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Amphibole Quartz (Angel Phantom Quartz): Complete Guide

amphibole quartz

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about amphibole quartz, including its meaning, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Amphibole quartz, also known as angel phantom quartz, is a very rare and stunning gemstone. Found only in Brazil, the amphibole quartz gem is a special variant of quartz stone; it is composed of mineral elements that are ‌classified in the supergroup called 'amphibole'. This makes it one of the most sought-after and unique inclusions to any collection of rare gemstones.

In this article, we take a closer look at everything to know about the beautiful amphibole quartz.

  • Amphibole Quartz Meaning
    • What is Amphibole Quartz?
    • What is Inside Amphibole Quartz?
    • Amphibole Quartz Chakra
    • Where to Find Amphibole Quartz
      • Amphibole Quartz in Brazil
    • Amphibole Quartz Benefits
  • Amphibole Quartz Properties
    • Amphibole Quartz Metaphysical Properties
    • Healing Properties of Amphibole Quartz
  • Amphibole Quartz Types
    • Amphibole Quartz Tumbled
    • Amphibole Quartz Polished
  • Amphibole Quartz Color
  • Red Amphibole Quartz
    • Amphibole Quartz Jewelry
    • Amphibole Quartz Bracelet
    • Amphibole Quartz Pendant
  • Amphibole Quartz Pyramid
  • Amphibole Quartz for Sale
  • Conclusion

Amphibole Quartz Meaning

Amphibole quartz, or angel phantom quartz, is one of the rarest sterling gems found today. It looks enigmatic and is usually surrounded by other gorgeous gemstones, namely rutilated quartz, angelite, and celestite, which are known for their metaphysical powers of ushering in light and positivity.

Available in ethereal colors that depend on its chemical composition, amphibole quartz is highly coveted for its powerful vibrations. It is also used widely during meditation by crystal healers and metaphysical practitioners.

What is Amphibole Quartz?

The name amphibole is derived from “amphiboles” which is a Greek word meaning ambiguous. It can be possible that the stone was named such, owing to ‌a mixture of different minerals that are considered part of the inosilicates, within this gemstone.

A gemstone that belongs to the quartz group, amphibole quartz is ‌available in very light shades of colors, and can even be colorless at times. The shades vary primarily because of the amphibole quartz mineral composition. Each mineral present in this stone exudes its unique vibrations, making the collective energies emanated by the amphibole quartz spiritually potent.

The white and wispy wing-like marks present on the amphibole quartz crystal have earned it the name “angel phantom quartz”.

What is Inside Amphibole Quartz?

As already mentioned, the chemical composition of amphibole quartz is marked by ‌a wide variety of inosilicate minerals, which impart different beautiful shades to this precious gem. The minerals grow in the shape of spray, prism, or needle-like crystalline structures.

These include richterite, actinolite, hornblende, and tremolite, along with minerals such as hematite, kaolinite, limonite, and lithium. Depending on the concentration of amphibole quartz minerals, the gemstone appears in stunning shades of red, white, orange, brown, yellow, and green. The presence of these minerals gives rise to wispy phantom-like marks, for which this gemstone is also known as amphibole angel phantom quartz. 

These wispy structures often appear like plumes of smoke or strokes of a paintbrush, making the amphibole quartz crystal look ethereal. According to mineralogists, at some point of time in history, the crystal formation was disrupted and washed over by new minerals, which led to the formation of the wisps.

But in the realm of crystals, they depict the “phantoms” or ghosts of the mineral kingdom. These phantoms vary in their mineral composition, which is visible to the naked eye.

Amphibole Quartz Chakra

Amphibole quartz gemstones come with multi-faceted healing capabilities with their influence on multiple chakras or energy nodes present in our body. According to metaphysical experts, the amphibole angel quartz aligns with our third eye and crown chakras.

This is why the crystal is widely used during meditation to connect with the higher vibrations of the cosmic world and reach out to the angelic realms. Amphibole quartz crystal in shades of red, orange, and yellow is said to align with our root and sacral chakras, which ‌house the connection with our past — our childhood, previous life, and traumas.

Amphibole gems can be used to release the lower chakras, which help strike a balance in our personalities and push our subconscious towards openness, love, rationality, creativity, and stability. 

Where to Find Amphibole Quartz?

Amphibole angel phantom quartz is an extremely rare gem and can be found only in Brazil.

Amphibole Quartz in Brazil

amphibole quartz

Amphibole quartz minerals can only be found in the Minas Gerais region in Brazil. This limited presence of the gemstone makes it rarely available and highly valuable.

Amphibole Quartz Benefits

Crystal experts say that the benefits of this magical gemstone range far and wide, and are best experienced when used during meditation. The amphibole quartz crystal is said to positively impact our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being and promote chakra healing.

The greatest benefit brought in by amphibole quartz is the feeling of peace and inner joy that you can experience when you meditate with the crystal. This gemstone also helps dispel negative energies surrounding us and make way for positive vibrations to fill our lives. It is also said to help with lucid dreaming, opening up our memories about our past lives, and improving health and wealth. 

Amphibole Quartz Properties

Apart from its stunning aesthetic value, amphibole quartz is enriched with many mystical properties.

