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Blue Howlite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

blue howlite

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about blue howlite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's dive in!


The world of crystals is fascinating. When you look at a crystal, you may feel all kinds of things. Some crystals can make you feel that they hold the power of the elements in them.

Ruby seems to hold fire, tiger’s eye has the richness of the earth and blue howlite? Blue howlite is one crystal that holds the calm nature of water. 

In this article on blue howlite, you will learn about the following:

  • Blue Howlite Meaning
    • Is Blue Howlite Natural or Dyed
    • Blue Howlite Chakra
    • Blue Howlite Benefits
      • Blue Howlite Psychological Benefits 
      • Blue Howlite Physical Benefits 
      • Blue Howlite Spiritual Benefits 
  • Blue Howlite Properties
    • Blue Howlite Healing Properties
    • Blue Howlite Metaphysical Properties
  • Blue Howlite vs Turquoise
  • Blue Howlite Jewelry
    • Blue Howlite Necklace
    • Blue Howlite Bracelet
    • Blue Howlite Ring
    • Blue Howlite Earrings
  • Blue Howlite Uses
    • Blue Howlite Chips
    • Blue Howlite Beads
  • How to Use Blue Howlite
  • Conclusion

Blue Howlite Meaning

Howlite as a gemstone has an exquisite feel which encourages us to be compassionate. It is a unique mineral with powerful healing abilities.

It helps us to exhibit kindness not just to others but to ourselves as well. Rather than allowing your fervor to make irrational decisions, howlite encourages you to step back and reflect. Like a sponge, it soaks up all negativity such as stress and anxiety.

Is Blue Howlite Natural or Dyed?

In its natural form, howlite is white with highlights of gray. It is a highly absorbent mineral and so it is often dyed. When howlite is dyed blue, we get blue howlite.

The intense electric blue-colored stone presented in a polished manner gives a calming appearance similar to a sea. Also known as the ‘stone of calmness’ or the ‘dream stone’, its characteristics revolve around self-awareness and tranquility. This stone is a symbol of focus and purity. 

Blue Howlite Chakra

Blue howlite is associated with the throat chakra. The throat chakra plays a vital role in effective communication, expressing emotions, and creativity. 

If the chakra is unbalanced, you may face issues like social anxiety, timidness, and insecurity. Blue is perceived with calmness, honesty, and thoughtfulness. It also has a calming effect on the body. It can help you get rid of negative thoughts that may harm you when kept pent up for too long. Therefore, with issues associated with the throat chakra, blue howlite can be a great healer. 

Blue Howlite Benefits

Blue Howlite Psychological Benefits

Blue howlite stone can help achieve a better understanding of yourself by strengthening internal communication. Making sense of your thoughts might give you the ability to fight mental blocks created within your mind. The calming vibrations of the stone will work against the negative and toxic energy.

Suffering from insomnia due to an overactive mind? Putting a crystal of blue howlite under your pillow can induce a relaxing sleep. It will aid you in calming your mind down and significantly reduce the tendency of nightmares and terrors. Blue howlite has the power to give meaning to your dreams and desires as it stimulates the recollection propensities of the individuals.

You may even see a decrease in feelings of rage, anxiety, and distress by using blue howlite. In other words, you can be a more calm and patient person.

Blue Howlite Physical Benefits

If the throat chakra is imbalanced, there can be various physical problems. Problems like sore throat, mouth ulcers, and thyroid issues can arise and blue howlite could be a great antidote for solving them. Not only this, issues like headaches and body pain can be relieved as well.

For people having problems or interruptions in their sleep, a blue howlite gemstone potion can be used to help you sleep through the night. And a better sleeping pattern leads to much improved physical and mental health. Psychological issues do not just impact us mentally - they harm our bodies as well. Excessive and irrational worries lead to issues like exhaustion and can leave one confused and drained for weeks. Therefore, seek blue howlite for physical wellbeing.

Blue Howlite Spiritual Benefits

blue howlite beads

The blue howlite element may help you connect with nature and higher realms, giving rise to automatic channeling and instinctive talks to the power that resides inside you. The stone reminds you that you should be respectful with everyone and control emotions of rage and anger. The crystal can deepen your telepathic capabilities.

If used as a meditative tool, blue howlite can help you achieve your desired level of spirituality. You'll be bound in the togetherness of your soul and nature, keeping aside the materialistic wealth that everyone runs behind.

Properties of Blue Howlite

Blue Howlite Healing Properties 

Even though blue howlite is more often connected with mental health and emotional wellbeing, it plays an important role in physical healing too. It is believed to help in increasing bone strength and balancing the calcium level in the body. The effects are visible not just in terms of bone strength, but also in the strength of your teeth and hair.

The blue color of the stone is an indication of its connection with the water element. It is said that blue howlite can remind you to stay hydrated by sending signals to your subconscious. You may find yourself taking frequent sips of water or some nice herbal tea. 

