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Turquoise: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Turquoise: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about turquoise, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Are you interested in learning more about turquoise crystals? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a thoroughly extensive guide about turquoise stones. Read on to answer all your questions that you might have if you’re just finding out about this popular stone! 

  • Turquoise Meaning
    • What is Turquoise?
      • Turquoise Pronunciation
      • Turquoise Etymology
      • What does Turquoise Look Like?
      • Is Turquoise a Gemstone or Mineral?
      • What does Turquoise Stone Symbolize?
      • What is Turquoise Used for?
      • Who Should Wear Turquoise Stone? 
      • How is Turquoise Formed?
      • Is Turquoise Expensive?
    • What does Turquoise Mean Spiritually?
    • What Color is Turquoise?
      • Is Turquoise Blue or Green?
      • Turquoise Color Meaning
    • Turquoise Stone Benefits
    • Where is Turquoise Found?
      • Where is Turquoise Found in the US?
        • Turquoise in Miami
      • Turquoise from India
      • Turquoise from Iran
      • African Turquoise
    • How is Turquoise Mined?
  • Turquoise Properties
    • Turquoise Healing Properties
    • Metaphysical Properties of Turquoise
    • Physical Properties of Turquoise
  • Turquoise vs Howlite
  • Types of Turquoise
    • Natural Turquoise
    • Raw Turquoise
      • How to Identify Raw Turquoise?
    • Mojave Turquoise
      • Mojave Turquoise Meaning
  • Turquoise Color
    • White Turquoise
      • White Turquoise Meaning
      • White Turquoise Properties
        • White Turquoise Healing Properties
    • Dark Turquoise
    • Green Turquoise
      • Green Turquoise Meaning
      • Green Turquoise Benefits
        • Types Of Green Turquoise
          • Dark Green Turquoise
          • Light Green Turquoise
        • Red Turquoise
          • Red Turquoise Stone Meaning
            • Red Turquoise Stone Benefits
        • Blue Turquoise 
          • Blue Turquoise Meaning
        • Sky Blue Turquoise
        • Dark Blue Turquoise
        • Light Blue Turquoise
        • Pink Turquoise
        • Black Turquoise Stone
          • Black Turquoise Meaning
        • Turquoise Brown
        • Yellow Turquoise
          • Yellow Turquoise Properties
      • Turquoise Jewelry
        • Turquoise Necklace
          • Turquoise Necklace Meaning
        • Turquoise Earrings
        • Turquoise Ring
          • Women's Turquoise Engagement Ring
          • Women's Turquoise Wedding Ring
          • Unisex Turquoise Wedding Ring
        • Turquoise Bracelets
          • Turquoise Cuff Bracelets
        • Turquoise Pendant
      • Turquoise Uses
        • Turquoise Beads
      • How to Cut Turquoise
      • Turquoise Stones for Sale
        • Turquoise Price
          • Raw Turquoise Value
          • Turquoise Necklace Price
          • Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Value
          • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Price per Carat
      • Turquoise Jewelry Near Me
      • Turquoise Engagement Ring for Sale
      • Wholesale Turquoise Stones Suppliers
      • Where to Sell Turquoise Stones
      • Conclusion

      Turquoise Meaning

      Turquoise crystal is an ancient stone resembling the green sea. This crystal is a symbol of ancient wisdom and is often referred to as the gem of the sea. It is believed to bring good luck, happiness, fortune, wisdom, peace, and prosperity to life. Our ancestors used the turquoise crystal on special occasions and it was seen as a protective crystal. In modern times, the crystal is in huge demand for its brilliant designs and metaphysical properties.

      What is Turquoise?

      Turquoise is a stone resembling the shades of oceanic water. The color may range from green to blue, just like seawater. The stone does not allow the light to pass through it and it is opaque in nature. These crystals are available in different forms and designs. The finest turquoise stones have a symmetrical appearance and produce smooth cuts and edges.

      Turquoise Pronunciation

      The pronunciation of the gemstone Turquoise is “tuh·kwoyz”.

      Turquoise Etymology

      The word turquoise found its origin in the Middle French language word, turqueise.

      What does Turquoise Look Like?

