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Colemanite: Complete Guide (2024)

colemanite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about colemanite, including its meaning and uses. Let's get started!


White crystals are quite fascinating. They cleanse, relax, and connect our bodies in a variety of profound and beautiful ways. These gems are the soothing soul tonic you need if you are ready to take your healing to the next level, or even if you just want a reprieve from excessive thinking.

Today, let us unveil one such incredible white stone called ‘colemanite’. 

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Colemanite Meaning

The term ‘colemanite’ was coined by William Tell Coleman, the proprietor of the mine in Eastern California where it was discovered for the first time. It is a luminous crystal that occurs as a transparent or translucent mineral. 

Argentina, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Canada, and Mexico are among the countries where colemanite minerals have been discovered.

Colemanite is a hydrous calcium borate (Ca2B6O11•5H2O) that crystallizes as short, prismatic, or equant crystals in the monoclinic system, as well as massive, compact, drusy, and encrusting forms. It is normally colorless or white, however pale brown and yellow hues can also be seen. 

Colemanite has a specific gravity of 2.4, Mohs hardness of 4.5, a vitreous-to-dull luster, flawless cleavage in one direction, and an irregular fracture. It is found only in evaporite-type, chemical-sedimentary rocks, and it is formed by the repeated evaporation of aqueous mixed borate solutions in confined, saline lakes.

Its structure can take the shape of grains, short prismatic crystals, or huge masses. Colemanite is a boron ore that is found with impurities like ulexite and kernite. Its hue is related to the region from where it came.

Colemanite has a powerful energy that can help you find a solution to a challenging problem. You can use this stone in your daily life if you want to boost your ‌patience. It may be beneficial if you feel the need to increase your ability to persevere without losing control. 

This is a beneficial crystal for calmness, along with other good metaphysical properties, as its energy may help you to be more tolerant of others. Colemanite may help you respect and recognize the validity of others' perspectives, even if you disagree with them.

You can use it as a powerful healing crystal, but you must do so with caution. A strong electrical current can be felt within these powerful stones. Because of the power of its energy, many people may find it difficult to use it, and it is recommended that colemanite be used just for a few minutes at a time. 

It is a crystal stone for healers, particularly those who practice herbal or holistic medicine. It may help you if you are in need since it can help you in receiving divine help.

Colemanite is an excellent clearing and cleansing stone. It helps clear the head chakra, allowing energy to flow freely through the body from the universal energy source. 

When people hold the stone, many claim to hear water rushing, and it has that effect on the body and mind, washing away what isn’t needed and breaking up blocks.

While this mineral will help you ‌feel more focused, do not hold it for too long because it may cause you to feel light-headed. 

Hold a piece of colemanite in your hand to recharge before heading to work or to clear your mind before making a major decision.

Colemanite is efficient in cleansing the lymphatic system, as well as the kidneys and liver. Thus, it may be used to help people get rid of viruses or clear their systems after a shock.

Colemanite Pronunciation

colemanite stone

Colemanite is pronounced as kohl-muh-nahyt

What is Colemanite Used for?

When working with colemanite, one of the most important words to remember is purity. White crystals are all about detoxing with their beautiful energy. Colemanite may help your body in eliminating toxins and keeping you clean from head to toe. 

The stone may also help with worry, tension, and long periods of darkness. Colemanite may help you go into a sweet restful slumber while also boosting your immune system.

The organs of the upper body may benefit from this stone. It is said to have the ability to cleanse the bloodstream. It is believed to help with vitamin and nutrient absorption, particularly vitamin B. 

The pineal and pituitary glands, which regulate hormone processes, resonate with the colemanite stone. With the help of this crystal, any imbalances in the body may be corrected. 

Colemanite may help with the removal of illnesses and the prevention of new ones. It may also help the body repair and protect itself from sunburn, as well as the impacts of radiation and chemotherapy. 

Colemanite may also ‌help ease physical stress. It may help to restore the metabolic equilibrium.

Stiff muscles may benefit from regular use of colemanite. It may help in the treatment of disorders of the legs, hips, and abdomen. It may also help with pain alleviation and is beneficial to the reproductive system. 

Cramps may be relieved with this stone. Colemanite may strengthen the back and the nerve endings. It may help the heart by regulating bodily fluids. 

Colemanite may help clarify your eyesight and relieve tired eyes if you have been staring at a screen for too long. This stone may show you how much of your health and happiness is determined by your attitude, which may offer you plenty of encouragement.

Colemanite can help you ascend with its head chakra healing. The crown chakra serves as a portal to higher consciousness and helps in the connection of our earthy energy to the universe. 

We may extend our awareness, unite with the divine, and surrender to balance, trust, and wider picture thinking when we have a clear path of energy flowing out and communicating with the cosmos.

