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Hematite: Complete Guide (2024)

hematite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about hematite, including its meaning, benefits, types, uses, and colors. Let's get started!


Hematite – let that name sink in. If it’s the first time you’re hearing of this life-altering stone, you’ll remember this day as a milestone in your spiritual journey. Hematite gemstones often go unnoticed when compared to the likes of pyrite and onyx, but what hides beneath the surface of this grounding, balancing piece of the earth speaks for itself.

If you struggle with anxiety, irrational fear, or if you’re a devout meditator always looking to become more mindful and present, you’re going to want to keep reading. This article is filled to the brim with information both ancient and novel about the glorious hematite crystal.

We have fun hematite facts, hematite images, scientific discourse, and metaphysical insight packed into this complete hematite guide. So, get those reading glasses out and get ready to feel restored, serene, and oh so grounded.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Hematite Meaning
    • What is Hematite
      • Hematite Pronunciation
      • Is Hematite Magnetic
      • Is Hematite a Mineral
      • Is Hematite Rare
      • What does Hematite Look Like
      • What is Hematite Good for
      • What is Hematite Used for
      • What Color is Hematite
      • Hematite Spiritual Meaning
      • How Much is Hematite Worth
    • Hematite Benefits
      • What does Hematite do for the Body?
      • Hematite Protection
      • Hematite Jewelry for Arthritis
      • Hematite Under Pillow
    • Hematite Healing
    • Hematite Meditation
    • Hematite Chakra
      • What Chakra is Hematite Good for?
    • Where is Hematite Found
      • Where is Hematite Found in Africa
  • Hematite Properties
    • Hematite Healing Properties
    • Hematite Metaphysical Properties
    • Hematite Spiritual Properties
  • Magnetite vs Hematite
  • Types of Hematite
    • Raw Hematite
      • Raw Hematite Meaning
        • Is Raw Hematite Magnetic
        • What does Raw Hematite Look Like
      • Raw Hematite Properties
    • Hematite Polished
    • Natural Hematite
    • Tumbled Hematite
      • Tumbled Hematite Meaning
  • Hematite Color
    • Rainbow Hematite
      • Is Rainbow Hematite Natural
      • Rainbow Hematite Chakra
      • Where is Rainbow Hematite Found
      • Rainbow Hematite Benefits
      • Rainbow Hematite Metaphysical Properties
    • Red Hematite
      • Red Hematite Meaning
      • Red Hematite Properties
      • Red Hematite Healing Properties
      • Red Hematite Uses
    • Black Hematite
      • Black Hematite Meaning
    • Gold Hematite
      • Gold Hematite Meaning
        • Is Gold Hematite Natural
    • Brown Hematite
    • Purple Hematite
    • Pink Hematite
    • Smoky Hematite
    • Silver Hematite
    • Hematite Gray
  • Hematite Jewelry
    • Hematite Ring
      • Hematite Ring Meaning
        • What is a Hematite Ring
        • Hematite Ring Benefits
        • What is a Hematite Ring Used for?
      • Hematite Ring Properties
        • Hematite Ring Healing Properties
      • Rainbow Hematite Ring
      • Natural Hematite Ring
    • Hematite Bracelet
      • Hematite Bracelet Benefits
      • Which Hand to Wear Hematite Bracelet
      • Hematite Bracelet Reviews
      • Men’s Hematite Bracelet
      • Women’s Hematite Bracelet
      • Black Hematite Bracelet
      • Red Hematite Bracelet
    • Hematite Necklace
      • Hematite Necklace Benefits
      • Natural Hematite Necklace
      • Rainbow Hematite Necklace
    • Hematite Pendant
      • Hematite Pendant Meaning
      • Natural Hematite Pendants
    • Hematite Earrings
  • Hematite Uses
    • Hematite Beads
      • Hematite Beads Benefits
      • Gold Hematite Beads
      • Rainbow Hematite Beads
      • Red Hematite Beads
      • Natural Hematite Beads
    • Hematite Powder
    • Hematite Heart
    • Hematite Magnet
    • Hematite Sphere
  • How to Cleanse Hematite
    • Does Hematite Need to be Cleansed?
  • How to Clean Hematite
  • How to Polish Hematite
  • Hematite Combinations
    • Hematite and Galena
  • Hematite for Sale
    • Hematite Price
      • Hematite Ring Price
      • Hematite Price per Gram
      • Hematite Price per Carat
    • Raw Hematite for Sale
    • Hematite Jewelry Wholesale
    • Hematite Rings for Sale
    • Hematite Near Me
      • Where to Buy Hematite
      • Hematite on Amazon
        • Hematite Necklace on Amazon
  • Conclusion

    Hematite Meaning

    Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve probably got a million questions about hematite floating around your mind regarding the hematite origin, the development of its spiritual symbolism, and the meanings associated with the stone.

    So, sit back, relax, and let us answer all those questions for you. Protection, grounding, and balance immediately come to mind when we think about hematite. Its reputation as a symbol of safety stems from the stone’s history as a war paint and soul protector.

    Many believe that hematite has magical properties that give the stone profound healing abilities. This belief dates back to Ancient Greece where hematite developed immense popularity for the first time. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    What is Hematite

    While a hematite definition might refer to the stone as a red-black iron ore, it has a far more complicated crystal composition than what meets the surface. According to the hematite Wiki page, the crystal has a rhombohedral lattice system, a trigonal crystal system, a 5.5 to 6.5 Mohs scale hardness, a metallic or splendent luster, and an opaque diaphaneity.

    Hematite history has long been defined by the stone’s mesmerizing physical components. For example, hematite’s high iron content earned it the name “the iron rose”. Meanwhile, it got its Ancient Greek name haima, which translates to “blood”, as a result of its bloodlike, dark red to black color.

