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Rainbow Hematite: Complete Guide (2024)

rainbow hematite stones

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about rainbow hematite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Gemstones are precious stones that are taken out of natural soil and have been used for centuries to ease problems brought on by planets. They have a special significance in Vedic astrology. In the past, only monarchs and nobles could own gems. It is believed that they possess a mystical power that can benefit the wearer in all facets of life, including business, education, and poor health.

Today let's explore every aspect of one unique gemstone known as 'rainbow hematite'.

  • Rainbow Hematite Meaning
    • Is Rainbow Hematite Natural?
    • Rainbow Hematite Spiritual Meaning
    • What is Rainbow Hematite Good for?
    • How is Rainbow Hematite Made?
    • Rainbow Hematite Chakra
    • Rainbow Hematite Benefits
    • Where Is Rainbow Hematite Found?
  • Rainbow Hematite Properties
    • Rainbow Hematite Metaphysical Properties
    • Rainbow Hematite Healing Properties
  • Rainbow Hematite vs Hematite
  • Rainbow Hematite Types
    • Natural Rainbow Hematite
    • Rainbow Hematite Raw
  • Rainbow Hematite Jewelry
    • Rainbow Hematite Ring
      • Rainbow Hematite Ring Meaning
    • Rainbow Hematite Bracelet
    • Rainbow Hematite Necklace
    • Rainbow Hematite Pendant
  • Rainbow Hematite Uses
    • Rainbow Hematite Wand
    • Rainbow Hematite Beads
    • Rainbow Hematite Magnets
    • Rainbow Hematite Ball
  • How to Use Rainbow Hematite?
  • How to Cleanse Rainbow Hematite?
  • Rainbow Hematite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Rainbow Hematite Meaning

Rainbow hematite is an iron oxide mineral. When hematite and goethite combine, rainbow hematite is created. Its surface is multicolored and iridescent because of the aluminum phosphate particles. Master grounding and balance are symbolized by rainbow hematite.

When compared to other minerals, rainbow hematite stands out because it contains all the hues related to the seven chakras. In other words, it has the effect of soaking up all of your feelings and soul. It is constantly prepared to offer upbeat energies and stifle any negative thoughts that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

This stone may work on your soul unlike any other if you have a propensity for deep thought and split or analysis of emotions. It has the capacity to scavenge everything dark in your life. It may instead fill your heart with uplifting energies, making it feel like a special gift for your outlook.

Rainbow hematite can make a connection with the solar plexus. It is a great protective force from this perspective. In a good way, it may bring you back to earth. It may also help you to see clearly and objectively how to exit challenging or negative situations. It may point you in the right direction.

Is Rainbow Hematite Natural?

Yes, rainbow hematite is a natural stone found beneath the surface of the earth. 

Rainbow Hematite Spiritual Meaning

Rainbow hematite is the perfect stone for a spiritual awakening. It helps healers connect with supernatural powers. No matter what religion you practice or what you believe in, there is a good chance that this stone may help you grow closer to your faith and give it more depth. Your body may successfully integrate spiritual energy.

The stone is said to shield you from daily negative energies and is extremely protective in all directions. It keeps you from forgetting that your purpose is more significant than the current circumstances you are going through. All of those minor obstacles are just bumps as rainbow hematite may encourage you to face them head-on.

What is Rainbow Hematite Good for?

Rainbow hematite is a shield on the battlefield of life and is referred to as the master grounding stone with hints of warrior magic. This stabilizing stone has a lot to offer and is eager to get to work removing low-energy vibrations.

For those who want to feel more secure in their own skin, rainbow hematite, which connects the solar plexus and root chakras, is a magnificent piece of equipment. Rainbow hematite keeps you strong and firm in your space, especially if you have trouble setting boundaries, find it difficult to defend yourself in conflict, and feel that staying grounded is difficult.

Keeping rainbow hematite close may help your nervous system in regaining equilibrium if you discover that your own flight or fight response can leave you feeling overwhelmed in challenging response situations.

Its uplifting iridescent colors, yin and yang energies, and vibrational force can instantly calm the soul, allowing for deeper meditations and restful sleep.

How is Rainbow Hematite Made?

Hematite and goethite combine to create rainbow hematite, a mineral known for its enchanted iridescent finish.

