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Jade: Complete Guide (2024)

jade stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about jade, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Jade – a short word with a long list of meanings attached to it. This stone is known and loved by many, and if you’re one of the few people that have never heard of jade before, you’re in for a treat today.

This article is a deep dive into everything jade related – and we mean everything! Expect beautiful pictures, fun facts, and a bit of a history lesson.

We’ll be talking about jade characteristics (both physical and chemical), we’ll be talking about the stone’s significance in different countries across the world, and we will even be talking about jade’s spiritual, magical properties. Jade charms and powers are holistic, transformative, and mind-blowing, and your life won’t be the same after you take home your very first jade stone.

But, we’re not going to tell you everything right away, so keep reading to find out all about the historically rich, spiritually enlightening, aesthetically pleasing jade stone.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Jade Meaning
    • What is Jade
      • Jade Etymology
      • What Colors does Jade Come on
      • Which Color of Jade is Most Valuable?
      • Is Jade a Mineral
      • Is Jade a Gemstone
      • Is Jade a Quartz
      • Is Jade a Crystal
      • Jade in Chinese
      • How to Identify Jade
      • What is Jade Used for
      • What does Jade Symbolize?
    • Jade Benefits
    • Where is Jade Found
      • Canadian Jade
      • Japanese Jade
      • Guatemala Jade
      • Oregon Jade Stone
      • British Columbia Jades
      • California Jade 
        • How to Identify California Jade
      • Vietnamese Jade
      • South African Jade
      • Jade in Thailand
  • Properties of Jade
    • What Healing Properties does Jade Have?
  • Jadeite vs Jade
    • Difference Between Jade and Jadeite
  • Emerald vs Jade
  • Jade and Gold
  • Green Onyx vs Jade
  • Malachite vs Jade
  • Types of Jade
    • Imperial Jade
    • Raw Jade
      • How to Identify Raw Jade
    • Carved Jade
    • Natural Jade
    • Polished Jade
  • Jade Colors
    • Green Jade
    • White Jade
    • Red Jade
    • Black Jade
    • Dark Green Jade
    • Brown Jade
    • Lavender Jade
      • Where is Lavender Jade Found
    • Lemon Jade Rock
  • Jade Jewelry
    • Jade Necklace
      • Men's Jade Necklace
      • Jade Dragon Necklace
      • Green Jade Necklace
      • Chinese Jade Necklace
      • Jade Heart Necklace
      • Jade Choker Necklace
      • Gold Jade Necklace
      • Jade Chain Necklace
      • Vietnamese Jade Necklace
      • Jade Teardrop Necklace
      • Japanese Jade Necklace
    • Jade Bracelet
      • Emerald Green Jade Bracelet
      • Natural Jade Bangle
      • Jade Beaded Bracelet
    • Jade Earrings
      • Jade Stud Earrings
      • Chinese Jade Earrings
      • Dark Green Jade Earrings
    • Jade Ring
      • Gold Jade Ring
      • Antique Jade Rings
      • Korean Jade Ring
    • Jade Pendant 
      • Jade Pendant Meaning
      • Men's Jade Pendant
      • Jade Circle Pendant
      • Chinese Jade Pendant
      • Carved Jade Pendant
      • Jade Donut Pendant
      • Lavender Jade Pendant
      • Chinese Jade Heart Pendant
      • Mayan Jade Pendant
      • Tiffany Jade Pendant
  • Jade Uses
    • Jade Roller
    • Jade Weapons
    • Jade Beads
      • Natural Jade Beads
    • Jade Watch
  • Jade for Sale
    • Jade Price
      • Jade Necklace Price
      • Real Jade Bracelet Price
      • Value of Jade Carvings
      • How Much is Jade Worth per Gram?
      • Chinese Jade Bracelet Price
      • Jade Bracelets for Sale
    • Jade Necklace for Sale
    • Uncut Jade for Sale
    • Jade Carvings for Sale
    • Where to  Buy Jade
      • Jade Jewelry Near Me
      • Jade Bracelet at Macys
      • Jade Earrings at Macys
    • Buy Jade Online
      • Jade on Amazon
        • Jade Pendant on Amazon
        • Jade Bangle on Amazon
        • Jade Necklace on Amazon
      • Jade on eBay
    • Where to  Sell Jade Near Me
    • Jade Wholesale
    • How to  Tell if Jade is Real
    • Real Jade vs Fake Jade
  • Conclusion

Jade Meaning

The jade stone is a symbol of balance, gentleness, and strength. Unlike many stones, the jade stone is not solely associated with one spiritual benefit. Rather, it has a wide range of meanings and properties.

Jade is one of the more complex and enriching stones that the earth has to offer, but we’ll explore all of its many intricacies in this section. 

What is Jade

By definition, jade is a hard stone that is usually green. It is made up of the jadeite and nephrite minerals, and it is very frequently used in jewelry and ornaments.

The jade rock comes in two different forms, but it is always a silicate mineral. If a jade is made up of nephrite, it is a calcium magnesium silicate and an amphibole mineral. Meanwhile, if it is made up of jadeite, it is a sodium aluminium silicate and a pyroxene mineral.

Jade has a monoclinic crystal system, no cleavage, a hardness of six to seven on the Mohs scale, and a translucent to opaque diaphaneity. Jade can either have an intergrown grainy crystal habit or a fine fibrous aggregate crystal habit.

This hard yet delicate stone has a long, significant history as an ornamental device in Asian art pieces and furniture. Its symbolism is most significant in Mesoamerica, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. 

green and white water flowing in a river

Jade Etymology

Jade is pronounced in a multitude of ways depending on the country you’re in. That’s because its name is influenced by a number of European countries and their languages.