    Even more, people have simply always been drawn to the stone due to its physical and metaphysical allure. 

    Hematite Pronunciation

    Before we explain how to pronounce hematite, we’re going to give you a (very quick) hematite etymology lesson so that you can understand better why hematite is pronounced the way it is.

    As you already know, hematite was originally named “haima” by the Greeks, which refers to its blood-like appearance. From “haima”, the stone became “haimatitēs”, which translates to “blood-like”. You see where we’re going with this? We thought so!

    So, by the time late Middle English got its proverbial hands on the stone, it gained the Western name most commonly used today – “hematite”. The term is phonetically pronounced “hee-muh-tite” with a long “ee” sound and an emphasis on the “hee”. 

    Is Hematite Magnetic

    The magnetic properties of hematite have been a subject of investigation for many years. The stone has a slight magnetic pull, but just so we’re clear, its magnetism isn’t strong enough to cling on to other objects.

    Hematite’s physical magnetic quality is linked to its spiritual abilities, as the stone can draw out old energies and ultimately cleanse spaces and bodies of unwanted energy.

    hand reaching the sun

    Is Hematite a Mineral

    You guessed it! Hematite is an iron oxide mineral, and it is an accessory mineral in a lot of igneous rocks. While magnetite is also an iron oxide mineral, hematite is incontrovertibly the most important and abundant iron oxide mineral on the planet, so it’s incredibly important.

    Iron oxides are a vital part in many geological and biological processes, and the fact that the majority of those iron oxides comes from hematite makes this stone pretty darn special.

    Is Hematite Rare

    Unlike many precious gemstones, hematite’s value is not associated whatsoever with rarity. In fact, hematite is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. It is even hidden away in the majority of brown and red rocks, contributing to the natural color of these rocks.

    So, next time you catch a glimpse of a brown rock while going for a stroll, you can be pretty confident that you’re in the presence of a little hematite. 

    What does Hematite Look Like

    Hematite has a surprisingly versatile appearance. While it usually has a black, reddish color, it can also appear as red, brown, silver-black, and grey. Its luster also contributes to its overall look, as it ranges from submetallic to metallic.

    You will generally notice that this stone has a somewhat red streak no matter what color it is, and this streak is a dead giveaway that you’re looking at a real hematite. 

    What is Hematite Good for

    It’s common knowledge that hematite can be used with great effect in feng shui. The iron-rich stone offers protection, assists in spiritual healing, and it can balance your home space – absorbing negativity and making your nest feel cosy and safe. 

    woman with both hands on her chest

    What is Hematite Used for

    Aside from its use in feng shui and spiritual upkeep, hematite is used in pigment production and jewelry-making. Hematite is also used in heavy media separation, which is a process of suspending a finely ground mineral in water in an effort to extract its valuable contents. In the case of hematite, that valuable content is iron oxide.

    What Color is Hematite

    Hematite is usually reddish-black in color. However, it can range to include browns, silvers, and greys. Hematite can appear very red or very silver, too. However, a hematite will have a reddish streak regardless of its color. 

    Hematite Spiritual Meaning

    In the spiritual world, hematite represents grounding and protection. It balances all of the chakras, aligns the body and the soul, and it brings us down to Earth while we are engaging in spiritual healing.

    How Much is Hematite Worth

    One of the things that makes hematite such a wonderful stone is the fact that it’s so accessible. While the stone brings nothing but abundance and bliss to its users, it is abundant itself – making it very inexpensive.

    You can purchase a large, high quality hematite stone for less than thirty (or even twenty) dollars! When buying wholesale hematite, you’ll pay close to nothing per carat. So, while hematite is extraordinarily spiritually enriching, it doesn’t take a rich person to own a piece.

    Hematite Benefits

    Oh, boy! Where do we start? Hematite is loaded with metaphysical benefits that leave you feeling balanced and harmonious. The main spiritual function of hematite is to ground and protect the soul and body.

    The stone is also commonly used to ease emotional pain and reach a state of calm. Hematite works wonders when used in meditation, serving to create emotional balance and align the chakras.

    However, hematite side effects are also something to be mindful of. Although the side effects associated with hematite are extremely rare and differ from person to person, the stone’s powerful energies can be a bit overwhelming for some people.

    If you are not familiar with strong metaphysical energies, hematite might make you feel a little dizzy and, as a result, anxious and irritable. However, hematite usually has the opposite effect, especially when used in meditation or yoga.

    person doing yoga

    What does Hematite do for the Body?

    Hematite grounds and protects the body. It is one of the most balancing stones you can find, and it is known to centre its users and bring them back down to Earth.

    It is believed by some that hematite can even regulate blood flow and minimize physical pain. But, hematite users are usually drawn to the stone’s balancing effects, as well as its assistance in creating a healthy mind.

    Hematite Protection

    One of the main hematite uses in everyday life is its protective power. Hematite has been used for centuries as a protective stone. Its ability to provide safety to its users comes mainly from its absorption of negative energy and its power to ward off evil forces.

    Not to mention, by helping us feel more grounded and centred, hematite allows us to protect ourselves using our own willpower and mindfulness.

    Hematite Jewelry for Arthritis

    It is believed that the magnetic quality of hematite can assist in relieving the pain of arthritis. While hematite is not a medical solution to arthritis, wearing hematite rings and bracelets might reduce the physical pain caused by the disease.

    Hematite Under Pillow

    Are you struggling with insomnia? Do you find it difficult to get a good night’s rest? Well, hematite might just be the answer to your prayers. By placing a hematite stone under your pillow, you will naturally achieve a state of restfulness and calm.