Rainbow Hematite Chakra

rainbow hematite stones

In a metaphysical sense, each chakra resonates with the rainbow hematite stone's colors. There will be a color associated with each chakra. The iridescent finish of the crystal may help you quickly banish any negative energy that may be present in your auric field, regardless of where it may be. Overall, it may encourage balance and a positive energy flow in life.

Rainbow hematite is suitable for all chakras, but some of them resonate more with the crystal than others. Most significantly, it may impact the root chakra, which serves as the basis for everything that draws good energy from the earth. You want this chakra to be completely clear, to feel at ease in the world, and to prevent lost feelings. Your metaphorical feet will be supported and you will remain grounded by rainbow hematite.

The solar plexus chakra is where the crystal works well, too. Your freedom is a result of your chakra. Your mind experiences unwarranted fear and self-doubt when it is blocked. No matter what you go through, the stone helps you remain resilient. It reaffirms your value and strengthens your sense of self.

The crown chakra may also benefit greatly from rainbow hematite. This chakra can be thought of from a variety of perspectives as the link to the cosmos. The presence of this stone may help your spiritual development, but may also raise your consciousness and push you from behind.

Rainbow Hematite Benefits

As part of a grounding meditation, using rainbow hematite is a wonderful way to provide your sacral and root chakras with the nourishment they require. Set your intention and concentrate on your breathing while holding your stone in your non-dominant hand. Allow the energy of the stone to pass through your hand, up your arm, into your spine, and down your root.

Rainbow hematite may be the gem that restores you to a healthy, harmonious glow if you struggle with blood conditions, digestive problems, parasympathetic problems, insomnia, or sleep issues.

Where is Rainbow Hematite Found?

Brazil is home to some of the largest deposits of rainbow hematite on earth. As a result, this region of the world produces a lot of crystals. However, China, New Zealand, and some regions of England (particularly Cumberland) also have significant populations of rainbow hematite.

The United States has significant deposits as well, but Minnesota stands out. There are additional small deposits located elsewhere in the world.

Rainbow Hematite Properties

Rainbow hematite emerges from the deep Brazilian mountains in all its brilliant and shimmering splendor. The name of the stone, which means 'blood' in Greek, comes from that word. With its pleasant weight in your hand and its ominous and ethereal undertones, the stone is a good choice for healing. Our yin and yang are brought into balance by the prevailing energy forces and strong magnetic nature of rainbow hematite.

The stone rainbow hematite is undoubtedly beautiful. Its attractive appearance makes it suitable for those who want various jewelry pieces or unusual decorative items. It complements a nice outfit and can also serve as a focal point in your office or perhaps your living room. It looks good pretty much everywhere.

Rainbow hematite is paramagnetic, just like all other types of hematite. When exposed to a magnetic field, paramagnetic materials have a tendency to become weakly magnetized in the direction of the magnetizing field.

Rainbow Hematite Metaphysical Properties

iridescent stones

The stone can foster a positive attitude and has the power to transcend the physical world. Your emotions and spiritual health may be most significantly affected by rainbow hematite. It is evident from its appearance that it wants to heal you. The core might be mysterious and dark. However, the iridescent top surface may change the otherwise boring design and give it a pleasing appearance.

Your emotions are affected similarly. You may be able to get rid of old energies, especially the ones you keep holding onto. It may alter your deepest emotions and penetrate your soul, bringing the dark side into a small amount of light. The stone may transform these patterns of thought and behavior once they are exposed.

Rainbow hematite is also considered a natural cleanser. It may support your body's natural detoxification process and revitalize your energy. Your emotions and thoughts may be exquisitely balanced by its forces. You may eventually learn to find the positive in every circumstance, to value adversity, and look for joy everywhere you go.

Rainbow hematite, according to many healers, can also help in self-awareness and understanding. You may be able to fully enjoy life once you overcome negativity. The natural detoxification procedure may also get rid of self-doubt. Regardless of how crazy your lifestyle is, it may help you feel safe and secure while also bringing you peace.

Rainbow Hematite Healing Properties

Rainbow hematite may help you in overcoming any issues you may be having, especially if EMF exposure is a concern and you are sensitive to it. Since some rays are known to be absorbed, exposure may not always have a negative impact on your body's energy levels. The crystal is better known for enhancing the autoimmune response on a more fundamental level. Your immune and nervous systems may be in balance.

