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Blue Calcite: Complete Guide (2024)

blue calcite stones

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about blue calcite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Your life is shaped by your mind. What you think, you become. Blue calcite is a gemstone that nourishes your mind with its spiritual potential. It offers physical healing to your emotions by eliminating negative energy and encouraging calmness in your mind.

What is behind this beautiful blue crystal? How does blue calcite work with the human mind?

Stick to this article and learn everything about this powerful gemstone.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Blue Calcite Meaning
    • Blue Calcite Metaphysical Meaning
    • Blue Calcite Chakra
      • Blue Calcite Throat Chakra
    • Blue Calcite Benefits
    • Blue Calcite Healing
    • Where is Blue Calcite Found
      • Blue Calcite in Madagascar
      • Caribbean Blue Calcite
      • Blue Calcite in Argentina
  • Blue Calcite Properties
    • Blue Calcite Healing Properties
    • Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties
  • Blue Calcite vs Other Stones
    • Blue Calcite vs Celestite
    • Blue Quartz vs Blue Calcite
    • Blue Calcite and Chalcedony
    • Blue Calcite and Opal
    • Blue Calcite vs Angelite
  • Blue Calcite Types
    • Raw Blue Calcite
    • Blue Calcite Tumbled
  • Blue Calcite Jewelry
    • Blue Calcite Necklace
    • Blue Calcite Ring
    • Blue Calcite Bracelet
    • Blue Calcite Pendant
  • Blue Calcite Uses
    • Blue Calcite Sphere
    • Blue Calcite Egg
    • Blue Calcite Beads
    • Blue Calcite Slab
    • Blue Calcite Lamp
    • Blue Calcite Tower
    • Blue Calcite Wand
  • How to Use Blue Calcite
    • Blue Calcite for Sale
    • Price Blue Calcite
    • Blue Calcite in Bulk
    • Fake Blue Calcite
  • Conclusion

Blue Calcite Meaning

Blue Calcite Metaphysical Meaning

Blue calcite is the ultimate gemstone that provides a soothing and relaxing state of mind after emotional bruising. It is known as the stone of emotional intelligence. When it comes to depression and anxiety, this high vibrational stone is said to bring balance and harmony to your life. Its powerful vibrations work as a natural sedative during a period of mental instability and disagreements.

Blue Calcite Chakra

Blue Calcite Throat Chakra

Blue calcite has been associated with the power of the throat chakra (vishuddha) that gives voice to the heart chakra and controls the ability to communicate your personal power. When someone has trouble saying how they truly feel, the throat chakra crystal blue calcite allows users to think with a more pure mind. It also allows you to express yourself honestly and clearly.

Blue Calcite Third Eye Chakra

Blue calcite also works with the third eye chakra (anja). The third eye chakra is said to be located in the center of a person's head, between the eyebrows. Blue calcite controls the ability to think while working closely with the third eye chakra.

Blue Calcite Benefits

Blue calcite gemstone is known as the stone of the mind and emotional intelligence. This powerful gemstone works closely with the person's throat chakra and the third eye chakra. Working with these chakras can help one ‌achieve a perfect harmonic balance between their emotional and mental state. This stone connects you to your mind that helps you to express yourself both honestly and openly.

Blue Calcite Healing

Blue calcite is a powerful purifier and amplifier of energies. This powerful crystal stone eliminates negative energy from your mind. It activates all of your chakras by enhancing the foundation of positive energy. Blue calcite is a deeply spiritual stone that can release mental and emotional blockages. It calms your mind and helps you understand more deeply by forming an inner connection.

Blue calcite is closely connected with the inner functionality of your kidney, spleen, and pancreas and can purify their overall functions. Along with this, it may also eliminate issues regarding skin conditions, intestine problems, and tissue healing. It is believed that the stone helps your body absorb calcium and provides strength to your bones.

Where is Blue Calcite Found?

blue calcite stone

Blue calcite is a very rare stone in the world of gemstones. It is the most popular stone in the calcite family, which is known as a powerful cleanser of negative energies. It is mined from Britain, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan, and Iceland. Recently, a new mineral stone was found in Pakistan, which is a combination of light ocean blue calcite and white, light brown aragonite. It is quite similar to Caribbean blue calcite. Calcite gemstone can be found on every continent, but blue calcite is a rare stone and can be found only in a few places on earth. 

