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Anhydrite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

raw anhydrite

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about anhydrite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors and uses. Let's get started!


Anhydrite is a multi-faceted stone that can be used for healing, health, and construction. It comes in a range of different colors including purple and blue. This stone is known to promote connection with angels and spirit guides; therefore it is recommended for psychic healers as it strengthens communication and provides grounding.

In this article, information on the anhydrite gemstone and the uses and benefits of using this stone will be discussed:

  • Introduction
  • Anhydrite Meaning
    • What is Anhydrite
    • Anhydrite Pronunciation
    • Where is Anhydrite Found
  • Anhydrite Properties
    • Anhydrite Metaphysical Properties
    • Anhydrite Healing Properties
  • Anhydrite and Chakras
  • Anhydrite vs Gypsum
  • Gypsum Anhydrite
    • Gypsum Anhydrite Uses
  • Angelite vs Anhydrite
  • Types of Anhydrite
    • Natural Anhydrite
    • Tumbled Anhydrite
  • Anhydrite Colors
    • Purple Anhydrite
      • Purple Anhydrite Meaning
      • Purple Anhydrite Metaphysical Properties
      • Purple Anhydrite Healing Properties
    • Blue Anhydrite
      • Blue Anhydrite Properties
  • Anhydrite Jewelry
    • Anhydrite Crystal Bracelet
  • Uses for Anhydrite
    • Anhydrite Drill Cuttings
    • Chicken-Wire Anhydrite
    • Anhydrite Floor
    • Anhydrite Cement
  • Anhydrite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Anhydrite Meaning

What is Anhydrite?

Anhydrite definition is a mineral that is found in extensive layered deposits in sedimentary basins where great volumes of seawater have been evaporated. It is typically interbedded in the rocks in a thin section and is part of the mineral group which includes halite and gypsum.

Anhydrite stone gets its name from the Greek word "anhydrous" which means "without water." It converts to gypsum under humid conditions or when it is in contact with groundwater. This transition involves the absorption of water and a significant change in volume. That expansion can cause deformation in the rock units.

Anhydrite Pronunciation

It is pronounced an-hai-drite.

Where is Anhydrite Found?

The anhydrite mineral is found in the salt deposits in association with gypsum, as in the caprock of the Texas-Louisiana salt domes.

anhydrite mineral

Anhydrite Properties

Anhydrite Metaphysical Properties

Anhydrite is a stone that is believed to promote acceptance of the physical body. It can allow conscious contact with the spiritual realm. It is also believed to enhance communication with the dead and allow out-of-body experiences to take place while still maintaining contact with reality. 
This stone will promote connections with your spirit guides and guardian angels as it helps you in hearing them as well as drawing protection from them. It draws angelic protection to you and your home. Anhydrite also aids in channeling and can even enable you to speak with animals. 

Anhydrite is also useful for people who have difficulty in coming to terms with incarnation and who long for the post-death state. It assists people in healing by allowing them to let go of the past and teaching them to accept what has happened. 

Some believe that it can stabilize emotions by dispelling anger and restoring peace. Anhydrite facilitates a re-birthing process that transmutes pain into healing and understanding. It promotes empathy and compassion. Through and through, anhydrite is a healing stone.

Anhydrite Healing Properties

Some believe that anhydrite can help with disorders of the throat, especially those caused by difficulty in expressing yourself by reducing swelling. It is also believed that it can be used in combination with a good diet and medication to balance thyroid hormones. It is also believed that anhydrite can help cool the pain of sunburn when the stone is placed on the affected area.

Anhydrite and Chakras

Anhydrite is believed to stimulate the throat chakra and can be used when the throat chakra is out of balance. The throat chakra can be out of balance can be due to facing some political issues, being slow to respond to tasks, or resisting change. When using this stone, it can help manifest abundance in your life. When used to heal your throat chakra, it is believed this stone can help you speak up and live your truth. 

anhydrite crystal

Anhydrite vs Gypsum

Gypsum Anhydrite

In gypsum, the positive poles of water molecules are attracted to the negative charge of the oxygen ions in the sulphate radicals.  Therefore, in low temperatures and the presence of water, anhydrite can hydrate and convert into gypsum. 

On the other hand, in higher temperatures and the absence of water, gypsum can dehydrate into anhydrite. Gypsum is by far the more abundant of these two minerals because water and calcium-sulphate molecules have a stronger mutual attraction at ambient temperature and pressures.

While both gypsum and anhydrite are basically calcium sulphate, anhydrite hardness is different, as gypsum is much softer than anhydrite because it is attached to water molecules that increase the distance between its calcium ions and sulphate ions, thus weakening the strength of its ionic bonding.