      Turquoise is a captivating stone, leaving a calm and peaceful effect on the eyes. The stone has a nice finish with dark, alluring blue and greenish shades. It resembles the sea and the sky. In natural light, the stone reflects backlight and shines brightly.

      Is Turquoise a Gemstone or Mineral?

      Turquoise stone, with its opaque appearance and green to blue shades, has a mineral composition and is also classified as a gemstone because of its precious nature and high demand. Turquoise is the hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O is the chemical formula of the turquoise crystal, signifying its mineral nature. The crystal is also used as a gemstone to craft various artifacts and to create jewelry pieces.

      What does Turquoise Stone Symbolize?

      Turquoise stones symbolize the depth of the ocean. It resembles the ocean surface as calm and silent and brings tranquility to life. The vastness of the sea is the resemblance that turquoise will bring larger than life things to your life. It is also full of energy like the waves of the sea and may help you work productively and with high efficiency. It brings good fortune, prosperity, success, willpower, and concentration to someone who wears turquoise regularly.

      What is Turquoise Used for?

      Turquoise is used to create artifacts like beads, towers, dice, spheres, and many more for decorative purposes.

      Turquoise crystal is also used in the jewelry industry to create captivating and beautiful jewelry pieces, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and many more.

      The crystal is also used in the spiritual world. A large number of metaphysical and healing properties of the stone make it a favorite to wear. People keep the stone closer to them to experience the magical powers of the stone.

      Who Should Wear Turquoise Stone? 

      The turquoise stone is a bright stone and is helpful to bring calm and prosperity to life. Anyone who wants to experience the claimed metaphysical and healing properties of the stone can wear turquoise crystals. According to zodiac signs and analysis, the stone is perfect for people of the Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius zodiac.

      How is Turquoise Formed?

      The turquoise stone is formed in the veins of volcanic rocks or sedimentary rocks rich in phosphate minerals. The process of the formation of turquoise is interesting. The oxygen present in water leads to the oxidation of copper sulfides into soluble sulfates. Now, the solution of soluble sulfates is acidic in nature and laden with copper. This soluble solution is pretty reactive and then reacts with the rocks. In this reaction, the turquoise stone is formed near the parent/host rocks.

      Is Turquoise Expensive?

      Turquoise has high market demand, and the crystal is available in various price ranges. Turquoise jewelry is very expensive due to its bright and attractive look and because of the claimed metaphysical and healing properties of the stone.

      What does Turquoise Mean Spiritually?

      Turquoise is a rich gemstone in terms of spirituality. It is used by practitioners of spirituality and is considered one of the prime harbingers of good fortune and happiness in life.

      What Color is Turquoise?

      Turquoise gemstone is predominantly found in shades of green and blue. The color resembles the color of seawater or sky. Thanks to industrial processing, many new and artificial colors can also be polished on the stone surface. Some rare varieties of turquoise are found in shades different from blue and green.

      Is Turquoise Blue or Green?

      Turquoise gemstone is available in both blue and green shades. 

      Turquoise Color Meaning

      The color of the turquoise crystal signifies hope, love, peace, tranquility, success, and happiness. It is an indicator of the ocean and promotes vastness and silence like the sea, with the energy full of tides and tsunamic waters. It is one of the most powerful stones and has the potential to soak up negativity from all around into its depth.

      Turquoise Stone Benefits

      The turquoise stone is very beneficial to us. The metaphysical and healing benefits of the crystal are discussed in depth later on in the article.

      Where is Turquoise Found?

      Turquoise is a popular stone and is found in the regions of:

      • Iran
      • Egypt
      • Northwest China
      • Mexico
      • The United States of America
      • India
      • Miami
      • Africa

      Where is Turquoise Found in the US?

      The United States of America is known for its rich deposits of turquoise gemstone. The predominant deposits of the crystal are present majorly in the southwest parts of the US. Some of the famous places that have major deposits of turquoise in the US are Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

      Turquoise in Miami

      Miami also has rich deposits of high-quality turquoise. The crystal mined in Miami is of high quality and has a rich texture with bright shades.