Blue Calcite in Madagascar

Madagascar is an exotic island in the Indian Ocean near Africa. This island is filled with the exceptional richness of crystals. Blue calcite is mostly found in Madagascar. It has its own uniqueness and clarity. Blue calcite can be found in a few other places in the world, yet this nation in Africa is a treasure trove when it comes to blue calcite.

Caribbean Blue Calcite

Caribbean blue calcite was found in Pakistan in 2019. It beautifully combines light ocean blue calcite and white, light brown aragonite. This stone is an extremely popular gemstone. Unlike the name suggests, the Caribbean blue calcite is not from the Caribbean islands but is actually mined in Pakistan.

Blue Calcite in Argentina

Argentinian blue calcite is a colorless to cloudy stone that is pale blue to medium blue, typically found with the white matrix. This stone is said to enhance decision-making and help make you confident. 

Blue Calcite Properties

Blue Calcite Healing Properties

Blue calcite is believed to have healing properties associated with the stimulation of soothing energies and emotional release for people suffering from anxiety and many nervous disorders. It may bring stability to irregular heart rhythms and reduce blood pressure. 

By awakening your intuition, blue calcite may help you ‌enter elevated states of consciousness. Some of the expert practitioners discovered that blue calcite can help treat different physical pain and illness. When it comes to treating anxiety and traumas, blue calcite may be a natural medication for the healing process.

Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Just like other gemstones, blue calcite also has some major metaphysical properties that allow you to feel its calming energy. Blue calcite is a powerful gemstone that facilitates physical healing by clearing negative vibes and stimulating rest and relaxation. It may also work as a natural sedative after emotional trauma and depression, such as the death of a loved one. 

It stimulates the energy in the throat chakra and allows clear communication, especially among differing or opposing points of view. Working with the third-eye chakra, blue calcite crystal can enhance intuition and inner sight. 

Blue Calcite vs Other Stones

blue calcite stone

Blue Calcite vs Celestite

  • Blue calcite is cheaper than celestite.
  • Celestite is 1.5 times heavier than blue calcite.
  • Both celestite and calcite have the same hardness, 3-3.5.
  • Celestite is a sulfate of strontium and a member of the barite group. Blue calcite is a calcium carbonate and a part of the calcite group.
  • Both minerals have the same color range from transparent to pale blue, white, pink, and light brown.

Blue Quartz vs Blue Calcite

It is very difficult to differentiate these two common gemstones. As the names indicate, both blue quartz and blue calcite have similar color shades and shapes. But there are some major differences between these two gemstones:

  • Blue quartz is four times harder than blue calcite. Blue quartz reaches 7 on the scale of hardness, while calcite has hardness 3-3.5.
  • These two gemstones have different chemical compositions. Blue calcite is calcium carbonate, while blue quartz is made of silicon dioxide.

Blue Calcite and Chalcedony

A combination of blue calcite and chalcedony makes a beautiful sparkling gemstone. A thin layer of sparkles of the chalcedony crystal sits on blue calcite and creates this one-piece crystal. It is usually found in the Ysterputs mine, which is in the Karasburg region in Namibia.

Chalcedony gemstone (6.5-7) is harder than blue calcite (3-3.5).

Blue Calcite and Opal

Blue calcite combined with opal looks like green leaves in the sky. Unique and beautiful opal with blue calcite can help you connect the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself. This combination of gemstones is mostly used for making beautiful spiritual jewelry for women.

Blue Calcite vs Angelite 

Blue calcite and angelite are some of the most mesmerizing blue crystals ‌you can encounter. It's ‌a tad hard to differentiate these two crystals because of their similar structure and striking blue color shades. Sometimes it even gets difficult to recognize the identity of these two crystals. Some of the key points that differentiate these two gemstones are‌:

  • Angelite has an opaque, matte glow while blue calcite has a waxy shine. 
  • Angelite has an evenly distributed color while blue calcite has line inclusions.
  • Both ‌crystals have different healing properties. Angelite stimulates balance, peace, and tranquility, while blue calcite enhances relaxation, calmness, and clear communication.
  • Both ‌crystals have the same hardness as 3-3.5.

Blue Calcite Types

Raw Blue Calcite

Raw blue calcite is one of the most soothing stones. This raw blue beauty helps to relieve unwanted negative emotions and soothes anxiety or panic. Raw blue calcite gemstone is easily available to buy. One can keep this shining raw crystal at home or in the office to stimulate a soothing atmosphere.