The term “jade” is derived from the French word “ejade”, which developed from the Spanish word “piedra de ijada”, which translates to “stone of the flank” in English.

What Colors does Jade Come in

According to the jade Wikipedia page, the stone can form in just about any color. However, jade typically forms in shades of green, and as a result, it is commonly associated with the color green – so much so that “jade” has become known as a shade of green in its own right. If jade isn’t green in color, it is most likely either white or yellow.

Which Color of Jade is Most Valuable?

The greener the jade stone, the more valuable it is. To get a little more specific, the shade of jade that is deemed most valuable is imperial green.

We tend to think of a bright bottle green color when we speak about jade stones, so it only makes sense that we’ll pay more for a stone that brings that image to life. 

Is Jade a Mineral

The jade mineral is actually not one mineral – it’s two! Jade is a term used to refer to both the nephrite and jadeite minerals. Yeah, we know it’s a little confusing, but it’s simpler than you might think.

What we refer to as “jade” is either one of two minerals, and in this way, jade is an extraordinarily versatile and fascinating stone. 

Is Jade a Gemstone

Yes! Jade is a gemstone. In fact, it’s one of the most highly prized and coveted gemstones in the world due to its beauty, history, and metaphysical properties. Jade is often cut, polished, and used in jewelry – giving it the clout to qualify as a tip-top gemstone. 

Is Jade a Quartz

Jade is not a quartz. In fact, jade and quartz are two entirely different minerals. Quartz is a mineral in its own right, while jade is made up of either jadeite or nephrite.

Is Jade a Crystal

While the terms “stone” and “crystal” are commonly interchanged these days, there are a few differences. A stone tends to be made up of multiple minerals and have a round, smooth surface.

Meanwhile, a crystal is usually shinier, more translucent, and can often have sharp edges. Jade falls somewhere in between being a rock and a crystal. Depending on how it is mined and sold, it can appear either as a stone or a shining, sharp-edged crystal. 

Jade in Chinese

Jade has a long history as a stone of immense importance in China. So, it only seems right that we learn the Chinese version of the word. In Chinese, jade translates to “”, and the crystal is also referred to as “the imperial gem” or “the stone of heaven” by the Chinese.

These names probably give you an indication of how much value the Chinese place on the jade stone. 

green ceramic frog figurine

How to Identify Jade

What does raw jade look like? Whether you’re asking because you’ve decided to become a bona fide rock hunter, or you’re just wanting to avoid getting fooled into making a bad purchase, we’ve got some tips on how to identify jade.

Firstly, jade is generally known for its bright green color. An authentic jade can differ in color, however, and it can often appear yellow or white, or it could even include shades of brown. Raw jade stones should not be flawless by any means.

Bumps, ridges, and discoloration are all part of the deal. However, if you’re buying a cabochon or a brand new jade ring, expect a bottle green shine and an omission of any natural flaws.

Jade is also a very hard stone, especially when it is a jadeite mineral. So, one way to identify a jade stone is by scraping it with a kitchen knife. A knife shouldn’t be able to leave a scratch on the formidable jade crystal. 

What is Jade Used for

Jade is used in a number of different ways. From ornaments and jewelry to vases and carvings, jade’s uses can range in symbolic value, aesthetic purposes, and practical value.

For more information on jade’s uses, check out our later sections in this article on “Jade Uses” and “Jade Jewelry”.

What does Jade Symbolize?

Depending on what nation you’re in, jade can symbolize something entirely different. In China, for example, jade is known as a symbol of heaven – denoting its serene and high vibrational nature.

However, in the western world, jade tends to symbolize wealth, affluence, and nobility. The spiritually inclined will know that jade represents a balance of strength and softness, and that the stone is a symbol of feng shui, health, and good fortune. 

Jade Benefits

Jade is one of the most well-rounded, spiritually enriching stones. It brings with it many varying spiritual properties that assist its users in different aspects of their lives.

For example, wearing jade benefits emotional and energetic balance in the body and soul. Meanwhile, keeping jade in a home promotes good feng shui and serenity within the living space. Jade can also inspire deeper creativity, encourage resilience during times of stress, help its users work on their shadow sides, and ultimately create a harmonious yin and yang balance.

It doesn’t end there, though! Jade can even attract wealth and abundance into your life, and it is a constant source of grounding and maturity.

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Where is Jade Found

Jade forms – often in large quantities – deep in the Earth’s crust along faults in serpentinites. Tectonic plates create small earthquakes by rubbing against one another, and they create small cracks as a result, which allows water to flow through the rock and fill the cracks with jade.

The stone builds up slowly over time after many earthquakes, and subsequently those deposits are mined and extracted. Jade is found all over the world in countries like New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, England, the United States, and Vietnam.

Canadian Jade

Canada’s major jade mines are found in areas such as Cassiar, Lillooet, the Yukon Territory, and Omineca. Because the top tier jade stones are of immense monetary value, and Canada is home to many of these stones, jade mining has been very profitable for the nation.

Canada supplies over seventy percent of all nephrite jade in the world on a yearly basis, so it’s no surprise that Canada stands out as one of the most valuable mining areas for the jade stone. 

Japanese Jade

Jade mining in japan started over seven thousand years ago, and it continues to this day. In early times, special Japanese elites were selected to own the jade stone as a physical representation of their status and affluence. Japan has used jade for prayer rituals and in ornaments and accessories over the many years that this stone has been mined in the nation.