    While hematite powers your mind during the day, allowing you to stay focused and alert, it also helps you unwind and relax, and it ultimately ensures that you get a restorative sleep every evening.

    Hematite Healing

    Hematite allows you to become the bravest and most anxiety-free version of yourself. It can help you grow out of limiting mindsets and open yourself up to exciting possibilities.

    By raising your confidence, creativity, and self-esteem, hematite makes sure that you have more to offer the world – and it insists that you enter the world with courage and determination. Say goodbye to self-deprecation and insecurity. Hematite is here to heal all that doubt and lack of self-worth.

    woman standingwoman spreading hair during sunset

    Hematite Meditation

    Meditating with hematite allows you to fully embrace peace. The stone can even help in achieving nirvana by fully disconnecting you from your self-doubts and critical mind.

    After meditating with hematite, you can expect full chakra alignment and a newfound sense of ease. We highly recommend this practice to anyone who suffers from anxiety and lack of confidence. The hematite zodiac signs are Aries and Aquarius, as the stone has a special affinity for these astrological signs.

    Those with Aries or Aquarius placements will find that hematite meditation is especially effective, and the practice will be particularly transformative for these zodiacs.

    Hematite Chakra

    The root chakra and hematite are a spiritual dream team. Hematite deeply resonates with the root chakra, and by using the stone to heal your root chakra, you can expect an immense amount of grounding, balance, confidence and security.

    What Chakra is Hematite Good for?

    Of course, as a result of hematite’s association with the root chakra, the stone is great for root chakra work and healing. Because the root chakra is our driving force and it gives us the power to achieve our dreams, hematite root chakra healing is incredibly beneficial to any human life. Although hematite is best used as a root chakra healer, it can also align and cleanse the whole chakra column.

    Where is Hematite Found

    A stone of abundance, hematite is found all over the world. However, some locations are more significant than others. The Lake Superior district is well known for its hematite deposits, while Brazil, South Africa, China, Australia, Canada, and Venezuela are also notable sources of hematite.

    All of these places have one thing in common with regards to the stone. No matter where hematite is found in the world, it will most likely be extracted from igneous rock.

    Where is Hematite Found in Africa

    South Africa is a top hematite location – not only in Africa, but across the whole globe. Although hematite can be found all over the African continent, South African hematite is of superior quality, and the country is a leading source of the hematite on the market. Some of the most important South African hematite mines are found in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga.

    Hematite Properties

    Hematite magical properties are vast and transformative. In this section, we’ll cover all of the wonderful aspects of hematite so that you can determine if this stone deserves a place in your spiritual practice. You will be blown away by how much of a positive impact hematite can have on your life. 

    woman enjoying the sunset

    Hematite Healing Properties

    Hematite is a grounding, protective stone. It heals its users of self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness, and it offers a consistent feeling of balance and stability. With hematite, negative energy simply disappears.

    The stone is highly absorptive, so it pulls all of the bad vibes in your energy field – leaving you feeling confident, peaceful, and present.

    Hematite Metaphysical Properties

    The list of hematite effects is long! You can expect increased concentration, you will be able to build more trust with those around you, and you will generally feel more secure in your self-worth and willpower. Hematite is all about balance, so using this stone will result in the alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Serenity and courage, here we come!

    Hematite Spiritual Properties

    Hematite is deeply affiliated with the root chakra, so it is no surprise that using the stone in spiritual practice leads to increased lifeforce, determination, certainty, and coming back down to Earth.

    Hematite is associated with the planet Mars, too. In this way, it symbolizes energy, drive, and sensuality. Hematite is ideally used in meditation by those with Aries and Aquarius placements, but it also resonates with all fire and earth star signs.

    Magnetite vs Hematite

    Magnetite and hematite are both iron ores (and let’s be honest, they do sound a little similar). These two minerals are constantly compared, and while they are definitely tied to one another in a number of ways, they are also very different to one another.

    Both magnetite and hematite are extremely important to iron extraction because they are the only iron ores that allow for this process. However, hematite is far more abundant in the Earth’s crust than magnetite and it is used more frequently as an iron ore.

    The most obvious difference between magnetite and hematite is that the former is ferromagnetic while the latter is paramagnetic. This means that, while hematite has a slight magnetic ability, magnetite are extremely magnetic and even have a spontaneous net magnetization at the atomic level.

    Types of Hematite

    Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s complicate things a little, shall we? Hematite is a variable stone, and so it comes in a number of forms – and each form means something different for its metaphysical allure. So, stick around and be surprised by the many layers of the glorious hematite stone.

    Raw Hematite

    Let’s start with the “MVP” of all hematite – raw hematite. As the name suggests, raw hematite is untouched by human processes. It is from the earth in every sense, and it doesn’t include any artificial chemicals.

    Raw Hematite Meaning

    Raw hematite is a meditator’s dream stone. Because this type of hematite is free of any preservatives that might disrupt its natural energy, it is the most powerful form of the stone when it comes to spiritual healing. Its grounding and protective qualities come to the forefront to produce a truly spiritually enriching experience.

    Is Raw Hematite Magnetic

    Raw hematite is paramagnetic, meaning it has a weak attraction to external magnetic fields. Internally, it will induce magnetic fields in opposition to external magnetic fields. In other words, raw hematite is magnetic, but not to the extent that it will pull a magnetic object towards it or vice versa.

    What does Raw Hematite Look Like

    Raw hematite might not be the most polished, sexy stone around, but it is alluring nonetheless. It tends to have a dark, grey to black color with a red streak. Of course, the color of raw hematite can range from stone to stone, but it will usually have a reddish black or reddish grey appearance.