Blue Howlite Metaphysical Properties

Working as an absolver and cleanser against negative energy, blue howlite works to purify the surrounding aura. In the world of distress and agony, it is easy to get tangled in the webs of negativity. Blue howlite comes to the rescue and connects you with what is important and ensures that the work you’re focusing on gets done well. 

The crystal can also ensure that your path towards knowledge and serenity is free of all mental barriers. It connects you with your third eye chakra which is the repository for infinite wisdom and might help us explore the limitless possibilities of our lives.

Blue Howlite vs Turquoise

blue howlite stone

Howlite is a highly porous stone and can be dyed in any color. Most often, it is dyed bright blue to resemble turquoise. As a buyer, this can pose a problem. If you are not aware, a seller may sell you a howlite stone dyed blue in place of turquoise. This will be highly profitable for them but distressing for you. 

To ensure that you don’t get duped, here are some simple differences you can look out for between blue howlite and turquoise. 

  • Physical appearance - Turquoise stones are rarely perfectly and evenly colored. Those that are, are imported from Persia and cost thousands of dollars. So, if you find a perfectly colored stone at a low cost, it is likely a dyed one. 
  • Do a color test - A super simple way of finding out whether or not you have a blue howlite stone instead of turquoise is to test it using nail polish remover or acetone. Place a drop of acetone on the stone and then after a few seconds, wipe it off with a clean cloth. If you see the color come away and leave a white patch or lighter color behind, the stone is likely dyed. 
  • Price - If you find a very low-priced crystal being sold as turquoise, don’t get excited! It is probably a dyed blue howlite stone. Turquoise is rare and the selling prices reflect that in the case of genuine stones. 

The best, of course, is to find a seller you trust and to look.

Blue Howlite Jewelry 

Howlite as a material is believed to possess almost mystical powers and is believed to heighten awareness and patience. It is believed that the stone can absorb negative energy and propagate positivity. Thus, the stone’s beautiful exterior and inherent characteristics are the reason why blue howlite jewelry is a popular choice amongst buyers. There are a plethora of jewelry options when it comes to blue howlite. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Blue Howlite Necklace

blue howlite necklace

A pretty blue howlite necklace would most definitely satiate the fashionista within you. Just sport on a navy or yellow dress, and let your attire do the talking for you. A treat for you if you wish to both look and feel good, with the stone’s magical properties.

Blue Howlite Bracelet

A vivid and vibrant addition to your attire, a blue howlite bracelet is a perfect fit if you are looking to make a statement. The stone’s smooth and silky texture makes for a very comfortable wearing experience, and all in all, it eases your mind in the face of chaos

Blue Howlite Ring

Augment the spirituality within you by sporting a simple, yet stunning blue howlite ring. Take a chance with this ring, in a bid to lead a balanced and energetic life, by feeling peaceful from within.

Blue Howlite Earrings

Be the talk of every room you set foot in by sporting an elegant pair of blue howlite earrings. These might be just what you need to unlock your mind’s fullest potential, as the focused energy of these stones radiates positive vibrations, which help ease your mind and soul.

Blue Howlite Uses

With its ambient metaphysical abilities, the blue howlite stone is an excellent tool for emotional healing. This particular stone is a constant reminder of the power of spirituality and the strength one possesses within. Blue howlite stones can be placed alongside mediational tools or worn as jewelry to bring peace and calm to your life.

Blue Howlite Chips

These stunning chips truly symbolize peace within the chaos. With a vibrant exterior and inherently positive vibrations, these are soothing to look at and look magnificent both scattered over your table or organized in a necklace or a bracelet.

Blue Howlite Beads

The smooth texture of the blue howlite beads, combined with their beautiful and serene blue color is simply a sight to behold. No matter how you arrange these beads, in a necklace, in a bracelet, or a rosary, they will bring you immense joy and peace.

Blue Howlite Cabochons

Blue howlite cabochons are great for decorative items and jewelry. In addition to brightening up every setting these ornaments are placed in, they, along with their magical properties bring about a calming effect to everyone present.

How to Use Blue Howlite

Blue howlite, with its gentle blue color and silky smooth texture, is popularly known as the calming stone. Because of all of its magical properties, it is sometimes associated with witchcraft. However, this stone is simply reflective of patience and spirituality. 

In addition to using it in jewelry and as a decorative material for homes and offices, you can also use it during meditation. These stones soothe the body, mind, and spirit alike, and contribute to overall radiant health.


Blue howlite is a powerful stone with a lot to offer. Standing as the epitome of calmness and spirituality, it holds many different healing properties that can have a lasting impact on our day-to-day lives. All of us deal with disastrous and catastrophic situations in our life, which in turn impact us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Thoughts regarding the stress of work, anxiety of failure, and worry about our families are on our minds constantly. However, with the healing properties of the blue howlite, it is believed that all of these can be resolved and these negative thoughts will be blocked. 

Through its utility both in a decorative and a metaphysical sense, the blue howlite also symbolizes a sense of versatility, which is a quintessential prerequisite for leading a fulfilling and well-rounded life.

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