Although the significance of jade dwindled in Japan before the Meiji era, it soon picked up again and it is both a stone of great admiration and profit in the country.

Guatemala Jade

Guatemala is another nation that shares a profound history with the jade stone. Jade was used by the Mayans in their artistic and religious pursuits. Jade was seen as an important symbol of the eternal afterlife that the Maya believed in, and as such, it was treasured by the civilization.

For example, Mayan kings were buried while wearing jade masks in order to safely release them to the afterlife. These days, many tourists take time out of their visits to Guatemala in order to browse all the jade jewelry and sculptures that the country has to offer. 

Oregon Jade Stone

Jade stone is even mined in the United States! Oregon is one example of a U.S. state that supplies gorgeous jade specimens. In this state, the two most notable jade mines are in the Baker Co. Oregon Jade Mine and the Jackson Co. Applegate Mining District. 

British Columbia Jades

Because British Columbia is a Canadian territory, we’ve already touched on its boastful quantities of high quality jade. However, there’s definitely more to say on the subject.

Whistler Jade mine produces much of the genuine jade that British Columbia produces annually, and their mining only began in the 1960s. British Columbia also has a wide selection of jade art, which is often created by or in association with Fathom Stone Art. 

California Jade 

California is undoubtedly the US state most abundant in jade stone. The state has almost forty mines that supply jade to the market and the rest of the world.

Some stellar Californian jade mining areas include San Bernardino Co.’s Belleville Mining District, Butte Co.’s Pulga mine, and Jade Cove mined by Monterey Co..

How to Identify California Jade

No matter where you are in the world, jade forms in the exact same way. The stone is a result of small earthquakes that create cracks in the Earth’s crust, allowing jade to slowly develop and solidify.

So, Californian jade will be incredibly hard to distinguish from other jade stones – even by a trained professional. 

Vietnamese Jade

You might find it hard to believe, but jade has been used by the Vietnamese in jewelry since 5000 BC. It was likewise used in weapon making and tool production. Jade bangles are commonly worn in Vietnam in order to provide the wearer with supernatural protection from harm and negative energy.

These bangles are even passed down from generation to generation. Jade mining in Vietnam continues to this day, specifically in the Luc Yen area in the Yen Bai province. 

South African Jade

African Jade Mining is a jade mine in Pretoria, one of South Africa’s capital cities.

This mining company produces the majority of jade stone that South Africa puts on the market, and its work extends to the Gauteng region, too. 

Jade in Thailand

Although Thailand is better known for its ruby and sapphire production, it also has a wonderful supply of green jade stones. However, Myanmar is known for having some of the best jade stones in Southeast Asia, so buyers tend to look past Thailand’s jade supply in order to seek jade stones of higher quality in its neighbouring country. 

Properties of Jade

Now that you’re well aware of the physical properties of jade, let’s talk about the metaphysical properties of this marvellous stone. As you have probably noticed reading the previous sections, jade is deeply associated with many positive benefits – and these benefits aren’t necessarily linked to one another.

Jade can offer spiritual and emotional protection, but it can also be an incredibly grounding stone that helps us get in touch with our creativity. Jade is also linked to increased wealth and affluence, but it is equally linked to good feng shui, maturity, and inner strength.

There is no stone quite as versatile as jade, and everyone can benefit from bringing its spiritual properties into their world.

What Healing Properties does Jade Have?

Jade is thought by some to have a lot of physical healing properties such as maintaining healthy organs and balancing bodily fluids.

However, the stone is also known for its calming properties, so it can assist its users in achieving a state of balance and relaxation. It also encourages its users to open themselves up to the idea of renewal, so it can play a huge role in healing from loss or heartbreak.

Times of transformative healing and great change are eased and encouraged by the jade stone, and it will help you move on from your past in a healthy and optimistic way.

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Jadeite vs Jade

Jade can form as one of two minerals – jadeite and nephrite. So, really, jade and jadeite are two different names for the exact same thing. However, jade can also form as nephrite, and in this case, jadeite will not be present in the jade stone whatsoever.

Jadeite is harder than nephrite and it is a sodium aluminium silicate rather than a calcium magnesium silicate. However, the metaphysical properties of the jade stone don’t change depending on whether it is a jadeite or a nephrite. 

Difference Between Jade and Jadeite

To be clear, jade is made up of jadeite (unless the stone is made up of nephrite). So, jade and jadeite are essentially the same mineral.

The only real difference is that “jade” is an umbrella term for both jadeite and nephrite, which are two different minerals. So while jade can sometimes be jadeite, jadeite can never be anything other than jadeite.

Emerald vs Jade

Emerald and jade are two of the world’s most famous and sought-after green gemstones. It pains us to even think about comparing these two gorgeous gemstones, because they both have so much to offer (and, after all, it’s not a competition).

However, emerald and jade are completely different crystals. While jade is either a nephrite or jadeite mineral, emerald is a variety of the beryl mineral. Usually, emerald is far more expensive than jade, but certain jade stones of top-tier quality can be just as expensive as high quality emeralds.

Lastly, emerald is associated with the heart chakra and unconditional love, while jade is a grounding, balancing, and protective stone.

Jade and Gold

Most jade jewelry is made with gold, and that’s because gold and jade symbolize wealth and prosperity. Separately, both minerals represent affluence and abundance, but when jade and gold are brought together, these properties really come into fruition. Jade and gold complement one another both aesthetically and spiritually.

Green Onyx vs Jade

Just like emerald, green onyx is an entirely different stone to jade. While jade is either a nephrite or jadeite mineral, green onyx is a banded variety of chalcedony. However, both green onyx and jade are famous for their bright green shades and crystal clear sparkle.