Carry a colemanite close to your heart to bring light and love together. This precious stone is recognized for promoting clear thinking, emotional balance, and a sense of innocence rather than cynicism. These qualities are fantastic to bring into any relationship, romantic or otherwise. 

The high vibrations of colemanite keep you connected to themes of spiritual bliss, universal love, and compassionate acceptance, rather than becoming mired down in the details that do not really matter.

With colemanite, you may calm your mind and call in abundance. This gem, as a stone that is all about healing energy, encourages you to shine in a million different ways. 

This crystal may clear the way and urge you to let go of any fear-based baggage so that your hands are ready to receive everything the universe offers. 

Colemanite stones ensure ‌you say yes to the correct possibilities and take risks with your eyes and heart wide open because of their clear-headed energy.

Colemanite Uses

colemanite stone

Colemanite is not used in jewelry because of its softness and water solubility. It is faceted into collectors' diamonds occasionally. 

The stone is one of the four principal borate ores mined in California for use in detergents, disinfectants, soaps, paints, pharmaceuticals, and coated papers. 

Colemanite is thought to encourage relaxation and help persons who use their energy in an overly focused manner to examine events from a larger perspective for metaphysical purposes. 

It has a variety of industrial applications, including the production of heat-resistant glass.

Colemanite Concrete

One of the most commonly used building materials is colemanite concrete. This concrete’s unique properties, such as strength, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and sustainability, account for its widespread use.

The properties of colemanite concrete, such as high strength and unit weight, make it a better material for dam construction. Dams are constructed to hold water and generate electricity. Because of the high weights exerted on the dam by water pressure, colemanite concrete is an ideal material for dam construction.

Colemanite concrete with conventional or modern formwork is used in the skeleton construction of a building. From building foundations to slabs, columns, and beams, colemanite concrete is used in the construction of modest structures, villas, and even high-rise buildings.

Asphalt roads are less durable and weaker than colemanite concrete streets, pavements, and driveways. Colemanite concrete is the preferred material for road and driveway building because of its extended service life and low maintenance requirements.

Seawalls, jetties, groins, breakwaters, bulkheads, and other constructions exposed to seawater have all used colemanite concrete as a construction material.

Colemanite concrete is the ideal building material for sewers and subterranean construction projects since it is sturdy and lasting. A special concrete mix is used to build culverts, piers, foundations, and abutments.

Colemanite concrete fences have benefited from advancements in the precast concrete industry. The conventional model of colemanite concrete fence construction takes longer to produce and install the fence elements. 

Advantages of Using Colemanite Concrete Include:

Colemanite concrete is prioritized over wood as a construction material since it is an integral aspect of a building.

It does not require any care once it has been cast and cured, and it can withstand any weather condition.

It is a non-combustible or deteriorating substance that does not burn, mildew, or rot.

Its excellent structural integrity offers additional protection from both harsh weather and earthquakes.

When colemanite concrete is freshly mixed, it can be molded into a variety of shapes.

Any beautiful surface can be created by stamping a colemanite concrete floor. It allows natural light in during the day and artificial light during the night. 

It is a long-lasting, low-cost substance that is essential for underground application.

Colemanite Ceramics

Colemanite ceramics are a type of material that is neither metallic nor organic. It can be crystalline, glassy, or a combination of the two. Heat can be used to create or densify ceramics, which are typically hard and chemically inert. 

Colemanite ceramic materials are used in electronics because they can be semiconducting, superconducting, ferroelectric, or insulating, depending on their composition. Spark plugs, fiber optics, artificial joints, space shuttle tiles, cooktops, race car brakes, micropositioners, chemical sensors, self-lubricating bearings, body armor, and skis are all made of ceramics.

Colemanite Powder

Colemanite powder is used in skincare products like face and body scrubs to help exfoliate the skin. Depending upon the particle size, you may eliminate dead skin cells from your body. 

Colemanite Price

Colemanite is priced at $475 USD per metric ton. 

Colemanite for Sale

Colemanite stone is available for sale at $5 USD per kilogram. 

Colemanite Powder for Sale

Colemanite powder is priced between $3 to $4 USD per kilogram. 


Whether you have a collection of colemanite stones or just one that speaks to your soul, it is essential to keep them close. Wearing colemanite against the skin is one of the best ways to interact with this stone. 

The healing vibrations of gemstone jewelry may connect and sync with your own frequencies, allowing you to shake loose chakra blockages and maintain your aura clear.

Another approach to welcome these healing gems into your life is to incorporate them into reiki healing, crystal grids, or altars for mindful meditation and affirmation chanting. Even simply holding a crystal in your palm during meditation might help you receive deeper spiritual messages.

Because colemanite has strong ties to the spirit world, you may want to utilize it or keep it with you when doing tarot, scrying, or any other practice that helps you summon spirit guides and energy from other realms.

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