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Kammererite: Complete Guide (2024)

kammererite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about kammererite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Kammererite, a rare and beneficial stone that isn't readily available or much known, deserves praise for its metaphysical properties. To prosper in your life and grow spiritually, kammererite provides a big push.

Let’s learn more about this spiritually substantial stone by reading this article. 

  • Kammererite Meaning
    • What is the Green in Kammererite?
    • Is Kammererite Rare?
    • Kammererite Other Names
    • Kammererite Benefits
  • Kammererite Properties
    • Kammererite Metaphysical Properties
    • Kammererite Healing Properties
  • Kammererite vs Charoite
  • Kammererite Types
    • Kammererite Tumbled
  • Kammererite Jewelry
    • Kammererite Pendant
    • Kammererite Ring
  • Kammererite Uses
    • Kammererite Beads
  • Kammererite for Sale
    • Kammererite Price
    • Kammererite Wholesale
  • Conclusion

Kammererite Meaning

Kammererite gets its name from the Russian scientist August Alexander Kammer. Kammererite stone color depends on the chromium content, which can give the colors red, pink, purple, or reddish-purple. Kammererite crystals were initially found in Turkey. Currently, they are also mined in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland. 

They are sometimes coined as shamanic crystals because of their connection to the earth element. On the Mohs scale of hardness, kammererite stands between 2 to 2.5. It is a brittle stone with clean cleavages.

Kammererite is said to work with the crown and heart chakra. It is also associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Scorpio.

What is the Green in Kammererite?

The chlorite content in this stone also differs; it can also have some cookeite in it, giving it a pink or green color. It gets a green color because of the chlorite and chromium contents. 

Is Kammererite Rare?

Kammererite is not an ordinary stone, although it might be possible to get it from a specialist supplier. Kammererite is a relatively rare crystal. It is more likely to be found in mineral collections rather than in jewelry or crystal shops.

Kammererite Other Names

In the trading sector, kammererite stones are called chromium-bearing clinochlore.

Kammererite Benefits

Kammererite helps in brain stimulation. While meditating, kammererite can help you attain spiritual enlightenment and have a connection to your guardian angels. Kammererite works with the third-eye chakra and crown chakra. 

When placed on your forehead, kammererite will aid you in bringing unity and balance between your brain and intuitions. It is a talisman for protection and also brings balance to your life. 

Kammererite Properties

Kammererite Metaphysical Properties

kammererite stone

Kammererite is an excellent stone for healing emotional wounds. The vibrations of this stone enhance your energies and rid the negative aura around you. It offers detoxification of your spiritual and physical state and inspires spiritual growth. 

Kammererite cleanses your energy and blockages. It activates the crown and heart chakra and connects your mind and heart. This stone helps with meditation and aids you in connecting you to spirit guides. It also helps calm stressful thoughts and anxiety. 

Kammererite helps clear the mind of negative thoughts as well. This, in turn, assists you in asking the right questions and staying on the right path in life. It heals your mind and makes your perspectives flexible enough to understand and accept things.

Kammererite crystal users claim that using it fills you with courage. It provides you with support to achieve your spirituality. It provides you with energy and may help you overcome exhaustion. This crystal also creates balance in your mind and helps you stay focused. 

Kammererite is a beneficial stone for people who have worked on healing their past life traumas. This crystal will help them reconnect with their positive energy and rediscover themselves. Using kammererite is said to unlock your soul. 

Meditating with kammererite assists in accessing the akashic records, which are called the records of the universe and hold ancient knowledge. Placing the stone on your forehead at your third eye helps you see beyond the three dimensions. Astral viewing and lucid dreaming are all possible by using kammererite.

Using kammererite for mediating also helps in raising your intuition level. It raises your internal vibrations and works well in the grid with other stones such as quartz, blue topaz, cavansite, and phenacite.

Kammererite Healing Properties

The chlorite in kammererite helps you absorb the nutrients and minerals. It rids your body of toxins and bacteria in the gut. Kammererite is also said to ease muscle and joint pains that become stiff with age. 

Kammererite brings flexibility to your body and also helps with fertility issues. Kammererite keeps you grounded and calms your mind in stressful situations. It helps in getting a night of restful sleep.

Kammererite vs Charoite

At the first glance, kammererite and charoite might look almost similar to each other but are different. 

Kammererite and charoite both have purple swirly patterns, but kammererite is a chromium variety of the chlorite family and charoite is a silicate mineral consisting of potassium, barium, sodium, and other minerals. 

Kammererite entered the mineral collection in 1841, and charoite, even though discovered in the 1940s, was not much known until 1978. 

Kammererite is known for its meditative benefits and its assistance in growing spiritually, whereas charoite is known for providing a protective veil and getting rid of the negative and evil energies placed upon you.

Kammererite Types

The most sold type of kammererite is in the raw form. This is because of the brittle quality of the mineral, which makes it hard for it to be shaped and cut. 

Kammererite Tumbled

Kammererite stones are not completely tumbled as they can crack easily because of the clear cleavages in the stone. Although, many tumbled stones are available in a bigger size and can cost $40 to $50 USD per piece.

Kammererite Jewelry

Kammererite can be worn as jewelry to relieve you from physical aches and bring mental peace and calm to your life. It keeps your life in order by making you adaptive to the changes and beliefs in things.

Kammererite Pendant

kammererite pendant

Having a kammererite pendant with a sterling silver base is beneficial. Being a soft crystal, kammererite cannot be worn daily and has to be cared for when worn. Wearing a kammererite pendant close to your heart will raise your energy vibrations and help in activating your heart chakra clearing your emotional blockages.

Kammererite Ring

Kammererite rings are made in different designs and can be worn both by men and women. A purple swirl pattern with red or green hues gives it a quirky yet bold look. Keeping the stone safe is a priority, as even a coin can make a scratch on it. 

Kammererite Uses

Kammererite is used for many purposes because of its different metaphysical and healing properties. Meditating with a kammererite is beneficial for your spiritual growth and balancing your life. 

Kammererite Beads

Beaded strings of kammererite are rarely available as they are soft stones. It has to be kept in a box wrapped in cloth so the beads are not damaged. Kammererite beads can be made into bracelets as well, but it is risky to wear them without taking intense precautions. 

Kammererite for Sale

Kammererite Price

Kammererite isn't a typical stone and isn't available easily in nearby shops. They are available on online platforms such as Amazon and Etsy. Kammererite crystals cost anywhere between $14.92 to $62.05 USD per piece.

Kammererite Wholesale

Buying kammererite wholesale is much cheaper. The price range depends on the quantity and the quality of the kammererite crystals. 200-carat pieces of kammererite cost $15 USD.


Kammererite is a beneficial stone to have for your physical and spiritual growth. It makes you wise by showing you the right perspectives. It clears your mind of doubts and makes you believe in your ideologies. 

Kammererite shows you the right path to achieve your goals. Having a kammererite in your home or on yourself is a great way to achieve etheric attunement and see things as they are. 

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