Green onyx is, without a doubt, a stone of intellect. It represents intelligence, and it helps its users keep a clear and focused mind and retain a strong memory. Meanwhile, jade balances the body and promotes overall wellbeing and spiritual protection.

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Malachite vs Jade

Malachite and jade might be confused due to their rich green colors. However, their chemical components couldn’t be any more dissimilar.

Malachite is a hydrated copper carbonate, and it is much softer than jade – only having a Mohs scale hardness of about 4, while jade has a hardness of at least 6. So, jade is much tougher than malachite, and it is also comprised of different minerals (jadeite and nephrite).

Malachite also tends to have slightly darker, forest green color tones, while jade is a lot brighter and more saturated in appearance.

Types of Jade

By now, we already know that jade can be divided into two distinct types – nephrite and jadeite. However, we’re going to make things even more complicated in this section as we delve into the different types of jade that arise depending on how the stone is treated and sculpted by human activity. 

Imperial Jade

Imperial jade, also known as Fei Cui, is the most highly prized jade on the market. It is adored by many, and that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has seen this remarkable type of jade.

Imperial jade has a distinct emerald color, and it is more translucent than most other jades. These qualities are attributed to why imperial jade is the ultimate gemstone variety of the stone (and, as a result, the priciest). 

Raw Jade

If bells and whistles aren’t your thing, raw jade should be on your radar. Raw jade is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an untouched, completely natural variety of the jade stone.

It is usually much more jagged than other, more polished jades, and every raw stone is entirely unique.

How to  Identify Raw Jade

Raw jade is much harder than a lot of other stones. So, in order to identify it, you should try throwing it up in the air and catching it. If it feels heavy in your palm, then it’s probably a jade.

Of course, most raw jade stones are green in color, but each stone can have a slightly different shade with different inclusions. Colors such as bottle green, emerald green, turquoise, aqua, white, and yellow, can be expected.

Carved Jade

Carved jade stones are both a delight for the eyes and a culturally significant art practice. Jade carving is a Chinese art form, and it is one of the countries oldest and most cherished practices.

Its historical peaks include the Neolithic Age, the late Shang Dynasty, the Zhuanguo Period, the Han Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty. Carved jade stones have been both commissioned and supported by Chinese governments and royals. Carvings include dragons, angels, animals, plants, and significant Chinese symbols.

Natural Jade

With scientific labs having created synthetic jade, you might be worried that you could fall into the trap of buying an inauthentic stone. However, you’ll be pleased to know that synthetic jade stones are not sold commercially, so pretty much every jade on the market is a natural one.

Natural jade can provide so many positive spiritual and emotional benefits, so it is important to ensure that you don’t miss out on the wonders of natural jade. 

Polished Jade

In order to really showcase the shining color of a jade stone, polishing is often a necessary process. Polished jade is ideal for jewelry and ornaments, and it is the more high-end version of the stone.

To get the most aesthetic value out of your jade stone, consider purchasing a polished jade, especially when you’re thinking about decorating your home (or your body) with the crystal.

Jade Colors

You might be wondering why we’ve dedicated an entire section of this article to the different colors of jade. Isn’t jade green and only green? Well, yes, usually jade is green in color, and the stone is famous for its rich green hues.

However, there are quite a few different colors in which jade can form, and we’re about to give you the scoop on all of these stunning and spiritually transformative jade colors. 

Green Jade

There’s no denying it – green jade is a classic! It’s the color we search for when we’re browsing for jade jewelry and it is the color most associated with the jade stone.

Green jade has long been tied to abundance, balance, and spiritual protection. Not to mention, its color is able to soothe and inspire simultaneously. Just looking at a green jade stones brings your chi into balance and relaxes your mind.

White Jade

White jade is usually an indication that the stone is a nephrite. This color is not usually a clean white, but rather, it is a creamy, slightly off-white color. White jade has a unique, infectious light that brings joy and serenity to those who choose to use it in their spiritual practice.

It purifies the heart chakra, and it can increase the loving energies in your world. If you find yourself becoming bitter, isolated, and uninspired, quickly turn to white jade for some reinvigoration.

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Red Jade

This is likely your first time hearing about red jade, and that’s because this stone is exceptionally rare. Red jade is a jadeite stone, and it is one of the hardest varieties of jade. As with most red gemstones, red jade is symbolic of fire and courage.

It’s the least gentle variety of jade because it doesn’t hold back in pushing you to follow your destiny. If you’re someone who often gives in to fatigue or struggles to access their Kali energy, red jade has your name written all over it. 

Black Jade

Like green jade, black jade can form as both nephrite and jadeite. Black jade can help us explore our inner lives and deal with our shadow side in a healthy, loving way. It is a protective stone, so much so that it is even nicknamed the “guardian stone”.

If you want to protect yourself from harmful energies and negative vibes, black jade will keep all those bad things away. Sounds like that’s what the doctor ordered!

Dark Green Jade

It is thought by many that dark green jade stones have stronger energies than their lighter counterparts. So, if you’re experienced with jade and you want to take things up a notch, or if you’re looking for a more intense spiritual experience with your stone, dark green jade is the way to go. 

Brown Jade

If grounding is what you’re after, then consider buying yourself a raw, brown jade. These rare jade stones are ideal for bringing you back down to Earth and balancing your energies.

Brown jade stones are particularly helpful during times of reflection and restoration, so whether you’re about to go on holiday or you’re headed to an ayahuasca retreat, you’d be lucky to have brown jade as your companion. 