Blue Calcite Tumbled

Blue calcite is a soft stone. It can be tumbled and polished carefully since it is soft. Once blue calcite is tumbled and polished perfectly, it becomes a beautiful blue gemstone that looks gorgeous in jewelry. Its pale blue color, along with spiritual abilities, makes this gemstone powerful and elegant.

Blue Calcite Jewelry

Blue calcite is one of the most beautiful-looking crystals with its waxy, shiny blue color. Just like the other crystals, blue calcite is also used to make jewelry. Jewelry made with this stone looks attractive and elegant.

Blue Calcite Necklace

There is a variety of necklaces made from tumbled blue calcite gemstone. Some of them are handmade and unique. This necklace may help one experience soothing vibes after wearing it.

Blue Calcite Ring

Rings made of tumbled blue calcite stones look gorgeous and elegant. One who has anxiety or stress can wear this ring. There are some beautiful handmade rings made with genuine raw blue calcite that one can gift for their loved ones.

Blue Calcite Bracelet

Tumbled and polished blue calcite is often used for bracelets. Bracelets made with blue calcite may stimulate emotional balance, calm stress and tension, and protect the ones who wear them. This evenly structured ornament looks elegant on anyone.

Blue Calcite Pendant

blue calcite pendant

There are some beautiful blue calcite handmade pendants available to buy. Some of these pendants are made in combination with other stones. The color combination of the other stones with blue calcite looks unique. These pendants can be worn by women of any age to enhance their beauty. 

Blue Calcite Uses

Blue calcite is linked closely with the third eye and throat chakra and may help you ‌develop psychic gifts. This gemstone is a ‌powerful remedy in aiding the healing of pain in bones and joints. Blue calcite may provide soothing energy along with positive vibes and eliminate mental illness and anxiety. This gemstone is known as the stone of the mind.

Blue Calcite Sphere 

Blue calcite sphere is a crystal ball made of tumbled blue crystal. This sphere comes in different sizes (from 1 inch to 3 inches in diameter). Stands for this crystal sphere are also available to buy online. You can keep a blue calcite sphere at home or in the office to enhance the ambiance with its positive vibes. 

Blue Calcite Egg

Blue calcite egg is similar to the blue calcite sphere. It's an egg-shaped crystal you can buy to fill yourself with positivity and blessings. Also, blue calcite can come in a heart shape.

Blue Calcite Beads

Beads made of blue calcite are very popular in the jewelry world. Perfectly finished and tumbled blue calcite is used to make these beautiful beads. One can easily buy blue calcite beads from the nearest store or any online platform.

Blue Calcite Slab & Countertops

Blue calcite slabs are used for floors and countertops. A floor or countertop made with blue calcite slab looks elegant with its blue shades and glossy sheen. Blue calcite countertops are scratch, heat, and stain-resistant. The home will be filled with positivity when the floor is made with a blue calcite slab. 

Blue Calcite Lamp

Blue calcite stones are also used to make lamp tops. These lamp tops are made with raw blue calcite.

Blue Calcite Tower

Blue calcite tower is a tower-shaped crystal made with blue calcite. 

Blue Calcite Wand

Blue calcite wand is a meditation stone. This wand is well suited for relaxing massages. Meditating with blue calcite is highly recommended because of its relaxing and calming vibes.

How to Use Blue Calcite

Blue calcite gemstone has been used by healers for generations. It can provide them with a soothing level of calmness and ultimate peace in their lives. Allowing them to access the energies of the throat chakra and third eye chakra, blue calcite may help reduce emotional trauma, lessen anxiety, and relieve stress. Keeping blue calcite around can nourish the user's mind with positive vibes and calming energy.

Blue Calcite for Sale

blue calcite stone

Price Blue Calcite

The blue calcite cost varies from $34-38 USD per kilogram.

Blue Calcite Jewelry Price

Blue calcite jewelry price range starts at $8 USD.

Fake Blue Calcite

Real blue calcite doesn’t shine under ultraviolet light. It doesn’t react with dilute hydrochloric acid. The major difference between real and fake blue calcite is the double refraction phenomenon, which means if you see through this crystal, you will see dual objects.


Blue calcite crystal is known as a stone of the mind and emotional intelligence. It eliminates negative energy from your mind and gently brings protection and happiness. Its calming and soothing energy allows users to think with a more pure mind. Blue calcite has been associated with the power of the throat chakra (vishuddha) that gives voice to the heart chakra and controls the ability to communicate one’s power. It also works closely with the person's third eye chakra.
You can buy blue calcite easily from the nearest crystal store and also at online sites like Etsy and Amazon.

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