      Turquoise from India

      India is one of the largest producers of turquoise in the world. The country is known for the significant mining and cutting of stone. Jewelry and artifacts made from Indian turquoise are very popular throughout the world. The Indian turquoise is rich in texture and mostly has solid colors. The raw stone feels heavy and has a bright surface with smooth finishes. It is considered highly spiritual and is used extensively in spiritual practices.

      Turquoise from Iran

      Iran is one of the significant producers of turquoise. The Iranian turquoise is light-colored and has a distinct range of stones.

      African Turquoiseturquoise stone held by hand

      Africa has many deposition centers of turquoise crystals. The African turquoise is famous in Africa for its various connections to African history and the people of Africa. The stone is used by many for its claimed magical healing and spiritual properties.

      How is Turquoise Mined?

      Turquoise is mined mostly from the mines of copper. The crystal is a by-product of copper mining. The turquoise crystal is formed near the deposits of copper in the whole US. It is mined by breaking down large rocks of copper into small pieces to extract the turquoise gemstone easily from the pieces. Sometimes the small nuggets of copper rocks are looked at manually to extract out the pieces of turquoise. 

      Turquoise Properties

      Turquoise Healing Properties

      The different types of crystals are known for their claimed healing properties. There are innumerable qualities in the turquoise crystal that help you get better health and heal many problems related to the body. Some of the common healing properties of the stone as per the experiences of many users of the stone are mentioned below:

      The turquoise stone is known to possess balanced energy levels and might help you get rid of severe stress and uneasiness in your life. The energy of the stone leads to powerful vibrations that help you experience magical healing powers. Many life systems of the body are known to work with better efficiency in the presence of the turquoise crystal.

      The stone is a serene crystal and predominantly heals and works in matters of mind and heart. You can experience better blood circulation and a positive vibe in your attitude after coming in contact with the crystal.

      The turquoise crystal is an absolute gem when it comes to helping you in matters of the brain. It helps one experience peace and brings wisdom to oneself. You experience a better sense of self and your thoughts improve drastically. 

      The crystal works effectively in cooling down high temperatures in case of fever. It heals you internally by boosting your immune system and makes your cells, tissues, and multiple organs healthy.

      The crystal is very beneficial for our heart health. Many people say that they experienced better heart rates and also observed a higher concentration of oxygen in the blood. Oxygenated blood improves the health of tissues and cells and increases the healing power of the body.

      Disorders like vertebral pals, Asperger syndrome, autism, damaged tissues, and other problems might be improved with the help of the turquoise. 

      Many glands and parts of the body, like the thymus gland, thyroid gland. The pineal gland, liver, spleen, and pancreas receive positive energies from the stone, and diseases related to these body parts may improve with the use of the turquoise crystal.

      Metaphysical Properties of Turquoise

      There are many metaphysical properties of turquoise crystal as per the claims put forward by users of the crystal. Some of the claimed metaphysical properties of the crystal are mentioned below:

      The stone is known by many for its power and connection to money. The bearer is said to attract a lot of money and financial success in his/her career. Business life becomes stress-free and economic conditions can improve drastically.

      The stone is linked to improved wealth and better social positioning. Many people share their experiences about reaching new heights in their business and career with the use of turquoise crystals.

      The crystal might help you gain confidence in life. People talk about the changes they experienced in their personalities. It helps in bringing your best version to the surface and can make you feel cool and confident. It might help you become a favorite of many people and you may receive love from different people in your life.

      The crystal is super powerful for your brain. It may help you have a better understanding of things and improve your social skills. Maturity about life and the skill to access situations in a better way is gained through the use of turquoise crystal.

      Physical Properties of Turquoise

      Turquoise is a vibrant gemstone with a soft and smooth surface. It is a moderate reflector of light and does not allow any light to pass through it. It is opaque in nature, with shades of blue and green. The gemstone is not very hard and can be scratched easily with a sharp object. The geometry of the crystal is symmetrical, and it has blunt edges and sharp cuts in its raw form.

