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Amblygonite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Amblygonite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about amblygonite, including its meaning, benefits, properties and colors. Let's get started!


Crystals and gemstones have been used for healing from as far back as 4,500 BC. It is quite fascinating how mere clusters of minerals can have such a powerful impact on physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

One of the many minerals that offer almost miraculous healing properties is amblygonite. So let’s learn as much as we can about this intriguing mineral. 

  • Amblygonite Meaning 
    • Amblygonite Pronunciation 
    • Where in the World is Amblygonite Found 
    • What is Amblygonite Used for 
    • Amblygonite Chakra 
  • Amblygonite Crystal Benefits 
  • Amblygonite Properties 
    • Amblygonite Metaphysical Properties
    • Amblygonite Healing Properties 
    • Amblygonite Physical Properties 
  • Amblygonite Color 
    • Clear Amblygonite 
    • Green Amblygonite 
    • Pink Amblygonite 
    • Purple Amblygonite 
  • Amblygonite Jewelry 
    • Amblygonite Beads 
    • Amblygonite Ring 
    • Amblygonite Necklace 
    • Amblygonite Pendant 
  • Amblygonite for Sale 
    • How Much Does Amblygonite Cost?
  • Conclusion

    Amblygonite Meaning

    What is Amblygonite? 

    Amblygonite derives its name from the Greek words ‘amblus’, meaning ‘blunt’, and ‘gonia’, meaning angle.. The term amblygonite, however, is generally used to talk about the fluorophosphate mineral. This means that the amblygonite mineral is comprised of fluorine and phosphate as well as sodium and lithium, amongst other elements. 

    Amblygonite is often confused with feldspars, but it is much more rare and valuable than them. 

    Amblygonite Pronunciation 

    Amblygonite is quite easy to say. It is pronounced as ahm-blig-o-night.

    Where is Amblygonite Found? 

    Amblygonite is found in Keystone in South Dakota, USA, as well as in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Gemstone amblygonite, which is transparent amblygonite, is mined in many countries, including the USA, Australia, Germany, France, and Spain. 

    It is mostly found in enormous masses, which are white and transparent. 

    What is Amblygonite Used for? 

    Transparent amblygonite is used as a gemstone, though jewelry pieces containing this crystal are uncommon because the stone is soft and doesn’t withstand regular wear and tear. Due to the large concentration of lithium in this mineral, amblygonite crystals have also been recognized for their healing properties, especially for stress release. 

    Amblygonite is also used in small amounts in selected ceramic glazes. This mineral is also a great source for lithium extraction as it may contain up to 10% of this element. 

    Amblygonite Chakra 

    Amblygonite can be used to activate the third chakra, which is the solar plexus chakra. It helps boost creativity and frees the mind. Along with that, it will also help unite the soul star chakra with this third chakra. 

    Amblygonite can have an effect on all chakras by allowing energy to flow smoothly in the body. This crystal can calm you and restore mental and emotional stability. 

    Benefits of Amblygonite Crystals

    It is believed that amblygonite crystals can help harmonize and streamline the working of the mind, body, and spirit. It can help you think clearly through stressful situations or if you are having an existential crisis. You will be able to trade negativity for optimism. It is also known to boost creativity and is recommended if you work in a creative field. 

    Amblygonite crystals not only relieve mental and emotional pressure, but also physical stress. If you spend a large part of the day on your feet or indulge in physical activities, amblygonite will also soothe your tensed muscles. 

    Amblygonite crystals can help the mind settle and increase concentration.

    Amblygonite Properties 

    Amblygonite Metaphysical Properties 

    amblygonite crystal

    Amblygonite can help you stay in sync with metaphysical energies that will let you connect with the divine realm. It may also help you become more aware of your divinity. 

    The solar plexus chakra increases acceptance on a deeper level. It eases negative thoughts about the meaning of life and its reality. With the help of amblygonite, you may also understand the existence of your soul and how its journey will progress, even after this life. 

    With the clarity it provides, your creative talents will grow and you will find a difference in your work in dance, music, writing, and other such pursuits.

    Healing Properties of Amblygonite 

    Amblygonite is said to increase emotional and mental stability. Its high lithium content in amblygonite crystals helps clear blockages, and this allows the uninterrupted flow of energy in the body. 

