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Idocrase: Complete Guide (2024)

idocrase crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about idocrase, including its meaning, properties, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Some crystals always catch our eye, no matter what shape, form, or size they appear in. One such crystal is idocrase. Its aesthetic colors are a classy addition to one's daily life and its high vibrational frequency makes this crystal unique in many ways.

  • Idocrase Meaning
    • What is Idocrase
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  • Idocrase Properties
    • Idocrase Metaphysical Properties
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  • Garnets and Idocrase
  • Idocrase Color
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  • Idocrase Jewelry
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Idocrase Meaning

Idocrase, also known as vesuvianite, is a silicate mineral found in either green, yellow or brown. The name comes from where it was first discovered on Mount Vesuvius in Italy. The stone usually occurs in limestone or skarn deposits undergoing metamorphosis through the years.

Due to their pleasing aesthetic, these crystals have been cut as gemstones through the years. It gets its name from the Greek word, meaning ‘mixed form’ because it occurs in granular, compact, and mixed forms.

Idocrase Pronunciation 

It is pronounced i-dough-kreys or i-duh-kreys. 

Idocrase Properties

Idocrase Metaphysical Properties 

This crystal is believed to enhance a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. The stone is believed to establish a connection to your inner strength and bring out the best of your determination and willpower to help you forge ahead on the path that life has created.

It may also help conjure the strength to deal with many hard feelings and unpleasant situations from the past, helping one gain closure, move forward and not allow these feelings to weigh them down.

This crystal may help you achieve success in new situations and tasks by instilling you with hope and faith, which can help you tackle the task at hand with ease and ultimately accomplish it. It may also help you be more broad-minded and be open to new circumstances and adventures, especially while traveling or starting a new job or university. 

This stone is said to ground you emotionally and let go of distasteful thoughts and feelings. Forgiveness and peace are commonly brought about as a side effect of this stone. This stone may also attract support and encouragement in life from all sources. 

Idocrase Healing Properties 

You can use idocrase to greatly improve your mental health and capacity. It may help some to tackle mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, to name a few. It grounds the energy of the ego and helps you move ahead in life. 

Different colors of the stone symbolize and regulate different aspects of chakras. The energy of the stone amplifies and resounds with the third eye chakra and it will serve the purpose of releasing any misbeliefs. The stone may bring us closer to our higher self and facilitate our understanding of things, thus helping us release any negative energy and foster feelings of positivity, which is good for one's overall health, both physical and mental. 

The stone is also believed to help a lot with oral, dental, and throat issues. It may help greatly with the assimilation of nutrients from food consumed. It may also help enhance the sense of smell along with other functions of the ear, nose, and throat system. 

Garnets and Idocrase

Garnets are also a group of silicate minerals that have been in circulation for eons. Idocrase crystals are usually found in tetragonal structures and they can often be difficult to distinguish from grossular garnet.

However, the grossular garnet is harder and its crystals are dodecahedral. These stones can be commonly confused with one another because of their similar appearance but when looked at closely, they differ in a lot of ways both physically and composition-wise. 

Idocrase Color

Green Idocrase 

Idocrase is most commonly found in green. This transparent crystal is aesthetically pleasing and makes for a unique statement piece. It can be found in varying degrees of opacity, shapes, and forms. Many forms of green idocrase are commonly used during meditation to bring about peace and help you achieve an enhanced connection to your higher self.

Purple Idocrase 

purple idocrase

Purple idocrase is considered to be a healing stone that brings balance and harmony to your life and promotes inner peace. This stone releases the feelings of imprisonment and the negative thoughts that cage your mind. It helps to create a more balanced, realistic mindset that is focused on the future and not the past.

White Idocrase 

White idocrase grounds the energy of the ego and its strong vibration embellishes spiritual growth and helps you tread your step ahead in your life. It regulates all chakras through the third eye chakra with a special emphasis on the heart chakra and may bring about both physical and mental healing.

Idocrase Jewelry

This crystal is found in many cuts such as round, trillion, oval, and marquise, among others. Even though a transparent faceted idocrase is quite uncommon, when available, it is the most popular choice for jewelry.

It can be cut and used in many different items like rings, necklaces, and pendants, and can be embellished on home decor items as well. The jewelry is unique and adds a glamorous yet classy touch to any accessory. It can be found in different colors like green, purple, white, brown, and many more.

Idocrase Uses

Idocrase is most commonly used as a healing stone during meditation. Different colors have different healing properties and should be chosen according to one's needs. 

Idocrase Wand 

Idocrase wands are cut in such a way as to maximize their healing powers, which makes them a bit more powerful than their raw or tumbled versions. This will give a power boost to the properties you wish to use idocrase for and make them ideal for reiki, healing, and spiritual practice. 

Idocrase Price

Idocrase is available in many of its different colors and forms, like cut, uncut, polished, and by itself or within other objects. Whatever you might think you need, you can find it in that form or customize it according to your needs. This is available on many websites like Etsy and Amazon, and local gemstone dealer websites. It usually retails for $6 to $55 USD. 


Idocrase is a ‌powerful stone with its focus on the heart chakra. It has high vibrational energy that may be used to heal mental and physical blocks that are usually barriers to one connecting with their higher self and achieving their maximum potential. When used correctly, it may bring about immense improvement and satisfaction in one's life. 

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