    Some raw hematite is more metallic, and in this case, it will appear silvery and incandescent. No matter its shape or size, a raw hematite will be somewhat rough and jagged, but this true-to-nature appearance makes raw hematite that much more delightful.

    Raw Hematite Properties

    Raw hematite deeply penetrates your chi and chakra column, aligning and grounding you. It is a powerful stone that stops at nothing to ensure that you become more mindful, focused, content, and peaceful. Raw hematite activates your root chakra and allows you to come back to your centre, find your inner peace, and move through the world with confidence and drive.

    woman in yellow blue and red tank top

    Hematite Polished

    As the high-end fashion version of hematite, polished hematite doesn’t disappoint in the looks department. Usually, the hematite chosen to be polished will have a strong, metallic luster, and it will be made to have a smooth surface. The result is a beautiful, shiny ball of metaphysical goodness.

    While we recommend meditating with raw hematite, decorating your body or home with polished hematite is a great way to boost your spiritual wellbeing and activate good feng shui. 

    Natural Hematite

    Whether your hematite crystal is polished or raw, chances are it is a natural stone. The reason for this reliability is the fact that hematite is so abundant and inexpensive. There is little need to create synthetic hematite because the real deal is so accessible.

    However, synthetics are created from time to time, so make sure you don’t fall into any shopping traps that leave you with an ineffective, fake stone. We want you to reap the transformative benefits of a natural hematite stone.

    Tumbled Hematite

    Tumbling and polishing go hand in hand. The tumbling process takes raw hematite and turns it into something smooth, gemstone-worthy, and decorative. Hematite is a relatively hard stone, making it ideal for the tumbling process. The tumbled hematite that results from this process is slick and cabochon-like, and it is a perfect gift for a loved one. 

    Tumbled Hematite Meaning

    While tumbled hematite retains all the wonderful benefits of raw hematite, this stone is more deeply associated with confidence. Tumbled hematite symbolizes self-worth and courage, and the stone can help you move on from limiting beliefs and fears. With one of these shiny crystal balls at your side, you can move through the world with self-importance, optimism, and a sense of ultimate balance.

    Hematite Color

    A stone’s color is everything when it comes to spiritual significance, and the hematite stone is no exception. Every hue and color shade in a stone is incredibly important when it comes to defining what the stone can bring to your life.

    In fact, we highly recommend studying each stone you own to get a better understanding of what unique strengths your stone can offer you. In this section, we’ll uncover the special properties of each hematite color, giving you the best shot at finding the perfect hematite color for you.

    Rainbow Hematite

    Iridescent hematite, or rainbow hematite, is an extremely popular gift and souvenir that brings joy and optimism to many. We all feel a little happier when we see a rainbow, right? Sometimes, it even makes our whole day better or brings us hope during a particularly dark period in our lives.

    Well, rainbow hematite operates in a very similar way. Every time you’re feeling down, rainbow hematite will lift your spirits and infuse your energy system with positivity and relaxation. We’re smiling just thinking about it!

    rainbow color

    Is Rainbow Hematite Natural

    If anyone has told you that rainbow hematite is an entirely natural product, you probably thought “this is too good to be true”! And you would be right. Most rainbow hematite is somewhat man-made, and it doesn’t try to fool you into being one hundred percent natural.

    However, it is only the surface of the stone that undergoes human processes. While the stone itself is entirely natural, it is coated with spindle-shaped nanocrystals to give it an iridescent glow. Certain rainbow hematite stones are completely natural, but these specimens are clearly much less iridescent and rainbow-like.

    To explain, a natural rainbow hematite will include at most three relatively dull colors rather than a full, bright rainbow display.

    Rainbow Hematite Chakra

    Rainbow hematite includes every color of the seven chakras, so it’s safe to say that this colorful stone will cleanse and restore your entire chakra column. If you’ve been struggling with an overall feeling of despondence or fatigue, rainbow hematite will activate those chakras in order to re-awaken your energy.

    Where is Rainbow Hematite Found

    You would think only the gods could create a stone as lovely as rainbow hematite. However, because these vibrant cabochons are partially man-made, you can find them just about anywhere that mines hematite – including Brazil, the Lake Superior District, South Africa, and Venezuela. Usually, you’ll find rainbow hematite in gift or souvenir stores.

    Rainbow Hematite Benefits

    Rainbow hematite is said to have warrior magic within its shiny surface. It is the ultimate grounding stone of positivity and high vibrations. Rainbow hematite will even give you the courage to stick up for yourself and feel more comfortable saying “no” when something doesn’t serve you.

    It uplifts and balances your whole energy system, creating a harmonious yin and yang and encouraging focus as well as deep sleep.

    Rainbow Hematite Metaphysical Properties

    Finding your centre and connecting to spirit has never been easier than it is with rainbow hematite. The stone encourages intentional thinking and higher vibrations, allowing you to focus on what is important rather than what your ego is telling you.

    Often, we humans like to chase after material or ego-related goals. Rainbow hematite encourages us to understand that goals must come from a deep place of self-understanding and patience.

    Red Hematite

    Red is the color most commonly associated with hematite. That isn’t because most hematite is exclusively red in color. Instead, it is because all hematite is red to some extent, even if the overriding color is black, grey, or silver.

    Hematite has a red streak, which actually helps geologists and civilians alike identify the hematite stone. However, there are many hematite specimens that are distinctly red in color, or more specifically, rust-red.

    These hematite stones range from dull to bright brick-red, but while the red color of these stones can differ in strength, their metaphysical properties are equally powerful.

    red hematite

    By Sand Atlas

    Red Hematite Meaning

    Red shades of hematite are the truest examples of hematite’s meaning and English translation, which is “blood stone”. The hematite symbol of blood was developed from the stone’s often bright red color. The blood represented by red hematite goes beyond its color, though.