      Turquoise vs Howlite

      white heart-shaped turquoise stone

      Turquoise gemstone is a popular crystal, and it remains in demand throughout the year. The gemstone turquoise closely resembles howlite stone. Many manufacturers and sellers use howlite instead of turquoise to create fake artifacts and jewelry of howlite. Similarly, it is used to adulterate amounts of turquoise gemstone in jewelry making and other uses. Howlite is known as an imitation of howlite. In nature, the howlite stone is smooth and softer than turquoise and is very hard to differentiate between the two. 

      You can differentiate between the two by judging the surface of both the crystals. Howlite is more sensitive to scratches and is more smooth as compared to turquoise. 

      Types of Turquoise

      Natural Turquoise

      Natural Turquoise is extracted from the parent ore and is free from other common ore minerals. It is the purest form of the crystal. Natural turquoise has a distinct deep blue color. The shade of natural turquoise resembles the ocean.

      The stone has a characteristic use in the spiritual world. It is connected to silence, depth, and longevity, like the ocean. The natural turquoise is used to craft various tools and other products for general use. The crystals are industry-ready and can be used as a raw material for further processing.

      Raw Turquoise

      Raw turquoise is the most vulnerable form of the crystal. The extracted pure form of the crystal from the ore of turquoise is known as raw turquoise. The raw gemstone does not go through any industrial processing and looks plain and natural.

      A lot of other minerals are found mixed with the ore of raw crystals. A wide variety of minerals and salts are present in the raw turquoise crystal. Raw turquoise is available in different shapes and sizes. These raw pieces of turquoise stones are cut into distinct shapes and sizes to make the crystal symmetrical and attractive.

      The industrial processing of raw turquoise crystals helps in the formation of jewelry, such as rings, pendants, and alluring artifacts used in the decoration of various objects.

      How to Identify Raw Turquoise

      Raw turquoise can be easily identified with its distinct and soothing dark blue color. The shade of blue to green is one general observation that can help you identify the turquoise stone from a distance.

      Another way of testing authentic turquoise is by using your nails. Keep a fingernail on the surface of the crystal and move it near the webbing of the crystal. If your nail gets stuck in the crystal's surface near the webbing, then it is an indicator that the stone is authentic.

      Mojave Turquoise

      A Mojave turquoise is a special form of turquoise crystal. It is a crafted stone made from the most authentic and natural pieces of turquoise crystal. The crystals used in the production of Mojave turquoise gemstone are extracted from the deposits of Arizona. 

      Mojave Turquoise Meaning

      The Mojave turquoise crystal is one of the finest forms of turquoise gemstone. It is crafted by using the nuggets of turquoise extracted only from the Kingman turquoise mine present in Kingman, Arizona. The color of the Mojave turquoise gemstone is dark blue and resembles a lot of violet shades. This stone is a harbinger of serenity and good fortune.

      Turquoise Color

      White Turquoise

      White turquoise is a special form of turquoise crystal. It has a distinct white color, signifying purity and calmness.

      White Turquoise Meaning

      The white turquoise gemstone is found in the United States. The southwestern part of the US  has the predominant deposits of the crystal. The famous deposits of white turquoise are in the states of Arizona and Nevada. The stone is predominantly white but sometimes bluish or greenish shades are present on the surface of the stone.

      White Turquoise Properties

      The turquoise stone-colored in the saint white color is one of the most spiritual stones. It is a sign of purity and calmness. The white color is because of the high absorption power of the crystal. It can absorb all colors of the spectrum and hence look white to our eyes.

      The stone might help you enjoy enlightenment. It brings knowledge to you and helps you to transform your life for the better. The stone has amazing qualities and possesses powerful metaphysical properties. The stone is known for its influence over various chakras in our bodies.

      White Turquoise Healing Properties

      The healing properties of the white turquoise are world-renowned. It is known for bringing your chakras’ energy to a balanced level. The white color possesses all colors of the spectrum and can invoke several chakras into our bodies. The white color is one of the most powerful colors required to invoke almost every chakra.

      It helps us in an all-around way working from top-to-bottom chakras and leads to self-transformation and positive change in our personality. The stone can help you by bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual consciousness.

      Dark Turquoise

      This is a special type of turquoise crystal. The dark turquoise has a darker shade and is considered one of the rarest forms of turquoise crystal. It has amazing metaphysical powers and might be powerful enough to keep darkness away from you. The dark color is a symbol of negativity and is known that the gemstone absorbs all darkness or negativity from your life.