    If you feel stressed or anxious often, amblygonite can help you attain a calmer state of mind. You will be able to make decisions with a clear head. Amblygonite may also help patients with ADD, by helping them become less restless and bringing focus. 

    The vibration of amblygonite crystals is believed to have many positive effects. It is said to ease headaches and digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It may even help soothe tensed muscles and speed up recovery in case of broken bones. 

    Physical Properties of Amblygonite 

    Amblygonite has a greasy luster. The name itself comes from Greek words, meaning ‘blunt angle’, which refers to its perfectly angled cleavages. It has four different directions of cleavages, which are quite a large number. 

    It is mostly transparent or somewhat pearly in color, but has also been found in various other shades, including pale yellow, pale green, beige, and light blue. 

    Since amblygonite can have up to 10% of lithium, it gives a reliable result in the flame test. Powdered amblygonite, placed in a gas flame, will produce a bright red coloration in the flame. 

    Since it is quite brittle, amblygonite crystals are usually not used to make jewelry. 

    Amblygonite Color

    Amblygonite crystals are found in an array of beautiful colors ranging from yellow to purple. Each color is beautiful to look at and you will feel delighted when you carry it with you. 

    Clear Amblygonite 

    Clear or transparent amblygonite has been given the status of a gemstone. It is incredibly rare and precious, so you are very lucky if you find it. It is mined primarily in Brazil and the United States.

    Green Amblygonite 

    Amblygonite is found in many shades of green, ranging from the palest green to a darker forest green color. Amblygonite crystals have calming properties for the mind and body, but the green color is so pretty to look at that it will also soothe your eyes. 

    Pink Amblygonite 

    Pink amblygonite will remind you of a lovely rose. The crystals have a delicate appearance and you can use them in a necklace for extra benefits. It will restore balance in your throat chakra, and it is believe these stones will help you manifest your desires. 

    Purple Amblygonite 

    Purple amblygonite has been found mainly in Namibia. The color can be an enchanting lavender or a much deeper shade of magenta. Keeping this crystal with you can help enhance creativity and relieve stress and anxiety issues. 

    Amblygonite Jewelry

    amblygonite ring

    Jewelry with amblygonite crystals is not just beautiful — it can also help you benefit from its almost magical properties. You can rock a ring or complement your outfits with a pretty pendant. One thing you should be aware of before buying it is that jewelry containing amblygonite requires a lot of care. Amblygonite is quite brittle and is susceptible to breaking.

    Amblygonite Beads 

    Amblygonite beads make a great addition to a plain necklace. The bright-colored beads will definitely spice up your look. These beads are available in colors like green and yellow. 

    Amblygonite Ring 

    A ring is always a good choice! The bright colors of amblygonite will match your daily outfits and set you apart from others. Amblygonite stones look great when they are set in silver. In addition, the crystal will be close to you all day and keep you calm and focused. 

    Amblygonite Necklace 

    An amblygonite necklace will look very beautiful with most outfits. The necklace will lie near your throat chakra, which will help you think clearly and achieve all that you desire. 

    Amblygonite Pendant 

    A simple amblygonite pendant will help you carry so much healing potential near your heart. The simple ornament helps relieve anxiety and negativity, and you’ll also get your creative juices flowing. 

    Amblygonite for Sale

    You will be able to find amblygonite for sale with ease online. There are many websites and platforms that sell amblygonite. You can surf through these and choose one which best fits your requirement. 

    Etsy is a good online platform to look for crystals. A simple search like “amblygonite for sale” will bring up many vendors for you. 

    How Much Does Amblygonite Cost? 

    Amblygonite costs vary depending on the color and number of carats. The prices are also different from vendor to vendor. You should be able to find and buy amblygonite ranging from 50 USD to 200 USD. The cut and clarity of amblygonite are also factors in deciding the price.


    Amblygonite mineral is infused with healing properties that can help you get through difficult situations in life. So it goes without saying that you should include this crystal in your collection and ensure that all stress, negativity, and physical ailments flee from you. Amblygonite is not just healing, but these crystals are also beautiful to look at in their many shapes and shades.

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