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Charoite : Complete Guide (2024)

charoite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about charoite, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, colors and uses. Let's get started!


Are you hearing about charoite crystal for the first time? What kind of crystal is it and what are its uses? Read this guide to find out everything you need to know about charoite. We will be discussing the following in this article:

  • Charoite Meaning
    • What is Charoite
    • Charoite Metaphysical Meaning
    • What is Charoite Used for?
    • Charoite Healing
      • Charoite Metaphysical Healing
    • Charoite Pronunciation
    • Is Charoite Rare?
    • Is Charoite Quartz?
    • Is Charoite Expensive
      • Where is Charoite Found
        • Russian Charoite
          • Russian Charoite Meaning
        • Siberian Charoite
        • Chinese Charoite
    • Charoite Properties
      • Charoite Healing Properties
      • Charoite Metaphysical Properties
    • Charoite Benefits
    • Charoite Chakra
      • Charoite Crown Chakra
    • Charoite and Sugilite
      • What is the Difference Between Sugilite and Charoite?
    • Charoite vs Amethyst
    • Charoite Types
      • Tumbled Charoite 
      • Raw Charoite
      • Polished Charoite
      • Natural Charoite
    • Charoite Colors
      • Purple Charoite
        • Russian Purple Charoite
      • Pink Charoite
      • Red Charoite
      • Green Charoite
    • Charoite Jewelry
      • Charoite Ring
        • Charoite Engagement Ring
      • Charoite Pendant
      • Charoite Necklace
      • Charoite Earrings
        • Charoite Earrings Sterling Silver
      • Charoite Bracelet
        • Charoite Bangles
    • Charoite Uses
      • Charoite Beads
        • Charoite Beads Meaning
        • Russian Charoite Beads
      • Charoite Cabochon
      • C Sphere
      • Charoite Slabs
      • Charoite Skull
      • Charoite Vase
      • Charoite Pendulum
      • Charoite Heart
      • Natural Charoite Pins
    • How to Cleanse Charoite
    • Buy Charoite
      • Russian Charoite Rough for Sale
      • Charoite Rough for Sale
      • Charoite Price per Gram
      • Charoite Wholesale
        • Charoite Jewelry Wholesale
        • Charoite Rough Wholesale
        • Charoite Beads Wholesale
      • Charoite on Etsy
        • Charoite Earrings on Etsy
    • Conclusion

    Charoite Meaning

    What is Charoite?

    Charoite stone is a rare silicate. It is a transformed form of limestone containing potassium feldspar metasomatic. Charoite’s chemical compound is K(Ca, Na)2 Si4O10(OH, F)· H2O. The stone is purple and has swirly patterns in tones from violet to lilac.

    Though initially discovered in the 1940s in the Chara River, from where it gets its name, the raw nature of the stone was considered very unattractive. This is why it became known to the majority of people in the late 1970s after the stone was carved and polished.

    Some sources suggest the name came from the Russian word for ‘chary’, meaning ‘charms’ or ‘magic’ because of its chatoyant quality.

    Charoite Metaphysical Meaning

    Charoite is called a stone of transformation. Charoite is a highly spiritual stone, and it assists an individual by harnessing energies and purifying their mind and body.

    It is associated with the Goddess Sophia for knowledge and the Goddess Minerva for wisdom. Charoite crystal is associated with the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Scorpio.

    What is Charoite Used for?

    Charoite is a healing and accepting stone. Charoite gemstone has many uses, which are discussed further in this article.

    Charoite Healing

    Charoite stone is said to have physical healing properties, which are mentioned below in the article.

    Charoite Metaphysical Healing

    Charoite metaphysical healing properties help individuals receive energy from the universe and transform them into positive vibes. More healing properties are mentioned further below in the respective section.

    Charoite Pronunciation

    The stone charoite pronunciation goes as chaa-row-ite.

    Is Charoite Rare?

