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Agrellite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

agrellite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about agrellite, including its meaning, properties, colors and uses. Let's get started!


The powers of different energies consist within you; these are determined by the habits and nature of your soul. However, sometimes, some unusual happenings or negative superiorities crop up within the soul. To get rid of such negative energies, you might need some mystical gemstones found in unique places. These stones are the unusual gifts of nature that the untrained eye can easily miss. One such beautiful and magical gemstone is agrellite.

Agrellite gemstone is one of those gorgeous crystals that have innate metaphysical powers to help combat negative energies. In this article, let us explore everything that you wanted to know about agrellite.

  • Introduction
  • Agrellite Meaning
    • What is Agrellite
    • Agrellite Gem Meaning
    • Is Agrellite a Mineral
  • Agrellite Colors
  • Where is Agrellite Found
    • Agrellite in Canada
    • What is Agrellite Used for
      • Agrellite Healing
      • Agrellite Chakra
    • Agrellite Jewelry
      • Agrellite Pendant
      • Agrellite Necklace
      • Agrellite Ring
    • Agrellite Uses
      • Plant Tubs on the Desk
      • Fountain Base
      • Aquarium
    • Agrellite for Sale
      • Agrellite on eBay
    • Conclusion

    Agrellite Meaning

    What is Agrellite?

    The mystical agrellite gemstone is a mineral stone that is widely known in the world of metaphysical beliefs. Agrellite gemstone appears as a pearly or striated indistinct stone. Agrellite mineral stones are usually found with red eudialyte stones. It comes up in pegmatite pods and lenses and also in magic gneisses. It also forms a curved prism and has a pearly to subvitreous luster. The agrellite crystal belongs to the crystal class named “pinacoidal” and the crystal system called “triclinic”. 

    agrellite stone

    Agrellite Gem Meaning

    Agrellite gemstone is named after a British mineralogist and meteoriticist named Professor Stuart Olaf Agrell. 

    Is Agrellite a Mineral?

    The agrellite rock belongs to the class of inosilicate minerals, and it is a fluosilicate of sodium and calcium. The formula of agrellite mineral is NaCa2Si4O10F.

    Agrellite Colors

    Agrellite gemstone can be of different colors. Some crystals are pearly white while others are greyish or greenish-white. Also, there is another color present, which is fluorescent pink. This agrellite crystal displays the pink fluorescence after coming under both the long and short wave of UV light. 

    Where is Agrellite Found?

    Deposits of agrellite minerals are found in the Kipawa Mineral locality in Quebec of Canada. Some rare agrellite rocks are available in the United States, Uzbekistan, and Russia.

    Agrellite in Canada

    Agrellite gemstone is a compact crystalline matrix mainly occurring as pearly or silvery white. Agrellite rock is found in a locality that is rich in sodium silicate. In Canada, the agrellite rock is mineable with red crystals of eudialyte and brown brother britholite or aegirine. There are a few places in Canada where you can find agrellite crystals. These include Sheffield Lake Complex, Kipawa River, and Villedieu Township, all located in the province of Quebec. This ultra-rare agrellite mineral can be mined in Canada because of the sodium silicate-rich environment. 

    What is Agrellite Used for?

    Agrellite crystal is used to heal psychological turmoils and blocks within souls. It is widely used to defeat the increased negativity and pessimistic energies within and can also help to stimulate a shift of energy, awareness, or consciousness. 

    This agrellite healing crystal may also assist you in finding your blocks and developing spiritual growth.

    Agrellite Healing

    Agrellite comes with certain distinctive healing properties, which make it highly coveted by metaphysicians and healers.

