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Red Snowflake Obsidian: Complete Guide (2024)

red snowflake obsidian bead bracelet

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about red snowflake obsidian, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


The red snowflake obsidian creates a protective aura around you that shields your physical and spiritual self from negative energies and accidents. To learn more about this grounding and balancing crystal, read the below article.

  • Red Snowflake Obsidian Meaning
    • Red Snowflake Obsidian Benefits
    • Mexican Red Snowflake Obsidian
  • Red Snowflake Obsidian Metaphysical Properties
  • Red Snowflake Obsidian Tower
  • Red Snowflake Obsidian Price
  • Conclusion

Red Snowflake Obsidian Meaning

Red snowflake obsidian are stones formed due to volcanic activity found near dormant or active volcanoes. They are black or gray stones with small patches of red that look like little snowflakes resulting from iron inclusion from the lava. 

Mostly these stones are from Mexico. They have a vibration of the number 8 and are associated with the Zodiac signs of Capricorn and Virgo. On the Mohs scale of hardness, red snowflake obsidian stands between 5 and 5.5. 

Red Snowflake Obsidian Benefits

The red snowflake obsidian offers benefits related to purifying, manifesting, enhancing your psychic abilities, transforming oneself, and maintaining a balance during this transformation. 

Mexican Red Snowflake Obsidian

Red snowflake obsidian crystals are mainly found in Mexico. Mexico produces the most natural and best quality red snowflake obsidians and thus is preferred more than the red snowflake obsidian crystals from other parts of the world. 

Red Snowflake Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

Red snowflake obsidian might offer calming and soothing vibrations. It may teach you to value your mistakes and learn from them, making you grow. Red snowflake obsidian is a stone of purity and aids in maintaining that. 

Red snowflake obsidian unblocks the base chakra and the solar plexus chakra. It is a protection stone that shields you from the negative energies of others. It is a grounding stone used for meditation. It also channelizes the kundalini spirit and stabilizes its energy. 

Using a red snowflake obsidian might help release the negative emotions and stress that had been building inside your mind. It centers your thinking and helps you meditate with focus and clarity. It may also help you cope with depression and anxiety.

Regular crystal users and healers claim that red snowflake obsidian helps ease the spasms in the muscles and helps with smooth circulation. It also aids veins and structure disorders and treats joint pains and arthritis. 

Red Snowflake Obsidian Tower

Red snowflake obsidian towers channel their energy towards the intention you want to manifest. Using the red snowflake obsidian crystal tower while meditating may also help you manifest your desires. You can write your intentions on paper and place the crystal tower on top. This will direct the energy upwards and radiate it into your surroundings.

Red Snowflake Obsidian Price

Red snowflake obsidian crystal can cost between $3.51 to $50.62 USD, depending on its shape, size, and quality.


Red snowflake obsidian crystals are stones known for their purification, transformative, and balancing properties. Many jewelry pieces, such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets are made using this crystal. 

Meditative pieces such as towers, hearts, and tumbled stones are also easily available on the internet. A red snowflake obsidian is a beautiful stone to add to your collection.

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