Your body may be improved from the inside out by the stone. You may discover the capability to manage any health-related problem. For instance, it may protect you from the common cold or flu, but it also works well to prevent blood-related issues. It promotes restful sleep by working wonders against insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Rainbow Hematite vs Hematite

When hematite and goethite combine, rainbow hematite is created. With the chemical formula Fe2O3, hematite is a typical iron oxide compound that is widely distributed across rocks and soils.

We feel more grounded and safe by hematite. It improves our ties to the earth and gives us a sense of security. It gives us courage, power, stamina, and vitality. Hematite, known as a 'stone for the mind', encourages focus and concentration while improving memory and original thought.

Hematite dispels negativity and shields you from taking on other people's negativity. Hematite is a powerful stone that supports timidity, fosters self-worth and adaptability, strengthens willpower and dependability, and instills confidence. It is believed to treat overeating, smoking, and other forms of indulgence while helping with the overcoming of compulsions and addictions.

Hematite may help treat blood disorders like anemia by restoring, bolstering, and regulating the blood supply. It regenerates tissue and supports the kidneys and also encourages the formation of red blood cells and the absorption of iron. It is also said to help with spinal fractures and alignment.

Rainbow Hematite Types

Rainbow hematite comes in two varieties: natural and raw. Based on the processing it undergoes, it is differentiated into these two types. 

Natural Rainbow Hematite

black stone

Natural rainbow hematites are created without the intervention of humans. When a stone is described as natural, it has not been enhanced, altered, or treated in any way. These gems are extracted from the ground, then cut, faceted, and polished. Gemstones found in nature are typically rare. The most expensive gemstones are those that are natural.

Rainbow Hematite Raw

Raw rainbow hematite is the one that’s not been altered or treated either physically or chemically. You are given access to it in the exact condition that it was found in the crust of the earth, without any refinement or polishing. 

Compared to other gemstones that undergo various treatments, raw rainbow hematite is quite delicate because they are untreated. They range in size from tiny, gravel-like ones to large ones. It is believed that untreated rainbow hematite has purer energy than treated specimens. This is because they receive no treatment, which allows their energy to last.

Rainbow Hematite Jewelry

Rainbow hematite has made its way into the jewelry industry, just like many other crystals. The stone can go with many different types of clothing because of its iridescent appearance and colors. It has a natural beauty and is better suited for pendants or necklaces thanks to the variety of colors.

For your auric field, rainbow hematite is available in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and pendants, among many other items.

Rainbow Hematite Ring

Wearing a rainbow hematite ring with geometric and organic shapes can help you make a strong fashion statement. No matter how big or small, delicate or sturdy, a ring made of this gemstone is sure to get noticed and start conversations. Rainbow hematite rings offer protection that is auric, grounding, and healing.

Rainbow Hematite Ring Meaning

You will feel more in control and at peace as soon as the rainbow hematite crystal stone touches your skin through the ring, thanks to its powerful yet delicate vibrations. While all crystals have strong grounding properties, the root chakra - the energy center that connects us to the earth and gives us a sense of stability, can be particularly cleared and activated with a rainbow hematite ring.

Rainbow Hematite Bracelet

rainbow beaded bracelet

There are two different designs for rainbow hematite bracelets: one features a single gem in the center and a delicate chain that wraps around your wrist, and the other features a trail of rainbow hematite beads with a lock to keep it closed. Both of these bracelet varieties go well with both formal and informal attire.

Rainbow Hematite Necklace

Necklaces made of rainbow hematite are a lovely and cost-effective substitute for necklaces made of more expensive gems. They look expensive without burning a hole in your pocket. Wear a rainbow hematite necklace to be the center of attention at any gathering.

Rainbow Hematite Pendant

Pendants made of rainbow hematite are exquisite enough to be worn every day as well as for formal occasions like business meetings and dinner dates. The gemstone's color will go well with whatever you wish to wear.

Rainbow Hematite Uses

Rainbow hematite is used to make wands, beads, magnets, and balls. 

Rainbow Hematite Wand

Rainbow hematite wands are helpful to hold when you need focus or clarity because they have so many advantages and healing qualities that they are occasionally referred to as 'magical wands'. They could be in a smooth cylindrical shape and can be either short or long.

They also have features that allow you to point at one end of the wand while curving the other. At both ends, they can also be circled or marked. In addition, some wands are naturally pointed, wider, and rougher than others. The energy is directed at you through this form.

