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Orpiment: Complete Guide (2024)

orpiment stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about orpiment, including its meaning, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Yellow gems can brighten up your jewelry and add the perfect amount of pop to any look. Nearly every color in the color spectrum pairs beautifully with yellow gemstone jewelry.

Yellow gemstones are used in the designs of some of the best jewelry companies. Each yellow gem has unique symbolism associated with various astrological signs, birth months, and anniversaries. Yellow is a color that radiates happiness, energy, good fortune, and health.

Today let’s unveil one such yellow gemstone called ‘orpiment’. 

  • Orpiment Meaning
    • What is Orpiment?
      • Orpiment Pronunciation
      • How is Orpiment Used in Everyday Life?
    • Where is Orpiment Found?
      • Orpiment in India
  • Orpiment Metaphysical Properties
  • Orpiment Color
    • Yellow Orpiment
      • Yellow Orpiment for Hair Removal
    • Red Orpiment
    • Orpiment Orange
  • Orpiment Uses
    • Orpiment Balls
    • Orpiment Paint
  • Realgar and Orpiment
  • Orpiment for Sale
    • Orpiment Price
  • Conclusion

Orpiment Meaning

The yellow color of orpiment is viewed positively in many contexts. This includes feelings of fresh beginnings, joy, fidelity, enlightenment, and vigor. Orpiment is a universally recognized symbol of prosperity, good health, and luck.

Orpiment has been prized for its warmth, beauty, and brilliance throughout history. It is linked to warmth and sunshine, bringing hope and driving away bad vibes. The stone resonates with happiness and optimism. It attracts knowledge, longevity, and wealth. Orpiment is thought to have healing properties that may help with poor digestion and blood circulation.

Numerous traumas from our past are retained in the body and continue to influence our behaviors and thought processes. The third chakra is frequently difficult to balance for people who had strict upbringings, were bullied, or had authoritarian parents, or for those who had experienced mental or physical abuse.

The path to recovering from the past and bringing the solar plexus chakra back into balance may be started with the aid of therapy, family support, and orpiment gemstone. 

What is Orpiment?

Orpiment is a mineral that contains arsenic sulfide and crystallizes either as masses, botryoidal, and tiny prismatic shards. It develops near volcanic steam holes or hot springs and gets its bright yellow to pale yellow color from the decay of the mineral realgar.

Despite being used for centuries, J. Hill, in 1771, formally recognized this mineral as a separate gemstone. He gave it the Latin name 'auripigmentum', which means 'gold paint' in reference to its primary function at the time.

Orpiment Pronunciation

Orpiment is pronounced as ‘aw-pi-muhnt’.

How is Orpiment Used in Everyday Life?

Meditation is one of the simplest methods for establishing a connection with orpiment. Start by closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing while holding this crystal in one or both hands. Your body may feel as though it is grounding itself further into the ground. You might sense a lightness enveloping you.

Your home altar may receive a lovely boost of earth energy when orpiment crystals are added. The intentions you set in your space can also be amplified with the help of this crystal. It might be a force of luck to simply lay some of them on top of a piece of paper with your intention written on it.

You may become more conscious of a crystal's energy the more contact you have with it. It is best to keep an orpiment crystal in your pocket or bag so you can use it whenever you need to center yourself or return your focus to the goal you are pursuing.

Orpiment placed on your yoga mat can help you make a peaceful environment for practicing. For a more intense state of meditation, you can even wear these crystals while in the savasana position.

Where is Orpiment Found?

Orpiment is present on every continent, with the largest deposits being in Hunan Province, China, and the El'brusskiy mine on Mt. Elbrus, Russia. Peru, Iran, Macedonia, Germany, United States, Italy, Argentina, France, and other nations with significant localities.

Orpiment in India

In rural India, orpiment is used as a depilatory for removing unwanted body hair. 

Orpiment Metaphysical Properties

orpiment stone

Orpiment connects with the solar plexus chakra, particularly the individual will. Your emotional body may align with your 'will', which may then become active. This may help you become more in touch with your personal desires. Using this stone may boost your energy level, as well as your focus, strength, and confidence. 

A possible change in the environment may result from noticing that one's perception of the things and people closest to them has changed. Any baggage one carries that does not serve them may soon be replaced once they are completely aligned with and focused on their dreams.

In addition to being beneficial for someone with big goals, this is also very difficult for anyone to accomplish. Orpiment serves as a constant reminder of what's most important to you, which greatly reduces the stress and emotional strain associated with this process.

Orpiment Color

Orpiment is available in colors like golden, yellow, red, and orange.

Yellow Orpiment

A yellow orpiment gemstone may work incredible miracles in your life. This strong, precious stone is believed to give the wearer protection from evil and give women marital fulfillment and happiness. The wearer enjoys life's uncommon pleasures, such as success, intelligence, and solid friendships.