Amphibole Quartz Metaphysical Properties

The interesting metaphysical properties of the angel phantom quartz make it one of the most coveted possessions of crystal healers. They believe that this mystical gem has the power to connect with the highest energies of the universe, where our spirit guides and guardian angels live.

It can activate our higher chakras, thereby opening up our senses and realizations to become the best version of ourselves. It can instill feelings of honesty and universal love and bring balance, harmony, and stability to our lives.

This crystal is also used to guard against psychic attacks and raise our intuitions to higher elevations. When kept at the workplace, this gemstone can help ensure harmony among coworkers and cultivate positivity in all aspects of life.

Healing Properties of Amphibole Quartz

Metaphysical healers hail this stone for its potent healing powers. Amphibole quartz may be used to soothe physical conditions like muscle cramps in the legs, blood disorders, insomnia, and nerve issues.

It may also be used to improve dehydration and help in calcium and iron assimilation into the system. Moreover, ailments of the liver, skin, ears, eyes, and digestive tract may also be soothed with the help of this powerful healing crystal.

Apart from physical disorders, amphibole quartz is also widely used for healing at the non-physical level. It can help in spiritual healing and development and also help us become better individuals overall. It may heal us from our past traumas and improve our intuitive and clairvoyant capabilities to deal better with the challenges that life throws at us.

Crystal healers say that by helping us communicate with our spirit guides, this gemstone helps us heal spiritually and develop a positive mindset.

Amphibole Quartz Types

Amphibole Quartz Tumbled

Tumbled amphibole quartz stones are said to be very potent when used for spiritual healing and development. Their smooth and shiny surfaces easily reveal the wispy phantoms that are present within, making the gemstone look more mystical than ever. Tumbled amphibole quartz is also used while crafting exquisite jewelry items.

Amphibole Quartz Polished

When the amphibole quartz gemstone is polished correctly, it reveals its actual form and color. Crystal healers and metaphysical experts use polished amphibole quartz while meditating. Polished clear stones are said to be more potent in harnessing the positive vibrations and focusing them on specific chakras for magical benefits. 

Amphibole Quartz Color

Amphibole angel phantom quartz is available in natural stunning shades of colors. These colors are imparted by the different silicate minerals present within the gemstone; the concentration of the minerals decides what color the amphibole quartz appears to be.

The most gorgeous colors of this gemstone include red, orange, yellow, brown, and green. The phantom patterns present in these shades look mysterious and the stone is cherished by crystal collectors. 

Red Amphibole Quartz

red amphibole quartz

When hematite is present in amphibole quartz stone, it takes on a predominantly red shade. Red amphibole quartz looks gorgeous with its phantom wisps and is a popular choice for making valuable jewelry. Interestingly, red amphibole is also popular among crystal healers for its ability to influence our lower chakras—the root and sacral chakras.

These chakras are said to bear the connection to our past lives, childhood, and traumas. Red amphibole quartz, also known as fire amphibole quartz, helps open up these lower chakras and bring balance and stability in life along with love, creativity, sexuality, and wholesome positivity.

Amphibole Quartz Jewelry

Amphibole quartz gem is a highly sought-after choice for making gorgeous jewelry items. It can effortlessly enhance the appeal and magnificence of ornaments and enrich the beauty of the person wearing them.

And wearing jewelry made ‌of amphibole quartz crystal is also a wonderful way to keep the gemstone close to yourself and experience its mystical benefits. In fact, crystal healers recommend keeping this gem in contact with your skin to fully activate its potential. 

Amphibole Quartz Bracelet

Bracelets made ‌of amphibole quartz stone are highly exquisite and stunning items. Depending on the color of the gemstone used, you can pair it with any kind of outfit. Wearing an amphibole quartz bracelet also ensures that the gem keeps touching your wrist, allowing you to soak up its various benefits. So, it not only looks stylish but also works in its magical ways to fill you up with its positive influence.

Amphibole Quartz Pendant

Metaphysical practitioners say that keeping amphibole quartz crystals closer to your neck can help open up the higher chakras. A pendant made of this gemstone ‌works perfectly‌ for this purpose. Amphibole quartz pendants look not only ethereal in all their brilliant magical colors, but also add to your beauty.

You can wear them anywhere and ensure that harmony and balance prevail everywhere you go. Wearing an amphibole quartz pendant to your office might help you bond better with your coworkers and bring in cooperation and productivity.

Amphibole Quartz Pyramid

According to crystal and metaphysical experts, an amphibole pyramid is ideal for harnessing positive energies and focusing them all together for the greater benefit. Amphibole quartz pyramids are therefore prized possessions for those who practice meditation, reiki, and other forms of crystal healing. These gemstone pyramids are hailed as wonderful sources of positive energy radiations and are especially suitable for the home and office.

Amphibole Quartz for Sale

Amphibole quartz is available to buyers on all leading online shopping platforms. You can find different colors, shapes, and sizes of this beautiful gemstone on e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Amazon. Amphibole quartz can also be bought from retail gem dealers and crystal shops. However, make sure to buy only from reliable retailers, whether online or in-person, so that you do not end up buying fake stones.


Amphibole quartz can bring about a world of improvements and enrich your life with positive energy. It is much more than just a rare gorgeous gemstone. However, you need to know how to use and maintain it to maximize its benefits for the longest time. You can talk to crystal experts before buying an amphibole quartz crystal.

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