crème, so they are perfect for that wedding day “I do” or a romantic engagement.

The Tiffany & Co. kunzite ring that gets all the customer attention is the kunzite and diamond ring on a diamond-incrusted sterling silver band. This ring boasts a large, sixteen carat emerald-cut kunzite surrounded by diamonds. It’s safe to say this baby is for special occasions only. 

Vintage Kunzite Rings

Because kunzite was discovered at the start of the twentieth century, there are many vintage rings that echo the fashion of this time period. Vintage kunzite rings, for example, often have small yet highly detailed bands. Although sterling silver is a far more popular band option for kunzite these days, vintage kunzite rings tend to make use of gold or even brass bands instead.

Yellow Kunzite Ring

Yellow kunzite, or triphane, is a wonderful addition to a ring that symbolizes something or someone dear to you. A yellow kunzite ring will constantly bring you inspiration and help you make it through tough times. Plus, it’ll give you a sunshiny glow every time you put it on.  

Kunzite Gold Ring

Second only to sterling silver, gold is one of the most popular band choices for kunzite rings. More specifically, rose gold tends to bring out the soft pink hues in kunzite and vice versa. For a youthful yet elegant look, try a kunzite gold ring. 

Kunzite Rings in UK

Although kunzite is not mined in the UK, there are thousands of stores across the nation that stock gorgeous kunzite rings. Most jewelers will have kunzite rings on offer, but if you’re not happy with the options nearest to you, you can always turn to the web. 

Pink Kunzite Ring

There is nothing that can compare to the classic pink kunzite ring. It’s what comes to mind when we hear someone talk about kunzite, and it’s a must-have for any jewelry lover.

Its gentle colors and healing properties will leave you feeling all fuzzy and loved whenever you wear it, and it will encourage you to step into the world with an open heart and a loving aura. While you might want to wear your pink kunzite ring all the time, make sure you take it off before bed to preserve its beauty and its powers.

Pink Kunzite Engagement Ring

Proposing with kunzite is a phenomenal, life-changing decision no matter which shade you decide to go with. However, you would be putting your best foot forward by proposing with pink kunzite. A pink kunzite engagement ring represents the unconditional love you have for your partner.

Proposing with pink kunzite showcases your belief that your relationship will stand the test of time, as well as your hope that you will forever communicate your emotions to one another and work together to create a joyful, loving marriage. 

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Kunzite Pendant

A kunzite pendant locates itself directly on the heart chakra. This position allows the kunzite stone to deeply penetrate the heart chakra and heal any emotional wounds. If you’re finding it difficult to move forward in life as a result of your past traumas holding you back, a kunzite pendant can offer some motivation and release your pent up sorrows.

Pink Kunzite Pendant

If you want to keep your heart chakra safe from harmful energies at all times, get yourself a pink kunzite pendant. This accessory will fill your heart up with happiness and open you up to romantic possibilities.

A pink kunzite pendant is especially helpful to those who are constantly focused on their careers and never seem to have time for love. This pendant will encourage you to make time for the softer things in life.

Kunzite Bracelet

Kunzite bracelets are made up of luscious pastel beads brimming with positive energy. A bracelet made of kunzite is the perfect accessory for a fresh summer look, and it will also make sure that you maintain that summery feeling all year long. 

Pink Kunzite Bracelet

Protect your emotional wellbeing with pink kunzite bracelets. Because beaded bracelets represent protection, and pink kunzite resonates so deeply with the heart chakra, a pink kunzite bracelet will always offer your emotional world some safety and comfort.

Kunzite Bracelet Healing

If healing is your main spiritual focus, make sure to meditate while wearing your kunzite bracelet. You’ll feel your heart begin to release the pain and fear that has built up from past traumas. Emotional wounds take a long time to process and move through, but a kunzite bracelet will offer a helping hand in the process of emotional healing.

Kunzite Bead Bracelet

Most kunzite bracelets are made up of beads. The use of beads in kunzite bracelets is significant because beads are symbolic of growth and good fortune. In the case of kunzite beaded bracelets, these benefits are applied to your love life and your relationship with yourself.

