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Atacamite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

atacamite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about atacamite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Atacamite is a rare mineral of copper, and it is used to make attractive jewelry. Read this guide to learn more about the atacamite stone, its properties, and its uses. Take a look at what we will be covering in this article:

  • Atacamite Meaning
    • Atacamite Pronunciation
    • What is Atacamite Used for?
    • Where is Atacamite Found
      • Atacamite in Chile
      • Atacamite Stone in Korea
      • Atacamite from China
  • Atacamite Properties
    • Atacamite Metaphysical Properties
    • Atacamite Healing Properties
  • Atacamite and Malachite
  • Atacamite Types
    • Atacamite Tumbled
    • Atacamite Raw
  •  Atacamite Uses
    • Atacamite Beads
  • Atacamite Jewelry
    • Atacamite Pendant
    • Atacamite Necklace
    • Atacamite Ring
    • Atacamite Bracelet
  • Atacamite for Sale
    • Atacamite Price
  • Conclusion

Atacamite Meaning

Atacamite is a form of copper chloride that has a transparent appearance and comes in different vibrant colors such as various shades of green. The atacamite stone is a type of mineral. The ore of atacamite is the same as that of copper chloride. The mineral atacamite shares many polymorphous traits with minerals like botallackite, paratacaite, and clinoatacamite. Atacamite is often found in trace amounts and is considered a rare mineral. The creation of atacamite is dependent upon the oxidative areas of arid climatic conditions that lead to the formation of atacamite from copper minerals.

Atacamite Pronunciation

The mineral atacamite pronunciation uses many forms of air passage from the mouth to utter the proper pronunciation of the word. The correct pronunciation of atacamite is “at-a-camite”.

What is Atacamite Used for?

The mineral atacamite is used in many spheres of day-to-day life. From industrial to personal necessity, the utility of atacamite cannot be questioned. The major uses of atacamite are as follows:

Used for its metaphysical properties 

The atacamite crystal is popular due to its varied range of metaphysical properties. The stone is said to help in various ways to heal your aura and can also bring positivity and a directional shift to your career. These metaphysical properties make this crystal valuable as it opens various chakras and improves your outlook on life.

Used to invoke spirituality

Atacamite crystal is believed to have the potential to help you become spiritual and learn the art of meditation. It is also known to work as a stimulant for the pineal gland. The stimulating potential of atacamite crystals can help people to communicate with the subconscious brain. It also helps to eliminate negative influences over a person and bring a positive mindset.

Used to make jewelry 

Atacamite is a very popular crystal in the jewelry industry. The bright colors and amazing shine of the crystal make it an amazing option to incorporate with other metals to make beautiful jewelry. The minute crystals of atacamite can be used to make various jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. 

Where is Atacamite Found?

atacamite stone

Atacamite can be considered one of the more rare minerals on the planet. The formation of atacamite is due to the oxidation of copper ores in the world’s most arid climates. The arid climates aid in the proper oxidation of the copper ores. The mineral atacamite is found in the form of volcanic sublimate in the fumarole deposits.

All over the world, places like Russia, the Czech Republic, Australia, and Arizona have deposits of atacamite stone.

Atacamite in Chile

The formation of atacamite in Chile is due to the oxidation of copper plates in the copper ore. In the year of 1801, D. de Fallizen was the first person who extracted the mineral in the Atacama Desert of Chile for the first time.

Atacamite Stone in Korea

Korea is also known for its atacamite stone deposits. This country holds many valuable stone resources and is popular around the globe for these stone deposits. Atacamite stone is extracted from Koreanreserves for various uses.

Atacamite from China

China has many deposits of atacamite stone as well. These deposits produce enough atacamite that is used to manufacture many finished goods.

Atacamite Properties

Atacamite Metaphysical Properties

Atacamite is a powerful stone that has many metaphysical properties that can help you to become better and improve your energies. The atacamite crystal can improve your communication skills and the art of expression if used near the voice box or the neck region. Many people believe that atacamite helped them to express themselves in a better and more efficient way.

Some studies also suggest that atacamite crystal is a great booster for the immune system, as it can improve the immune reaction of the body against several microbes and other deadly agents. Several glands, like the thymus gland and thyroid gland, are also influenced by the atacamite crystal and are believed to perform more efficiently in the vicinity of the atacamite crystal.

Atacamite crystal is also considered great for heart health. It can improve your self-confidence and motivate you to achieve higher goals in your life. This amazing crystal helps you by bringing positivity to your mindset and makes you more independent and enthusiastic about the challenges of life.

Atacamite is also known to have amazing vibrational properties that can help you to concentrate that energy over the earth’s star chakra and reach higher levels in your career and personal life. The common properties of green stones like atacamite are known to work on heart chakra energy, but atacamite can work on many chakras to help you in many ways.