    Historically, the rock was used by Roman and Native American warriors to paint a protective blood-red layer before a battle. In this way, red hematite’s color makes the stone particularly protective of its users.

    Red Hematite Properties

    First and foremost, red hematite is a protector. It will do its part in keeping you on the right track, maintaining your energy, and warding off energy vampires. However, the stone can also be helpful in manifesting abundance, developing greater self-worth, and even finding a romantic partner!

    Red Hematite Healing Properties

    Red hematite helps us re-align ourselves and find stability. Buying a red hematite stone is like the shortcut version of going to a mindfulness retreat. H

    owever, if you take a red hematite with you to a mindfulness retreat, you’re bound to see results. This stone will ground you, connect you to your root chakra, and ultimately allow you to feel your most mindful and restored.

    Red Hematite Uses

    Red hematite is best used in meditation and mindfulness practice. By meditating with one of these red, natural delights, you will feel especially grounded and present. You can also wear red hematite during your day-to-day life in order to reap its benefits, and taking spiritual baths with the stone is certainly not out of the question.

    Black Hematite

    If red is the most common hematite color, black is a close second. Many people associate the color black with the hematite stone because black hematite is so abundant.

    Often, black hematite will include a metallic shine, which is just the cherry on top of this natural wonder. Most black hematite is located in Brazil and South Africa, but it is also sourced from Switzerland as well as the Lake Superior district. 

    Black Hematite Meaning

    While all hematite stones are symbolic of grounding and protection, black hematite is deeply linked to the root chakra. This means that the stone allows its users to find their power, courage, and stick firmly to their belief systems. Black hematite is one of the most salient examples of a stone that exudes power.

    Gold Hematite

    While gold hematite is entirely natural, it isn’t entirely comprised of hematite. Gold hematite is the ultimate combination of the two minerals in its name. Hematite is plated with gold to produce a spiritually enriching, beautiful jewel. With a gold hematite, you’ll feel and look shiny.

    Gold Hematite Meaning

    Gold hematite represents earthly energy. It is a stone of peace, positivity, and strength. The combination of hematite and gold results in a jewel that instills courage, assertiveness, and warmth in its wearers. 

    Is Gold Hematite Natural

    While gold plated hematite is composed of natural minerals, there are some rare gold hematite specimens that are completely made up of hematite. Brown hematite with a metallic luster produces a golden effect, and although it might not be quite as pristine as gold plated hematite, it is nevertheless a marvel to look at. 

    gold sheet

    Brown Hematite

    Hematite can also form in a rich, brown color. Because brown stones have, throughout history, been tied to grounding and nourishment, the use of a brown hematite stone in your spiritual journey will result in ground-breaking balance and stability.

    If you are in the midst of grieving a loved one or you’re starting to take steps toward a more assertive, decisive mindset, brown hematite will help you find your path.

    Purple Hematite

    To be clear, there is no such thing as a natural purple hematite stone. However, hematite has been used since pre-historic times to produce the purple pigment known as caput mortuum.

    Hematite is heated and combined with other minerals to produce a beautiful purple pigment used in paints and dyes. Again, if you see a “purple hematite” in a store, you can be sure that it is not a natural specimen.

    Pink Hematite

    Pink hematite is a rare form of hematite that channels the natural energy of its users into creating a divine balance between the soul, mind, and body. The light pink color of this hematite variety is ideal for extracting negative energy and supporting a positive mindset.

    Smoky Hematite

    Smoky hematite is mainly found in South Africa. Instead of a metallic luster, smoky hematite boasts a cloud-like appearance that merges multiple shades of misty grey, brown and red.

    While most hematite specimens have a rocky, grainy look and feel, smoky hematite is more of a crystal, and it could even be compared to quartz due to its structure and smoothness. Smoky hematite represents wisdom and inner peace, and having one of these stones on you at all times will help you move easily from situation to situation.

    Your social interactions will be devoid of ego and self-doubt, and you’ll be confident in speaking your mind and sharing your intellect.

    women in black top and blue shirt

    Silver Hematite

    The most dazzling of the hematite varieties, silver hematite is a powerhouse of all things optimistic. This stone is all-natural, luminescent, and even better, it can transform your mood in a minute.

    Silver hematite creates a protective energy shield around your spirit, keeping evil and hidden agendas at a ten foot pole distance. Anyone who tends to give their energy away freely without thinking about the consequences should seriously consider purchasing a silver hematite stone.

    Hematite Grey

    It’s safe to say that grey hematite is unlike any other hematite variety. This stone is a result of past water, so it is usually found near hot springs or lakes. Grey hematite is representative of the calm, restorative waters that play a role in its creation.

    As a result, the stone is a symbol of peace, cleansing, and healing. We highly recommend bathing with a grey hematite in order to get the most bang for your buck.

    Hematite Jewelry

    Wearing authentic hematite jewelry is the most effective (and flattering) way to reap the benefits of this stone. That’s why we’ve dedicated this section to exploring the many different types of hematite jewelry and their spiritual properties. Read on to discover your most compatible hematite jewel!

    Hematite Ring

    Hematite rings typically take the form of a thick hematite band. Unlike many other crystal rings, hematite rings are far from extravagant. They pair well with other rings because they’re so subtle, but wearing them alone will create a very understated look.  

    hematite ring

    By Wedding Know How

    Hematite Ring Meaning

    Let’s be honest. With hematite rings, the goal isn’t a luxurious aesthetic – it’s a luxurious energy upgrade. By wearing hematite on your hand throughout the day, you’ll find that you become more grounded as every second goes by. And that, of course, is the meaning of the hematite ring – grounding. This jewel is made to keep you mindful, centred, and focused.