    • The properties of agrellite mineral may help in getting rid of writer's block. These gemstones are believed to have some metaphysical properties that help to rejuvenate the healing power within you.
    • It is believed to help improve your mood, ameliorate anger, and reconstruct mindfulness in your body and soul. The agrellite gemstone might assist you in boosting your mood to feel calmer and peaceful from the inside. For controlling people, the agrellite gemstone might help you understand and acknowledge somebody's independent existence.
    • Agrellite healing crystal is said to be effective in building steady relationships. The energies within the agrellite gemstone are said to help make you feel more self-reliant and able to stand on your own feet. It is believed that the agrellite rock might have a metaphysical superiority to end the tug of war in the relationship, where both parties wish to rule each other. Sometimes these attitudes are defined as co-dependence. Meditating with agrellite gemstone is believed to be a great way to fix these problems and restore consensus and harmony between the two people. 
    • Agrellite healing crystal is also believed to help improve your confidence in both your professional and personal life. It is considered that the agrellite rock may help you revive self-esteem, self-assurance, and self-respect for the progress of your future. 
    • Metaphysical healers believe that this gem also supports stabilizing brain waves, which can help you think decently and accurately. Agrellite mineral is beneficial for stimulating the feeling of relaxation and serenity. It helps to develop a calmer communication style within you that is less aggressive and more convincing.  
    • Agrellite healing stone may also help reinforce the recovery of immunity, swelling, and infection. It is said to be an energetic healer by helping the pain subside.
    • It is also believed to be effective in self-healing and uplifting spirituality and physical strength and can help diagnose certain illnesses. The positive energies in the agrellite gemstone help to heal your body and mind. It helps bring out an energetic response and optimistic feedbacks.  
    • When you meditate with agrellite crystal, it can help develop psychic gifts within you. The mystical properties of agrellite gemstone boost the energy of your soul. It also helps to open up your mind. Agrellite gemstone relieves anger issues and makes you feel happier.

    agrellite mineral

    Agrellite Chakra

    Agrellite is believed to clear, align, and open up the chakras and allow you to possess a robust physical appearance. 

    Specifically, it aligns with our throat chakra, aiding in better communication and improving skills such as public speaking. Hailed as the birthstone of Aquarius, agrellite can also help in reaching out to the spiritual realms beyond the normal physical world. 

    It also aligns well with the third-eye chakra, which helps in boosting your relationships with all other human beings.

    Agrellite Jewelry

    The agrellite gemstone can easily be used as jewelry in different forms and designs.

    Agrellite Pendant

    The agrellite healing crystal can give a magnificent look to your attire and appearance with the bonus of healing properties. The pink fluorescent agrellite crystal is widely used in making pendants.

    Agrellite Necklace

    agrellite necklace
    Agrellite necklace on Etsy

    Agrellite gemstone can also be beautifully crafted in necklaces. These necklaces have vast collections present in different gemstone stores or online websites. The pink fluorescence agrellite gemstone is mainly used to make an agrellite necklace.

    Agrellite Ring

    While wearing a decent and delicate gemstone ring, there are two most vital points to look after. One is if the gemstone is functioning perfectly and another is how you look after wearing it. The white, greyish-white, or greenish-white pearly agrellite crystal is wielded to make a proper ring. These gemstone rings are highly demanded by people around the globe.                                

    Agrellite Uses

    Agrellite is not just known for metaphysical uses and its inclusion in jewelry items. In fact, it comes multifarious uses such as:

    Plant Tubs on the Desk

    The agrellite gemstone can help ease symptoms such as writer's block. Many writers are known to use these gemstones in the tiny plant tubs or vases to maintain metaphysical balance and infuse creativity in the surroundings. Besides, the agrellite gem looks exquisite and ethereal too, which sets up a pretty view of the writer's desk.

    Fountain Base

    Agrellite rocks are often placed in the base of fountains mainly for their metaphysical significance. The agrellite rocks look gorgeous when scattered at the base of the fountain. Greyish-white or white pearly agrellite is used to maintain the chakras of the environment. The stone gives off positive energies to the surroundings.


    The greenish-white or greyish-white agrellite gemstones are often found in aquariums. They look dazzling and effortlessly beautiful in fish tanks. 

    Agrellite for Sale

    Agrellite rock is in high demand in gemstone markets, especially the pearly white or fluorescent pink agrellite crystal, which are considered the most expensive forms of this crystal. However, the certificate of authenticity must be checked while buying agrellite gemstone.

    Agrellite on eBay

    The agrellite gemstone is also available on eBay. A 4.5 cm agrellite rock containing a part of red eudialyte stone has the price of $80 CAD on the eBay website. The agrellite rock available on eBay comes from the origin of Quebec of Canada with a certificate of authenticity.

    The pink fluorescence agrellite rock found in the Kipawa River Complex is worth $111 CAD on eBay. However, it must be mentioned here that the price is dependent on the types, sizes, and solidity of the agrellite crystal.  


    Without a doubt, the agrellite crystal is one of the finest gemstones to help fill yourself with positive energy and mindfulness. These rare stones can be placed in any corner of your space to spruce it up or easily worn to enrich the beauty and elegance of your personality. 

    If you want to buy agrellite gemstone, there are plenty of options available among both online and offline stores. Agrellite gemstones are also available at gemstone stores near you or online crystal shops.

    If you have a firm belief in these life-changing stones and wish to steer your life with more positivity, then meditating with agrellite crystals can be a wonderful way to usher in a calmer and peaceful future.

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