    Charoite stone is extremely rare as it is only obtained from the Chara River, in the Sakha Republic of Siberia, Russia.

    Is Charoite Quartz?

    Even though the charoite stone is partly comprised of silicon, it is 5-6 on a Mohs scale hardness and is not quartz.

    Is Charoite Expensive?

    As charoite stones are found only in one place in the world because of their distinctive geology, they are expensive. Extremely good quality of charoite stones would cost more than a couple of dollars per carat.

    Where is Charoite Found?

    Russian Charoite

    Russian charoite is found near the Chara River, in the Sakha Republic in Siberia, Russia. They are purple and have patterns that are alluring and mesmerizing. The hues of a charoite crystal are of different colors, from deep violet to lavender. The Russian charoite has the most powerful energies.

    Siberian Charoite

    Siberian charoite is the same charoite mentioned in the ‘Russian charoite’ section as there is only one place it is found.

    Chinese Charoite

    A purple fluorite stone from China is being sold as the Chinese charoite stone, stating that a new deposit of the particular stone has been found in the Chinese province. The only place the charoite is found is in Siberia, Russia, so make sure to check the authenticity before purchasing the stone.

    Charoite Properties

    charoite stone

    Charoite stone is a purple stone with swirly patterns of different shades from deep violet to lilac with some black spots. As previously mentioned, it stands at 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale. The stone is opaque and white when it is raw. Only when carved and polished does the charoite stone display its charming quality. 

    Charoite Healing Properties

    Charoite is said to be a very soothing stone. The users of the stone have mentioned it helps them soothe their nerves and provides them with a sense of calmness. Charoite stone is said to help with relaxation of the mind and thus helps cure migraines. It is also used by some for heart treatment, as it is associated with the heart chakra. 

    Charoite Metaphysical Properties

    Charoite is said to have the power to transform bad or negative energy into positive energy. Charoite stone helps to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual levels as well. This gemstone also helps to boost morale in oneself and increase their self-esteem. 

    Charoite is also called a supportive crystal, as it encourages a person to be his/her best self by bringing clarity to their mind. This clarity balances the energies and helps with insomnia as well. Practitioners who use the stones suggest that charoite gemstone helps with calming the individuals suffering from autism and ADHD. 

    One meditation technique involves holding the charoite stone in your non-dominant hand, also called a receiving hand, to receive the positive energy from the spiritual realm and the universe.

    Charoite Stone Healing Properties

    Charoite stone healing properties are similar to charoite metaphysical healing properties and charoite physical healing properties, both of which are explained in detail above. 

    Charoite Benefits

    • Charoite has a calming presence and soothing ability that helps with insomnia. It can be used for children at bedtime as well and to help them relax and have a peaceful sleep.
    • It also helps calm the nerves so it can be used for helping with autism and ADHD.
    • Charoite works with the crown chakra and opens the mind to spiritual healing and the universe.
    • It is to believed to help extend one's understanding and bring clarity to the mind. This helps one to increase their attention to detail and also increase their analytical thinking power.
    • Charoite stone is said to have helped with diseases of the liver and pancreas.
    • Charoite stone, when used for meditation, helps to receive and absorb the positive energy and transform oneself into their best self.
    • The stone also helps with deflecting curses thrown towards an individual and also protects them from bad energies.
    • It helps convert the negative energy to positive energy and cure illnesses.
    • As it is associated with Goddess Sophia and Minerva, the stone bestows you with wisdom and knowledge.

    Charoite Chakra

    Charoite is associated with the heart chakra, the third-eye chakra, and the crown chakra.

    Charoite Crown Chakra

    The crown chakra is also known as the ‘bridge to the cosmos’. Charoite provides clarity and balance to the crown chakra, opens the mind to worldly knowledge, and helps an individual with forming a better sense of connection to the universe and the spiritual world. 

    Charoite and Sugilite

    What is the Difference Between Sugilite and Charoite?