Lavender Jade

Turn that frown upside down with some lavender jade. Thanks to its connection with the angelic realm, lavender jade has a warm glow that purifies and restores anything it comes into contact with.

It uses Kwan Yin energy to create calm, evoke enthusiasm, and activate the crown chakra. Lavender jade is best used in meditation, and it can often turn your attention to the soul chakra, allowing for revelations and psychic ability.

Where is Lavender Jade Found

Lavender jade was discovered in the 1980s in Bursa, Turkey, and it has never been located anywhere else on the planet. Turkey supplies beautiful lavender jade to global markets, however, so the stone is accessible all over the world. 

Lemon Jade Rock

Lemon jade is so zesty and bright – you can almost taste it! This colorful yellow stone is a symbol of good luck, and it works with you to make your dreams a reality.

Speaking of dreams, this stone can help you remember and comprehend your nightly dreams – leading to a stronger understanding of self. Lemon jade stabilizes your mood and soothes your spirit, and best of all, it makes you a happier person.

Jade Jewelry

Listen up you jewelry lovers! We’ve got every bit of info you might need to get you started on your jade jewelry shopping spree. In this section, we’ll be chatting about everything from chinese jade jewelry to antique jade rings.

If you think you know it all already, get prepared to be surprised. The landscape of jade jewelry is vast, fascinating, and full of spiritual riches.

jade jewelries

Jade Necklace

Jade necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. They often include gold chains or setting pieces, but there’s no doubt about who the star of the show is here (it’s jade).

Jade necklaces can also make use of string instead of gold, and sterling silver, rose gold, and diamonds can often get thrown into the mix. There is an enormous amount of jade necklace options to choose from, and each one will provide your soul with balance, creativity, and maturity.

Men's Jade Necklace

Listen up, guys! You can also find a jade accessory that suits your style. While you are welcome to wear whichever jade necklace your heart desires, there are quite a few masculine necklaces to pick from.

These include dark green jade pendants paired with brown string, carved jade paired with gold chains, and donut jade pendants wherein a leather string is attached through a hole in the centre of a round jade.

Jade Dragon Necklace

Throughout Southeast Asia, the combination of jade and dragons in the form of a jade dragon necklace symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. Wearing a jade dragon necklace brings out your confidence and it reminds you that, no matter where you are, you’re in charge. 

Green Jade Necklace

If you feel overwhelmed by all the jade necklace varieties on the market, why not start by checking out the most simple, classic option? Green jade necklaces offer spiritual protection from evil energies and people with bad intentions, and all the while, they add beauty and charm to anyone’s outfit of the day. 

Chinese Jade Necklace

As we’ve mentioned before, jade has a special place in the hearts of the Chinese due to its long history in the nation. To this day, many Chinese citizens continue to wear jade both as a means of protection and as a symbol of piety.

Parents often gift their children with jade necklaces in order to keep them safe. If you want to join in on this Chinese tradition and experience these spiritual benefits, buy yourself a Chinese jade necklace and see the good vibrations come pouring in. 

Jade Heart Necklace

Jade heart necklaces will supply you with boundless love and serenity. These adorable heart-shaped accessories are allegedly connected to the heart chakra, and they will encourage you to be more loving and accepting of love.

Jade heart necklaces can help you find and maintain solid relationships, and they can make you a more honest and self-accepting person. Plus, these necklaces are so cute, we’d buy them with or without their benefits!

Jade Choker Necklace

Nineties fashion has been back in style for a while now, and chokers are all the rage. But, a jade choker necklace elevates both your style and your vibrations.

These necklaces are ideal for those with Pisces zodiac placements, because jade is actually the alternative birthstone for Pisces after aquamarine – and these chokers are definitely a little more alternative than other jade jewelry options. 

jade necklace and daffodils

Gold Jade Necklace

If you’re looking for something extra classy, a gold jade necklace is the way to go. Gold and jade complement one another in a major way, and they also tend to complement olive complexions, green eyes, or brown hair. Gold and jade will also work together to keep you enthusiastic, self-assured, and confident.

Jade Chain Necklace

Chains are extremely common in the jade necklace world. They allow for a jade gemstone or pendant to shine without drawing too much attention from the beautiful stone.

If you’re a fan of chains, we highly recommend buying a jade chain necklace as they’re durable and they complement the jade stones they hold up. 

Vietnamese Jade Necklace

While Vietnam is known for its jade bangles, it also boasts some pretty stunning necklaces. Vietnamese jade necklaces offer protection from all things negative, and they can create a shield between you and any energy vampires that come into your midst. 

Jade Teardrop Necklace

The jade teardrop necklace is ideal for anyone who needs a little extra boost of strength and perspective. These necklaces are life affirming, and they allow you to feel the hardships of life without giving into pessimism and self-pity.

The Roimata symbol, which is in the shape of a teardrop, encourages those who use it to keep going despite hard times and difficult circumstances.

Japanese Jade Necklace

In Japan, jade is a symbol of wealth and power. Although jade mined in Japan doesn’t have the top quality transparency of imperial jade, it is still so incredibly rare that it is highly prized and incredibly valuable.

Japanese jade necklaces are symbolic of one’s rarity, and they remind the wearer to remember how special they are.

Emerald Green Jade Bracelet

For ultimate spiritual protection, consider getting yourself an emerald green jade bracelet. Bracelets are powerful protectors, and so is jade. Even better, the rich, emerald green color of this bracelet means that the metaphysical powers of jade are even stronger than usual.

So, put on that gorgeous emerald green jade bracelet of yours and step out into the world with a profound inner strength that no one can mess with. 