Atacamite Healing Properties

Atacamite crystal is a powerful healing stone. It is believed to help boost your sexual performance by working on your reproductive organs. The atacamite crystal is beneficial to both male and female reproductive organs as it is known to work on the lower chakras. It is also believed that the healing powers of the stone can be used in the naval region to aid in the functions of the kidney. 

Atacamite and Malachite

malachite stone

Atacamite and malachite are very close in properties as they both come from copper sources. 

Atacamite is a rarer mineral as compared to malachite. Atacamite comes in shades of green and has a slightly rough surface. 

Malachite and atacamite are obtained from the same copper ore and are also referred to as copper carbonate minerals. 

Malachite stones come in shades of green and have a soft and smooth appearance. In many malachite stones, you can observe various patterns over the surface of the stone, and it is mostly non-transparent.

Atacamite Types

Atacamite observed from copper carbonate ores comes in various forms and types. The change in forms is due to changes in climatic conditions and the modes of extraction of the stone. Two popular types of atacamite are atacamite tumbled and raw atacamite.

Atacamite Tumbled

Atacamite stone comes in many forms and the atacamite tumbled is one such form. Atacamite tumbled comes in irregular shapes and can be used to make small-sized stones or jewelry pieces by further processing. Due to its irregular shapes and size, atacamite tumbled stone is usually cheaper compared to raw atacamite stone.

Atacamite Raw

Atacamite raw is the purest form of the mineral and it is extracted directly from the ore. The whole stone containing the atacamite stone is referred to as atacamite raw. The atacamite raw stone is used as a raw material in many industries and is used in the manufacturing of many pieces of jewelry and other atacamite products. 

Atacamite Uses

Atacamite is used in various aspects of life. The utility of atacamite in the jewelry industry makes it a very popular mineral. It also improves the health conditions and lifestyles of many people. The atacamite stones have been used since ancient times to invoke spirituality in many people and aid in religious ceremonies. Many people wear atacamite stones to improve the efficiency of meditative practices and to improve their concentrating abilities. Atacamite is a precious stone and its various forms and finished products can make life a little easier.

Atacamite Beads

Atacamite beads are a form of atacamite crystal carved into beautiful jewelry in the shape of beads. The atacamite crystal beads can be worn as rings, pendants, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces. The bearer of these beautiful and alluring atacamite beads can potentially increase their concentration skills and deep dive into mediation for longer durations. The beads are also believed to help in curing various disorders related to the kidneys and reproductive system and can also improve heart-related issues. These beads work on various lower and higher chakras.

Atacamite Jewelry

atacamite crystal

As we have talked about the beautiful and alluring nature of atacamite, it is no wonder that the atacamite stone is used to make pretty jewelry and also in craftwork to make amazing finished goods. The best way to get authentic jewelry of atacamite for yourself is to first purchase the atacamite stone from an authentic shop and then ask an expert jeweler to prepare the jewelry for you according to your specifications. This is the best way to get pure atacamite jewelry.

For those looking to purchase pre-made atacamite jewelry, always look for signs and marks in the jewelry to know that the jewelry is authentic and has the original atacamite stone in it. A large number of mixed products containing trace amounts of atacamite mixed with other stones or crystals are also available in the market.

Atacamite Pendant

An atacamite pendant is another form of atacamite jewelry. The pendant is loved by many as it makes it easier to carry the stone with you and close to your throat chakra.

Atacamite Necklace

The atacamite necklace is an alluring piece of jewelry and looks stunning and unique. Men and women of all ages can wear the atacamite necklace and can feel the positive benefits

Atacamite Ring

Atacamite rings look pretty on your fingers and add an interesting element to your style. The ring helps you to keep the stone close to you so you can better experience the metaphysical properties of the stone.

Atacamite Bracelet

A bracelet containing atacamite stone is easy to wear and looks sophisticated. The bracelet comes in various shapes and with alluring designs and patterns.

Atacamite for Sale

As there is a lot of demand for atacamite crystals, you can find various wholesale suppliers of atacamite around the globe. 

The Atacamite crystal jewelry market is also expanding due to a huge surge in the demand for the crystal. Raw atacamite is also available in the market and comes at a cheaper price. The raw atacamite feels more natural and looks amazing. These atacamite products can be found in large wholesale crystal markets or through online stores.

Atacamite Price

The price range of atacamite products starts at around $20 USD and goes as high as $500 USD and more. The price depends on the type of product you purchase. Raw atacamite is generally cheaper, but atacamite jewelry falls on the expensive side.


Atacamite is a rare mineral found in many parts of the world. The stone is popular for its amazing metaphysical and healing properties. The bright colors and its shine make it a perfect raw material for many types of jewelry. People keep the stone close to their various chakras to get the positive healing effects of the stone. The atacamite crystal is also used in many religious ceremonies and is known to help in spiritual practices. The individual stone and also atacamite jewelry are available in major stone markets and online at sites like Etsy.

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