Yellow Orpiment for Hair Removal

Yellow orpiment has a coarse and rough surface that helps in scrubbing the skin and getting rid of unwanted body hair because of the friction. 

Red Orpiment

Red orpiment gemstones are linked to nobility, passion, and purity. They are thought to bring joy and passion into your life as a protective stone. One is said to live peacefully under the protection of these stones if they wear a ring or bracelet on their left hand, which is the side of the heart.

Many people think that this gemstone broadens one's perspective and horizons. You can give and receive love with red orpiment, which helps in the healing of emotional wounds.

Orpiment Orange

Orange orpiment is used to boost your confidence when speaking in front of an audience if you are shy or timid. It is believed that these gemstones are magnets for luck and prosperity.

This stone is considered lucky because people frequently use it when they need good luck. Orpiment is thought to help shield the wearer from the sluggish energies of incompetent coworkers because it also serves as a crystal of ambition, determination, and drive.

Orpiment Uses

Infrared-transmitting glass, oilcloth, linoleum, semiconductors, photoconductors, pigments, and fireworks are all made with orpiment. Orpiment is still frequently used as a depilatory in rural India when combined with two parts of slaked lime (calcium hydroxide). It is applied to remove hair from hides in the tanning industry.

Orpiment Balls

orpiment balls

Orpiment balls are flawless and highly polished spheres. For thousands of years, fortune tellers and other occult practitioners (scryers) have used these crystal balls for fortune-telling purposes.

They can be small enough to fit in your palm or large enough to support their weight and size with both hands or a stand. The crystal ball's flawless finish, which should be highly polished and glassy with a reflective surface for ‘seeing’, is one of its most crucial characteristics.

Orpiment Paint

Orpiment has a golden sheen and is a vivid yellow color. The ancient and medieval painters were constantly charmed by it because of its resemblance to gold.

As an imitation of gold, orpiment paint was a common component in the majority of the numerous compound colors developed in the Middle Ages for painting, and especially for writing.

Realgar and Orpiment

Minerals like realgar and orpiment have a lot in common. They both belong to the monoclinic crystal system and are arsenic sulfides. They can be closely related in the same deposits and form in the same geological settings. They share similar physical characteristics and human use histories.

Realgar is a monoclinic arsenic sulfide mineral that is bright red and contains As4S4 in its chemical makeup. Realgar was sometimes referred to as 'ruby sulfur' and 'ruby arsenic' because well-formed crystals of the mineral can resemble red gemstones so closely.

Realgar has a Mohs hardness of just 1 to 2, which makes it very soft and unsuitable for use as a gemstone. It is simple to transform into a fine, vibrant red powder. These characteristics led to it becoming a popular pigment throughout the ancient world. Before people realized it was toxic, it was traded over great distances to make paints, inks, and dyes.

Its toxicity came from the arsenic in realgar. The mineral was employed as a poison to get rid of weeds, insects, and rodents after its toxicity was discovered in the Middle Ages. Realgar was also used to remove hair from hides during the leather-processing process.

Due to the development of safer and more effective alternatives, it is now rarely used for any of these purposes. However, realgar is still used in some ritualistic cosmetics and medicines in some parts of the world. Realgar is primarily used today as an ore of the metal arsenic.

Orpiment is a yellow-orange monoclinic arsenic sulfide with the chemical formula As2S3. It can be readily ground into a yellow to yellow-orange powder and has a Mohs hardness of 1 to 2. Similar to realgar, it was first widely used as a paint, ink, and dye pigment and traded over great distances.

Following the discovery of its toxicity, its use as a pigment decreased. Because of its toxicity, people have used it as an insect and rodent poison. Even after its toxicity was discovered, some people continued to use it as a ritualistic cosmetic and medicine, and this practice is still continued in some regions of the world today.

Orpiment is primarily used today as an arsenic ore. Additionally, it is employed in the production of semiconductors, photoconductors, and oilcloth.

Orpiment for Sale

Orpiment is available for sale in both natural and synthetic variants. You can purchase it either online or offline. 

Orpiment Price

The average price of orpiment is $3 USD per gram. 


When handling or working with orpiment, one should exercise extreme caution. If you do not wash your hands after handling this mineral, toxic arsenic traces may remain on them. This poison can be ingested or rubbed into the eyes. Avoid putting it in your pockets as well, because traces may stick to your clothing. 

You should use orpiment to meditate, but do proceed with extreme caution. After your meditation session is over, go to the sink and wash your hands right away. In this manner, any traces of arsenic that might have come off the mineral can be eliminated. Be cautious of the orpiment's hardness as well, as it is very brittle.

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