    Every crystal has its distinguished properties, but sometimes it is difficult for the common folk to recognize these crystals in one look. One such crystal that people might confuse with charoite at the first glance is sugilite. Even though sugilite has the same color as the charoite stone, there are many differences between them. A few of them are mentioned below.

    • Charoite stone, when polished and carved, shows a swirly pattern containing different hues from violet to purple to lilac with some black streaks. Sugilite, on the other hand, even though purple, has a very uniform pattern or no pattern at all.
    • Sugilite, in its appearance, is more transparent and translucent, like a glass or a quartz stone, whereas charoite stone has a luminous and shimmery luster to it.
    • Charoite is said to be a stone of transformation, whereas sugilite is a stone of forgiveness.

    Charoite vs Amethyst

    There are very big and basic differences between a charoite stone and an amethyst. They are mentioned below.

    • Firstly, amethyst is a type of purple silica quartz, and charoite is a rare silicate with a few quartz elements. 
    • Amethyst is a very common crystal and is found all over the world and in abundance. Charoite, on the other hand, is only found in Siberia, Russia, and hence are extremely rare stones.
    • As amethyst is common and, as a result, they are cheaper in price than charoite.
    • On the Mohs scale of hardness, an amethyst, like quartz, stands at 7, and charoite stands at 5-6.

    Charoite Types

    Tumbled Charoite 

    Tumbled charoite stones are pebble-like rocks with softer edges and irregular shapes. Because of this, they are relatively cheaper than polished charoite. 

    Raw Charoite

    The raw charoite stones are not purple in color but rather opaque and have a very unattractive look, which was the sole reason they were not known to the majority of the people for the better part of 20 years.

    Polished Charoite

    Polished charoite stones display the vibrant purple and violet hues of the stone in its swirly patterns and thus attract many to use it for jewelry. These polished charoite stones are also used for their metaphysical properties and meditations. Polished charoite stones are more expensive than raw stones.

    Natural Charoite

    Natural charoite stones are more expensive than polished charoite as their designs and patterns are more clean and clear. Polished stones are sometimes darker and the swirls are less visible. This in no way affects its healing properties.

    Charoite Colors

    Purple Charoite

    purple charoite

    Purple charoite is the charoite stone crystal found in the Sakha Republic of Siberia, Russia. This crystal is extremely rare and expensive. The most common charoite is purple charoite, and it symbolizes wisdom, ambition, and magic. 

    Pink Charoite

    Pink charoite stone has a more pinkish hue than purple. Though their metaphysical qualities and healing properties remain the same as the purple variety, they have a vibrant pink glow in their appearance. The pink charoite is closely associated with love, femininity, and kindness.

    Red Charoite

    The red charoite stone crystal is linked with health and courage, which is exactly what red charoite provides. Red charoite works with the heart chakra to cure illness and turn a negative outlook into a positive one.

    Green Charoite

    Green charoite is also known as spotty beam charoite and has a wide range of colors. They have dark green spots along with some black streaks as well. As it is a transformative stone, the green charoite is associated with rebirth and renewal. They are of rare variety and often go unrecognized as charoites because of their forest hue.

    Charoite Jewelry

    Charoite jewelry has made its place in the growing market of crystal jewelry. Even though expensive, people buy charoite jewelry not only for its healing or metaphysical properties but also for the alluring and welcoming appearance given by the charoite stones. 

    Charoite has many healing properties, and one of the best ways to benefit from them is to wear it as a piece of jewelry. As charoite is a delicate stone, it is perilous to wear on a daily basis. One needs to make sure of the jewelry setting before deciding to buy or make it.

    Exposure to high heat can damage the stone. Charoite jewelry can be bought easily from Etsy and Amazon and also some crystal jewelry shops in your area.

    Charoite Ring

    Charoite rings are usually paired with silver for their base. Charoite rings are aesthetically very pleasing and give you a very enchanting look. The wearer of the rings can benefit from its healing properties as well as look good while doing so. 