Gypsum-Anhydrite Uses

Small amounts of anhydrite are used as a drying agent in plaster, paint, and varnish. It is also used along with gypsum in the production of plaster, joint compound, wallboard, and other products for the construction industry. Anhydrite has also been used as a source of sulphur in the process of producing sulfuric acid.


Angelite vs Anhydrite

Angelite, also known as an angel stone, is a glacier or lilac blue-colored soft stone that has a white center and snow-white flecks with occasional brown or rusty inclusions. Compared to angelite, the anhydrite stone has more of a white color and has different uses and benefits.

Types of Anhydrite

Natural Anhydrite

raw anhydrite

Anhydrite, also known as anhydrous calcium sulphate, is a mineral with the chemical formula CaSO4 in its natural state.

Tumbled Anhydrite

tumbled anhydrite

Tumbled anhydrite is a small, rounded, and polished stone compared to its natural form which is rough and unpolished. It is made by placing the natural anhydrite in a machine known as a rock tumbler, which tumbles the stone until its edges and surfaces are smooth and polished.

Anhydrite Colors

Purple Anhydrite

The purple in this anhydrite is not formed directly but rather is the result of the loss of water in a rock-forming gypsum. The loss of water produces a reduction in the volume of the rock layering and causes the formation of caverns as the rock shrinks.

Purple Anhydrite Meaning

Purple anhydrite is a potent stone used in meditation on the third eye in order to contact angels. This stone is a psychic stone and is believed to not only promotes communication with angels but with animals, the dead, and the spirit world. The purple anhydrite is known for this especially. 

Purple Anhydrite Metaphysical Properties

The purple anhydrite stone stimulates communication with those not on this physical plane as well as those who are, such as spirit guides, angels, and discarnate entities. This stone helps the user receive psychic information and healing, channeling, and automatic writing. It is believed to increase all psychic abilities which is why psychics use it as a grounding stone.

Purple Anhydrite Healing Properties

Purple anhydrite is extremely rare to find and is potent in its healing ability. This stone is used as a tool of ascension and love and activates the crown chakra. They are also known to open one’s energy center, deepening their connection to the spiritual realm.

Purple anhydrite is also said to help the user to release wounds of the past, including trauma from past lives which aids greatly when one is performing shadow work. It is a stone that teaches us to accept and learn from all of life’s experiences. 

purple anhydrite

Blue Anhydrite

Blue anhydrite, also known as angelite, is a stone for the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. It is a stone used by creative people as well as those who want to astral travel. This soft bluish-white mineral is believed to strengthen the organs and convert fear into faith. The blue color symbolizes the present time also known as the “the Aquarian Age.” Aquarian is considered as a group that seeks the truth in life; the reason for calling this stone a gem of the Aquarian age is due to its ability to prepare the soul for fighting the fear faced when the truth comes to the surface. 

Blue Anhydrite Properties

It is believed that this stone can promote healing of the throat and assist in blood disorders such as hemoglobin deficiency as the energies of this stone promote the renewing of the blood vessels and encourage the formation of the red blood cells of the body by assisting in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

Anhydrite Jewelry

Anhydrite Crystal Bracelet

anhydrite crystal bracelet

This bracelet can be used for grounding, healing, and communication in the higher spiritual realms.  It should therefore be worn on the left hand and cleansed regularly. 

Uses for Anhydrite

Anhydrite Drill Cuttings

One of the most distinctive properties of anhydrite is its cubic cleavage. It cleaves in three directions at right angles which makes it perfect for drill cuttings. This can be seen in coarsely crystalline specimens or with a hand lens in fine-grained specimens.

anhydrite drill cuttings

Chicken-Wire Anhydrite

This is a type of anhydrite deposit where seeping groundwater gradually deposited large amounts of anhydrite in the sediment, replacing most of it, so that a cross-section of it looks somewhat like the coarse wire netting. 

chicken-wire anhydrite

Anhydrite Floor

Anhydrite floor is a mixture of screeding sand and binder. It provides a classy, clean look and is often used in older buildings.

anhydrite floor

Anhydrite Cement

Anhydrite cement can be used in wet areas and the outdoors. This cement has a similar chemical form to a binder which is very similar to gypsum.

Anhydrite for Sale

Anhydrite crystal can either be placed in jewelry or be sold in a crystal form. These are sold at crystal shops or can be ordered online. Anhydrite can also be sold at hardware shops where it is in a different chemical form used for cement.


The anhydrite rock is a stone that can be used for grounding and speaking with the angels and higher entities in the spiritual realm. One should be careful not to get carried away with such access as this stone is meant to help people accept and move away from the past and past hurts. It is a powerful healing stone and should therefore be cleansed as often as possible due to its powerful effect of drawing painful feelings away from one’s soul. 

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