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Mariposite: Complete Guide (2024)

mariposite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about mariposite, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


Mariposite is a stone that brings loving and gentle energy and helps you in manifesting your desires. It is a balancing and grounding stone known for its uses more than its properties. So, let us learn about the healing properties and other benefits of this beguiling stone.

  • Mariposite meaning
    • What is Mariposite Used for?
    • Is Mariposite Rare?
    • Where is Mariposite Found?
  • Mariposite Properties
    • Mariposite Healing Properties
  • Mariposite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Mariposite Meaning

Maripostie mineral consists of green chromium with high mica content and white dolomitic marble. It got the name as it was found in Mariposa County, California. Mariposite is not a formal name for the mineral but it is widely known by this informal name. 

Mariposites are often combined with other minerals and thus have different lusters and hardness. The best pieces of mariposite are said to be the ones combined with quartz without any weathering damages. 

Along with its inclusions in white dolomitic marble, the green patterns of mica make the stone alluring and soothing to the eyes. Mariposite has a calming aura surrounding it that makes the stone all the more enticing. 

What is Mariposite Used for?

Mariposite is often used as decorations on walls, monuments, and bridges. It is also made into jewelry. It is known to be an ore of gold. It is used as cemetery markers, fireplaces, and other works. 

Mariposite is used for meditations to achieve a theta state. It has a high and powerful meditative energy that helps you attain the desired peace of mind. It reduces your fear of things and helps you adapt to your surroundings. 

Its health healing properties include several benefits such as sore throat, thyroid issues, and respiratory-related issues. It stimulates the crown chakra, brings clarity to your mind, and helps elevate your psychic gifts. 

Mariposites are made into pieces of jewelry, cabochons, spheres, and tumbled stones as well. 

Is Mariposite Rare?

Mariposite crystals are not common. The gemstone quality stones are quite rare and even though found all over the world, they are in lesser quantities. Thus, we can say that mariposite stones are comparatively rare.

Where is Mariposite Found?

Mariposite is mined in the Mariposa County of California, where it gets its name. It is also found in several places in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Marblemouth in Washington, and in a few areas in Newfoundland, Canada, and some parts of Europe. 

Mariposite Properties

Mariposite Healing Properties

Mariposite crystal helps you to adapt to new situations and new environments. It influences and regulates the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. It stimulates creativity and thus, it is a powerful stone for artistic people. It is also known as a ‘stone of self-expression.’ Mariposite also activates the heart chakra and thus enhances and promotes your heart's health. It helps with blood circulation and the cardiovascular system. 

Mariposite helps you to deal with emotional situations. The healing energies of the stone help you understand and see hope in the future. It shows you that drawbacks in life are not permanent, but temporary. It provides a loving and caring energy to get you through tough times. It does not let you stay in isolation but brings you out to new experiences and helps you enjoy them as well. 

Mariposite helps you maintain balance in your life and show support through tough decisions. It strengthens your belief and faith in yourself so that you remain faithful to your goals and commitments. It calms your overactive thinking and soothes your mind so you can make the right decisions.

Using mariposite eliminates exhaustion and helps you relax by giving you a feeling of stability and balance. The relieving of stress also presents many health benefits. You can have relaxing sleep under the influence of this crystal. 

Mariposite may assist people suffering from insomnia and other sleeping problems. It might also help in strengthening bones and teeth. Mariposite is also said to help with issues of fertility and other female reproductive organs. Using mariposite may help with skin diseases and protect ovules and sweat glands. This stone's energy helps with motion sickness and also aids in some conditions of the urinary tract. 

Mariposite for Sale

mariposite necklace

Mariposite is not well known in the crystal healing community and thus finding a stone at a lower price is easy. A tumbled mariposite stone of 1-inch costs $2 USD. The best quality of mariposite cabochon or tumbled stone can cost up to $9 or $10 USD each.

Whereas, jewelry, such as rings and pendants, can cost $12.99 to $14.99 USD. 


Mariposite is a stone of adaptability, growth, and balance. It brings stability to your life, makes you kinder towards others, and helps you adapt according to your surroundings. This may help you in your persona, as well as in your professional life. 

The best way to benefit from the energies of mariposite is to place it in a prominent place in your house. It will spread its positive vibrations eliminating the negative aura. 

Having a mariposite around will keep you anchored and prevent you from swaying away from your goals. Placing the mariposite on your chakras will help you benefit from its energies. Mariposite is, therefore, a great stone to carry with you at all times.

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