      Green Turquoise

      green turquoise

      Green turquoise is another type of turquoise crystal. It has a predominant green shade and is used to create different artifacts and jewelry pieces.

      Green Turquoise Meaning

      Green turquoise, or the gemstone of the green sea, is a popular crystal. It is known for its dark distinct green color resembling the green color of vast oceanic waters. The stone is known for its depth and signifies the silent aspect of spiritual life. The stone has numerous spiritual and physical benefits.

      Green Turquoise Benefits

      Green turquoise serves many benefits. It is used to prepare various artifacts, such as green turquoise beads, pendulum, tower, spheres, balls, paperweights, miniature copies, and many more. These artifacts can be used to decorate places and also help you experience the healing and metaphysical properties of the gemstone.

      Another use of green turquoise crystal is in the jewelry industry. A large number of vibrant and vivacious jewelry pieces are created from green turquoise crystals. The crystal serves as an excellent material to prepare pieces of jewelry. People of all ages love to wear green turquoise jewelry. It helps you to receive the excellent metaphysical and healing properties of the stone. 

      Types of Green Turquoise

      There are generally two types of green turquoise. The first is a dark green shade and the second type of green turquoise gemstone is light green turquoise. 

      Dark Green Turquoise

      The dark green turquoise is very dark in color. It is used in the spiritual world to eliminate big problems and help you to live a stress-free life. Dark turquoise jewelry is very bright and vibrant.

      Light Green Turquoise

      The crystal has a comparatively lighter shade of green and serves as an excellent companion to help you learn and grow. The claimed benefits of the light green turquoise help you to experience peace and happiness in your life. It helps you to make your life lighter and more joyful.

      Red Turquoise

      red turquoise

      Red turquoise is a beautiful shade of red. It is one of the rarest forms of turquoise crystal. This stone also has various claimed physical and metaphysical properties.

      Red Turquoise Stone Meaning

      The red turquoise stone is a rare type of turquoise. It was used in ancient times and was called Callais in the past. The red color of the stone signifies the bright and colorful nature of life. It may add beauty and colors to a dull life. The stone might help you to develop a genuine and a loving personality. The red color is closely related to love and people with red turquoise start receiving love from different aspects of life. It is one of the prettiest turquoise stones.

      Red Turquoise Stone Benefits

      There are many benefits of red turquoise stone. The stone is used to manufacture various artifacts and jewelry pieces. It is also used by many for the claimed metaphysical and healing properties of the red turquoise stone.

      Blue Turquoise 

      Blue turquoise or turquoise is a popular gemstone. It is the most precious and common form of turquoise crystal.

      Blue Turquoise Meaning

      The meaning of the turquoise crystal has been explained in detail above.

      Sky Blue Turquoise

      Sky blue turquoise has a sky blue color and is a symbol of peace. The blue sky is a symbol of thought and meditation. The sky blue turquoise is closely related to mind and development. It helps you to develop a sharp memory and might help you experience long hours of meditation.

      Dark Blue Turquoise

      Dark blue turquoise is the most common form of turquoise crystal. Its properties and nature have been described in detail in the entire article.

      Light Blue Turquoise

      Light blue turquoise is similar to sky blue turquoise. It has the same sky blue color or light blue color and also has the same properties. 

      Pink Turquoise

      Pink turquoise is one of the most beautiful turquoise crystals. It looks bewildering to the eyes and has a distinct aura. The pink color signifies gentleness and care. The stone makes you happy from within and makes your aura positive and optimistic. The jewelry made from pink turquoise crystal looks beautiful and is loved by many women.

      Black Turquoise Stone

      The black turquoise stone has a distinct black color. It is known for its claimed metaphysical and spiritual powers.

      Black Turquoise Meaning

      Black turquoise is closely related to pain and sadness. It keeps you away from demons and evil and fills your life with love and peace.

      Turquoise Brown

      Turquoise brown is yet another form of turquoise crystal. The stone is known for its distinct brown shade and magical healing properties.

      Yellow Turquoise

      yellow turquoise

      Yellow turquoise has a distinct yellow shade and is calming to the eyes.