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Jade Bracelet

A real jade bracelet is a source of joy, wisdom, balance, and creativity. Jade bracelets can come in a number of different forms – beaded bracelets, bangles, small chains, and the list goes on.

Jade bracelets can meet your fashion needs, but more importantly, they can help you seek and discover abundance in all aspects of your life. 

Natural Jade Bangle

If you’re buying a jade bangle, make sure it’s a natural one! There’s nothing quite like an authentic jade bangle – both aesthetically and metaphysically.

Natural jade brings heaps of positive vibrations into your life, and its exterior is filled with beautiful, organic intricacies that’ll keep you mesmerised for years to come.

Jade Beaded Bracelet

Whether you purchase one already-made or you bead it yourself, a jade beaded bracelet will totally transform your spiritual well being. These soothing accessories calm the mind and release tension from the soul.

They protect your spirit and allow for a healthy chi. And all you have to do is slip one of these stunning bracelets onto your wrist!

Jade Earrings

Take your style up a notch with a pair of jade earrings. These delicate yet durable accessories are so diverse, they’re almost impossible to describe. You can find anything from lavender jade earrings to gold plated jade and pearl dangle earrings on the market. The choices really are endless, and so are the spiritual benefits of wearing this jewel. 

Jade Stud Earrings

If you’re a practical person who likes to keep things simple and timeless, look no further than jade stud earrings. These beautiful, subtle gems will last you a lifetime and they’ll never, ever go out of fashion. 

Chinese Jade Earrings

When shopping for real jade earrings, you won’t want to miss out on the accessories that China has to offer. Many Chinese jade earrings are carved, so there are incredibly creative jewels that come from the nation.

Flower carvings, Chinese words and symbols, and animals are all carved into these adorable, historically significant jewels.

Dark Green Jade Earrings

Dark green jade earrings pair really well with blond hair and brown eyes, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from grabbing a set of these lovely jewels.

Because dark green jade has more powerful energies than light green jade, you can expect these earrings to elevate your consciousness and connect you with angelic realms.

Jade Ring

A real jade ring is a true symbol of good luck, and when you wear one regularly, you can expect good fortune around every corner. Jade rings are incredibly elegant, and they radiate confidence and symbolize one’s belief in themself. So, if you’re looking for a classic, spiritually enriching accessory, the jade ring is an ideal candidate.

Gold Jade Ring

Let’s get even classier with a gold jade ring. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the colors of jade and gold are a truly divine combination. You won’t be able to take one of these rings off once you put it on, and you’ll be better for it.

Antique Jade Rings

Jade rings always stand the test of time. And if you don’t believe us, then check out the antique jade rings that the internet has to offer. These rings are especially regal, and they make you stand out as someone with refined and unique taste.

Korean Jade Ring

Jade rings are a traditional Korean jewel. In fact, jade is a huge part of Korean jewelry in general, and it is a very important stone in Korean culture. Jade, or “ok” in Korean, is thought to have physical health benefits – keeping illness away and benefitting overall health. 

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Jade Pendant 

Access and activate that heart chakra of yours with a jade pendant. Jade pendants are known to improve overall life satisfaction, offer wisdom, and help you find your inner strength.

Best of all, jade pendants are low maintenance, and you take them with you wherever you go.

Jade Pendant Meaning

Jade pendants represent strength, peace, and perseverance. Mayan jade jewelry included jade pendants, so these spiritually transformative accessories have been around for a long time.

They’re the kind of pendant that will see you through your entire life, keeping danger and bad energy far away from you. 

Men's Jade Pendant

Just in case you weren’t sure, men can also wear jade pendants! In fact, it’s encouraged. Men’s jade pendants come in a range of colors, cuts, and styles, but one thing is certain – there is definitely a jade pendant out there for every man.

Jade Circle Pendant

Jade circle pendants, or donut pendants, are one of the most popular masculine jade accessories. The circle represents completion, harmony, and the cyclical nature of life, so wearing a jade circle pendant will keep you in touch with divine wisdom and make you feel balanced and grounded.

Chinese Jade Pendant

Many Chinese jade pendants are carved and can include images of flora, fauna, and Chinese symbolism. So, if you’re looking for a jade pendant with a little extra creativity and cultural richness, then a Chinese jade pendant is right up your alley.

Carved Jade Pendant

Carved jade pendants can come in a range of styles, and they are traditionally made by the Chinese. These pendants include insanely accurate depictions of different animals, people, and settings.

The amount of detail that goes into making a carved jade pendant is astonishing, so if you manage to find one for yourself, don’t ever let it go. 

green and silver dragon ceramic

Jade Donut Pendant

Jade donut pendants represent completion, harmony, and continuation. By wearing a jade donut pendant, you can remind yourself of the eternal nature of the universe on a daily basis. In this way, you can seek to access the abundance of the infinite universe with the help of your jade accessory. 

Lavender Jade Pendant

Lavender jade pendants are for those who need a bit of a boost in energy and enthusiasm. These soft, pastel pendants are rich in beauty, optimism, and angelic energy.

Lavender jade pendants help you access higher realms and communicate with your spirit guides, so wearing a lavender jade pendant to a spiritual retreat or on a spiritual journey will result in major revelations.

Chinese Jade Heart Pendant

Has your heart been hurting? Are you losing the strength to love and accept love into your life? A Chinese jade heart pendant can help restore your love receptors and bring you back to a space of compassion, kindness, and romance.

These sweet, heart-shaped accessories tell the world that you’re ready to bring love into your orbit and share your love with those around you. 