    Charoite Engagement Ring

    As it is a soothing stone, charoite helps an individual leave all their insecurities behind, overcome their fears, open them to new things in life, and show them a clear path. Wearing a charoite as an engagement ring can be beneficial on a personal and emotional level. 

    Charoite Pendant

    The heart chakra, as the name suggests, works on an individual's heart and emotions. It acts as a center of compassion, forgiveness, love, and transformation. Charoite crystal is associated with the heart chakra and thus wearing a charoite pendant with a silver base close to the heart increases its effects. 

    Charoite Necklace

    Charoite stones are also carved into necklaces and give the wearer a very chic look. One has to make sure to care for the charoite necklace as the charoite is a delicate stone and can be damaged easily. It has to be kept in a separate box with a cloth lining to protect it from heat and scratches.

    Charoite Earrings

    Charoite Earrings Sterling Silver

    Charoite earrings with sterling silver are more durable and easy to maintain compared to fine silver. It can be worn on a daily basis if proper precautions are taken. Charoite earrings sterling silver are comparatively cheaper than pure or fine silver. They give their wearer a very delicate and elegant look.

    Charoite Bracelet

    Charoite bracelets are made from charoite beads tied together. They are easy to pull off by people of any age. Charoite bracelets need extra care and protection, as they might get damaged easily.

    Charoite Bangles

    charoite bangles

    Charoite bangles are the most delicate of all the charoite jewelry, as they are very bare without any other metal or protection covering them. A thick band of charoite stone gives off a very mystic vibe if worn with the right clothing.

    Charoite Uses

    As mentioned above in the article, charoite has many uses. Charoite is a healing stone. It has metaphysical properties. It is also used to make pieces of jewelry. Other things that charoite is used for are mentioned below.

    Charoite Beads

    Charoite Beads Meaning

    Charoite stones carved and made into small circular balls are called charoite beads. These beads are used mainly for making bracelets. Other uses of charoite beads are for necklaces and sometimes earrings as well. 

    Russian Charoite Beads

    Russian charoite beads are the charoite beads that are carved and polished in Russia. 

    Charoite Cabochon

    Charoite cabochon is a polished charoite stone that is not cut. The cabochon looks beautiful and lively with the swirls and its chatoyance. A charoite cabochon is used mostly for meditation purposes to receive the positive energies from the stone and transform themselves into their better self. 

    Charoite Sphere

    Charoite spheres are what they sound like. Small spheres of charoite stones are used to carry around to receive the stone’s energy and benefits. Or they might even be used to decorate one's room while gaining the metaphysical healing from it.

    Charoite Slabs

    Charoite slabs are long, thick, and usually rectangular pieces of charoite stone. These can be raw or polished depending on their uses or the person's desires.

    Charoite Skull

    Charoite skulls make a great addition to your workspace or room. The charoite skulls are carved for different uses from the charoite stone. It has the same vibrant violet hues which make them attractive and give it a gothic vibe. 

    Charoite Vase

    Charoite vases make a beautiful piece of furniture. And another beautiful addition to your house. It adds depth to its surroundings and the energies it radiates can be absorbed by the individual.

    Charoite Pendulum

    Charoite pendulum crystals help one detect the distressed part of your body so you can work on healing it. It is said to make an individual overcome compulsions and obsessions and turn their illness into wellness. 

    Charoite Heart

    charoite heart

    Charoite hearts are crystals carved in a heart shape mostly used in jewelry. It can be used in a pendant or necklace. It is associated with forgiveness and acceptance. This, in turn, can help you nourish and blossom your relationships and make you grow as a person. 

    Natural Charoite Pins

    Natural charoite pins and brooches are the kinds of minimalistic jewelry that one needs. It gives an elegant vibe and makes an impression on others around you. These natural charoite pins can be worn on any occasion. One can wear it daily and even make it their statement piece. 