Particularly when used with curved massage wands, rainbow hematite crystal is ideal for facial and body massages. Another advantage of using rainbow hematite wands is as healing tools.

They possess potent energy that can be used to direct all the bad energy in your body and repair the damaged areas. If you want to set your life goals, this crystal, which is also referred to as the 'power of intention', is an excellent choice.

Rainbow Hematite Beads

Long, smooth, faceted rainbow hematite beads have been used in jewelry making for thousands of years. They are the ideal thing to enhance the natural beauty and value of your jewelry. Rainbow hematite beads can complete your everyday look with their captivating texture, vibrant colors, and dramatic flair, regardless of the type of jewelry you select.

These beads are exquisite, strong, and expensive, with profound meanings. The beads come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, including rounds, rondelles, spikes, points, and gemstone sticks, and they have a variety of uses.

Rainbow Hematite Magnets

rainbow stones

A substance or object that creates a magnetic field is called a rainbow hematite magnet. The most notable characteristic of a magnet is a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, steel, nickel, cobalt, etc. It also has the ability to attract or repel other magnets, which is caused by this invisible magnetic field.

Fundamentally, the spin and orbital motion of electrons are what creates magnetism. When the unpaired electrons in an atom of metal are not paired with another electron, they are free to align with a magnetic field, which produces magnetic attraction.

Rainbow Hematite Ball

Using rainbow hematite balls or spheres during meditation may help you access your subconscious. This is accomplished by placing the crystal ball in each hand.

In the rainbow hematite ball, skilled gazers would visualize the person they wish to communicate with and send them a healing message. The recipient can then amplify the message by placing the crystal ball on an altar.

In crystal healing sessions as well, rainbow hematite spheres are beneficial. They help in opening and energizing the chakras or energy centers when you use them to create a crystal grid in meditation.

How to Use Rainbow Hematite?

Most people incorporate rainbow hematite into various jewelry pieces to wear and take it close to their bodies. For protection, get some earrings, which you can wear at all times; a bracelet is also useful, as is a small necklace. This lovely crystal may not only improve your appearance but also has metaphysical qualities.

If jewelry is not your thing, there are a few other ways to use rainbow hematite. In addition to using them as common decorative items, you can keep small polished rocks nearby while meditating. Touch a stone. Feel its weight by grabbing it. For maximum effectiveness, consider it and try to comprehend its significance.

Raw rainbow hematite is even better if you appreciate the natural beauty of a raw cut. These crystals have rough grains when they are not polished. They have sporadic corners and random textures. They are lovely, and you can keep them close to you while you meditate or sleep. You can keep decorative items in your office, living room, or bedroom.

How to Cleanse Rainbow Hematite?

Quartz is most frequently used to cleanse rainbow hematite. Place rainbow hematite in front of you in a serene setting. Pick up a quartz crystal and repeatedly wave it over the rainbow hematite. You can get rid of everything negative if you concentrate on cleansing energies.

As with other crystals, rainbow hematite can be cleaned naturally using the moonlight, a few hours of direct sunlight, water (ideally spring water), rice, or the earth. Different people rely on various methods; it all depends on what is most convenient and effective for you. Regularly clean the crystal; perhaps a few times per month.

Rainbow Hematite for Sale

The popularity of rainbow hematite has recently begun to grow. There are many deposits and it is quite widespread, which is good news in terms of value. The price of the stone is dependent on its condition, but it is not very expensive. For less than $2 USD, you could, for instance, purchase a few small crystals for their metaphysical benefits.

For an additional cost, you can also get a bigger piece, though it is still not expensive. Because most people consider polished pieces to be more attractive decorative items, they typically cost more than raw ones. However, a piece of raw rainbow hematite will look just as attractive if you have unpolished crystals all over your house.

Jewelry comes in a wide range of price points. Typically, it depends on the size of the stone, the degree of polishing, and the metal to which it is fastened. For instance, a pair of rainbow hematite earrings in silver will be less expensive than a pair in white gold; in this case, the metal determines the price.


With its distinctive and multicolored appearance, rainbow hematite stands out from the rest of the gemstones. Because of its exquisite qualities, it is a fully functional crystal with metaphysical properties that connect to all the chakras.

Numerous individuals value it for its stunning appearance, in addition to its physical attributes. Even though it is not as well-known as other stones, it is becoming more popular recently.

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