    What is a Hematite Ring

    Hematite rings are authentic jewels made from the hematite stone. They are usually dark silver or grey in color with a metallic luster. Wearing a hematite ring is the most low-maintenance method of connecting with hematite energy every day. 

    Hematite Ring Benefits

    In three words, we’d describe hematite as convenient, subtle, and transformative! By wearing a tiny piece of hematite through the use of a hematite ring, you’ll notice the benefits start pouring in.

    And what are those benefits? Hematite rings are protective, grounding, and balancing. They remove negative energy from your aura, chakras, and chi when they find their way onto your finger. 

    What is a Hematite Ring Used for?

    Usually, hematite rings are worn on the left hand. This is in an effort to connect to the higher chakras. Hematite rings are generally used to either create or enhance feelings of safety and stability. These jewels form a balance between the mind, body, and soul, positively rubbing off on all aspects of your life.

    Hematite Ring Properties

    Hematite rings are loaded with metaphysical properties. They activate the root chakra, cleanse the entire chakra column, and protect your energetic body from evil and bad intentions. Hematite rings can even attract love and abundance into your life through meditation and intentional thinking.

    Hematite Ring Healing Properties

    Is your soul in need of a little restoration? Well, good thing you landed on this article. Hematite rings heal the energy systems of their users, boosting energy flow, chi, and creating a consistent harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. 

    Rainbow Hematite Ring

    Say goodbye to low vibrations with a rainbow hematite ring. Not only are these accessories vibrant and gorgeous – they also encourage you to release doubt, negative energy, and fear. Metaphysical benefits aside, if you absolutely love 80s fashion, you have to get your fingers on one of these disco-ready, colorful rings. 

    rainbow hematite ringsBy Etsy

    Natural Hematite Ring

    A natural hematite ring is the gift of the century for a romantic partner or friend. By giving a natural hematite ring to someone you care about, you are gifting them with protection and peace. Plus, you’re letting them know that you really, truly care about their wellbeing and spiritual security. 

    Hematite Bracelet

    If you want to take the benefits of wearing hematite up a notch, buying a hematite bracelet is the next step in your jewelry journey. Hematite bracelets are usually made up of hematite beads and they can come in virtually any hematite color (or a combination of multiple colors).

    Like hematite rings, these bracelets are understated. They are made for everyday wear rather than fancy nights out, and they won’t steal any attention from your natural beauty.

    Hematite Bracelet Benefits

    A hematite bracelet is the ultimate chakra restorer. Hematite bracelets heal and balance every chakra in your column while focusing specifically on the root chakra. You’ll find that wearing a hematite bracelet brings out your confidence, assertiveness, and authentic personality.

    Which Hand to Wear Hematite Bracelet

    If you really want to get those energy centres feeling nice and flowy, wear a hematite bracelet on your left wrist. This will connect you to your highest chakras and create a full body-mind balance. You can also wear a hematite bracelet on your left ankle in order to enhance its grounding powers.

    Hematite Bracelet Reviews

    We sifted through all of the hematite bracelet reviews we could find online, and the users of this spiritually enriching accessory are generally extremely happy with their products. Many customers who decide to incorporate hematite bracelets into their daily wear are on a healing journey and find that the bracelet is extremely helpful on this mission.

    However, based on the descriptions of specific bracelets by some buyers, it seems that there are quite a few knock-off hematite bracelets on the market. So, make sure that you buy your bracelet from a reliable website in order to get the full experience of the stone.

    Men’s Hematite Bracelet

    While men can certainly pull off any hematite bracelet no matter how feminine it is, there are some great, masculine products on the market. Men’s hematite bracelets tend to be made up of thick hematite bands mixed with sterling silver. This combination gives off a very powerful attitude, showcasing the confidence and self-respect of the bracelet’s wearer.

    Women’s Hematite Bracelet

    Vintage hematite jewelry looks especially good on women, and hematite bracelets are no exception. Women’s hematite bracelets are much funkier than their masculine counterpart, and they include chipped hematite, colorful strings, and lots and lots of beads!

    Black Hematite Bracelet

    When it comes to protection, nothing does it better than a black hematite bracelet. Beads, bracelets, the color black, and the hematite stone are all symbolic of protection and security. So, the amalgamation of these four characteristics results in a bracelet that’s in a league of its own when it comes to protecting your energy, body, and emotions.

    Red Hematite Bracelet

    If you want a hematite accessory with a little more natural pizzazz, a red hematite bracelet should be next on your list. Its color looks great on olive complexions, but it feels great on everyone.

    Wearing a red hematite bracelet is like renovating your home – only, in this case, your home is your energetic body. This bracelet will make you more mindful and grounded, and it will keep energy vampires far, far away.

    Hematite Necklace

    Hematite bracelets and rings offer a world of emotional and spiritual support. But, hematite necklaces are where jewelry-making creativity really shines for hematite accessories.

    There is a goldmine (or, in this case, a hematite mine) of exciting, fashionable hematite necklace options online. It really is up to you whichever style you want to go for because the stylish, unique designs on the market are endless.

    Hematite Necklace Benefits

    Need a boost in self-esteem? Well, you just found the perfect necklace for you. Hematite necklaces are rich in confidence-inducing properties, so by wearing one on a daily basis, you’ll feel more courageous, sexy, and grateful for yourself in no time.

    Not to mention, hematite necklaces are also incredibly helpful when it comes to growing and nurturing creativity. If you are an emerging artist, or if you are studying something artistic, hematite necklaces will make you feel safe to explore your most revolutionary, provocative ideas.

    art studio

    Natural Hematite Necklace

    Trust us – when buying a hematite necklace, you want to make sure it’s natural. As with any stone or crystal, there are some synthetic hematite specimens on the market.