By bringing a kunzite bead bracelet into your spiritual practice, you’ll feel immense self-love and compassion grow and develop over time.

purple beaded bracelet

Kunzite Necklace

Kunzite necklaces offer all the benefits of kunzite pendants, which we discussed earlier in this section. However, kunzite necklaces also offer a much wider range of styles and fashion choices.

You can buy raw kunzite necklaces, tumbled and polished kunzite necklaces, and you can find these accessories in a wide selection of styles, shapes, and cuts. So, if you want to boost your style while opening your heart chakra, kunzite necklaces are the way to go. 

Raw Kunzite Necklace

Kunzite doesn’t need to be polished to be beautiful. There are a number of raw kunzite necklaces on the market that give their wearers a sleek, princess-like appearance while infusing their souls with tranquillity and compassion. So, make sure to check out raw kunzite necklace options before making a final decision on a necklace.

Pink Kunzite Necklace

A pink kunzite necklace is a classic accessory for anyone wanting to access their femininity and draw attention to their natural beauty. These necklaces offer strength to their wearers during stressful times, and they create balance between the mind and the heart chakra. Ultimately, by wearing a pink kunzite necklace, you can become a more caring and confident person.

Kunzite Earrings

Kunzite earrings give their wearers a delicate, elegant essence while aiding in personal growth and the attainment of inner peace. Rough kunzite earrings are particularly helpful in offering protection, confidence, and assisting in the plight for self-love. 

Pink Kunzite Earrings

Taurus girls will find themselves naturally drawn to pink kunzite earrings. That’s because these accessories are associated with Taurus’s ruling planet – Venus. These faceted kunzite gems will complement the loving, caring nature of a Taurus girl, and they will keep her spreading love wherever she goes. 

Kunzite Stud Earrings

If you want the benefits of wearing kunzite without looking too flashy, kunzite stud earrings are right up your alley. These earrings are the most subtle kunzite accessories out there, so by wearing them, you can feel all the joys of the kunzite stone without being the centre of attention. 

Kunzite Cabochon

Is there anything cuter than a cabochon? We don’t think so. Kunzite cabochons are a wonderfully versatile accessory because you can set them into any piece of jewelry of your choosing, but you can also just keep them in your pocket throughout the day. This way, you will feel emotionally restored without sharing your polished stone with any onlookers. It’ll be your little secret!

Kunzite Uses

There are a bunch of ways to use kunzite, and we want to make sure that you know about each and every one. In this section, we’ll discuss a few extra kunzite uses that we haven’t yet covered in this article. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover the perfect way to use kunzite in your life. 

Kunzite Beads

There are so many different ways to use kunzite beads. You can make your own dream catcher, sun catcher, candle holder, or wind chime. You can also make your own jewelry and combine your kunzite beads with all of your other favorite beads in a necklace or bracelet.

Lastly, you can keep your kunzite beads in your purse or wallet for protection throughout the work week, or you can even keep them on you during meditation or spiritual rituals. 

Pink Kunzite Beads

Pink kunzite beads are filled with emotional healing energy, and they can help you maintain constant emotional balance. If you’re someone who struggles to keep track of their emotions, pink kunzite beads can help you get in touch with your inner world.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who has too much emotional energy and you’re often snapping into volatile rages or emotional outbursts, pink kunzite beads can help you reign it in. They assist anyone and everyone in achieving a stable emotional world, and as a result, a much happier life. 

Kunzite Heart

The kunzite crystal is connected to the heart chakra, so it only makes sense that it is often shaped into hearts. Kunzite hearts make great home decorations, and they will fill any space with insurmountable love and positivity.

Keeping a kunzite heart in your bedroom will slowly shape you into a more loving and trusting person, and it will allow you to accept love in all aspects of your life. 

heart shaped gem

How to Cleanse Kunzite

Cleaning kunzite is easy. The stone responds well to soap and warm water, so letting it bathe in warm, soapy water and then drying it with a soft towel will be both safe and effective. The color of kunzite can fade over time if it is frequently exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.

So, while this stone can definitely handle the sun’s rays, you might not want to take it to the beach with you each and every day. In terms of spiritual cleansing, kunzite responds well to salt baths and full moon light cleansing rituals. However, it doesn’t need to be cleansed very often and it will respond well to any cleansing ritual that feels right to you. 