      Yellow Turquoise Properties

      The yellow turquoise stone has many claimed metaphysical and healing properties. The stone’s yellow color signifies friendship and love. It helps you to make influential relationships and win people’s trust.

      Turquoise Jewelry

      Turquoise jewelry looks calming to the eyes and adds depth to your outlook. The distinct blue color makes it an optimal choice, and the bright glow of the turquoise crystal can attract many eyes. Its unique colors and rich textures make it a perfect fit for jewelry.

      The stone is used in the jewelry industry on a large scale to manufacture pieces of jewelry for the ever-expanding market of turquoise jewelry. The unique jewelry made from turquoise crystal might help you experience the diverse range of its metaphysical and healing properties. Many people claim that jewelry made from turquoise helps them to get better in life. It helps them to get rid of anxiety and provides a sense of calmness and security in life. The stone may also keep negativity and dark energy away at bay.

      It is important to first get the turquoise crystal from a crystal shop or an online store, and then get it set by an expert jeweler that knows how to work with such gemstones. This allows you to craft your jewelry as per your needs. You can get jewelry pieces of your size and choice.

      If you are buying turquoise crystal, always look for an authentic stone. This will save you from any fraud or duplicate products.

      Turquoise Necklace

      Turquoise necklace is one of the most popular and in-demand jewelry pieces made from turquoise stone. A necklace made from turquoise crystal possesses outstanding designs and looks very attractive.

      The amazing designs and colorful patterns are appreciated by women of all ages. They add a charming look and shine brightly at events and parties. The necklace is an excellent way to keep turquoise in close proximity to your body to experience the spiritual properties of the stone.

      The stone is known for its claimed effects on the spiritual and physical aspects of your life. It brings mental strength and peace to your life. You can get better at making decisions and become wise with the use of turquoise crystals. It brings positivity to your mental being and adds an optimistic side to your personality.

      Turquoise Necklace Meaning

      A turquoise necklace is a piece of jewelry made from turquoise crystal. It is used by women as a jewelry piece. It is worn around the neck on special occasions and parties. Regular everyday necklaces of turquoise crystal are also available that you can wear daily

      Turquoise Earrings

      Turquoise earrings are a mix of turquoise crystal and popular metals used in the jewelry industry, like gold, silver, platinum, and other bright alloys. These earrings look beautiful and are available in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns.

      The earrings remain close to the head and might help you get rid of stress and also feel positive. The earrings also may help you in getting rid of mental instability and depression.

      Turquoise Ring

      turquoise ring

      Rings made from turquoise are alluring and the perfect addition to your jewelry box. The rings come in natural bluish colors of turquoise stone and polished crystal in different shades. These rings look beautiful and charming. The person wearing rings made from turquoise crystal might feel the healing powers of the gemstone.

      Women's Turquoise Engagement Ring

      Rings made for women for auspicious events like engagement are made from selected colors and pretty designs. These rings look beautiful and add elegance to the look of the bride. It is an efficient and wonderful jewelry piece to start your love life. 

      Women's Turquoise Wedding Ring

      Rings are often made from turquoise, though more rarely for weddings. These rings are usually made from special cut turquoise crystals. These rings are very unique and considered lucky to wear on the special occasion of your marriage.

      The turquoise women’s wedding rings, designed especially for women, are considered auspicious and bring charm and good luck to the couple. They are available in a wide range of patterns and rich designs to suit all types of finger sizes.

      Unisex Turquoise Wedding Ring

      Unisex turquoise wedding rings are special rings made for both men and women. People of all sexes can wear them comfortably on the occasion of marriage. They look lovely and can fit all sizes of men and women. The ring can bring a sense of calm and peace to the couple's relationship and ensure a happy relationship for the upcoming years.

      Turquoise Bracelets

      Handy, easy to use, and quirky bracelets made from turquoise are excellent to wear on special occasions. The turquoise bracelet is even perfect as your everyday companion and helps you to experience the wonderful metaphysical and healing properties of the stone. People of all ages can select a turquoise bracelet of their choice. 