    And while beautiful synthetic hematite options might be tempting, they won’t give you the same spiritual upkeep as a natural one. So, when you shop, be sure to double check that you’re buying a necklace that looks pretty and feels restorative.

    Rainbow Hematite Necklace

    Looks aren’t deceiving when it comes to rainbow hematite necklaces. They have an iridescent, lively appearance, and they actually bring those same characteristics out in you.

    Rainbow hematite necklaces encourage you to speak your mind freely and feel comfortable in your self-worth. In general, they promote optimism and happiness, and they instantly turn you into the life of the party.

    Hematite Pendant

    people holding pouches with color powders

    If releasing negative energy is your top priority, hematite pendants are the way to go. These hematite jewels are nothing less than magical, and they even look like magical tokens retrieved from ancient times.

    Often, hematite pendants are silver or black, and there are a lot of vintage options on the market. They’ll bring out your witchy side and, at the same time, ensure your spiritual safety.

    Hematite Pendant Meaning

    Hematite pendants symbolize positivity and relaxation. These pendants absorb negative energy with great effect, leaving you calm and stress-free. Hematite pendants resonate most with the Aquarius zodiac sign.

    If your sun sign, moon sign, or mars is in Aquarius, you will cherish your hematite pendant and feel nothing but gratitude for its life-changing effects

    Natural Hematite Pendants

    A natural hematite pendant contains an unlimited supply of earthly power. Consider this pendant a supplement for your soul. It’s like vitamin C but for your spiritual well being and emotional balance. Natural hematite pendants offer guidance as you find agency and purpose in life, and as they lead the way, you’ll follow with certainty and confidence.

    Hematite Earrings

    Whether you like long, dangling earrings or cute, little studs, there are heaps of hematite earring options both in-store and online. The options are so diverse that we’re sure you’ll find a pair that you simply can’t live without. Not only are these earrings out-of-this-world beautiful, but they also keep you focused and mindful all day, every day.

    Hematite Uses

    The powers of hematite can be channeled in a number of ways. Of course, jewelry is one of the best ways to incorporate hematite benefits into your life. However, there are a number of other uses for this life-affirming stone, and we plan to discuss each and every one of them in this section.

    Hematite Beads

    Hematite beads are powerful, diverse, and relatively inexpensive. Whether you enjoy making your own jewelry or are a firm believer in the power of beads, hematite beads are satisfying in both the aesthetic and metaphysical departments.

    Hematite Beads Benefits

    Self-love, creativity, and ambition are all nourished by hematite beads. They practically cleanse your system of harsh energies, creating space for a more positive mindset and fulfilled sense of self.

    At their core, hematite beads are all about protection. However, the color of each bead offers a different type of protection, so it helps to get nice and specific when choosing your beads.

    Gold Hematite Beads

    Gold hematite beads offer protection when it comes to health. These beads will encourage you to stay on a healthy path, maintain a healthy mind, and confidently refuse to involve yourself in unhealthy activities.

    Gold hematite beads remind you that your body and mind are important and must be treated with care and love. In this way, they shine a light on the wholesome aspects of life so that you have little interest in or energy for the dangerous ones.

    Rainbow Hematite Beads

    Because rainbow hematite includes so many colors, it is an all-around positive force in your life. Rainbow hematite beads protect your imagination, making sure that you don’t lose sight of childlike creativity. They also keep your dreams safe, protect your friendships, and ensure that your inner peace remains untouched by outside forces.

    rainbow hematite beadsBy Bead Spider

    Red Hematite Beads

    Red hematite is the most carnal of the hematite varieties. It is deeply tied to your root chakra, and as such, it attaches itself to your base desires and instincts.

    Red hematite beads protect those desires and encourage you to become even more persistent and enthusiastic when it comes to making your dreams come true. These beads powerfully activate the warrior within, allowing you to be your most courageous, truthful, and unstoppable.

    Natural Hematite Beads

    Whichever hematite beads you choose, make sure they’re natural. As long as you select natural hematite beads for yourself, you’ll experience a renewed feeling of security and balance, and you will discover that irrational fears are replaced with infinite calm.

    Hematite Powder

    Hematite powder is one of the more practical uses for the iron-rich stone. After being ground into powder, the hematite is used in paints, colorants, rubber, adhesives and concrete. Of course, it is also used as an iron ore in steel manufacturing.

    Hematite Heart

    If it wasn’t clear that hematite helps you find self-love, a hematite heart will do the trick. By meditating with a hematite heart or using it to decorate your home, you will invigorate yourself with positive energy and self-respect.

    A hematite quartz heart is also a wonderful combination of two crystals that extract and absorb negative energy in order to lift your mood and bring you spiritual nourishment.

    Hematite Magnet

    Because hematite is weakly magnetic, the process of creating a hematite magnet is complicated and involves multiple minerals. Hematite, magnetite, copper, aluminum, and titanium are heated together and made into beads or jewels.

    After that, the hematite magnet is finally formed by heating the contents again – but this time, inside an external magnetic field. So while a hematite magnet isn’t a completely authentic hematite stone, it can be useful and fun. 

    Hematite Sphere

    Achieving balance and bodhi is made simple with a hematite sphere. This hematite creation is made for meditation and mindfulness. It allows unnecessary, inundating thoughts to dissipate – making you more present, peaceful, and powerful. You might just be one hematite sphere away from reaching nirvana. 

    How to Cleanse Hematite

    Cleansing your hematite is a vital part in maintaining your stone and its powers. In this section, we’ll discuss both cleansing your stone (releasing negative energy absorbed by your hematite) and cleaning your stone (physically preserving it).