Kunzite for Sale

Ok, so you know absolutely everything there is to know about the kunzite stone. There’s only one thing left to do – shop, of course. But, before you hit the stores or browse through online sales, we’ve got a few nifty pointers in this section that will help you avoid any buyer’s remorse. 

Kunzite Price

Depending on the kunzite you’re buying, you can pay less than ten dollars or over fifty thousand dollars. Of course, many factors go into the price of kunzite. Is it a raw stone, or is it a tumbled stone? Is it combined with diamonds, and is it in stone form or jewelry form? However, no matter what you’re looking for, kunzite is known to be one of the less expensive gemstones on the market. 

Kunzite Price per Carat

Kunzite typically costs between twenty dollars and one thousand dollars per carat. The price of kunzite is influenced by its cut, clarity, color, and brilliance. 

Kunzite Ring Price

Raw kunzite rings can cost less than twenty dollars. However, if you’re looking for a high quality ring or an engagement ring, you should expect to pay at least one hundred dollars. Often, you can pay more than one thousand dollars for a kunzite ring. 

Pink Kunzite Price per Carat

Pink kunzite can cost between twenty dollars and one thousand dollars per carat. However, because pink kunzite is the most desirable color out of the kunzite colors, it tends to sit on the higher end of the price spectrum. 

Raw Kunzite for Sale

Raw kunzite is most easily found online. While, of course, you can find raw kunzite in certain crystal stores, it is far more accessible on the internet. Plus, you might find some great deals while browsing the net. 

Buy Kunzite Online

Buying kunzite on the internet requires minimal effort, but it should go without saying that one should be careful when making any online purchase. Make sure that the website you’re buying from is reliable by reading online reviews or asking around to see if anyone has had negative experiences with the store. 

Kunzite on eBay

There are only a few kunzite options on eBay, but because the website is constantly being updated, it is worth checking the site every now and again to see if any good kunzite deals have come up. Most of the kunzite products you will find on eBay are from Afghanistan, and they tend to either be loose gems or pink kunzite bracelets. 

Kunzite Rings on eBay

There are some gorgeous kunzite rings on eBay, and many of them are authentic vintage rings. Even better, a lot of the kunzite rings on eBay are affordable and absolutely stunning. You can also find a range of kunzite ring colors on eBay, which makes the shopping experience that much better. 

Kunzite Jewelry on Amazon

Amazon is kunzite bracelet central. While there are many other kunzite jewelry options on Amazon, it is safe to say that the website has a plethora of kunzite bracelets to choose from. These bracelets offer emotional protection and romantic guidance, and you definitely won’t regret putting one of these in your jewelry box. 

Kunzite on Etsy

You can find just about anything kunzite related on Etsy. From rough stones to sterling silver necklaces, the website has a wide range of kunzite products to choose from. You can even find kunzite towers, kunzite pendants, and kunzite hearts on Etsy, and the list goes on.

set of pink cystals

Kunzite Wholesale

Buying wholesale kunzite is a breeze online. You can purchase wholesale kunzite beads, rough stones, and even certain jewelry items on the internet. You can also get a huge discount on kunzite stones by purchasing them wholesale!

How to Tell a Real Kunzite

Determining whether or not a kunzite is authentic comes down to a few simple steps. First, you’re going to want to identify if the stone has a genuine kunzite color. Most kunzite stones vary between pinkish and light purple hues.

A green stone, for example, cannot be kunzite. Instead, it is most likely a different spodumene variety such as hiddenite. Secondly, you’ll want to scratch the kunzite with a knife to test if it has the hardness of a genuine kunzite stone. Because kunzites are so hard, they cannot be scratched by objects such as knives.

Lastly, kunzite is frequently confused with other gemstones like rose quartz or morganite. So, make sure to find photos of similar stones to compare and contrast your stone to these other similar gems. Kunzite will stand out as having certain unique qualities, but it might take some time to notice those qualities. 


Thank you for sticking with us on our quest to learn all there is to know about the kunzite gemstone. This precious stone can unlock the emotional worlds of even the most stubborn, emotionally stunted among us.

It can bring us a magnitude of loving, heart-opening energy, and it will help you find the inner peace you’ve been craving for so long. So, don’t think too much about whether or not to bring this magical gemstone into your life. If it feels right to you, it probably is!

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