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Stichtite: Complete Guide (2024)

stichtite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about stichtite, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


A beautiful and alluring purple crystal with numerous physical and emotional healing capabilities, stichtite is valuable. Often called a stone of forgiveness, compassion, and recovery, stichtite stays true to its name and is praised by many crystal users.

Let us learn more about stichtite by reading the following article.

  • Stichtite Meaning
    • What is Stichtite?
      • Stichtite Pronunciation
      • Is Stichtite Rare?
      • Is Stichtite Toxic?
    • Stichtite Benefits
    • Stichtite Chakra
  • Stichtite Properties
    • Stichtite Healing Properties
    • Stichtite Metaphysical Properties
  • Stichtite vs Sugilite
  • Stichtite Jewelry
    • Stichtite Cabochon
  • Stichtite Beads
  • Stichtite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Stichtite Meaning

What is Stichtite?

Stichtite is a magnesium chromium carbonate that crystallizes in different forms. They are found in beautiful shades of purple, pink, and violet. It is formed in masses and inclusions with other minerals. A.S. Wesly first discovered Stichtite in Tasmania, Australia, in 1910. He names the mineral he found after the mine’s manager, Robert Carl Sticht. 

In the 110 years since its emergence, stichtite has only been found a few times. The deposits of stichtite found are in Tasmania, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and India. 

Stichtite is a very soft stone that stands at number 1 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces. 

Stichtite Pronunciation

Stichtite is pronounced as ‘stee-ch-tite’.

Is Stichtite Rare?

Yes, stichtite is a rare crystal as it is a mineral consisting of magnesium chromium carbonate hydroxide. The combination of these particular minerals makes it rare.

Is Stichtite Toxic?

No, stichtite is not a toxic crystal. But as it is a soft crystal, it has to be taken care of while wearing.

Stichtite Benefits

The energy of stichtite connects the intuitive and emotional mind of the user. It promotes the emotional healing of the heart and self-growth. Stichtite has a loving and nurturing aura.

The opening of the third eye may make you see beyond pretenses. The emotional hurts leave a void that we feel the need to fill with external substances. Stichtite reminds you to open your heart and listen to your inner self. 

Stichtite Chakra

Stichtite activates the heart, third eye, and crown chakra. Very few crystals connect these three chakras, and thus, it forms an unusual and unique bond. 

Stichtite Properties

Stichtite Healing Properties

In physical healing, stichtite is known to aid issues related to the brain and the spinal column. The awakening of the kundalini spirit at the base of the spine sends healing vibrations and energy throughout the body. 

Crystal users claim that stichtite might help people suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. They also claim to help children with ADHD.

Stichtite is believed to aid with digestive issues, regulate blood pressure, and treat problems relating to teeth. It may help alleviate allergies, headaches, and tension. 

Stichtite Metaphysical Properties

stichtite stone

Working with a stichtite crystal might connect you to your higher self. It aims to maintain and enhance your relations with your spirit guides and guardian angels. Its connection to the heart chakra provides a protective shield to your heart, spirit, and soul. 

Stichtite is called the stone of recovery and forgiveness. It is said that using stichtite might help you solve unresolved issues in your relationships. It may promote the feeling of compassion and love, and the activation of the third eye chakra aids in gaining new perspectives. 

Crystal healers often use stichtite to help their patients recover from depression and trauma. Meditating with stichtite may help you release suppressed emotions. Placing the stichtite on your forehead may help the energies flow smoothly and let the vibrations of the stone heal you. 

Stichtite vs Sugilite

Stichtite is a recovery stone, whereas sugilite is a nurturing stone. Both stones promote love and kindness. Primarily, stichtite promotes forgiveness and sugilite promotes spiritual growth. 

Stichtite helps you grow as a person and connect to your higher self, and sugilite helps you grow spiritually and attain a higher understanding of the divine.

Stichtite and sugilite are both empowering crystals that help heal emotional issues. They can ease muscle tension, headaches, and other issues arising from emotional stress. 

Stichtite Jewelry

Stichtite is a soft crystal; therefore, it is necessary to be careful with how it is used. Using it in necklaces and earrings are a safer option than rings and bracelets, as items on your wrist and fingers might get damaged more easily. 

Although it is a soft crystal, the pink and purple hues of the stichtite make beautiful and alluring pieces of jewelry. 

Stichtite Cabochon

Carrying a stichtite cabochon can promote kindness and care. It may also help eliminate unhealthy self-criticism. Placing it in the home or office will fill the surroundings with positive energy.

Stichtite Beads

stichtite beads

Beautiful purple beads of stichtite are used in making bracelets or necklaces. Beads are also carried on a person to keep their surroundings calm. These beads make great jewelry that can be worn by a person of any gender. 

Stichtite for Sale

A raw stichtite crystal costs $12.35 to $17.99 USD depending on its size. A bigger crystal of better quality stichtite can even cost more than $44.49 USD.


Keeping a stichtite crystal on you may help you through many emotional issues. Its healing energies spread positivity all around. The powerful vibrations close to the heart might help in emotional healing. 

Stichtite may not only heal you but also bring a positive outlook towards life and love for others and yourself. It helps you move forward by forgiving others. It awakens the kundalini spirit and awakens the energies already within you. This crystal brings inner peace and calm. It is a crystal of love, compassion, and happiness. 

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