Mayan Jade Pendant

Jade lovers of today have at least one thing in common with the Mayans of Mesoamerica. Jade pendants were used by Maya royalty to summon the elements of rain and wind.

These pendants were used in a number of other Maya rituals, but most commonly, they requested the necessary earthly means to grow crops using the magical powers of jade. 

Tiffany Jade Pendant

Tiffany and Co. has a substantial supply of jade pendants on display. Of course, Tiffany and Co. offers the classic green jade pendant paired with a gold chain, but there are some more creative options on sale, too.

Some pendants are in the shape of bottles and crosses, while others make use of black and white jade.

Jade Uses

Jade is a very pretty stone, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that it is also incredibly useful and it is often made into very helpful devices commonly used by people in their daily lives.

You might even use jade on a daily basis without realizing! For example, red jade is commonly used to make shirt buttons, while green jade is made into vases and urns. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the major uses of jade in today’s world. 

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Jade Roller

If you haven’t heard of a jade roller, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last few years. They’re all the rage in the beauty world – and with good reason, too. Jade rollers can be applied to the face to minimize puffiness, drain lymph nodes, and stimulate blood flow.

They can even reverse signs of aging and make your face appear brighter. To get the most out of your jade roller, put it in the freezer overnight and apply it to your face first thing in the morning. Trust us – it’s incredible!

jade roller and black vape

Jade Weapons

Jade weapons and tools date back over thousands of years. Because jade is so hard, it works incredibly well as a sword or knife when sharpened as it will not snap or shatter upon impact.

During the Bronze Age, jade was used to create a dagger-axe by the Erlitou people in China. Today, jade weapons are kept either as artifacts or used in burials.

Jade Beads

Jade beads are every jewelry maker’s dream. They’re hard, durable, and can last forever without fading or developing scratch marks. Jade beads offer protection, and they can even help you avoid psychic attacks and paranoia.

Natural Jade Beads

While synthetic jade is very uncommon, jade beads are frequently replaced with green glass or other green stones by unethical store-owners.

In order to ensure that your beads are natural, make sure you buy them from a legitimate site or store. You’ll be able to tell right away if your jade beads are authentic because it is pretty hard to successfully imitate this stone.

Jade Watch

Watching the time pass by has never felt more fulfilling than it does with a jade watch. Because jade is all about making your time on Earth feel satisfying, meaningful, and dynamic, a jade watch is a profound symbol of making the most out of your life.

Every time you check your watch, you’ll be reminded to seize the day, treat people with kindness, and find moments of peace no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Jade for Sale

Selecting a jade stone or a piece of genuine jade jewelry can be tough. Jade is one of the most popular and well-known stones on the market, so shoppers are completely spoiled for choice.

But, there is no need to stress as we have dedicated this final section to creating a fool proof jade stone shopper’s guide. Stick with us as we share our shopping tips and tricks – and even a few website reviews!

Jade Price

With any stone, prices tend to vary. However, Jade stones take price spectrums to a whole new level. To give you a better idea, jade can cost between five dollars and three million dollars per carat! A jade stone can be incredibly inexpensive, costing only around one dollar per stone.

However, it can also cost over one thousand dollars per stone. The price of a jade stone depends on its size, weight, color, clarity, and whether or not it is made into an elegant piece of jewelry. 

jade pendant

Jade Necklace Price

Unless they are sold second-hand or made into raw pendants, jade necklaces tend to cost a fair share of money.

You can expect to pay at least fifty dollars for a necklace, but more often than not, a real jade necklace will cost over one hundred or even one thousand dollars. It is also not uncommon to find jade necklaces that cost upwards of ten thousand dollars. 

Real Jade Bracelet Price

Authentic jade bracelets often sell for a lot cheaper than jade necklaces. You can certainly buy a high quality jade bracelet for under twenty dollars. However, there are also a number of more high-end jade bracelets on the market that cost over one thousand dollars per item. Usually, these bracelets combine jade with other, more expensive stones. 

Value of Jade Carvings

Authentic jade carvings aren’t for those who are on a tight budget. These gorgeous Chinese creations cost at least a few hundred dollars, and they often cost thousands of dollars per carving. The average price of a jade carving is about five hundred dollars. 

How Much is Jade Worth per Gram?

Depending on the stone’s quality, jade can cost between twenty dollars and five thousand dollars per gram.

Luckily, that means that jade can be both an affordable stone for those on a tight budget as well as a more elite gemstone for those buying for a more special occasion. 

Chinese Jade Bracelet Price

Much like any jade jewelry item, Chinese jade bracelets vary greatly in price. They can cost anything between five and five thousand dollars depending on who made them and what other materials were used in their creation.

For example, a beaded Chinese jade bracelet will be pricier than a diamond encrusted jade bracelet made with a high quality gold chain. 

Jade Bracelets for Sale

There are loads of high quality options online when it comes to jade bracelets, but you can also find a lot of beautiful jade bracelets in jewelry stores. Many bespoke and artisanal jewelry designers enjoy using jade stone in their pieces.

Because jade is such a popular stone, the world is your oyster when it comes to jade jewelry shopping. 

Jade Necklace for Sale

Just like jade bracelets, jade necklaces are very easy to find. Your only issue when browsing for jade necklaces will be having to decide which one to take home with you.

There are so many dazzling jade necklace designs, and these necklaces range dramatically in price. Any jade necklace you can think of is probably either on the internet or at your nearest jewelry store.

Uncut Jade for Sale

Julia Fox would go crazy for this uncut gem! These rough jade stones are generally quite inexpensive and you can find them both online and in crystal stores. When buying an uncut jade, make sure to choose with your intuition and take as much time as you need. 