    Both cleansing and cleaning your hematite will ensure that it stays pristine and keeps on supplying you with protection and balance.

    hematite stonesBy Wedding Know How

    Does Hematite Need to Be Cleansed?

    Yes! Hematite must certainly be cleansed in order to continue a successful relationship with the stone over a long period of time. Luckily, you only need to cleanse your stone on the full moon once a month or when you intuitively feel it is time for a cleanse.

    A full moon cleanse involves allowing your hematite to soak in the moonlight – either outdoors or on a windowsill. Other cleansing rituals include sunlight bathing, salt bathing, and burying your stone in the ground for at least twelve hours.

    How to Clean Hematite

    You always need to be gentle when cleaning a stone you care about, and hematite is certainly not immune to being scratched and exposed to harsh chemicals. Luckily, hematite and water go great together.

    To clean your stone, you should wash it carefully with warm water and a soft cloth to avoid causing scratches on the hematite. If you need to use soap, make sure it’s a gentle cleansing soap such as a face wash.

    How to Polish Hematite

    It can be very tricky and dangerous to polish hematite at home. We recommend visiting a jeweller or stone specialist if you are thinking about polishing your stone. While it can be very tempting to do the job yourself at a miniscule price, a professional will ensure that your stone lives on post-polish.

    Hematite Combinations

    Combining stones in your spiritual practice can either be remarkably helpful to your journey, or it can wreak havoc on your spiritual plane. We’ll keep this section short because there’s only one hematite combination that can greatly impact the stone’s abilities – galena and hematite.

    Hematite and Galena

    Galena is a lead ore and a sulfide mineral that actually looks extremely similar to hematite. This stone represents transformation and curiosity, and it encourages its users to explore the new, avoid getting stuck in their ways, and embrace harmony.

    Both galena and hematite centre their users and create balance between the mind, soul, and body. However, when these two stones are combined, their respective benefits reach a whole new level. Galena and hematite not only complement each other, but they exaggerate the effects of the other.

    Their powers combine in a way that completely transforms the emotional and spiritual lives of their users. The result? Total balance, mindfulness, connection to Mother Gaia, focus, fulfilment, and the list goes on!

    Hematite for Sale

    To learn about hematite is one thing, but to buy hematite and bring it into your life is next-level. Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge or you’re in need of a little more information on the purchasing process, we’ve got all the information you need in this section. 

    Hematite Price

    Hematite rock is incredibly abundant in the Earth’s crust. Luckily, that means the stone is inexpensive and can be purchased by those with even the tightest budgets. You can buy large, high quality hematite crystals for less than thirty dollars! It wouldn’t be uncommon to buy a hematite stone for even less than ten dollars. Sounds like a steal!

    piggy bank

    Hematite Ring Price

    Oh, don’t we all love a good hematite ring and all the positivity and balance it brings? When you go shopping for hematite rings, you’ll notice that the prices range dramatically. Some rings will cost less than ten dollars, while more fashionable, branded designs will cost over $1,500.

    Hematite Price per Gram

    Hematite costs about $0.1 per gram, but that price can definitely vary depending on the quality, color, and clarity of the stone. For example, a silver hematite stone with a metallic luster will cost more than a brown hematite with a dull luster.

    Hematite Price per Carat

    Hematite stones cost between $0.05 and $0.25 per carat. Again, these prices can differ slightly, but the cost of a hematite stone per carat will usually fall within this range.

    Raw Hematite for Sale

    Raw hematite can offer a world of difference to a spiritual or meditative journey. Even better – finding raw hematite is a stress-free, easy breezy experience. There are limitless options online, and most rock and crystal stores will stock raw hematite.

    raw hematiteBy House Digest

    Hematite Jewelry Wholesale

    If you like making your own jewelry, buying hematite beads in bulk is a great way to save money and make room for some creative experimentation. You can make your own genuine hematite bracelet at home at practically no cost!

    There are many places to buy wholesale hematite beads, but we recommend looking online. This way, you can curate your order more specifically based on your personal needs.

    Hematite Rings for Sale

    Hematite rings are here, there, and everywhere. You’ll have no trouble finding a hematite ring for sale, but you’ll definitely have trouble deciding which ring to choose. From big brands to small, local jewellers, many stores sell these soul-awakening rings.

    Hematite Near Me

    The easiest way to find hematite near you is by locating your nearest crystal or rock store. If you aren’t having any luck, you can always look for hematite online. Just make sure that you’re buying from a reliable website that understands the value of this transformative stone.

    Where to Buy Hematite

    When buying hematite, the two easiest options include online shopping and in-store browsing at either jewelry stores or crystal and rock shops. However, you can find hematite products at certain pop-up markets, and you can also order them through shamans. 

    Hematite on Amazon

    To give you some assistance on your online shopping journey, we recommend checking out the hematite products that Amazon has to offer. The e-commerce site has a copious supply of hematite cabochons in various colors, but it also stocks a number of beautiful hematite rings, pendants, bracelets, crystal towers, anklets, and even magnetic hematite!

    Hematite Necklace on Amazon

    Amazon sells a wide range of hematite necklaces including some bespoke designs you’ve never seen before. Their prices are ideal, too, as they are generally under thirty dollars per necklace.

    However, Amazon generally only stocks black metallic and rainbow hematite necklaces. So, if you’re looking for gold hematite, brown hematite, or red hematite necklaces, you might want to look elsewhere.


    Thank you for sticking with us for our hematite deep dive. We hope you enjoyed learning all about the stone – from its crystal structure to its metaphysical benefits.

    Remember that, while many stones gel well with certain souls and not with others, hematite is a stone that every person can benefit from using in their spiritual practice. And as you enter (or continue) a life filled with the serenity and protection of the hematite stone, we wish you all the best.

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