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Hiddenite: Complete Guide (2024)

hiddenite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about hiddenite, including its meaning, properties, and colors. Let's get started!


Wearing anything green, whether it be jewelry or gemstone, can emit a certain type of energy. It can be strong energy of expansion and the desire to grow, or it can be energy to get past a challenge. It may ignite favorable energy for developing wholesome relationships. 

The color green is a symbol of life, wealth, greed, and jealousy. It is even a color connected to extraterrestrials. It also stands for renewal, spring, and balance.

Today let’s dive into the world of one such green gemstone called ‘hiddenite’. 

  • What is a Hiddenite?
    • What is Hiddenite Used for?
    • How to Identify Hiddenite?
    • Hiddenite Healing
    • Hiddenite Gem Mine
      • Hiddenite California Mine
      • Hiddenite Mine in NC
    • Hiddenite Brazil
  • Hiddenite Properties
    • Hiddenite Metaphysical Properties
    • Hiddenite Healing Properties
  • Hiddenite vs Kunzite
  • Raw Hiddenite
  • Hiddenite Color
    • Green Hiddenite
  • Hiddenite Jewelry
    • Hiddenite Necklace
    • Hiddenite Bracelet
    • Hiddenite Ring
  • Hiddenite for Sale
  • Conclusion

What is a Hiddenite?

Hiddenite is a lithium aluminum silicate mineral that belongs to the spodumene group and is frequently pleochroic in nature. Some types of hiddenite are colorless, while others are green or yellow.

Hiddenite is also known as green spodumene or green kunzite. Its name comes from the mineralogist W. E. Hidden who first classified it as a mineral in the 19th century.

The most extensive hiddenite deposits can be found in the USA, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Europe, and Brazil.

What is Hiddenite Used for?

You may receive wisdom and knowledge from the higher realms through hiddenite, which can enhance your life experiences. You may be able to live a richer, more fulfilling, and more enlightened life as a result. The stone may help you reflect spiritually and learn more about yourself, other people, and the world with the help of this stone.

For a better chance at happiness and contentment, hiddenite may help you understand your own needs, wants, and objectives. It may help you identify your own advantages and disadvantages and how to enhance or improve them.

As a result, hiddenite may help you become aware of the things you must embrace and the things you must reject. It may inspire you to develop your inner courage and strength so that you can face your difficulties head-on. It might also encourage you to put on a brave face during trying times. Additionally, hiddenite may teach you how to get rid of feelings of inadequacy or failure.

It may help you in strengthening your core so that you will never again question or doubt yourself. It may get rid of your unhealthy attachments to things and pointless activities. You may be forced to concentrate on your long-term objectives and the people who have supported you from the start. In trying times, hiddenite may provide spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical protection.

You may be guarded against unwanted and unwelcome external influences when you are feeling weak and exposed. It may also offer you support and motivation if you need to start over.

How to Identify Hiddenite?

Pleochroism in hiddenite can be used to separate it from other gems. In addition to this, hiddenite can be distinguished from other gems by virtue of its flawless cleavage, hardness, monoclinic crystal system, transparency, and color.

Hiddenite Healing

Addiction recovery may benefit from hiddenite. It can also help in the process of cleansing and detoxification. It is well known for calming the heart and for aiding in the treatment of some heart conditions. The endocrine and circulatory systems may both benefit from hiddenite.

This stone may help with the treatment of lung and skin conditions. Both rheumatic pain relief and arteriosclerosis prevention are possible with it. It might improve mobility for those with mobility issues and help in calming down violent mood swings. Hiddenite can also reduce stress and ease the signs of conditions linked to anxiety.

Hiddenite Gem Mine

The main hiddenite gem mine is located at 484 Emerald Hollow Mine Dr, Hiddenite, NC 28636, United States. 

Hiddenite California Mine

In California, there is a place named ‘Emerald Hollow Mine’ where hiddenite gemstones are derived from. 