    How to Cleanse Charoite?

    Charoite hardness on the Mohs scale is 5-6, and hence wearing it on a daily basis is difficult without the charoite becoming damaged. Charoite jewelry, if kept in a common box with other jewelry, might become scratched and damaged as well. 

    If you want to wear it on a daily basis, expect wear and tear. Be careful not to expose it to high heat. Even though the charoite stone may get damaged, its metaphysical properties persist. 

    To cleanse charoite is not difficult. You only need some lukewarm water and soft soap. Scrubbing and hard soaps will damage the stone. After cleansing the charoite stone, keep the stone in a box with a soft cloth lining to preserve it. 

    Buy Charoite

    Charoite crystals are known for their metaphysical and physical healing properties. These stones are rare and expensive, but that doesn't stop people from buying and using them and gaining their benefits. They make great jewelry and furniture pieces. The chatoyant charoite and its vibrant purple-lavender color is also a head-turner and makes an impression on people. It also helps clear the negative energies from around oneself.

    Russian Charoite Rough for Sale

    Russian charoites are rare and thus expensive. Raw pieces of Russian charoite cost up to $900 USD per kilogram. 

    Charoite Rough for Sale

    The rates of rough charoite stone pieces vary from seller to seller, but they are easily available on Etsy and Amazon.

    Charoite Price per Gram

    Charoite stone crystal pieces cost around a dollar or two per gram, and are available online for purchases.

    Charoite Wholesale

    Charoite Jewelry Wholesale

    Charoite jewelry for wholesale is available online on many platforms and from many dealers. The simple and basic rings with sterling silver and pendants start at $21 USD a piece and charoite amethyst necklaces can sell above $99 USD per piece.

    Charoite Rough Wholesale

    Rough cut charoite for wholesale sales starts at around $30-$36 USD per kg and can go up to $75 USD as well.

    Charoite Beads Wholesale

    The charoite beads on the wholesale market are available in different sizes and thus their prices differ accordingly. 6mm pieces cost comparatively less than 10mm size beads. The prices also vary based on the type of charoite stone, depending if it is polished charoite or natural charoite. Natural charoite is more expensive than polished ones.

    Charoite on Etsy

    Charoite stones are available in many forms. Even though charoite is rare, it is easy for an individual to buy charoite and enjoy its benefits. The charoite sphere, charoite pendulum, chaoite skulls, charoite slabs, charoite necklaces, and every other kind of jewelry is easily available to buy on Etsy. Wholesale or retail, polished, raw or rough: every kind of cut and shape and size is available on Etsy. An individual can buy the charoite as per his wants and needs with a lot of options in each category.

    Charoite Earrings on Etsy

    Charoite earrings sterling silver are available on Etsy as well, along with a long list of other jewelry. A lot of design, sizes, shapes, and types of options are at one’s disposal to choose from according to their wants or needs.


    Charoite origins are near the Chara River, in the Sakha Republic in Siberia, Russia. Named after the river or the Russian word ‘chary’, the charoite has magical properties. Charoite is a palm stone and, by just holding it in your hand, you receive the charoite's energy. It gives you calmness and a feeling of purity and transformation. Charoite will make you believe in yourself and help you be the best version of yourself. It helps in forgiving people by making oneself grow.

    Charoite is a lavender and purple stone with hues that are alluring and soothing to the eyes. Charoite has many healing properties. The charoite stones work with the heart chakra, the third-eye chakra, and the crown chakra. With all the higher chakras in sync, it takes the user higher on the spiritual path and opens their minds to many possibilities. 

    Goddess Athena is known for her love with loyalty and wisdom. And the colors associated with her are purple and blue. Hence, charoite stones are also Athena’s symbol. 

    Charoite has also been seen in Native American jewelry, including pieces from Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni tribes. 

    People who do not meditate can take advantage of the charoite stone by wearing its various jewelry or by just having a charoite stone artifact in their room or at their workplace. 

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