Jade Carvings for Sale

Jade carvings are sold in abundance on second hand online stores and in vintage and antique shops. These historically significant, beautifully sculpted carvings are certainly not cheap, but a spectacular art piece shouldn’t be sold for anything less than what it’s worth.

Where to Buy Jade

Most crystal stores sell jade stones. Where you look to find jade should depend entirely on what version of the stone you’re looking for. For example, cabochons and raw stones can easily be found in crystal stores, while pendants and bracelets will be more quickly found in a jewelry shop.

Take your time while searching for your dream jade stone. We promise it’ll be worth it. 

Jade Jewelry Near Me

Your local jeweler will likely supply some delicious jade accessories for you to choose from. Make sure to check out all the artisanal jewelry stores near you.

However, if you’re still struggling to find jade jewelry, there’s no shame in searching for your ideal accessory online. 

Jade Bracelet at Macys

Macys has a relatively small yet high quality jade bracelet selection. These authentic jade bangles that the store has to offer generally cost at least one hundred dollars, but they can cost upwards of seven hundred dollars, too. Luckily, Macys has regular sales that make these items a little more affordable. 

Jade Earrings at Macys

Like jade bracelets at Macys, the store’s jade earrings are relatively pricey. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because an expensive jade gemstone is usually a good quality jade gemstone.

Unlike the Macys jade bracelets, there are far more options to pick from when it comes to the Macys jade earrings. Browsing in person or online, you’ll find a bunch of different styles and shades at your disposal. 

Buy Jade Online

There are a number of online and ecommerce stores that supply jade in all shapes and forms. You can find just about anything on the internet when it comes to the jade stone – crystal towers, hearts, skulls, pendants, and anything else you can name.

Because Amazon and eBay are two of the most bountiful sources of jade on the web, we’re going to talk a little more about these two stores in depth. 

Jade on Amazon

If real jade jewelry is what you’re looking for, you’re definitely going to want to check out the products on Amazon. You can get way more than just jewelry on Amazon, however.

The Amazon website has everything from jade rollers and jade gua shas to jade elephant figures and jade eye masks. You name it, it’s probably on the Amazon site!

jade roller and green drink

Jade Pendant on Amazon

We have to give a special mention to the jade pendants on Amazon because the detail that goes into these accessories is simply out of this world. Amazon has an array of pendants including a purple jade covered in sterling silver and rose gold flower details, a gold turtle shell filled with an authentic, green jade stone, and an electrifying color display of jade, ruby, and aquamarine all neatly tucked into one gorgeous pendant.

In need of a Valentine’s Day gift? You might want to check out Amazon.

Jade Bangle on Amazon

If the bangle options at Macys are a little out of your price range, try checking out the jade bangles on Amazon. These bangles are cute as a button and they only cost around twenty dollars. 

Jade Necklace on Amazon

One of the most exciting jade products on Amazon is the jade necklace. When it comes to jade necklaces on Amazon, you’re going to have to see it to believe it.

Carved jade necklaces are definitely the best sellers on the store, with carvings that include flowers, dragons, and Buddha. We recommend browsing through all the gorgeous jade necklace options – whether classic or eccentric – that Amazon has to offer.

Jade on eBay

Because eBay is essentially a giant second-hand store, jade products range dramatically – both in type and quality. You might have to do some digging to find exactly what you want, but there’s a good chance you’ll find a great deal on the jade item of your desires. 

Where to Sell Jade Near Me

If you’re planning on selling jade stones, first make sure that they are of good quality and that they are one hundred percent authentic. Because jade is usually supplied to stores by large mines, chances are you’re going to have to start your own business in order to sell these gorgeous stones. Good luck!

Jade Wholesale

Buying jade in wholesale can be both spiritually and economically effective. You’ll reap the stone’s benefits and experience astronomical new levels of jade’s metaphysical powers by inviting a large amount of jade into your life. Plus, when you buy in bulk, you end up paying much less per stone. 

How to Tell if Jade is Real

Nobody deserves to be tricked into purchasing an inauthentic jade stone. That’s why we’re making sure you know exactly how to identify whether or not your jade stone is authentic.

Firstly, you should feel the texture of your stone. Are there any bubbles? If not, is your jade stone dull in color or does it include multiple different colors? If so, you’re probably dealing with a knock-off. Next, you should put your jade stone up toward a light to check if it’s a little transparent.

Jade stones are never completely opaque, so you should be able to see at least some light passing through your stone. Jade should also feel heavy because it is a dense stone, and it shouldn’t scratch easily. If you can leave a mark on your jade stone using a kitchen knife, we’re sorry to tell you that the stone is probably a fake.

Lastly, if it feels like plastic, then it definitely is. We hope we gave you enough pointers to successfully choose an authentic jade brimming with all kinds of metaphysical magic. 

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Real Jade vs Fake Jade

Whether you’re adding a jade stone to your collection or completing your jade jewelry set, purchasing an authentic jade stone should be a top priority to you. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is very simple actually.

A fake jade stone won’t offer you any of the spiritual benefits of a real jade stone. You won’t get that heaven and earth essence of the jade stone, nor will you invite its manifestations of wealth and abundance into your life. Also, why would you want something fake when the real deal is actually pretty affordable?


Congratulations, you stuck with us until the end! We hope you enjoyed learning about jade history, reading some fun facts about jade, and realizing all the wonderful, various ways this stone can revamp your life.

We’re absolutely delighted that we were able to share some insight with you about one of our favorite stones.

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