Hiddenite Mine in NC

The Emerald Hollow Mine is located in Hiddenite, a place in Alexander County, NC, USA. 

Hiddenite Brazil

In Brazil, hiddenite is found in Minas Novas, Minas Gerais. 

Hiddenite Properties

hiddenite stone

Hiddenite belongs to the spodumene group with a monoclinic crystal system and chromium-rich inclusions. It has a hardness of 7 with perfect cleavage in both directions. This gemstone comes with conchoidal fractures and a vitreous luster with white streaks. Hiddenite has a specific gravity of 3.18, a refractive index of 1.648 to 1.682, trichroic pleochroism, and birefringence of 0.014 to 0.018. 

Hiddenite Metaphysical Properties

The amazing work that hiddenite does with the heart chakra is well known. Whoever wears this stone gains a greater understanding of unconditional love. The blockages in the heart chakra can be removed by wearing or putting a piece of hiddenite close to this chakra.

It makes you more motivated to love others unconditionally and without the need to exert control. The stone's green tones activate the heart chakra, promoting social interaction and giving you the self-assurance you need to act properly.

Being overly judgmental of others and being easily controlled by others are symptoms of an unbalanced heart chakra. Deep emotional traumas can be healed with the help of hiddenite, which also enables unconditional acceptance and love-giving. This stone helps you in your journey of abuse or addiction recovery by opening your heart's center to divine love.

The energy of hiddenite is exceptional for addressing problems and bringing the heart chakra back into balance. You will consequently have a better understanding of what you actually need and want. It gives you the strength to embrace the changes in your life that have already occurred or are on the horizon.

The excellent healing stone hiddenite may help with both physical and emotional problems. Your body and mind will both be refreshed. By letting hope and joy into your heart, it may also help you ‌let go of your unhealthy attachments. All harmful energies may be expelled by this stone, making space only for divine love. 

The wonderful qualities of hiddenite can be used to treat your heart chakra. It teaches you that the most admirable form of love is one that asks for nothing in return. 

You are also allowing the stone to purify and clear the bad energies when you wear it close to your heart chakra. This lovely, calming, and consoling stone is also referred to as a stone of development. Its nourishing hues support your overall development in terms of attitude, ideas, strategy, health, and spirituality.

Hiddenite energies have an impact on the heart and arouse your emotions, allowing you to connect with more loving thoughts and feelings. It may encourage you to act more genuinely and spontaneously in front of people when worn against the heart chakra. It may also inspire you to love those you care about unconditionally and without worrying about the results.

It is a stone that may help you establish a connection with God, who gave the world a new beginning. Additionally, it may enable you to more fully and enthusiastically savor all the significant and insignificant moments in your life.

Hiddenite Healing Properties

Hiddenite may inspire you to always present a brave face when dealing with difficulties. You may be motivated to strengthen your inner fortitude and given the tools you need to overcome the difficulties of life.

You may ‌let go of negative failure and inadequacy feelings with the help of hiddenite. You may learn how to fortify your core so that you can stop doubting or second-guessing yourself.

If you have problems with addiction, you may benefit from hiddenite's healing properties, which also have the power to cleanse and detoxify the body. This stone supports the treatment of heart conditions and soothes the heart. The endocrine system and the circulatory system can both benefit from hiddenite. Additionally, it helps with the treatment of lung and skin conditions.

Hiddenite may help with rheumatoid arthritis pain relief and can shield us from arteriosclerosis. This crystal may help people who have mobility problems move more easily and stabilize violent and extreme mood swings. Among hiddenite's many health advantages, it is best known for reducing stress and curing diseases associated with anxiety.

It may protect your interests and make sure you are headed in the right direction to meet your financial objectives. You may have the freedom you need to carry out your ideas and enjoy yourself thanks to the energies of this stone. It is a stone that may draw wealth and encourage entrepreneurship. You may be forced to concentrate on pursuing the true treasures in life that money and wealth simply cannot buy.