      Turquoise Cuff Bracelets

      Simple cuff bracelets made from turquoise are available in different shades and various designs. They are very easy to wear on the wrist and look cool. Anyone can wear a turquoise cuff bracelet on their wrist to experience the magical healing properties of the turquoise crystal.

      Turquoise Pendant

      Turquoise pendants are excellent pieces of jewelry made from selected and well-cut turquoise crystals. The stone piece used in pendant making is chosen with care for its rich color and high qualities. The pendant made from turquoise crystal is easier to carry and looks beautiful to the eyes. It helps you to experience the metaphysical and healing properties of the crystal.

      Turquoise Uses

      Turquoise Beads

      Turquoise beads are small spheres made from turquoise crystals. The shape is further used in various jewelry and artifacts to give them an alluring look. These turquoise beads are available in the natural colors of the turquoise crystal and look vibrant.

      The natural blue color adds depth to the stone, and it looks peaceful to the eyes. Thanks to industrial polishing of the crystal, turquoise beads are also available in different colors, including dark green, light green, blue, pink, golden, yellow, blue, transparent, and many others.

      These turquoise beads are used to create different jewelry pieces, such as rings, pendants, necklaces, and many others. Many claims suggest that turquoise crystal beads are useful in bringing a sense of calm and composure to your life.

      The stone might help you to be more confident and optimistic. These turquoise beads possess amazing healing properties that may improve the health of various organs and might boost your immune system.

      How to Cut Turquoise

      Turquoise crystal goes through the process of cutting to bring it in a symmetrical shape and smoothness. The process of cutting is very essential, and it helps to change the crystal for further uses in the industry. You can cut turquoise crystals easily with the help of a thin and sharp blade.

      It can be done by keeping the crystal on a small-sized saw and cutting it gently with the use of a thin blade. Using a thin blade to cut turquoise crystal is essential as it saves a large amount of crystal from being wasted. It is not advised to use large or rough blades as it can damage the sensitive and shiny surface of the turquoise crystal.

      Turquoise Stones for Sale

      Turquoise crystal is a powerful healer of both mind and body. The varying bands of colors and their attractive appearance make it extremely popular in the jewelry industry. Turquoise crystals are used to make jewelry pieces and various artifacts.

      The gemstone is also used for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties. Turquoise gemstone, being a popular stone in the market, is available at many big shops and online sites that sell precious gemstones. A wide variety of turquoise crystals and their products with different designs, colors, and patterns can be bought from the nearest crystal stores in your area or through online home delivery sites.

      The bluish shades and the calming effects of the crystal make it an absolute favorite of many people. The market for turquoise crystals is ever-expanding and the demand for the crystal and this product is increasing at a sharp rate.

      Turquoise Price

      The turquoise crystal is an exotic and alluring gemstone. The turquoise, possessing a distinct blue-green color, is a very rare crystal and its amazing spiritual qualities are responsible for its high prices in the market. The price per piece can start from $55 USD.

      It can go even higher depending on the shape, size, and quality of the crystal. There are a plethora of turquoise crystal products circulating in the market with different colors, shades, and shapes. You can get these turquoise products through online stores like Amazon and Etsy and also from local shops near you.

      Raw Turquoise Value

      raw turquoise

      Raw turquoises are the purest form of turquoise crystal. It is extracted directly from the ores of the crystal and is used as a raw material in various industries and processing houses.

      Most raw turquoise crystals have dark blue colors and have a slightly rough appearance and blunt edges. The raw turquoise crystal remains in great demand throughout the year. These crystal pieces are available for sale at major wholesale crystal markets and online stores like Etsy and Amazon.

      Turquoise Necklace Price

      Simple and alluring necklaces are prepared with the help of turquoise crystals. These crystals, for their eye-catching looks and beautiful colors, are loved by many. Necklaces made from turquoise look pretty and are of high value because of the claimed metaphysical and healing benefits.

      Simple necklaces made from turquoise start with a price of $20 USD and the prices can reach as high as $1000 USD. These necklaces are available in various tempting patterns and enchanting colors. They are available for sale at all major jewelry shops and online stores that sell crystals and pieces of jewelry like Etsy and Amazon.

      Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Value

      Vintage turquoise jewelry is a high-quality jewelry item made from selected pieces of turquoise crystal. It is one of the most important and selectively crafted jewelry made from vintage pieces of turquoise crystal. Its value is higher than ordinary turquoise jewelry pieces.

      Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Price per Carat

      Sleeping beauty turquoise is one of the prettiest pieces of turquoise stone. It is slightly lighter in color and looks pleasant to the eyes. These jewelry pieces and other artifacts remain in huge demand throughout the year and are loved by people of all ages.

      The per-carat price of sleeping beauty turquoise crystal is generally between $20 USD to $300 USD. The price can vary with changes in crystal and different gemstones.

      Turquoise Jewelry Near Me

      You can buy jewelry made from turquoise and other crystals near you at crystal shops and authentic jewelry stores. It is recommended to look for official signs and marks before buying crystal jewelry.

      Try to look for signs and symbols that ensure the authenticity of the crystal. There are many shops and sellers who provide fake crystals at high costs.

      Turquoise Engagement Ring for Sale

      You can buy rings made from turquoise crystal for special occasions, including engagements. These engagement rings made from turquoise crystal are bright and ideal for the occasion. It helps the couple to experience the amazing healing and metaphysical properties of the crystal.

      You can get the ring online, on platforms like Etsy, or you can visit a jewelry shop. Remember to ask for a certificate of authenticity so you get the best possible jewelry piece and not a fake.

      Wholesale Turquoise Stones Suppliers

      The turquoise crystal remains in huge demand throughout the year. The wholesale market of turquoise is reaching greater heights with each passing day. The wholesale stone suppliers directly sell the crystal to many industries and small shops after acquiring it from mines and extraction centers.

      You can buy turquoise crystals from a wholesale seller at comparatively lower prices. Many industries, online shopping stores, and big business owners buy turquoise at cheaper costs from wholesale markets and sell single pieces of the crystal at higher prices to make profits.

      You can get different types of turquoise crystal products in the wholesale market, starting with prices as low as $30 USD. Different turquoise products have different prices and the costs vary with the change in shape and size of the stone.

      Where to Sell Turquoise Stones

      Turquoise stones extracted from ores are acquired by many crystal owners and even a large number of crystal dealers acquire them in large amounts to sell them directly to the customers in the market. The store owners and stone sellers create a link between the customers and the stone and its product acquisition. If you want to sell turquoise stones in the market, there are multiple options.

      Multiple stores or outlets can be placed in different locations, specifically selling high-quality stones and crystal products. Selling turquoise in such stores is ideal and can help you generate revenue. Searching and contacting stone shops and warehouses that sell turquoise can be another strategy to sell your turquoise stones to them.

      You can list turquoise stones and their products on online sites like Amazon and Etsy. These sites open a wide market for the product and create a better chance of selling turquoise crystals.

      If you have old turquoise crystals with you or jewelry pieces made from turquoise, and you are interested in selling them. You can sell such jewelry items to local stores that sell these products.


      Turquoise gemstone is known for its effects on the emotional and physical aspects of our lives. The stone is signified by its characteristic blue color. It brings peace and calm into your life.

      Blue is the color of depth and calmness. The crystal helps you to manage your emotions and keeps you in balance in different aspects of your life. The gem has characteristic patterns of colors similar to the colors of the ocean. The history of turquoise stone dates back to ancient times.

      In Egyptian times, the dead were buried with turquoise to make their afterlife comfortable and luxurious. The bright colors and rich diversity over the years make it attractive and useful in various industries. The crystal is found in various forms and is crafted in industries to produce products of various shapes and sizes.

      The stone is known for its claimed metaphysical and healing powers. It has a characteristic design with bright blue shades reflecting peace and calmness, giving an eye-catching appearance to the stone.

      There are many claims suggesting that the stone may help you build a prosperous career and get rid of grief in life. The stone is also said to help you to adopt a positive mindset.

      The turquoise crystal, because of its claimed spiritual and metaphysical properties, is becoming popular in the jewelry industry. People inclined towards spirituality are bound to find out about this extraordinary gem and incorporate it into all kinds of jewelry pieces and artifacts.

      The turquoise crystals are available on different online stores near you and are also available at online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

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