Hiddenite stands for passionate and unconditional love. If you are single, you may discover romantically interesting people at the most unexpected times. If you are in a relationship, you may have plenty of passionate and sensual experiences with your partner.

If you are married, you may find a new lease on life after going through some trying times together. Hiddenite may help you ‌remove any emotional barriers. It may also help you let go of all the love you possess and are capable of giving.

Hiddenite vs Kunzite

kunzite crystal

Kunzite's distinctive pink to lilac hue is attributed to manganese. George F. Kunz is credited with discovering kunzite, which bears his name. Both as a gem and a decorative stone, it is quite well-liked.

For a 1-carat kunzite stone, the current Gemval prices range from USD 35.02 (colorless) to USD 79.02 (light purple/slightly grayish). Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the US state of California are significant sources of kunzite.

Spodumene's more valuable gem form, hiddenite, was formerly only discovered in Alexander County, North Carolina. It has now also been found in Madagascar and Brazil. Hiddenite's green hue is typically caused by chromium, though it can also be caused by vanadium, iron, or manganese.

Gemstones like kunzite and hiddenite are frequently heated after being irradiated to intensify their colors. After repeated exposure to heat or bright light, the colors in both natural and treated gems fade.

Raw Hiddenite

A hiddenite gemstone that has not been cut and faceted like a traditional gem in a piece of jewelry is simply referred to as a rough, uncut, or raw hiddenite. 

Hiddenite Color

Hiddenite comes in a few colors, like yellow, pale green, and emerald green. 

Green Hiddenite

Green hiddenite stands for both life and the natural world. It stands for rebirth, harmony, and equilibrium. It is renowned for being an excellent heart and emotional balancer and can strengthen the bond between your heart and mind. Green is a color associated with growth. It symbolizes spring, which will usher in fresh new beginnings for you.

Your body will be revitalized by fresh life force energy. Green hiddenite may advance wisdom, health, and a sense of calm. It may also be used to entice money and prosperity and attract wealth.

This stone may calm your heart chakra and improve your relationships. You may be filled with transforming energies‌. Additionally, it may help you maintain mental equilibrium and alleviate feelings of lethargy and restlessness. Your jumbled and unfocused thoughts may be banished.

Hiddenite Jewelry

Hiddenite is used to make a variety of jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants. 

Hiddenite Necklace

hiddenite necklace

Hiddenite necklaces are a lovely and inexpensive substitute for necklaces made of more expensive gemstones. They exude wealth without draining your bank account. Wear a hiddenite necklace at a party to stand out.

Hiddenite Bracelet

There are two types of hiddenite bracelets: one with a single gem in the center and a delicate chain that encircles your wrist, and the other with a trail of hiddenite beads and a lock. Both bracelet varieties are appropriate for both formal and casual settings.

Hiddenite Ring

There are many styles of hiddenite rings available for both men and women. They come in a range of materials, designs, shapes, and patterns. It may or may not have additional stones inserted into it besides the hiddenite gemstone.

The hiddenite stone's attractive green tint will go well with your everyday clothes. Whether it's for a formal meeting, party, or day out with friends, a hiddenite ring is always a good choice. Large rings are available in sophisticated and understated styles that add flair to any regular outfit.

Hiddenite for Sale

The price of hiddenite ranges from $83 to $970 USD per carat. 


To relieve stress and control your emotions, keep a piece of hiddenite in your pocket or purse. Keep it out of the direct sun's path. Charge it with additional rock crystals and clean it once a week under running water.

Also, hiddenite is a great meditation tool. Because of its adaptability, how you incorporate it into your meditation routine is largely up to you. Some people prefer to wear jewelry made of hiddenite, while others prefer to place stones like this one around their designated sacred space for meditation.

If you want to access the stone's energies directly, you might prefer to hold it. This crystal may open your heart while you are in meditation. It may also do wonders for helping you get over emotional upset or forgive people who have intentionally or unintentionally hurt your feelings. If you lack self-assurance, hiddenite may encourage you to be brave and go after your goals.

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